School Bullies

by SweetSandy

Copyright© 2019 by SweetSandy

Erotica Sex Story: A boy's First Time story... As a middle schooler in a small town, being teased and bullied by two high school girls can sometimes turn into something more.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cousins   Exhibitionism   Oral Sex   Nudism   .

I grew up in a small Midwestern town where there was only one school for all twelve grades and only a few hundred students in total. The older kids were in the same building as the younger ones, making the younger ones easy targets for being pushed around and bullied. But I had a different kind of bullying against me, a kind that turned out rather interesting.

It all started when I entered the 7th grade. As a boy, I was small for my age, being both short and a lightweight, just a little kid. Thus I was always a target, including by two older kids; girls, actually 3rd or 4th cousins. Our extended cousin families didn’t really do much together, except maybe once a year at the county fair. We had other relatives and friends that we were closer to, with dinners and get-togethers pretty often. But these two girls who lived just a few blocks away seemed to take an interest in me that year, an interest in tormenting me that is, at least at first.

The two girls were long-legged, tanned and skinny as rails but strong from daily farm chores. They were several years older and several grades ahead of me. They were sisters and seemed to be together all the time. They were only about a year apart in age and rather pretty, at least for teen high school country girls, though they were rather tomboyish and did tend to end up in trouble every now and then according to our parent’s gossip, as well as their visits to the Principal’s office made me aware.

The school girls here most always wore dresses, just below the knee, while us younger boys’ worn shorts during summer and long pants in winter. Older boys seemed to live in their blue jeans. Boys and girls both wore button shirts and even shoes and socks. Most of us kids went barefoot whenever we could. Some girls would wear their dresses just knee-length or even above the knee, particularly after school when they could get away with it. This was especially true of the older girls that were shooting up tall, as their parents rarely had the money to replace last year’s dresses. We boys didn’t mind, even if the teachers would sometimes give them the eye.

These two girls were in their growth spurt that year, I think. They also didn’t pay much attention to rules or to manners, nothing very lady-like at all. They’d be outside running around the playground whooping and carrying on like the boys their age. Me, I had to stay over to the side as much as I could. Not much on sports being a runt. But I did get to see flashes of thighs and even panties once in a while, which were a big deal to a 7th grader! So I just sat under an oak tree and watched.

For some reason, the two girls liked to bully younger kids, both boys and girls, and apparently, I ended up one of their targets, probably because I was small and maybe because I was a relation, however distant. It started with just snide remarks. I’d come out of the school at the end of the day and they would follow along behind giggling and saying things like “mama’s boy”, “wimpy”, “cry baby”, etcetera trying to get me to cry or yell back dumb replies. I tried to ignore them for a while and then tried stupid comments back. But this only escalated their efforts.

Soon, they would come up on either side of me and push me around or steal my books only to toss them on the ground as they ran away. My dad had taught me to never hit a girl, so all I could do was yell at them to stop it while holding back tears. These taunts seemed to come and go, probably as their attention was shifted to others. I didn’t go to the teachers or my parents. Why bother? That would just cause the girls to focus even more torments, being a tattle-tail.

After a time, they would come back around and start up again. This time, they seemed to discover they could chase kids, including me, with hickory switches, swatting at our legs as we tried to run away. One day, Lisa, the youngest, had that switch out again and chased me right into Jane, the older sister, as I turned a corner. We collided, BAM! And she fell down with me on top of her. Both of us surprised, she quickly recovered and rolled me right over, and now she was on top of me, pinning me down.

Boy, was she angry! She proceeded to use some very un-ladylike language while Lisa stood laughing at us. But I noticed something else in Jane’s eyes. She realized our predicament; she, a good 8 inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than me and as strong as any high school boy, had me pressed to the ground, her legs on either side of my thighs and her hands clamped around my wrists, pinning me down. Her dress hiked up her thighs, knees against the dirt and face inches from mine.

Jane looked at me, meeting my gaze. She sat up, scrunching up her dress as her butt went against my crotch. She paused, not doing anything other than lessening her grip on my arms. Our breathing was still fast. I don’t think she had ever been quite in a situation like this, and I know I sure hadn’t! Things had seemed to slow down and nothing around me affected us anymore. We just stared at each other. Suddenly, her eyes changed back to anger and meanness. She pushed me down hard as she jumped up. Lisa yanked off one of my shoes and they both ran off laughing. I found my shoe in a mud puddle a block away and walked home with a soggy sock, a dirty shoe and new found feelings for girls.

Several weeks went by before it was apparently my time to be harassed again. This time, they snuck up behind me and shoved me to the ground, and my face went into the dirt. I started lifting myself to get up when Jane pushed on one shoulder with her bare foot, causing me to roll onto my back. She then proceeded to put her foot on my chest to keep me pinned to the ground. From my position, she had presented me with a view up her light cotton dress. I got to glimpse her thigh, and as I squirmed to get away, every once in a while a flash of her white panties. Obviously, I didn’t try to get away very hard.

Suddenly, Lisa dropped to her knees beside me and planted a big kiss right on my lips and then pushed my head hard, back down against the ground. Ow! Before I could even react, they both bounded away, holding hands and laughing into the distance. I had never been kissed before, at least by a teen girl. (Baby sisters and moms don’t count!) I sat up, trying to understand the mixed messages my brain had received. My body though, wasn’t quite so confused as my pecker was hard. Biology was overriding the bullying, though I suspect my mother was wondering why I was getting so dirty after school all the time. I would just make excuses, leaving the girls out of the picture.

Their intimidation now turned to teasing. Of course, I had already been watching out for them, trying to avoid confrontations, but now I had new reasons to watch for them. They seemed to pop up unexpectedly, though, after sometimes many days during which they would disappear.

The next time they reappeared, they found me off guard again. I was sitting on the ground under the oak tree, eating an apple, and doing my homework when a bare foot stepped onto my books. It was Jane.

“Whatcha doing, Ricky?” she sneered with as much disdain as she could muster.

I looked up just as Lisa plopped down beside me, legs folded under her, and dress hiked midway up her thighs. She grabbed away my partially eaten apple and proceeded to chomp at it as if I wasn’t there.

“Hey, that’s mine! Why are you girls so mean to me?”

Boy, that was a mistake. Lisa threw the apple at me, bouncing it off my forehead as Jane put her foot right into my face, shoving me backward onto the ground, yet again.

“We’re not mean!” Jane said as she proceeded to hold me down with her foot on my chest again.

Lisa got up and sat her butt right on my stomach, hiked up her dress so she could swing around backward, her back to my face and her bottom on my crotch. She threw her leg over mine and proceeded to yank my shoes off again, this time both of them.

“We LIKE you!” Lisa said as she removed my socks as well.

“Don’t you LIKE us?” Jane said, looking down at me with a stern face as I squirmed under them, not really trying very hard, other than to get another peek up her dress.

“What are you looking at, little boy?” Jane had caught me staring and pushed me down with more of her weight.

“You looking at this?” she proceeded to lift her dress up, giving me a clear view of her panties, creased and camel toed.

“You are a NAUGHTY boy, peeking up girls dresses,” Lisa said, seeing what Jane was doing.

Lisa then proceeded to start tickling my feet, causing me to laugh and squirm and kick, and tears fell down my dirty cheeks, streaking my face. With her foot still on my chest, my squirming caused Jane to lose balance and she fell hard right across me, her legs across my chest, her arms catching her fall before her face hit the ground, her dress tossed up over her bottom.

“OWW!” she cried.

Lisa turned laughing at the sight behind her and smacked her sister’s butt hard.

“OWW!” Jane cried again.

She rolled herself away from Lisa, and her butt went right into my face.

I gave a muffled “OOF!” as the weight of the two girls tumbled over me as they giggled and laughed, neither caring what they must have looked like and ignoring me as if I was just a lump on the ground. Jane rolled on over my head and off me, leaving Lisa crawling up over me as she grabbed at her sister. Lisa finally looked at me, inches from my face, her body squarely on my, her bare feet against mine. She smiled, gave me a quick kiss on the lips and wiggled her hips against mine as she rolled off and stood back up.

Jane, her pride hurt, sat up on her knees, straightened herself out, then, as she looked down at me from above my head, put both hands on either side of my head and whispered to me.

“Don’t you like us now?” and leaned over and kissed my forehead.

She proceeded to stand, kicking me in the process and brushed the dirt off her dress right onto me, both laughing and then they were gone. I finally sat up, put on my socks and shoes and gathered my mangled books and papers all while wondering at the new direction their taunts had turned to.

The town Fall Festival had arrived, and everyone was out and about with their kids. There was lots of food and lots of things to do. I spotted Jane and Lisa off with their mother fixing up tables of pies and cakes to be judged. The two were dressed in last year’s flowery sundresses, too short now for school. They were barefoot as usual which accentuated their long slender legs. Even from a distance, they had a cute but mischievous look about them.

There were lots of games for the kids, including some for us tweens and teens. One game, a sack race, required a boy and a girl to team up and each place a leg into a sack and run three-legged down a course and back. I was surprised when Lisa came up to me, took my hand and wanted me to be her partner on the race. I was very skeptical, looking for her hidden plan but agreed ... why not! A GIRL asking ME!

When all of us kids were ready to start, she whispered to me, “I want to win this. You BETTER NOT FALL!”

Of course, we fell within moments of starting. Luckily, most of the others did too, and the ones that didn’t were being too cautious about going fast. We got back up, I said “Sorry!” as she glared at me and we took off. This time, I was determined to stay in sync with her, letting her lead instead of me trying on my own. I guess her brow-beating me had worked, ‘cause, yep, we won. She was so happy, jumping up and down, her little sundress dancing as she hugged me. My arms went around her and my head was against her breasts as we bounced. She kissed my forehead (parents around) and a quick glean in her eyes and a smile, then she was off. Jane congratulated her sister as they carried away the little ribbon we had won, never looking back.

Evening came, and everyone ate the last of the pies and cakes and the kids chased fireflies and a bonfire was lit. The older kids sat around the fire with their boyfriends and girlfriends as their parents, keeping a watchful eye, cleaned up. Younger families headed off to put their sleepy children to bed while teens snuck kisses in the firelight.

I found myself sitting, yep, between Jane on one side, and Lisa on the other. There was invisible communication going on between the two when I felt Lisa’s hand creep into mine. I was shocked that they still had any interest in me considering all the older boys around. I didn’t press the issue. They whispered to me, each with a part of a plan. First, in one ear, then the other.

Jane, “Can you sneak out of your house?”

Lisa, “Tonight.”

Jane, “After midnight.”

Lisa, “We can meet you.”

Jane, “Can you come to our house?”

Lisa, “Look for us behind our old playhouse.”

Jane, “Ok?”

Lisa, “Promise?”

I was nervous. I didn’t know if this was a trick, and I had never snuck out late at night. I was sweating even though it was cool in the evening air.

“Yes,” is all I said.

The two smiled seemingly innocent smiles and ran off to help their mother carry things home. I sat wondering what I had just gotten myself into.

Midnight, I hadn’t slept a wink and was afraid to fall asleep anyway for fear of not waking before morning. My room was in the back of our single-story house. I always had the window open since we didn’t have air conditioning back then. I put on jeans and a shirt, tossed my shoes out the window, and climbed out.

I arrived at their playhouse but didn’t see them. It was really dark, only a few porch lights here and there. I felt a tap on my shoulder and nearly jumped out of my skin. Jane put her hand over my mouth and whispered to be quiet. Lisa came up on the other side of me. I felt overpowered here; two high school teen girls with a little middle schooler. Out late at night, alone. I waited for the trap to fall but couldn’t resist.

“Take off your shoes and socks,” Jane requested.

I then noticed they were barefoot. I also noticed they were in pajamas, short pajama bottoms, showing their knees and lower thighs and short-sleeved tops, partially unbuttoned. I was doubly nervous. I complied and they took my hands, one on each side of me and we took off, nearly at a run, then finally, a full run, where they dropped my hands and pulled ahead of me as I trailed right behind them. In the partial moonlight, I watched two incredibly beautiful little butts wiggling and long legs running. We ran right out in the middle of the highway, no cars in sight. The pavement was surprisingly smooth under my feet. Dogs barked in the distance, as we giggled and laughed in hushed tones. It was so weird, being out like this deep in the night. No one around except us three kids. They waved for me to catch up, slowing a bit, more like a jog now. Again they took both my hands and we were soon at the school. They led me to the big oak tree.

Breathing deep from the exertion, they whispered to me.

“Take off your clothes,” Jane demanded.

I stood frozen. Jane started unbuttoning her top. Lisa too. They looked at me, compelling me to follow. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off as they removed their tops. They had no bras on. Their small but well-defined breasts revealed in the moonlight. Their nipples hard from the running and the cool air. I had never seen naked breasts. My mind blanked and I simply stared. They took my shirt and placed it with their tops.

“Continue,” Jane whispered.

She looked at her sister, and they both proceeded to quickly and unceremoniously pull down their pajama bottoms. They were now standing only in their underwear. My heart raced faster than when we were running. I unbuttoned my pants and removed them, dropping them on the growing pile. I was standing there in my little white briefs with two older girls as their eyes flashed at each other. Their panties dropped. I saw my first furry bush. Two. I was so nervous I just stood there. They both pulled down my briefs, freeing my little pecker to point outwards. They giggled. Considering that by my age, I had not even really masturbated and the only girls I had seen (besides my little baby sister) was a pinup calendar at the gas station and a Sears catalog, all of which were still clothed in underwear or bathing suits.

But here were two girls, naked as the day they were born, standing inches from me. Giggling. Pointing. Oh, God. They were laughing at me. At my now itsy bitsy pecker. At least it was itsy bitsy to me. They turned and again off they ran through the grass yard and back onto the road, completely naked, as I followed behind. Naked girl butts wiggled before my eyes as we ran. I was in heaven. They were quietly laughing and giggling and urging me to catch up. Holding my hands as we ran in grass, in dirt, and then onto the smooth, hard, warm blacktop. Running naked and free in the middle of the highway. The feeling was incredible. I felt alive for the first time. Everything I was doing, sneaking out, bare-bottomed with two girls, running down the empty highway...

Not empty! Car! The girls grabbed my hands tightly, and we ran off the road into dirt and rocks and sticks, dropping down onto the ground in a ditch, luckily dry, and held our breaths. The car whizzed by and we jumped up, laughing and giggling and took off again. Watching glimpses of girl butts and girl boobs was crazy intense. I was in love with these two nymphs. Their past taunting forgiven and forgotten.

By the time we tired ourselves, we were walking back along the railroad tracks, balancing on a rail to keep tender feet off the splintered ties. We were still naked as jaybirds, with me following up the rear and watching their rears. Finally, after a short walk up the dirt road, we arrived back at the school playground. The girls took off to go swing on the swing set. My senses were overloaded. They had me lie down under the swings as they went overhead, blocking and revealing the stars, the moon, and their bare legs as they swung. I must have dozed off for a bit because when I awoke, Jane was gone, and Lisa was beside me in the grass. She rolled over on top of me. I was awake then! Her naked body pressed against me. I had a girl laying on me. A nude girl. A warm, soft, sexy teen girl. My mind was numb though my body felt things I didn’t know existed. Breasts pressed against me. Her soft tummy breathed in and out against mine. Her legs against mine. Nothing between us except our skin. Being short, my stiff pecker was pinned against her belly. I could see her eyes flash as they looked into mine. Her lips came down to meet mine.

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