Brenda's Blessings

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Young woman spreads love around as a spiritual exercise, or is it just good sex?

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   First   Clergy   .

I am a church-going girl. I don’t go for the preaching and potlucks though. I go to find older men that can give me the transcendent spiritual experience that some people label as “good sex”. Horizontal prayer is my favorite kind and I’ve learned that church-going men are far more likely to appreciate my loving than party boys and such.

To give you an example from my past, there is Lloyd. He’s just over sixty and took good care of himself. I avoid the slobs. We chatted at church after service and he picked up on my interest. He invited me to dinner, always a good starting place.

We got acquainted over good food and I invited him for a walk in the park, another thing I always enjoy. I liked him so I took his hand and then suggested we go to his place since I was thirsty.

I know how to make him think he was seducing me and we were soon balling on his bed. He knew what he was doing, like a lot of older guys, and I had a very satisfying experience, as did he.

BTW, I’m twenty-four, fairly slim five-foot-six with C-cup tits, short red hair, and matching furry crotch. I’ve been screwing since high school with rarely a steady boyfriend. I like variety too much for a lot of guys to handle. That’s one of the reasons why I stick to older guys. They are so appreciative that they rarely complain about having to share me.

Back to Lloyd. He got his nut and started crying. Told me he hadn’t been laid in years. Hoped he was good enough. I reassured him and he began smiling. He wanted to see me again, of course, but I told him that it would be Wednesday before I was available. He asked if I dated much and I said that I did, so he wouldn’t be my only lover. That got him hard again, which often happens when guys find out how sexy I am, and we fucked once more. Then he took me back to my car.

I got home that time just in time for Fred, a fifty-year-old with a thick dick that I wouldn’t do anal with. When his big cock head separated my labia and popped in quite easily he said, “Feels like you’ve had a fucking good afternoon.”

“You know me well! Twice with a new guy. But it’s your turn now. Gimme whatcha got! Nice and hard and deep.” As usual he reamed me thoroughly before he left. I slept well like I always do with a satisfied body.

Monday was a workday. I’ve been the Administrative Assistant for a man who does national and international consulting. We fuck every day because his wife isn’t worth a shit in bed.

I was paid lots more than the average AA, but that’s because not too many of them treat the best clients the way I do. Most are older and just LOVE a hot young piece as a reward for their business. Believe me, it ain’t “work” with most of them. My boss loves to dip his dick in the client’s deposit too. Oh what fun and it pays off well!

I hardly ever had to cook. I’d have a guy, or two, lined up every night for dinner. I always provide “dessert”. Two of my studs lived in my apartment building. I’ve mentioned Fred already. He’s always ready for his favorite treat, “sloppy seconds”. And there was George who is fifty-five and lived right next door. He’s so damned kinky that I let him install a camera so he can watch me get laid, then come over and hop on my cummy cunt when I give him the signal. He wanted to marry me but I’m NOT ready for that.

He was my best sex buddy and we did all sorts of unusual stuff together. He’s tied me up for Fred and we’ve messed with watersports. I’d tell him about all the dicks that got in me and he loved it. FYI, I probably averaged a couple of dozen semen “prayer gifts” from a dozen assorted cocks each week. Few if any girls I know have a sex/prayer life anything like mine. I’m sure George would rather have me freshly fucked than not. No boundaries with him.

At my sister’s request I did “break in” my eighteen-year-old nephew one weekend, but it wasn’t near as good as my delightful church guys. Sure, he got it up a lot, but didn’t know shit about what I needed for satisfaction. She owes me now.

One of my regulars moved away. Time to check out the pickings at church. There was a deacon who lost his wife recently. I bet he needed consoling, and I’m REAL good at giving men that!

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