Maria Has a Visit

by stimac

Copyright© 2019 by stimac

Erotica Sex Story: An old family friend wants to visit Maia and take pictures of her dressed as a Burlesque Queen. Her husband doesn't know!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Slut Wife   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

My husband had left for work and I stayed in bed till after 10am.

I hadn’t slept well, my mind had been in overdrive with Manfred’s visit. One minute I was calling him a dirty old pervert and slapping his face, then the next I was lewdly spreading my sex for him as he took pictures and slyly rubbed his cock!

I eventually got up and had a light breakfast.

Following breakfast I took a long hot bath, I waxed my pussy, it was totally bald, not even a landing strip.

My clit was already engorged, I couldn’t believe it, the thought of an old man taking pictures of me was making me excited. As my finger brushed my pussy lips I was tingling and immediately slid two fingers in my crack, I was soaking!

Common sense kicked in and I stopped myself.

I decided that I would wear a red dress that was quite short above my knees and buttoned up the front, white 4” heels, black stockings, a white lace bra and panties, both of which were totally see through and a white suspender belt.

Manfred had said that he wanted me to dress like a burlesque queen, well I was certainly looking like a burlesque slut.

I remembered that the last time he had visited he had shown me pictures of his ex girlfriend on his phone when my husband was out if the room.

The pictures were of her in stockings and a tiny thong, it was obvious that there a lot more and more risque pics on his phone.

He was eating me with his eyes as he showed me, I thought it was strange that he should show me these things, she looked the same age as me.

He put the phone away when my husband returned to the room, but as he put the phone in his pocket I saw the outline of his cock straining his trousers, he was that hard.

It looked massive!

I opened a bottle of Proseco and poured a glass to steady my nerves.

Just before 2pm the door bell rang, as I opened the door, Manfred stood there.

Even though he was 62 he looked after himself.

He was tall and slim, wearing a pair of light grey trousers and a white shirt, he was carrying a small leather bag.

As I invited him in he gave me a kiss on the cheek, as he did he pushed his body quite close to mine!

I offered him a drink and he accepted a beer. As I got his beer he complimented me in my dress style saying that I really looked like a burlesque queen.

He then asked whether I’d enjoyed the burlesque show.

As I answered he was taking a camera out of his bag. He then asked if I had fantasised and had imagined myself on the stage, being watched by a lot of guys.

I blushed, he didn’t need anymore of an answer, the thought of revealing myself to a group of 40 men excited me.

He then told me to take a seat in the sofa as he started clicking away with the camera.

I obeyed, he was taking charge already!

I took another glass of wine and that calmed my nerves and loosened me up.

When he told me cross my legs, I did so without even thinking. All the time the camera was clicking and he was telling me how good I looked.

When he told me to uncross my legs and cross the over, my dress rode up as I did so.

I looked down and noticed that my stocking tops where on show.

From the angle that Manfred was taking pics, he was crouching down, so he could see my bare thigh above my stocking top.

Manfred was telling me what a success that I’d be if I was on the stage.

I took another drink of wine and felt good.

When Manfred told me to uncross and recross my legs again, I made sure that I did it slowly so he got a flash of my white panties, my dress rode up even more.

Manfred was now standing and telling me what beautiful legs I had as he continued taking pics.

His trousers weren’t tight, in fact they were quite loose, but not loose enough.

His cock was hard and making the front of his trousers look like a tent.

At the sight of this my pussy started to twitch, fuck this old pervert was turning me on!

Without him asking I uncrossed my legs and parted them slightly.

Manfred was saying how lovely I looked as he was trying to take pics between my legs.

By now I had lost all sense of reality and my brain was probably in my clit!

I lifted one foot and put it on the sofa, by doing this my dress went up around my waist and my legs were further apart.

My panties were tight over my pussy and Manfred could clearly my crack.

Displaying myself to an old man like a cheap slut was making my pussy drip.

As I spread my legs wider my pussy was that wet that my panties slipped right between my bald pussy lips.

I could see a wet spot forming on Manfred’s trousers as he continued taking pics. Fuck he must be leaking pre cum like no tomorrow.

I now started to take control and asked if he wanted to see my arse.

Before he could answer I’d got up and was now kneeling on the sofa with my arse in the air.

My legs where spread wide and I pulled my arse cheeks apart.

My panties had disappeared between pussy lips and my arsehole must have been on display.

My face was buried in the sofa, but I was on fire, I was displaying myself to an old pervert and was loving it, pussy juice was running down the inside of my thighs.

Manfred was telling me crudely what a lovely arse I had as the camera clicking.

Suddenly I felt something touching my arse cheek.

I lifted my head and looked over my shoulder, Manfred was rubbing his hand over my arse.

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