Juicy Fruits

by Jade

Copyright© 2019 by Jade

Mind Control Story: Jake returns home from university to find his sister Alice has developed super-size tits in his absence! But there is far more than a luscious eyeful in store for Jake. He finds Alice is being violated in a shocking manner; and from a most unlikely person!

Caution: This Mind Control Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Brother   Sister   MaleDom   Sadistic   Lactation   Pegging   Squirting   Big Breasts   .

Although Jake was doing his best to understand what Alice was saying, his attention was riveted on her magnificent melons; suddenly on view before him!

Having entered his sister’s bedroom unexpectedly, he’d found her half naked; and inexplicably, hooked-up to a motorised breast-pump!! And Jake had only ever seen such huge jugs on older women; in porn magazines in fact!

Such huge tits on a young girl was an obscenely erotic sight! How at sixteen years of age, had she developed such gross milky udders! “Oh ... sorry Alice ... didn’t mean to walk in on you.” Jake stammered.

“It’s okay Jake; ... look, now your here, could you check out my breast pump?” she’d asked earnestly. “It seems to have stopped working, and my breasts are starting to hurt from all the milk their holding!”

“Uh, Oh sure,” stammered Jake, “Er, I’ve never worked on a breast pump before Alice, but I’ll give it a look for you.”

Jake just hopped she wouldn’t notice his thumping great hard-on. He’d only returned home recently, after being away at University and found his sister had grown-up some! She’d become a real boner but these tits were a knock-out!

“So, let’s see what we’ve got here,” he said, as he began checking out the hoses that ran from Alice’s nipples back to the pump unit.

After his examination Jake offered, “Ahhhh, I see what the problem is, there’s a small crack in the suction hose right here, see Alice?”

Alice leaned forward to get a better look at the hose, and in the process her big boobs juggled from side to side, making Jake’s cock even harder. “Here it is, see?” Jake said softly against her, “A cracked hose preventing the suction, disallowing the milk to be pumped from your breasts.”

“But what am I going to do Jake?” his sister wailed, “You’ve gotta get this milk out of my breasts Jake, they’re starting to hurt me.”

“Well Jeez! Okay; but how can I do it Sis?”

“Right Jake, I’ll show how to do it; just give me a sec okay?” As Alice gingerly began pulling the two suction cups off of her nipples, her eyes screwed up with pain as Jake watched with fascination!

Alice placed a jar beneath her tits; then she showed Jake how to squirt the breast-milk through her nipples and jet it into the jar!

“See, you just gently squeeze just above the nipple and pull a little, and Alice’s Milk squirts out see?”

Jake felt his own pre-cum oozing out. “Jeez! That’s so cool!”

Alice looked up at him cutely with her brown hair cut short along her jaw line. Her tongue flicked along her lush upper lip. “Okay Jake, now you milk them for me.” she cooed.

So with trembling hands he took hold of one of her huge breast and began extracting Alice’s milk from her breast; and her milk began to squirt strongly!

“Hey look Alice,” he said excitedly, “it’s easy. Look at how much we have all ready.”

“Mmmm; oh yea Jake; that’s so good; keep working them like that and you’ll reduce the heavy pressure for me.”

She leaned back in the chair, and relaxed while Jake worked on her milk-laden breasts; slowly unloading her burden... “Am I hurting you?” he asked, wanting to make sure that everything was okay. “Oh no,” she replied, “I much prefer them hand-drawn to that brutal breast pump any-day!”

Jake, s mind buzzed as he continued milking his young sister, still amazed how she had managed hiding them from him all this time? He alternated from one breast to another, giving each one a rest from the constant squeezing and pulling while his cock pulsed and oozed. Then suddenly from Alice came the cry of a female in orgasm; a plaintive moan as her thighs pressed together in rapture!

Jake’s manipulations had given Alice an almighty orgasm.

Licking his dry lips, Jake took one of the juicy fruits into his mouth, his tongue teasing the swollen nipple and he began suckling from his sister.

Her milk was as nectar; bringing a blast of bliss with every suck; he began gorging on Alice’s warm sweet fluid.

“Oh, god,” Alice groaned, “you do that so well Jake. Even better than daddy!”

Sweet Jesus, Jake thought, She’s had Dad doing it for her too!!

Alice cooed some more, “It so turns me on to nurse- feed you; perhaps you’d like to become a daddy to me Jake?”

He wasn’t at all sure what Alice was was offering but answered positively, “Uh, well yea; sure thing Alice!”

Alice hissed loudly as he nurse-fed even harder; alternating between the two milky melons. “Jake,” she asked, “Would you do me a real favour ; since your to be a daddy?”

Jake pulled away long enough to pant, “Just name it Alice.”

“Well Jake, my pussy is so creamy; could suck some out for me?”

Jake, now delirious with lust, didn’t even reply, but instead reached under Alice’s mini skirt and carefully pulled off her white panties.

Scooting her ass to the edge of the chair, spreading her legs wide and hiking her skirt up to her waist, she said in a throaty voice, “Do it now Jake. Suck my cunt juice like it’s cream!”

Jake mind was in turmoil and the musky aroma of her wet pussy filled his nostrils; having the effect of turning his dick into a shaft of blue steel. Her pussy had dark pubic hair with pink swollen cunt- lips running down the middle. How had a virgin cunt become so grossly developed; unless she’d been frigging herself stupid since she was nine? He nosed around the outside of her pussy while savouring the sweet smell of an aroused cunt, while Alice squirmed her ass around, trying in vain to get Jake to make contact with her protruding clitoris. He teased her for a few moments more, before burying his tongue deep into her channel.

The instant his tongue made connected with her throbbing clitoris, Alice arched her back, took her huge chest in her hands! Seconds later she was engulfed by a long shattering orgasm.

Eventually she calmed down and then cooed softly, “Oh, Jake, your the best tity and clito sucker a girl could ever have.!” Then, breathlessly unwrapping her legs from around his neck, she begged, “Would you show it to me, please Jake? Show me your cock?”

The way she mouthed the word “cock” sent a shiver down Jake’s back. He got to his feet, unzipped and extracted his eight inches of cock meat.

“Oh my god!!” she said softly, “What a beautiful cock! I want to suck it for you! ... please?”

Jake stepped closer, so Alice didn’t have to stretch, and seconds later the head of his cock was surrounded by her soft, sweet mouth. “Oh, God Alice, that’s fucking great! Please don’t stop!”

Her mouth went into overdrive, and while Jake’s cock was getting the sucking of its life, he squeezed one of her bloated nipples. Looking down at her sweet innocent face, huge bosom, and wide open crotch was almost too much for Jake to take.

“Oh yea! ... suck that cock good ... you Milky Bitch!” he’d thought as he felt his nuts tighten up.

Only, he had said it aloud; and Alice had stopped sucking. Her fist wrapped around his shaft, and, as she rubbed the head of his cock around the outside of her mouth, she’d looked up at him. “What did you call me Jake?”

“Oh Jesus, ah, look I’m so...”

“No Jake, just tell me,” she interrupted him. “Say exactly what you called me.”

He looked down at her. Her small hand gripping his cock; her tongue flicking at the head of his prick; her nipples oozing milk. Then Jake realised just what his sexually twisted sister wanted from him,

“Well ... I called you a Milky Bitch Alice” he stated.

“Mmmm, Yes Jake, that’s just who I am; Alice the Milky Bitch.”

The way she stated it was strange; but then her sweet luscious lips wrapped around his cock; then into her mouth and Jake soon realised something else; his sister was a deep throat expert. Her lips were now buried in his pubic hairs; his cock right down her throat; with one hand fondling his balls beautifully as she sucked!

It was impossible for any man not to dump his full sperm quota down her gullet. For this is what she clearly craved; and Jake delivered.

Jake eventually put his flaccid pecker back into his pants and watched his sister bend over to pick up her bra and blouse. She turned to faced him, “Would you help me put this big ugly bra back on? It’s hard for me to do with so many hooks!” Jake chuckled, “It’ll be a pleasure.”

Jake placed the cups of the bra over her melons and turned her around and dutifully hooked-up the bra before turning her back to face him. He kissed her softly on the lips. “ There ... all tucked away out of prying eyes; okay?”

“I have to wear a heavy one like this; with all this padding, ‘cause my nipples leak and I don’t want it to show through to my blouse.”

“Ah yeah, I see,” Jake said. “Eer, What size bra is it?

“I wear a special-made double E bra since I’ve been lactating.”

“Ah, ... How long has that been?”

Alice pouted at my interrogation,”Ask no questions and you’ll get told no lies!” she chuckled, and Jake; promise me you’ll never mention what you’ve seen; not to anyone; Promise?”

Jake realised his sister was guarding a dark secret regarding her breasts but lent forward and kissed her tenderly on the lips, “I promise Alice.”

Jack looked at the time; “Look, I’d better get back to work. I’ll catch you later; okay?”

Since Jake had been living away at University his father had suggested he call him Frank rather than Dad; to make things between then more chummy; more manly. Jake had always got on fine with him but now felt it was quite likely he was involved with Alice’s milking situation.

After mulling over the affair for a day, Jake decided to broach the matter with Frank as they travelled to the station together in his car.

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