Mature Sex Goddesses

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Older women like to be worshipped too. They have some real treasures to discover.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Sharing   Clergy   .

Glenda saw the small announcement in the activities section of the newspaper. She didn’t have much else to do these days since her husband died. Her kids didn’t live close and she hadn’t made many friends. No hobbies to pass the time either.

This was intriguing though. It read, “Mature Sex Goddess gathering on Wednesday evening”. An address that she surmised was a private home was given as well and an email to RSVP. “What the hell,” she thought. It would at least be interesting although she’d never consider herself a candidate for membership.

She was sixty-nine years young. A number that she had wryly noted the sexual significance of on that birthday. She was in reasonable shape with her weight controlled even if the sag of her tits and buns couldn’t be.

Her late husband had rather worshipped her, she thought, often referring to her as the “Queen of his heart”. Their sex life had been pretty ordinary with the frequency dropping off over time and ending about five years ago when heart disease began to kill her spouse. He was the only man to ever see her naked with the exception of the OB doctor and that was hardly sensual. He’d been her one and only lover, although she’d been very tempted a couple of times but chickened out. Now she regretted that.

She mused, “What would happen at this gathering? Was it a pagan ritual or something?” She’d find out in a couple of days.

The meeting was indeed at a large private home which was referred to as the Temple at the end of a long driveway with no neighbors visible. The door greeter was a woman in a sheer white gown who appeared to be close to her own age. “Guess I won’t be out of place,” she thought. Her identity verified, she was shown to a bedroom and instructed to change into a gown like her greeter was wearing.

“OK, I guess this is the first test,” she thought and then did as instructed. Timidly stepping out into the hall, she saw a sign on the wall pointing to the meeting room.

There were nearly a dozen women with apparent ages from late forties up wearing the same gowns that were a kind of uniform for the group. All but one had rings woven from flowers on their heads like crowns. She took a seat like the others.

Right on time the ceremony began with chanting and holding hands. The woman who had greeted her spoke a welcome to the visitors. They were the ones without the crowns and stood as their first names were given. Each of the other women then stood up and gave their goddess names.

The leader took the prospects to a side room to talk while the others went to do some business or another. All seemed to need no instructions.

The talking was to get to know their background and why they were interested. Then the “Crone”, as the leader was titled, explained that while they were a spiritual community, helping older women be in touch with their inner natures and how it related to the Earth Mother, they were also a practical group.

Knowing that if you receive you must also give, they had chosen a very special and uniquely female role. They served as teachers and providers of sex to needy men and couples. Not just anyone but those approved by the Council of Goddesses.

The younger woman interrupted, “Are you saying that we would have sex with others as part of our belonging?”

The Crone answered, “Yes, it is expected as part of our mission.”

The woman looked very thoughtful for a moment, then said sadly, “I would do it but my husband would not accept that. I’m so sorry.”

The Crone put her hand on the woman’s head and said, “Bless you for your interest. Go in peace.”

Turning to Glenda she asked, “Do you have any concerns or shall we proceed?”

Glenda explained her situation and that she had been intimate with no other men. She was interested but concerned that no one would find her attractive. And, she wondered, are any of the Goddesses married?

The Crone took her hands as she answered, “Your history doesn’t matter very much. The fact that you are open to learning is the most important thing. We would match you up with men who would appreciate you. We have much experience with that, so trust us. And yes, about half of our Goddesses have husbands who support their work and receive many rewards for doing so. Remember, one must both take and give for balance in life.”

The next meeting Glenda was installed as a novitiate and assigned an experienced Goddess as a guide. They talked for a while and Glenda was given some books with a reading list. Then they went to one of the upstairs “teaching rooms”. Another Goddess was escorting a middle-aged man from the room and all greeted each other. The man was naked and his cock soft, Glenda noted, as well as the realization that this was only the second such organ she had ever seen.

Her Goddess guide changed the towel on the bed and went to greet her student at the front door. Glenda was introduced and she sat quietly as he stripped and joined her guide on the bed. He was quite young she noted. They practiced some advanced sexual positions and Glenda was amazed that the young man did not ejaculate until late in the session, almost on cue it seemed. It was very stimulating to watch and Glenda fingered herself to several small orgasms.

Her guide explained that she taught advanced techniques and had recently taken over this eighteen-year-old son of one of the Goddesses from a basic teacher.

She had been appraised of Glenda’s sex history and suggested that perhaps she needed to gain some experience herself before taking on the role of teacher. Glenda agreed, relieved at the suggestion, but also thrilled with the idea. Her imagination had been running rather wild since the last meeting.

Her guide suggested a visit to her own home to meet her husband. If they “clicked” at all, he would be a good teacher for the novice. She explained, “As the Crone said, there is giving and receiving. My husband is supportive of all the sex I receive so this is a constructive way I can give back to him. Our marriage has actually become stronger because of it.”

So that’s how Glenda began getting her body back in sexual shape. Walter was gentle yet pushed her boundaries as fast as was comfortable. Her friends noted the sparkle in her eyes and voice and a general brightening of her personality. Even the minister at her church commented and she just said it was the grace of god at work. She neglected to mention which one.

The Goddess-guide took on a new student, a middle-aged man who was separated from his wife because she sought her missing sexual satisfaction in an affair. He wanted her back as a properly satisfied partner.

The Goddess, shadowed by Glenda, interviewed him verbally and horizontally. Glenda took notes. She then asked Glenda to have intercourse with him while she observed. After he left, his deficiencies were discussed. Glenna was thrilled that a man so much younger was turned on by her older body. He actually loved playing with her saggy and floppy tits. Judging by the amount of ejaculate left, he found older pussy to be quite pleasurable too.

They team-trained the student who made good progress. Finally, they interviewed the wife at a coffee shop. It was a very frank discussion but she was quite impressed that her husband had put forth such effort to keep her in his marital bed. With a final class to touch up some points that the wife had mentioned, a dinner date was arranged for the estranged couple. No promises except to report the outcome to the Goddess.

The next morning the Goddess got a call from the wife. She was in her marital bed, having enjoyed the best night with her husband ever. They had talked and screwed all night long. The affair was history, perhaps to only be mentioned later as an erotic stimulus along with explicit descriptions of his sex training. Although the wife knew that the older Goddesses were no marital threat, the husband was still concerned about the man who had banged his wife for months, in spite of her reassurances to the contrary. Great thanks were offered to all. Goddess and Glenda hugged and celebrated.

Glenda’s first solo assignment was an older man, actually close to her own age, who had been referred for depression after the loss of his wife. Obviously she could empathize. Fred’s concern was that he was not even able to get an erection to masturbate. His physician found no medical reason. He’d been married a very long time and likely needed confidence and reassurance of his masculinity.

Glenda, now with a Goddess name, followed the suggestions of her guide in establishing intimacy, first clothed, then undressed, and finally sexually. She was pleased that, by the time they were mutually fondling naked genitals, his organ was responding as they both hoped. The first coital session brought tears to his eyes as he ejaculated to her praise.

When he repeated his success the next session, he was “graduated”. He immediately asked Glenda to dinner now that he was no longer a student. She consulted with her Goddess-guide and discovered that what she chose to do outside the Temple was her own business. It wouldn’t be the first time.

That night in his company and bed filled a big lack in her life. She was appreciated as a whole person, not just a sexual one. Fred doted on her and almost made a nuisance of himself. Being retired, he could consume all of her time if she’d let him. Her confidence and training as a Goddess let her keep things in balance.

Glenda enjoyed the leisurely and informal sex with Fred. He had not asked about her services at the temple but surely must be aware that he would be replaced by another student and she’d have sex with them. She’d let that sleeping dog lie, not willing to give up her Goddess work for anyone at this point.

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