Caitie's Cunnie

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Delightful young woman illustrates sexual liberation.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Sharing   Orgy   Water Sports   Nudism   .

Author’s comment: This story does refer to “On The Beach” which you might want to read first.

Hi. I’m Josh and I’m going to tell you a story about a wonderful young woman I have had the pleasure of “knowing” socially and sexually. Right now I’m in my early twenties, married, with one boy child, and a mistress. Part of what follows was related in my story series “On The Beach” but will also be presented here. Other people may be described minimally as well so I can concentrate on our “person of interest”. More about them before and after this saga in the above-mentioned stories.

I’ll start with a brief bit of background and how I met Caitie.

Brent and Trent were brothers who Alison, my hot and sexually-adventurous girlfriend at the time, and I met at a nude beach a couple of years ago. They got to know us and became Alison’s fuck buddies at the beach and we also got together with them at times the beach was out of season.

Alison and I had separated when she went to graduate school rather far away. The brothers had been banging a married woman named Matty who got divorced and lived with them until they had to move away take care of ailing parents. She then lived with me and finally we married and recently had a baby boy. We’d all remained friends with benefits.

One weekend the brothers were invited for a night of naked fun. They now lived back in our area with a girl cousin named Caitie. They wanted to introduce her to us folks she’d heard a lot about. Brent confided she loved to fuck and easily kept both of them satisfied. THAT impressed me.

Caitie looked a lot like Alison (if you’ve ever seen the porn star Mandy May you’ll get a good likeness) so it set off some feelings in me when she got naked in my bed that night. I never did explain why she got it so many times that night while her cousins were busy with my wife, the new mom. I just let her think I was an amazing stud or she was incredibly sexy. Brent was right. She was a good fuck and I know she got plenty of exercise with those two horny guys.

I told her so and she explained that she’d been doing guys a long time. She was a few years older than her cousins. When her periods started she got on birth control and saw a good sex-ed video. Her virginity quickly disappeared and she explored sex with boys young enough that they wouldn’t get in trouble if discovered. They didn’t because she could bring them home. Mom thought safety was more important than celibacy.

Her sixteenth birthday, the age of consent here, was spent with the two cousins and their father in her bedroom taking all the turns she could handle. Actually it was limited by what they could provide. She smiled as she said she lost count. She was promiscuous, all right, but NOT indiscriminate, choosing partners with reasonable care and letting them know that she would never be exclusive until she chose to be.

As we spent more time together in and out of sexual embraces, I learned more of her carnal history. She loved telling me stuff her cousins didn’t care to know. I was fascinated and it became the basis for this tale while getting me hard quicker too.

Back in high school, she had only one girlfriend, but one who shared her philosophy of life and sex. Guys were far more interesting than other girls her age anyway. They just wanted to gossip and fuss over clothes and silly stuff. She’d rather have guys take her to fun places and screw her sox off. Trips to Caribbean islands, on yachts, and even Europe happened when she dated older guys with money. She and her girlfriend had quickly learned that their male peers usually had little money and poorly trained dicks.

I asked, “So did you just whore yourselves out for these rewards?”

She slugged me and said, “Hell no! I wouldn’t be letting you in my pussy if you weren’t a good guy and a good fuck. Every one of my lovers has had to meet those criteria or they were let go. I’ve never sold my body but if I’m getting something I like, I feel I need to be giving back. Is that whoring or being a good person?”

I slapped her buns in return and said, “You are one of the nicest women I’ve ever met. Thanks for the explanation of your personal philosophy. I wish more people felt so much like the Golden Rule. All this talk has me ready to give you something hard. How do you want it?”

“Spoon me and play with my tits! I haven’t had that position in a while.” I did and tweaked her clit to an orgasm too.

She and Matty became good friends and we met with the three of them at their place or ours as often as we could.

The weather was warming and we all looked forward to the nude beach. Alison returned from college for a month off between classes and brought her new fiancé, an Asian man named Ed. They joined us at the beach where we all camped in tents.

Caitie was also a newcomer to the nude beach scene and got lots of attention as she paraded around showing off her lovely tits and ass. Sex to her was as natural as eating so she would lie down, bend over, hop on, or try any other position with me, her cousins, or Ed at any opportunity for privacy. I took her out behind the swim float in the lake and was easily able to insert underwater since she was well lubricated from who knows how many recent semen spurts. She loved getting laid in the woods, in the beach shelters, in the community shower with an audience even, and taking turns all night with me and Ed. A true love child.

One last story about this saucy wench before I move on. I was looking for Brent at their tent but the door was zippered shut. I heard a noise inside so went around back to peek in the screened window. There was Caitie, sitting on the waist of a young guy I did not recognize. She was facing me and when I looked perplexed she pointed to her crotch. His pecker was NOT in her. Her pussy lips had it pinned to his belly and as she undulated her hips those hair-trimmed lips slid to and fro along the hard shaft. She looked right at me as she picked up the pace. He groaned and spurted a big puddle of semen on his belly. Knee walking up, she dropped her pussy right in it and rotated around a little. Then she reached down and diddled herself to a sperm lubricated orgasm. She mouthed to me “Wait! Wait!” as she knee-walked her messy twat to his mouth and ordered, “Clean it!” He couldn’t escape until he did.

“I enjoyed that. Hope you did,” She told her victim. He unzipped the tent and fled. I came in the door and zipped it back closed. I lay on my back and she showed me exactly what he had experienced. It was damn neat. When we snuggled afterwards she gave me a huge compliment, “I sure like you. Most guys don’t get it like you do. Sex is always a moment in the present, kinda like eating a good meal. It is enjoyed and then it’s gone. They make a big deal out of you fucking someone else. If you hadn’t seen me with that kid, would you ever have known what we did? No. I wish more guys were like you.” I kissed her for that.

There were four guys in our group and Caitie got each of them in her twat at least once each day. She showed Matty how to do the sliders and they had fun with the legal teenagers too. I got to see some cellphone videos that my wife took.

One sixteen-year-old got infatuated with Caitie. By now Alison was in on the slider fun so the three of them took him into the woods and got him going. Alison, remembering an incident from long ago, pissed on his rod as she was sliding on it. He shot his wad immediately so the other two women were asked to spray Alison’s crotch while she was still on his dick. The kid got rehardened immediately and then Mattie straddled him and got him off by sliding on his piss-wet prick.

I saw the video and asked if that could be done to me. The next day I was the pee target and loved it. My three companions got the best my hose could deliver after stoking up on ice tea and beer. Two of the three had an orgasm from the nasty tickling of a pee stream on their clits.

Caitie now considered me a friend as well as a lover, and a confidant even beyond that. I took the responsibility seriously and she appreciated it. She shared her thoughts with me when we were having coffee one morning after a fun night at the big evening campfire and after, “I’m having a real good time here. Thanks so much for inviting me. I need to tell you something that even my cousins don’t know. I’m pregnant!”

I reached out for her hand, “Who’s the father?”

“I’m not sure. Probably one of my cousins because I fucked them every day during my last fertile time. I was also doing my boss every day but he’s been snipped. That’s all the possibilities. I thought I was being careful but I guess nothing’s perfect.”

“Do you want to terminate the fetus?”

“No, I can’t do that.”

“Tell Matty. She knows a lot more than I do.”

“Well, I can keep on enjoying all the cock I want without any worries. I haven’t had yours for a while. How about now?”

We made love, actually, before looking for my wife who had just come back from swimming with the brothers and was hot to get laid by them. Caitie and I went for a walk on the beach for a half hour before returning to the tent. The brothers were sleeping and Matty came out to join us, fresh semen dripping from her reddened slit.

Caitie told her what I had just learned and the mother–to-be was taken on a beach walk for girl-girl talk. I got a beer.

After the revelation at the beach we hadn’t told the brothers what was going on. Caitie wouldn’t show for a while and didn’t want them to know. The brothers’ parents had been doing OK but took a turn for the worse. Caitie couldn’t afford her apartment by herself so we took her into our big house. She cut her job back to half time and helped a lot around the house to pay for her keep.

I didn’t mind visiting her crotch regularly, of course. Neither did Kenny, a high school senior who lived with us at that time. Her needs increased with her pregnancy. Believe it or not, keeping up with three women who liked sex was getting more difficult for the guys who had to do it. Male equipment has its limits. We could use pills for the sex parties but that was not advised for continuous use.

Nature has a way of working things out even though we might not understand its methods. Caitie woke up with severe cramps and I took her to the emergency room. She was mid-way through her pregnancy but her body decided it shouldn’t go to completion and she miscarried.

The young woman had accepted the unexpected impregnation and was bravely awaiting her changed life. Now this was suddenly wrenched away. Fortunately, she had Matty and Alison to provide emotional support. Us guys weren’t much help. She wasn’t interested in sex for quite a while. That was a major change for her.

Matty told me that our wounded girl wanted to sleep snuggled up to me but platonically. I’d have sex with my other women in the morning or before bedtime so they weren’t neglected.

After a number of medical studies her gynecologist said it was unlikely she could ever carry a baby to term and recommended her tubes be tied. Another emotional blow.

After counseling and lots of loving support from her family, she accepted the doctor’s advice and moved on with her life. Her hormones had settled back to their previous state and her libido returned. I was the first recipient of her womanly desire.

When she disrobed in front of me, she’d been sleeping in a nighty for a long time. She was not her usual confident self. She said, “Am I still desirable?”

My love stick was showing its readiness so I said, “Your friend is very happy to see you. I can’t see any outward difference so I guess the next step is to check out the inside. Come here you lovely woman!”

She rushed to my arms with tears running down her cheeks. We fell on the bed, kissing and clutching each other. I took my time exploring her body and praising each spot that I touched and kissed. When I reached her pussy I had hardly done much when she exploded in a long orgasm, certainly pent up for far too long.

“You taste as good as ever, milady.”

She growled, “See how I feel, dammit. I didn’t realize how horny I am.”

We rutted furiously, slept a bit, then made love slowly and thoroughly. After breakfast she smiled at me as she asked Kenny of he could spare an hour or so. I threw her a kiss. Matty and Alison beamed and wanted a report.

Her employer had kept her part-time job for her and she was once again treating the shy older man twice a week to the only pussy he’d had for many years. She consulted with her female housemates how to get him to try dating and develop his own partners.

Alison suggested that he be introduced to Kenny’s aunt who owned the house they were living in. She was nearer his age and just back from extended travelling as a companion to a wealthy retired man.

She had many stories to tell and was taking a couple of months off before going with him again. She was ready for some sexual variety too and eagerly welcomed Kenny and me into her voluptuous body. Stopping in at Randolph’s business while Caitie was there, she was introduced and struck up a lively conversation with him.

A few days later she found an event to invite him to as an escort and it went quite well. At Caitie’s insistence, he asked “Auntie”, as we called her, on a regular date. She skillfully built up his confidence and, within a week had his pants off.

At work following his seduction, he solemnly told Caitie that their relationship must become platonic since he was involved with Auntie. Although she’d already heard the details of his beddings, she acted appropriately and wished him well. Mission accomplished.

Alison realized that Caitie didn’t have any goals and was just drifting along. Not a good situation. Matty queried her and discussed possibilities. Alison suggested starting with basic college courses to open her horizons and give her some short term goals. I said I’d support that.

Rather quickly Auntie was spending quite few nights at Randolph’s place. Matty explained to me that it appeared to be a great case of mutual needs reciprocally being met. Auntie was ready for a quieter life with more personal development while Randolph needed someone to show him how to enjoy life more. Meeting in the middle was a great fit. As an example, Auntie, who had lost count of her lovers long ago, needed to find a deeper meaning to the joining of bodies. Randolph, whose lovers could be counted on one hand, needed greater exposure to the variety and excitement of carnal intimacy.

Auntie sure was the one to give him that! She was to sex what “surround sound” was to a movie. When you were copulating with her the rest of the world disappeared. Her large and lush body enfolded you and her actions kept you totally attending to what the whole you, not just your cock, was experiencing. I missed the occasional and intense experiences already.

After Auntie had been home a month she got a call from Sam, her sugar daddy, to schedule their next adventure. Being hooked on Randolph, she had talked with us about what to do and wondered if she should suggest a replacement. Caitie was in on the discussion and popped up with this, “How about me? I’d love to travel and do the things you’ve done. Let’s you and I talk soon.”

She and Auntie had some long talks and that seemed like a good idea. Sam was almost three times Caitie’s age but would undoubtedly love a cutie like her as a companion. Auntie reassure the young woman that Sam was a gentleman and quite adequate in bed. There would probably be opportunities for other partners as Sam knew many people with a hedonistic lifestyle but he would always respect her choice. Auntie said she’d never been disappointed.

When Sam made his expected call, Auntie explained her choice and solution. She invited him out to meet Caitie and the other folks she’d told him about. He’d be there in a week.

I took Caitie and Auntie to the local airport where his private jet dropped him off for a few days. We went to the house and Auntie told us he was aware of our propensity for nudity and shared the same. I have to admit that for a man of sixty he kind of put me to shame. He was fit and lightly tanned and only his full head and trimmed beard of grey hair gave his age away.

Sam spent the first night in Auntie’s bed. The next day we honored his request to go the nude beach he’d heard about from Auntie. He spent most of his time there getting to know Caitie and did remark on the way back that other such beaches on the Mediterranean and in South America weren’t any nicer.

That night he slept in Caitie’s bed and they were both looking happy at breakfast. He’d send his jet for her in two weeks. They were going on an Arctic cruise that would also spend some land time in Siberia. His new companion might want to do some homework. A list of suggested clothing would be sent and there would be time to buy what she didn’t have on the way.

All of us were at the airport to see our sweetie off on her big adventure. The night before, as I held her body close to mine, she admitted to being a bit scared, but I reminded her that Auntie had enjoyed her time with Sam and we would be here for her when she returned. We’d miss her of course but she had many ways to keep in touch.

Auntie had discovered that the shy Randolph had read a lot of erotic stories, such as this, and viewed plenty of porn, so had a deep desire to for direct instead of vicarious experience. She told him he’d hooked up with the right woman and began by getting him hot telling about the adventures that the body he was presently intimate with had done, including her year with Sam. When he’d gotten over any worries about that, she began revealing our sexual history and activities.

He’d been to the nude beach when Sam was here and had absorbed it OK. Now it was time for him to participate in one of our Sunday “nature worships”. We got him tipsy and obviously leering at Matty and Alison. When he went to the bathroom to empty his bladder, Alison slipped in with him and said he needed help aiming. She had to push his pecker down to hit the target. Then she knelt down and rather easily sucked a big pearly load out of him.

Leading him to her bedroom she demanded that he reciprocate and, of course, he was hard after she got her jollies. He took orders well and was soon being ridden by the young woman he had never expected to screw.

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