Mind-control Panties 04: Nubile Exhibitionist Delight

by mypenname3000

Copyright© 2019 by mypenname3000

Mind Control Sex Story: A shy girl is mind-controlled into an exhibitionist thanks to a pair of colorful panties!

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Mind Control   Heterosexual   Gang Bang   Interracial   Black Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

Story Four: Nubile Exhibitionist Delight

Note: Thanks to shadowmansc for beta reading this!

The figure rode the escalator to the third floor of the mall where small, but trendy, clothing store lay. The sort of place that nubile, teenage girls preferred to frequent. Just the sort of place the figure wanted to leave its special panties.

No one noticed as the figure passed through the security detectors that flanked the store’s entrance. Nor did anyone pay attention as the figure moved through the store. Though out of place, the figure was also nondescript. Almost nonexistent. Even clutching the garish, tie-dyed panties in slender fingers, it drew no attention. As the figure passed the display of other panties, a smile spread on its lips. Soon enough, the wild panties would attract the right girl.

Karen Greene.

With a flick of its wrist, the figure deposited its special creation, leaving behind the naughty surprise that would find young Karen.

Minutes later, after the figure had slipped out of the store, Karen entered, her eyes flicking around at the clothes. She often wandered into the shop, staring at the trendy, and even naughty, clothing with envy. Not that she’d ever had the courage to wear anything that revealed so much flesh since she was a bridesmaid for her cousin’s wedding. Despite her blossoming body—her breasts were round and supple in her plain bra on beneath her baggy sweater, her legs toned, and her rump bubbly—she didn’t have the strength to show off her figure.

A shy girl, she was resigned to not being noticed, just vanishing into the background.

Her green eyes flicked over the clothing while her black hair swayed about her shoulders. She would sigh from time to time, spotting a skirt or a blouse or a tight pair of jeans with a heart sewn on the back pockets that she ached to wear. She wished she could muster the courage. She would swallow while rubbing her sweaty palms on her sweatpants. She ached to understood why she feared to show off her body.

Deep down she knew why. It was the boys. She didn’t think she was gay since she didn’t precisely find boys disgusting. She just didn’t want to have their attention. She’d never made the connection to her shyness, but when she was younger, a boy named Oscar had ripped down her skirt and panties, exposing her on the schoolyard playground. That embarrassment had stayed with her, the memory of all those boys pointing and laughing at her as she struggled to draw up her clothing and cover her childish body.

A decade later, the emotional scar still held her back.

She sucked in a breath when she saw the panties. They were so bright, almost glowing. They were a swirl of every hue imaginable, a tie-dyed masterpiece that almost mesmerized her. Her trembling hand reached out to caressed the cotton/polyester blend. She stroked the fabric until she came across the word. Each letter was a different color. Bright-blue, neon-green, hot-orange, garish purple, sun-yellow, fuchsia, teal, cherry-red, and hot pink. Together they formed the word that made her shudder.


Tingles raced through her as she caressed each letter. The electric thrill settled through her body, hardening her nipples and turning her pussy into molten wetness. Finally, she’d found the courage to buy something.

She snatched up the panties and rushed up to the cash register. The salesgirl smiled and nodded. It was clear she approved of Karen finally buying something. Neither of them noticed that nothing rang up on the register when she scanned it nor that Karen only mimed giving any money. Both, however, seemed to think a legal transaction had occurred.

The panties were slipped into a discrete, brown bag with the store’s logo printed on the side in cute purple. With her prize clutched before her, Karen scurried out of the mall.

Karen Greene

The next day, I stared at those colorful panties. I shuddered at finally finding the courage to buy something wicked. Something better than the plain, boring panties I always wore. No one would know, of course, but I would at least have made a step to escaping my shyness. I wanted to dress like the other girls. I didn’t want to forever be gossiped about as being the burgeoning spinster. I was sixteen. I shouldn’t be afraid to show off a little flesh.

I hoped this would be the start.

Just so long as Oscar or Jermaine or Brian didn’t yank down my skirt.

I shuddered, remembering that embarrassing day a decade ago on the playground of my elementary school. Sometimes, it seemed like those three boys had followed me as I grew up, salivating to see my naughty parts again. Well, I was in high school. If they tried anything, they would be in trouble.

Confidence soared through me. I grabbed the almost hypnotic panties, the blend of hues merging from one fantastic shade to another. I stepped into them and gasped at the tingle raced up my legs. This electrified rush preceded the cotton panties as I pulled them higher and higher up my thighs. I groaned, my bare breasts swaying and jiggling. My nipples puckered hard while a molten heat formed deep inside of me.

I felt so naughty as I seated the panties against my black bush. The cloth gripped my rump, hugging it tighter than any other pair of underwear ever had. They rode lower on my hips than I was used to, almost allowing the top of my bush to peek out of the waistband. I shuddered, a naughty ripple rushing through me.

I would be colorful today.

That meant I had to find the perfect outfit. I darted to my closet, my firm breasts heaving before me. I thrust it open, staring at the collection of my clothing. I had to have something that held some amount of vibrancy. A nervous whine groaned from me as I pawed through my closet, the wire hangers rasping against the wooden dowel. I slid article after article of clothing out of the way.

Soon, I was reaching towards the back where clothing I hadn’t worn in a few years hung. I gasped as I found a birthday present from my mom when I was fourteen. It was back when she’d tried to get me to dress a bit more “your age, Karen,” as she put it. I pulled it out, staring at the pink cloth. It had hardly any sleeves and it had been low cut when I was two years younger. Then, my breasts were only budding.


I pulled it over my head. I gasped as the tight material caressed my skin before sliding over my breasts. Over my nipples. I groaned at the fabric rubbing against my nubs, that wicked sensation rushing throughout my body. My eyes fluttered and my pussy clenched in abject delight. What a wonderful sensation. Almost as exciting as masturbation. I felt juices soaking my colorful panties as I pulled the tight, pink blouse down over my stomach. It left a few inches of skin exposed and my nipples clearly stood out.

It was such a bold thing to wear.

I loved it.

“Now to find the perfect skirt,” I said, racking my brain for one.

After a moment, an idea struck me. I had a bridal dress that I had to wear for my cousin’s wedding last year. The skirt was so short. I’d almost fainted when I had to wear it. And who had ever heard of a bridal dress that came in two pieces?

My cousin was weird.

Her wedding dress had shown off so much of her flesh, her large breasts almost spilling out of the top. She was brave. Luckily, I still had my outfit. The skirt was in the garment bag buried in my closet. The green skirt would look so sexy with its satin shimmer attracting as much attention as my top.

I found the garment bag and unzipped it, unveiling the skimpy outfit held inside. I beamed as I pulled it out, reveling in the way the skirt had this sleek look to it. It was clearly made of satin, something too fine to normally wear to high school. I wanted to be bold. Colorful. I wanted everyone to look at me.

A giddy surge rippled through me, an electrified tingle rushing out of my pussy as I stepped into the skirt. The fabric rustled as I drew it up my thighs, my boobs jiggling in my tight top. I groaned as I drew the fabric over my panties. It was such a shame to hide those colorful delights.

Now ready for school, I grabbed my black backpack. Ugh, it was so drab. I hated pulling it on. My purse wasn’t any better. Why did I choose one in such an ugly shade of brown?

Sighing, I headed downstairs, my skirt swirling about my thighs, my breasts bouncing in my hot-pink top. I hit the hallway and rushed down them towards the front door. My mother peeked out of the living room, wrapped up in a purple housecoat. She said, “Karen ... My, that’s, um ... an interesting outfit.”

“Isn’t it?” I asked, giving my mother a big grin.

“What has gotten into you?” she asked as I wrenched open the front door.

“I just want to be bold. To finally shed my cocoon.”

“Well, I’m glad. I was getting a little worried about you.”

I beamed at my mother as I stepped out the door and slammed it behind me.

My pussy tingled with such excitement as I strolled to school. I didn’t rush forward with my shoulders slumped, my arms almost hugging me as if I didn’t want the passing cars and bicyclists to notice me. That I didn’t want the other pedestrians to realize I was sharing the sidewalk with them.

Today, I sauntered with my back straight. I was practically thrusting my round, firm titties out before me. They bounced while my satin skirt swirled around my thighs. The green fabric had a wonderful shimmer, almost rippling with varying hues of emerald. My black hair danced about my face, my backpack bouncing and my purse swinging. I had such a jaunt to my step.

“Damn, is that you, Karen?” asked Oscar as he approached from a side street. He was a tall guy was short, brown hair. I smiled at his muscular build, his shoulders broad. He was on the football team, his chin chiseled.

“Yep,” loving his attention.

He whistled. A naughty tingle ran through me. It was so hot that he noticed how colorful I was today.

I was practically skipping now. I felt Oscar behind me, his eyes tracking the flowing movement of my skirt. My black hair bounced about my shoulders, brushing my pale skin and the pink fabric of my blouse. My nipples tingled, naughty jolts and zaps shooting down to my pussy. My poor panties were just so wet.

It made me feel so wicked and naughty.

A part of me just wanted to flip up my skirt him how sexy my panties were. The impulse grew and grew as I approached my high school. I strolled up to the front door and shuddered as other boys noticed me.

Jermaine’s jaw dropped as I passed him. The tall, black guy rubbed his big, dark hands together. The sun glinted off his shape-smooth head. “Goddamn.”

I beamed.

“Is that Karen Greene?” Brian asked, a guy with shaggy, blond hair who stood next to Jermaine. “The fuck happened to her?”

“I don’t know,” Jermaine said. “But I like it.”

“Uh-huh,” Oscar grunted as he joined them.

I rushed up the cement steps to the front door, my skirt swirling. This was the time. I had to do it. Just as I reached the top step, my hands casually grabbed the fabric of my skirt. I gave it a quick jerk, making the fabric flare up seemingly on its own. For a brief second, my tie-dyed panties flashed for all the world to see, those colorful letters on display. The guys groaned while I smiled in delight.

My skirt settled down around me as I vanished inside the doors. I ached to touch myself.

All the boys were staring at me during the day. I loved their attention. But as the classes went by, their looks and hungry gazes started to dwindle. They still smiled at me, but they were getting used to me. I was colorful, but, honestly, it was only two different shades. Pink and green were exciting, but my hair was such a bland black, my purse was brown, and my backpack just felt ugly. I had to go shopping after school.

After quickly masturbating my juicy pussy to a mind-numbing orgasm in the girls’ bathroom, I headed to the mall, back to the store that gave me the courage finally dressed boldly. I needed a new bra, new top, new skirts. I needed accessories.

The one thing I didn’t need was new panties. I would wash these tonight and make sure they were fresh and ready for tomorrow.

I swept through the store like a hurricane. I called my mother to let her know I was using the credit card she’d given me for emergencies. I told her I was buying a new wardrobe, and she was thrilled. She told me not to worry about spending too much, but to make myself happy. She was such an awesome mom.

I was so glad that she understood I needed to be colorful.

When I got home with my new supplies, I was so wet. I threw all my new clothes on my bed, spilling out all the colorful fabrics across my sheets. I rolled around on them nearly naked. I rubbed my pussy to another orgasm as I buried my face into my new neon-green bra. I smelled the fabric while stroking my fingers up and down my panties, pressing the fabric into my virgin twat.

My juices soaked through my panties. They coated my fingers. I screamed out my orgasm into the bra, cumming in mere seconds. I was just so excited for tomorrow.

I had trouble sleeping that night. I was just so excited. I was energized. I had thrown my panties in the wash before going to bed, then I snuck out to put them in the dryer so they’d be ready for me in the morning. Since I was bursting with energy, I decided to take the time to get my hair done. Black wouldn’t do at all.

I needed to be colorful.

First, I had to bleach my locks. It took two soaks with the hydrogen peroxide to get my hair light enough for what I wanted. Then I went to work. I dyed the right half a bright cotton-candy blue. The left side I made cherry-red. Such a bright and unnatural shade. They looked so exciting together as they tumbled around my pale face. So much better than that drab, natural hue.

I had to be colorful for all the boys.

By the time my hair was dry, my alarm clock was going off. I was eager for school. I gathered my half cotton-candy-blue and half-cherry-red hair into twin pigtails. They fell down to my shoulders in falls of bright beauty. I loved it. I grabbed my new clothing, starting with a green bra that I had rubbed against my face as I masturbated to my wonderful orgasm. I slipped it on and settled my youthful breasts into the cups.

I was giddy with excitement as I seized the bright-yellow crop top. I pulled it over, the thin, stretchy cloth leaving my midriff bare. It was so low cut it showed off the straps of my bra and the tops of the cups. The colors were so wonderful to show off. Humming, I stepped into my tie-dyed panties, drawing them up as that tingle rippled through me. I couldn’t help but shake my rump at my mirror, reading the letters despite them being backwards.


Just thinking it made me squeal, my pussy already soaking my poor panties. I grabbed my new skirt, a deep, rich plum. I stepped into it and drew it up my legs. It hung low on my hips, showing off the top my panties to anyone, allowing the riot of colors to be seen. Next, I grabbed my hot-pink, knee-high socks. I pulled them on, loving the way my toes wiggled inside the knit-cotton embrace. Those donned, I couldn’t help but bounce around my room. I was bright and vibrant.

Everyone would notice me.

I snagged my backpack, a garish orange, and my new purse that was a delicious shade of teal. I slid my feet into a pair of deep, vermilion heels before darting out of my bedroom. I rushed down the stairs, my bold hair dancing about my face. I felt so excited. My breasts heaved in my new bra and in my low-cut top. I reached the bottom and darted for the front door.

“Oh, my gosh, Karen,” Mom said from the living room, wearing the same boring, purple house robe as yesterday. It was only one color. How dull. “You really went ... all out.”

“I’m just so happy,” I said, wrenching open the front door. “All the boys are going to notice me today.”

“I think NASA will notice you from space on their satellites,” Mom said. “Well, I’m glad to see you out of that shy phase. Have fun in school.”

“I will,” I called and then darted up the door and rushed to the sidewalk.

I skipped to school. My pigtails bounced. My breasts bounced. My skirt bounced.

The fabric swayed back and forth, flashing glimpses of my panties. It was so short that it would take about nothing to get a peek at the tie-dyed delight beneath. I turned so many heads with my vibrant display. Drivers watched, rubbernecking as they passed me. Guys groaned at the sight of me, their eyes following the progress of my young and nubile body.

“Fuck me,” groaned Oscar when he intercepted me. “Karen, wow. You look ... electrifying.”

I beamed at him. “Why thank you. You don’t think it’s too much?”

He shook his head, his mouth half open.

I felt his eyes on me all the way to school. He couldn’t look away. He wanted me so bad. I grinned, my pigtails dancing about my shoulders, my backpack bouncing on my back, my breasts heaving. They wanted to escape my bright-green bra and blazing-yellow crop top. More and more boys were following me as I approached my high school. Keith, a friendly guy with glasses, pushed them up as he stared at me. Jermaine let out another groan, his hand rubbing across his shaved-bald head. Brian shook his shaggy mane of hair as he groaned in delight.

I had their undivided attention.

My pussy was so juicy. My nipples were so hard. I wanted to masturbate right there in the hallway. When I sat down during my classes, I kept my legs spread wide so everyone can see that damp spot growing the crotch of my tight-died panties. I twirled my pigtails, twining colorful locks around my fingers while I licked my purple lips.

It was also amazing. So wonderful. But, as the day wore on, I noticed the boys were getting used to me. Yes, they were still looking at me, but they weren’t drooling over me. They were also noticing some of the other girls. I wanted the boys’ undivided attention.

I wore so many colors. What could I do that was better than this?

I thought about that as I masturbated in the bathroom after school. My little gasping moans echoed around me as I tried to imagine the perfect outfit to hold their attention forever. And then it hit me. I remembered coming across this interesting Twitch channel. On it was such a beautiful, young woman that made my pussy feel so tingly. She showed me a way I could make myself colorful.

After my orgasm, I googled where I could buy what I needed. Once again, I used my mom’s emergency credit card to buy the supplies. My purchases were heavy, weighing me down as I rushed home, still attracting so much attention to my bold and vibrant outfit. I was so eager for tomorrow. I was so ready to transform myself.

When I got home, I masturbated three times just thinking about it. My poor, little virgin pussy was just so sore. I set my alarm clock to go off super early, and then passed out in exhaustion.

I dreamed in colors. A never-ending kaleidoscope of reds, blues, greens, pinks, yellows, oranges, purples, turquoise, sunshine, flame, chartreuse, silver, gold, aquamarine, violet, azure, crimson, and colors that I didn’t even know the names for filled my imagination. Colors that couldn’t exist in the real world.

The blaring tones of my alarm clock snapped me out of sleep. I bolted upright, smacked it off, and flew out of my bed. I snagged my two shopping bags, the supplies clinking inside as I darted naked out of my room. I burst into the bathroom.

I had three hours to turn myself into the most colorful girl ever.

I dumped out my supplies upon the bathroom counter, the small jars of body paint rattling together. I’d grabbed as many different hues as I could. I started wrenching open the lids, the waxy scent filling my nose. The paints were all non-toxic. It was designed to be rubbed on your skin. To cover you.

I shuddered as I stared at my naked form in the mirror. My round breasts quivered, my pink nipples thrusting out hard. My skin was the same pale-beige tone with the occasional freckle and that mole on my hip. I was all so boring. I had to be special.

I plunged my fingers into the first shade. It was a bright neon green. I coated my digits. I shuddered as I smeared it right on my belly. I groaned at the contact. I worked it around, leaving a fun swirl.

I smiled at the feel of it on my skin, the paint coating my body. It hugged me. My left hand darted into a bottle of deep vermilion. I scooped up a nice glob of both fingers and attacked my left breast. I rubbed it into my flesh while a wicked tingle raced through me. I groaned as I covered my nipple in the naughty body paint.

My smile only grew as I attacked my flesh with more of the colors. I rubbed bright orange onto my other nipple, completely covering that boring pink. My smile grew as I slathered a bright plum across my forehead and then smeared a blue-green delight down between my breasts. My fingers grew sticky with paint. It splattered across the counter as I worked in a frenzy of creation. I just let my instincts go.

I wanted to create a tableau.

I wanted my body to be the same riot of tie-dyed colors as my panties.

I groaned as I rubbed bright yellow across the lips of my pussy. I shuddered, trembling. I was so glad I’d shaved my pussy last night. It was all gone. No nasty, black hair to get in the way of the wonderful yellow coating my vulva.

My clit throbbed as I bathed even it in cool paint.

I slathered pink and blue and glittering gold on my rump, working my hands into my firm butt-cheeks to make a wicked blend of colors. I worked silver and goldenrod and a wonderfully burnt umbra across my face. I coated my neck. My thighs had a dozen different shades each, blending and swirling together. I coated my toes. The soles of my feet. I strained to rub blues and yellows and reds and oranges across my back.

I stared in the mirror, twisting my body from right and left, my naked breasts bouncing and heaving with every movement. They were so firm and perky, both beautiful with a wild swirl of colors reaching up to my hard nipples. As the paint dried it gripped my skin. It felt so wonderful around me.

I was transformed.

I was finally the most colorful girl in the world. Every boy would notice me now. They would see my tight slit painted bright yellow, my left nipple that wonderful shade of red, and my right nipple a bright orange. The mix of hues covered my breasts would attract their gaze as they bounced right and left. It all mixed with the dye in my hair. Boys who saw me from behind would see my butt-cheeks rippling and jiggling as I sauntered down the halls, hypnotizing them with the blend of bright hues.

My pussy juices ran down my thighs. Luckily, the paint required soap to come off. My pussy cream wouldn’t melt it away. It would, however, add a delicious gleam to the kaleidoscope of hues decorating my inner thighs.

My arms were sore from the effort of coating my body, but I was beautiful.

The paint was dry just in time for me to go to school. I grabbed my backpack and purse, wishing I had time to dye them, too. But they were just accessories. The bulk of my body was transformed.

I quivered as I rushed downstairs, my painted breasts bouncing and heaving, bare feet smacking on the stairs. My tongue licked across my lips, tasting the waxy flavor coating them. I hit the bottom of the stairs and rushed for the door.

“Oh, Karen, wow,” my mom said from the living room. She was wearing that same, old, boring house robe. Purple again? If she was only going to wear one color at a time, she could at least pick a different one each day.

“I got to go to school, Mom,” I said.

“My, every boy in school will be paying attention to you.”

I grinned at her, my virgin pussy clenching. “I truly hope so. Bye!”

“Have fun,” she said as I darted out the door and slammed it behind me.

I almost caused traffic accidents as I headed to school. I was so colorful cars were drifting into other lanes they stared at me. Brakes squealed and horns honked. Some even climbed out of their cars to stare at me in awe. Pedestrians, men and women alike, gaped at my body. The women had such envy in their eyes, knowing they would never be as bright and colorful as me while the men salivated. They rubbed at their crutches, squeezing and kneading their hard cocks. That was how I knew I had their full attention.

“Fuck me,” Oscar groaned when he saw me. “Holy fucking shit, you are a work of art, Karen.”

I grinned at him as I sauntered down the street. My bare feet smacked on the cement sidewalk while my hips swayed, my ass flexing and jiggling. I felt his eyes studying the swirling hues covering both my butt-cheeks.

I had such a powerful ache when I reached my high school. I was so horny. More and more boys were following me by then. Heath had to pull off his glasses and wipe the fog off of them when he saw me. He grinned as he joined the pack, rubbing at his cock. Right before I reached the steps to enter my school, I couldn’t take any more. I need to see proof that I was colorful.

I whirled around to face Oscar and fell to my knees. “Show it to me!”

“What?” he groaned, his brown eyes wide.

I stared up at the jock and moaned, “Show me the proof that you find me beautiful.”

It clicked in his mind. His jeans came undone faster than a flash. He shoved them down along with a pair of boxers dotted with hearts. His cock popped out, thrusting thick from a wiry thatch of brown pubic hair.

I snagged Oscar’s dick in my painted hand and pulled it towards my waxy lips. With a hungry growl, I swallowed the tip and sucked on my first ever cock. He groaned as I nursed on him, my tongue sliding around the crown, gathering the salty flavor of his precum.

He found me gorgeous!

I savored having Oscar’s cock in my mouth. I sucked on his dick with such hunger, my virgin pussy clenching. The guys all moved in around me, staring at my colorful body, my firm breast jiggling as I bobbed my head. My dyed pigtails danced around my shoulders as my head turned and twisted, shifting my mouth around his cock. I rubbed the spongy tip against the roof of my mouth, my tongue, and my inner cheeks.

“Goddamn, Karen,” growled Oscar. “That’s it, suck my cock, you fucking whore.”

“Damn, you really blossomed into a ho, didn’t you?” growled Jermaine. The Black guy stood to my right, groping his dick through his jeans as I worshiped Oscar’s shaft.

“Yeah, she did,” shaggy-haired Brian said. “Fuck me, that’s hot.”

“Just a beautiful sight,” moaned Heath. “Shit, I’m about to erupt right in my jeans.

“Why waste it?” groaned Oscar. “The little slut wants to please us all.”

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