Amy's Descent

by Hector10

Copyright© 2019 by Hector10

Incest Sex Story: Amy's dad has difficulty coming up with a punishment for her, but it turns out it was staring him in the face all along.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Fiction   Incest   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Uncle   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   .

I tapped my foot on the living room floor. My daughter Amy still wasn’t back from last night. She was fourteen and had been at her first Halloween high school hang out. I wasn’t worried about her, I knew she was with her close friends. I was mad that she hadn’t called or gotten home at a reasonable hour. I wasn’t sure what I’d do when she got back, but it would be her worst punishment yet. Probably months of being grounded.

My brother Gary appeared in the living room. “Not back yet, John?” he was wearing his sleeping shorts and a tank.

“No, but I got calls from her friend’s parents. They promise she’s on her way.”

My daughter had a habit of running off with her friends from elementary school. And they’d started to get into it more and more. Then I’d discovered they were starting to talk to boys. My older son Frankie said he caught his little sister at the dance flirting with several older boys. And I’d noticed a subtle change in her wardrobe. She was wearing less coats and more spandex and revealing more skin on hot days. My little girl was growing up fast noticeably, and she had taken a special liking to several shocking changes.

I’ll admit some desire for those changes as well. I tried ignoring it, but how could I, she was always prancing around flaunting her incredible growth. My daughter was a beautiful fourteen-year-old girl and she drew every eye in the city despite her age. And I had a sinking feeling it also had something to do with her wardrobe. But she was confident and for good reason. Amy was fit, blonde, had dazzling skin, and had the school-girl look down pat. She’d been approached several times to be a model and turned down each one.

“Did they say what was taking her so long?”

I shrugged, “They said it would be better if she explained.”

Gary nodded. “Sharon said Amy would be out a while.”

“Well I don’t like it.” My wife had a feeling that Amy would be out all night. When I raised concerns, she waved off my protectiveness. Apparently, she thought Amy needed space. “Oh, and is Frankie awake?”

“Nah,” Gary smiled knowingly. “I think he got a little rowdy last night. He’ll be sleeping it off for a bit.”

Gary headed out to the store to help Sharon with the groceries. My brother had been staying with us for a few months after his wife died, and he liked to return the favor with shopping. He put on a strong front, but I could tell he was lonely.

After waiting another frustrating ten minutes I got a knock on my door. A little confused as to why my daughter would be knocking on her door, then realizing she must have lost her keys and getting even angrier I opened the door.

Standing in front of me was my daughter, only a few inches taller than five foot. She’d be the light of any father’s life. Her green eyes and blond curls were striking. Puberty had done wonders to her young body. She played volleyball and field hockey and developed a great body from the athletics. I’d always been amazed she was growing up to be such a beauty at such a young age, but it wasn’t until now that I realized she was filled out deliciously.

And instead of dressed as Emelia Earheart like she’d been when she left, she was dressed in a very skimpy schoolgirl outfit.

Her cleavage was staring up at me in their full glory, held up and separated by the knotted tiny white button-up, which was very see through. And she wasn’t wearing a bra. The top was so small her flat stomach was glistening at me, and her under boob was showing. Her silky-smooth arms were as exposed as her legs, which only had ankle high socks and a tiny skirt covering her. The skirt only went so far as half-way down her ass.

My embarrassment was complete by the two cops flanking her and the handcuffs around her wrists behind her back.

I went with the first emotion that hit me. “Amy, what did you do?”

My daughter was looking mortified and her cheeks were rosy red. She was still drunk. She looked like a slut and my cock stirred. “Dad I’m really, really sorry,”

“Sir,” The first officer began, “We found her and her friends walking outside at night, drinking in public. They were flashing boys and calling out at them. They didn’t have ID’s, so we brought them in. Once they sobered up, they told us where they lived and their age.

I felt a stirring in my chest and stomach. “What’s with the cuffs?”

The other one coughed, “Standard procedure, sir.” I had a feeling that it wasn’t that. “Anyway, sir we’re willing to let her off with a warning, we just wanted to make sure she got home safe.”

My heart was beating fast, my little girl was looking me in the eyes, embarrassed and scared. I felt one of my unhealthy hungers. “Thank you, officers, for bringing her back. She’s going to remember this for a while.” The cops started to take their keys out to free her but then against my better judgment I stopped them, “Actually, hold on.” I stepped to the side with them Amy looking over curiously. “Can you lend me the cuffs and keys, I only need them for the day.”

Both of them looked at me interested, but then one with a knowing look gave me the keys. “Anything for a devoted parent. Just bring them back to the precinct.”

The two officers headed back to their car. “Dad, where are they going? Help me.”

“Come here.” I led her through the house.

At the close of the door I heard Sharon shout out, “Honey, is that Amy?”

“Yes, and I’m going to have a chat with her downstairs.”

Sharon’s sigh was audible. “Ok but go easy on her.”

We made our way past the living room and started going down the stairs to the basement. “Dad, I’m really, really sorry. I promise I tried really hard to get back home.”

We were in the basement. She was still handcuffed. “What about this?” I motioned at her outfit up and down. “What happened to your first outfit?”

“You made me wear that dad. I just wanted to look good.” She looked sheepish as she built up the courage to speak her next words. “Gina said the boys would like it.”

“Is that right?” I looked my daughter up and down. Her makeup was perfect, and her body was screaming at me in a way I never imagined it could. “Did they?”

She looked perplexed, “What?”

“Did they like how you looked?” I licked my lips. She nodded. “Did they touch you?” she nodded again, looking me in the eye. “Where? Tell me exactly.”

“The police ... touched my ass,” Suddenly she couldn’t look me in the eye. “And my ... my boobs. They put their cocks in my mouth.” She whispered.

Blood roared in my ears. “Did you like it?” She nodded, looking scared. I was very close to her. I could practically feel her heat beating. She nodded. “What did you like about it?” I had a feeling I knew. Her mother was similar.

“They ... um ... their ... penises ... They were.”

“They were big?” I finished for her. “Their cocks were big?” she nodded. “So that means you’d like this.” Without further invitation I pulled my throbbing member out of my pants.

Amy backed away from me, eyes wide and scared. “Dad, what are you doing?” I was beginning to worry I’d overplayed my hand. But there was no backing down now. And her eyes were glued to my meat. I could see the wonder and amazement at my still growing size.

I ripped her top down and exposed her amazing breasts.

“Daddy, stop!” She yelped. I slapped her bare breast and it shut her up.

They were big and perky, and her nipples were pink, begging to be sucked, bit, and fondled. I grabbed her shoulders and pushed her to her knees, “Get down there.” I held her head in both of my hands, “Go on, you like it so much, taste mine.”

She wasn’t trying very hard to escape my grip, but she was pouting.

“If you want boys to like you, you should start with your dad.”

Grudgingly, my blond fourteen-year-old daughter wrapped her wet lips around my fat cock. I coached her through it. She obeyed my every command. She licked the underside of my rod when I told her to and fondled my balls with her tongue when I demanded it. She was clearly inexperienced, but a natural and I worked her hard.

“That’s it, boy’s like it when you take more in, and when you make it nice and sloppy.” The slime on my cock and in her mouth started to make the nasty noises I loved so much. I stroked my daughter’s hair and fondled her fourteen-year-old chest. “Good girl, show me what the nice officers taught you.”

My sweet young daughter stared up at me with doe eyes as my rod started sinking deeper and deeper into her mouth. Her eyes welled up with tears when I started hitting the back of her throat. She choked but I didn’t let her quit. Spit and pre-cum started leaking out of her lips.

Getting my dick down her throat was difficult. She didn’t know exactly how to do it and was afraid. So, I pinched her nipple and she squealed. The hole was that much bigger, and my monster cock sank another inch into her throat.

“That’s it, you are getting much better. Keep swallowing baby. You’re making your father proud.” Amy strained against my cock but followed my instructions. I jack-hammered down her throat and she squirmed. “If I’d have known you responded so well to punishment, I would have done this earlier.”

I pulled a chair up and sat down on it. My dick popped out of her mouth and stood proudly, slick with her saliva and my pre-cum. Her eyes were on it. She licked her lips of the slime and slurped it up. I waved her over with a finger and she crawled over on he knees and without her hands. She bobbed her head up and down sucking in and swallowing the slime we created together. I dug my fingers into her boob flesh, relishing the soft and supple teenage tissue. I pressed them between my cock and fucked her tits with my head in her mouth.

She stuffed her face down and I held her tightly to my groin, relishing the tight wetness of her esophagus. I groaned loudly as she gurgled and choked on me.

“Honey, is Amy ok?” My wife called down.

My heart skipped a beat. I moved my daughter’s mouth along my shaft up and down fast and powerful. I imagined my cock bruising her throat.

“She’s fine honey, I’m still talking to her.” I released Amy and she surfaced with a gasp. Tears were running down her face, her cheeks were flushed, and slime was dribbling down her lips all the way to her cleavage.

“Lick my balls sweetie.” My daughter obediently moved her lips down and suckled on my sac, right where she’d resided fourteen years go. She put one then two into her mouth, slobbering and sucking on her origins and pulling silent moans out of me.

“Ok, I’m going to start making breakfast. It should be ready in an hour or two.”

I rubbed my meat along her face, “Are you a virgin baby?”

She nodded shyly.

“Good, come with me.” I grabbed my teenager’s joint wrists and pushed her forward from the basement, leaving her top behind. The tiny plaid skirt on her ass bounced, exposing her tight and young ass. As we walked up the stair I spanked her ass and bit her cheeks. I even licked at her backdoor. She gasped when my tongue invaded the stranger spot.

I pulled her shoes and socks off on the stairs and led her all the way to her room. Her room was slightly pinkish, and her sheets still had a kid vibe from the purple color and the stuffed animals.

I shoved Amy’s naked body on the bed, and she gasped and whimpered. She bounced on the soft mattress and her tits bounced with her. I released one hand from the handcuffs but tied her to her bed post. I pulled my belt off and wrapped her free wrist around the other post.

Her knees were together, hiding her shame. She resisted but I pulled off her panties and she whimpered again. My cock got even harder when she made that noise. Her panties were wet, I took a big sniff and shoved them in her mouth. She struggled again and I stifled her cries. My cock couldn’t get harder, and my lust grew animalistic. I spread her legs wide open, and I thought there was less resistance than there should be.

I leaned down and slowly licked at her pussy under her skirt. She gasped behind the gag. My tongue ran up and down her slit before moving up and teasing her clit and my arms were wrapped around her young and athletic legs. She inhaled sharply through her nose. I flicked it back and forth and she started to pant. Her sex was leaking her juices and the smell filled my nose. I circled her nub and rubbed it side to side. She was getting close. I stuck my tongue deep in my daughter’s underage cunt and tickled her clit with my nose. I explored her vagina walls. My daughter wrapped her legs around me and thrust into my face. I held her hips down as she lost control of her body. The bed posts strained as she pulled on her bonds climaxing and flooding my mouth with her juices. Her screams were muffled by the gag.

I resurfaced and lined my painfully erect cock with her slut opening, shyly poking out from her plaid skirt.

I stroked her face as she panted from the climax and fear, her eyes were wide, going back and forth between me and my shaft. “Shh, princess. I think you need to learn a lesson. You need to learn your place.”

I entered my only daughter’s pussy and she inhaled sharply. She continued to pant, and her eyes somehow widened more as I filled her up. She was whimpering in pain as I stretched her out wide with my fat cock. Screams were percolating from her stomach and muffled by her gag. She threw her head back and betrayed the pleasant pain when she thrust her hips back at me. My nerves were electrified by the wetness and warmth of my daughter’s young insides.

I swirled my cock inside her, and her neck strained. Her tight walls sent pleasure surging through my cock and up my spine. I fondled Amy’s mounds and held them tight as I pumped into her harder and harder. Amy screamed as my rod started hitting her cervix.

It dawned on me that I might be hurting my daughter and I didn’t care. Though the guilt made my blood heat up, “That’s good baby, scream. Scream louder and mom will hear you, she’ll come and save you.” Amy did scream louder. My cock stretched her out and I was rubbing against her clit. She strained to spit the gag out and I shoved it back into her mouth. Her hips were bucking into me, and her underage vagina messaged my cock harder and faster. It clenched and squeezed almost painfully.

“That’s not loud enough baby.” I whispered harshly into her ear. “I think you like taking daddy cock, don’t you?”

I pulled back to watch her shake her head insistently, her eyes on mine begging, but undercut when she grunted from my thrust.

I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her into my groin, deepening myself inside her, rubbing up against every inch of her young blond body. Her arms strained against her bonds and he groaned into her gag, her eyes fluttering.

I sucked on her neck then put both hands around her throat. “Oh baby, if only you could be a good girl. Then I wouldn’t have to violate my only daughter.” I sucked and nibbled on her nipples and moaned her forced pleasure pain. Waves of intense desire and ecstasy were pulsating through me and I pounded into Amy’s no-longer-virgin cunt.

“This is better than if those boys had fucked you.” I said as I lightly slapped her nipples. She whimpered and her eyebrows crinkled, “As your father I know how to treat you right. And it’s only right, with you prancing around showing off your whore body that I gave you.” I wrapped my two hands around her throat again. “I can’t let some random boy use you when I should have first ownership over your cum dumpster pussy.”

Amy whined as I demeaned her, her legs wrapped around me her chest heaving. I was pumping hard in her now, two tears were in her eyes and I could feel my climax bubbling up.

“Are you ready to take my cum sweetie? Are you ready to get your incest pussy filled up by your daddy?” her eyes bugged out in fear. She shook her head vigorously and screamed bloody murder, but nothing was loud enough to ger Sharan’s attention.

Amy tried and tried to push me off, but I took her ankles in my hands and spread her wide, “It’s ok sweetie, I know how much you want my seed in your womb. I know we should have put you on birth-control earlier, but here we are.” I smirked at her and she cried out to me, begging me to stop, but her jiggling tits and tight pussy was too much for me to ignore.

Suddenly I heard my wife’s voice call out from the kitchen. My heart might’ve skipped a beat, but I was too far gone to care. “Honey, Gary forgot the milk so I’m going to go to the store and get some, I should be back soon.”

An idea seeded in my brain and I grinned mischievously at my daughter’s look of fear. “Ok honey, we’ll be waiting!”

I waited patiently, ravaging my daughter, for the door to open and close. I watched through the half-covered blinds in my daughter’s room as my wife pulled out of the driveway to the store. The moment I was confident that she was gone I ripped the gag out of my daughter’s mouth.

“Daddy, please—” I interrupted her by stuffing my fingers in her mouth and pulling her at me. She yelped and moaned her climax into my fingers. Her skirt was bunched up and still looked too coy and too sexy on her.

The door opened moments before I filled her to the brim.

“What the fuck?” Gary said softly.

I was panting, shuddering from my gigantic climax. My sperm was pumping out of my daughter’s pussy. Amy’s disheveled blond curls covered her face and her chest was heaving from the exertion. She was at her limit.

I slipped out of my underage daughter, leaving her to rest ... for now.

“John what the hell?” I could tell Gary was revving up to explode.

I put my hands up after stuffing my dick back in my pants and zipping up. “Relax little brother. I know what I’m doing.” I stroked my daughter’s hair out of her face. She was staring into space exhausted. I fondled her tits and stroked every inch of her bare skin that I could. “You’ve got to be backed up man. Help me teach my little girl a lesson and get some release while you’re at it.”

“Dad, uncle Gary?” Frankie’s tall and muscular figure materialized behind Gary, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. When he caught sight of Amy’s naked body he blinked rapidly, as if the view would change.

I forgot about Frankie, but I decided to use it in my favor. “You’re graduating this year son. I think your freshman sister would appreciate you showing her the ropes.” I spread my arms out in an offering gesture. “Why don’t you both take this once in a lifetime opportunity and teach our baby girl how whores get treated.” Gary didn’t look completely convinced. Amy looked used up and I couldn’t blame him.

But Frankie was gung-ho about it. “Are you kidding, hell yeah.”

I stroked her cheek, “Baby, it’s your brother and uncle’s turn now. Make sure you do right by them.” She glanced at them and could see the tents appearing at their groins. Without waiting for an answer, I flipped her over so now her skirt rode up showing her ass off and her arms were crisscrossed over her head. I pulled her knees under her so that her ass was sticking into the air and her asshole was being presented. I slipped a finger into her rectum and she yelped

“Daddy, you can’t ... you can’t” She begged.

Gary and Frankie were already pulling their pants off. I kissed my daughter full on the lips sticking my tongue down her throat. “Of course princess, that’s the law. But only if we get caught.” I slipped a second finger into her backdoor

Frankie pulled his shirt over his blond head. “I’m going first.” Amy was whimpering in fear. Gary was waiting impatiently. Frankie put his rough hands on his baby sister’s ass cheeks and spread them out for easy access. I pulled my fingers out and he tongued Amy’s back door. She whined into her pillow. I could tell when his tongue was as deep into her rectum as it could go because Amy was writhing her body around. I fondled her chest as she strained against her bonds. Gary slapped her ass she yelped in guilty pleasure pain.

“Mom’s going to be back in half an hour.” Amy tried vainly.

Frankie surfaced and lined his cock up at her backdoor, “Come one sis, you know she’s going to get held up talking with the cashiers.” He pressed into her prepped sphincter but then I stopped him. Amy looked up hopefully at me.

“Hold on,”

“What?” Frankie was close to entering her and I could tell he was frustrated.

“We have a unique opportunity here. How many people get to take an underage girl’s anal virginity and share amongst family?”

“What’s your point?” Gary was staring at her backdoor hungrily.

“Let’s take it up a notch.” I said. “share her anal virginity.” Amy looked at me perplexed, but the realization dawned on Frankie and Gary almost immediately.

Without a further word the two of them fingered her anus together and Amy squealed. “What are you doing back there?” She demanded. Frankie ran to his room and hurried back with a tube of lube.

I shushed her. “Be patient sweetie, I promise by the time we’re done you’ll be begging for our cocks.”

When they decided her backdoor was sufficiently ready, they lubed her hole and their cocks with spit and lube. I stretched her out with my fingers, and she squealed again. Frankie and Gary lined both of their cocks with her hole. When she realized what was happened, she struggled.

“Wait, stop don’t do this!” I covered her mouth with my hand and the pair pressed their cockheads to her sphincter.

Together uncle and nephew struggled to enter my daughter’s virgin ass at the same time, Frankie under Gary. Amy cried and I pulled on her hair as they slowly popped into her backdoor.

When both of their massive cocks were in her she gave a bloodcurdling scream.

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