By Any Other Name

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2005 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Fan Fiction Sex Story: On a rare quiet afternoon, with the house all to themselves, Greg and Marcia find themselves asking, what's in a name?

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Consensual   Fan Fiction   Incest   Brother   Sister   Oral Sex   .

The attractive, long-haired blonde walked down the halls of Westdale High School, seemingly indifferent to the many looks of admiration she drew. Only the small bit of a smile at the corner of her mouth told the truth. That she was more than aware of every set of eyes that turned in her direction as she passed. The simple blouse and skirt she wore couldn’t fully hide the figure beneath it, not the nearly perfect medium-sized breasts that drew the attention of those in front of her or the equally sculpted ass for those she’d already passed. She had, she’d always thought, one hell of an ass.

Of course that was never a description anyone would hear coming from her lips. She would leave it to others to use language like that, at least in public. The seventeen year old much preferred people thinking of her as a pillar of the school community, a valued member of the student government, member of the cheerleader squad and former Frontier Scout. As far as anyone knew, Marcia Brady was an All-American Virgin Princess.

In truth though, she hadn’t been a virgin since her sixteenth birthday, a little fact she’d been very careful to keep from both her parents and just about everyone around her. Having most people think she was unattainable let her be much more selective in picking who got to share her bed. There had only been a handful of boys who’d even got beyond second base with her, keeping with her firm belief that it was quality that counted, not quantity.

She had just about made it to the end of the corridor and the door beyond when a tall, quite handsome young man stepped out from next to his locker and called out her name. Since he was one of those privileged few who’s actually seen, and sampled, the tightly trimmed girlhood under her skirt, the teenager stopped for a moment and flashed him a smile.

“Hi Doug,” she said in a quiet, lyrical voice.

“Hi Marcia,” the dark-haired jock grinned back, “I was hoping to catch you before you went home. How would you like to catch a pizza and movie or something this weekend?”

Marcia’s expression didn’t change, but she had no doubt as to what ‘something’ entailed. It had be a little over two weeks since the night she’d gone all the way with Doug Simpson, and she’d spent the last ten days trying to avoid him. The Big Man on Campus, she’d discovered, was anything but. A revelation that had caused her to lose any interest that she’d once had in him. It was only the worry that he might spread it around that she’d done it with him that prevented her from telling him right out. The odds were that no one would believe him, but why take that risk?

“Oh I’m sorry Doug,” Marcia replied, putting a touch of regret in her voice as she quickly recalled the excuse she’d given him last weekend. “But this wouldn’t be a good week for that,” she added in a lower voice, putting extra emphasis on the last word so that not even he would have any trouble understanding what she meant.

“Oh, okay,” he said after it sunk in a few moments later, proving that it wasn’t pizza or a movie he’d been interested in. “Maybe next weekend then?”

“I think next week wouldn’t be good either,” Marcia quickly offered. “My brother Greg is graduating and my family is having a party for him. My grandparents are even coming so I have to be home the whole weekend.”

“And I’m going upstate to Football Camp right after that,” Doug said dejected. “Maybe we can get together before Graduation?” he asked hopefully.

“Doug, you know my parents don’t let me date on school nights,” Marcia shot back, hiding the anger she felt when she realized that he hadn’t even told her he was going away to camp. All he was trying to do was get into her pants once last time before then.

“I’m sorry, Doug,” she said apologetically, not meaning a word of it as she stepped around him and quickly moved through the open door that another boy had opened for her.

Racing down the steps, Marcia thought it a shame that Doug had turned out to be such a disappointment. Not counting the night with him, it had been almost six months since she’d been with anyone. And that had just been a blow job she’d given Charlie Anderson on his birthday. Charlie was more friend than boyfriend, but he did a lot of things for her.

It was one of those things that had occupied much of her thinking since her date with Doug. Last week, Marcia had overheard two of her friends in the locker room talking about guys they’d like to do it with. Listening from behind a divider, Marcia was surprised to hear her brother Greg mentioned. Curious, she moved as close as she could to hear the rest of the whispered conversation.

“Greg Brady?” Sally Taylor repeated, you’ve got to be kidding. “He’s one of the biggest turkey’s around. Have you ever seen that Johnny Bravo routine he pulls on girls? God, my little brother acts cooler than he does.”

“Yeah, he is a total dweeb,” Donna Burke agreed, “but he does have one redeeming quality that I’d be able to overlook all that for.”

“What’s that?” Sally asked, her curiosity no more intense than Marcia’s as she tried to move even closer to not miss the answer.

“Well, do you remember that slumber party we had at Rhonda Dee’s over spring break,” Donna began, “the one where they showed that movie?”

Both Sally and Marcia, who had also been at the party, nodded their heads in unison. Rhonda had gotten hold of one of her father’s adult films and all the girls had watched it with great interest.

“You remember the guy in the movie,” Donna continued, “the one with the really big...”

“No way,” Sally cut her off. “You’re telling me that Greg Brady has one that big, you’ve seen it?”

“No, I actually haven’t seen it, but my older brother is in his gym class,” she explained. “And I heard him and Billy Smith joking that Brady had a cock like a baseball bat.”

“I can’t believe it,” Sally said.

“I swear, that’s what I heard,” Donna replied. “I’m almost willing to go out with him just to find out if its true.”

“I don’t know if I’d be willing to go that far,” Sally replied, “but if you do, you will let me know, won’t you?”

At that moment, another girl entered the locker room and seeing Marcia called out a hello. On hearing her name, Donna and Sally quickly shifted their topic of conversation away from her brother and onto more safe subjects.

All the rest of the day, and long after, Marcia couldn’t get that conversation out of her mind. Few people, Marcia included, wouldn’t think it strange for a sister to wonder about the size of her brother’s cock. In this case, however, there were special circumstances, and Marcia felt that made all the difference.

True, Greg was her brother, but only by marriage. Up until five years ago, she’d been Marcia Martin, the oldest daughter of Roy and Carol Tyler Martin. Soon after the birth of her youngest sister, Cindy, Roy Martin disappeared and was never heard from again. Years later, after having Roy declared legally dead, Carol had married Mike Brady, a widower with three sons. With a middle daughter, Jan, they had all moved into their new household where each new parent had adopted the other’s children, forming what her new father jokingly referred to as “the Brady Bunch.”

For the most part, Marcia and the other girls got along great with their new brothers. Greg, Bobby and Peter were roughly the same ages as Marcia, Jan and Cindy and eventually they all got used to having siblings of the opposite sex. Still there were sometimes problems between them, but no more than those natural brothers and sisters had.

Carol Martin, now Brady, considered herself fortunate to have met Mike Brady. Few men, especially those with three kids already, were willing to take on the added responsibility of three more. More than one interested suitor had turned tail and ran when faced with a ready made family. That Mike was a really nice guy on top of that, was an added bonus.

Marcia remembered another bonus she’d once heard her mother mention to her oldest girlfriend one afternoon when she’d had her over for drinks. One that she’d never have uttered if she’d know any of her daughters were even home, much less within earshot. In confidence, and not without a certain amount of pride, Carol had told her two-time Maid of Honor that her new husband, despite his average build, carried a baseball bat between his legs, one that never failed to hit a home run when he slipped it between hers.

Marcia hadn’t understood the reference at the time, thinking it strange that her mother was now interested in baseball. Having heard Donna now use the same analogy about Greg had made her remember it.

Consumed with curiosity as to if son took after father, Marcia had taken advantage of Charley’s slavish devotion to her to have him check Greg out. To even Marcia’s surprise, rather than just a description, he’d somehow managed to produce a Polaroid of Greg changing out of his swim trunks. Even suffering the effects of the cold water, Marcia was impressed.

“Hi Alice,” Marcia called out to the housekeeper as she entered the house through the kitchen.

“Hi Marcia, you’re home early,” Alice replied as she closed the lid on the Tupperware container on the countertop.

“I have a lot of homework to do,” she lied, knowing that the older woman would never question that excuse, “and I wanted to come right home and get started on it.”

Alice Nelson had been the Brady Housekeeper since shortly after the first Mrs. Brady passed away. In her late forties, she had dark hair that was starting to turn gray. Despite not being the brightest bulb in the box, the second Mrs. Brady couldn’t get along without her. Few housekeepers would’ve stayed on after learning that their employer had doubled the size of the household she was required to take care of. Even fewer would’ve done it without demanding a substantial raise in salary.

Marcia and Jan had once discussed the topic between themselves late one night when their youngest sister, Cindy, was away on an overnight scout trip. Marcia had shared a comment she had overheard Sam the butcher, who was the housekeeper’s boyfriend, make when he and Alice were having an argument. Losing his temper, Sam had said that he knew he wasn’t no Mike Brady, but he always managed to get the job done. Alice had told him to hush up, the kids were upstairs and that was something they were never to hear about.

If Alice had been taking care of their new Dad’s sexual needs during his widowhood, Marcia suggested, that could be the reason why she’d stayed on. It wasn’t beyond the realm of possibility that she was still getting a taste of that baseball bat from time to time. She knew their mother well enough that if it came to a choice between sharing her husband once and a while or having to do all the cooking and cleaning herself, Carol Brady would even turn down the bed for them.

Jan agreed with her older sister’s assessment of her mother, but thought it unlikely that Alice and Mike Brady could be involved. It was the opinion of the middle sister that sweet Alice was playing for the other team. She regarded the number of times the housekeeper had managed to walk in on her naked as too many to be a coincidence. Especially since she always managed to find a reason to stay a while once she was there.

Marcia said she’d had quite a number of those occasions herself, and had even seen Alice stepping into the bathroom to get something when their Mom was taking a shower. Still, who was to say that both theories couldn’t be true. Either way, since things were running smoothly in the Brady household, why rock the boat.

“What’s with all the Tupperware?” Marcia asked curiously when she noticed that there were four more lined along the counter.

“I made up some ready to heat meals for you and Greg for the weekend,” Alice replied as she stacked the containers and moved them to the freezer. “I hate to think of the two of you living on nothing but pizza every day.”

“Are you going somewhere?” Marcia inquired.

“Sam and I are going to San Diego for the Southern California Over-Forty Bowling Championships,” Alice answered as she closed the freezer door. “That’s going to leave just you and Greg since your Mom and Dad are still away at his conference upstate.”

“And Cindy, Jan, Bobby and Peter are spending the weekend at their respective grandparents,” Marcia added, remembering that they were being picked up at their schools to save time.

“Exactly,” Alice agreed, “so since the two of you are practically adults, I don’t have to worry about leaving you alone.”

“Oh I’m sure we’ll be fine,” the young blonde said as the makings of an idea began to form in the back of her mind.

The conversation was interrupted by the honking of a horn in the driveway. A quick glance out the sliding door told Alice that it was Sam in his truck, come to pick her up.

“Drat, he’s early,” Alice said as she wiped her hands on a towel and took off the apron she’d been wearing to protect the outfit she had on in place of her uniform. “I still have to finish up here and get my overnight bag from my room.”

“I’ll be happy to get your bag for you, Alice,” Marcia smiled, eager to send the housekeeper on her way.

Before Alice could object, the teenager was on her way. She found the overnight bag on the bed, along with a small black toiletry bag. Marcia started to zip up the smaller bag in order to put it into the suitcase when two small squeeze tubes caught her attention. The first was something she had seen in the medicine chest, K-Y jelly. She knew that it had actual medical uses so she didn’t automatically associate it with any sexual activity. The other tube was one she had found in the trash one day and it was a surprise to find that it had belonged to Alice.

It was called Anal-Eze and it said right on the label that it was used for anal sex. That was something Marcia had never tried and she wondered what it was like. It had been a surprise to find it in Alice’s bag because the seventeen year old had been dead certain that the one in the garbage belonged to brother, Peter. It was no secret among the older of the Brady kids as to why the middle son rarely went out on dates with girls anymore.

A second honking of the horn outside caused Marcia to zip up the bag and toss it into the overnight case. Locking that down, she carried the bag down to the kitchen where Alice took it from her.

Marcia followed the housekeeper out to the driveway where Sam was waiting. He took the bag from Alice and put it in the back of his truck. She said goodbye to the older woman and told her to have fun.

As the two bowlers pulled away, neither of them could’ve imagined that the broad grin on the teenage girl’s face had been brought on by the mental image of a nude Alice down on all fours, taking Sam’s cock up her ass. For the first time, Marcia decided there actually was such a thing as too much information and wondered if she was ever going to be able to look at the housekeeper again and not conjure up that picture in her head.

For now at least, she was able to push aside that picture with that of another member of the household’s anatomy. An image that unlike the first one caused a definite stirring between her legs.

“Anybody home?” Greg Brady called out as he stepped into the living room shortly before dinner time.

Not getting any response, he headed out to the kitchen where he found a note on the bulletin board explaining were everyone was, along with instructions on how to heat up the meal Alice had left for him and Marcia. Reading them twice to be sure he understood them, Greg put them in the oven and set the timer.

“I guess I have time for a quick shower before dinner,” Greg thought, quite aware of the sweat he’d worker up at the football game after school. “Hopefully Marcia will be back from wherever she’s gone by then.”

Heading up to his attic bedroom, the tall, dark-haired eighteen year old couldn’t help but think this had been a very good day. Not only had his team won the football game after school, but Donna Burke had spent the whole game watching him. She’d even gone so far as to come over after the game to congratulate him on the way he’d played. They chatted for a few minutes and she surprised Greg by asking if he wanted to come over and watch a DVD later on tonight. Greg had said that he’d have to check in at home first, but he was sure it would be all right.

The funny thing was, Greg thought after Donna had left, was that he’d asked her out at least a dozen times during the school year and she’d said no every time. He guessed the old “Johnny Bravo” charm finally wore her down.

Stripping off his dirty clothes and tossing them in the hamper, Greg put on a pair of gym shorts to wear back down to the bathroom. He really wished he could’ve convinced Dad to put in one of those shower stalls when he converted the attic into a bedroom. But to a man who saw no problem with six kids sharing one bathroom, the appeal fell on deaf ears.

To get to the bathroom, Greg had to go through the room he used to share with his brothers, Bobby and Peter. Back in the days before their father had remarried, the room on the other side of the bathroom had belonged to Greg. Now it belonged to his three sisters. Going from sharing the bath with two to five siblings had required some major adjustments, especially since the girls always seemed to need more time in there than the boys.

Of course there had been a few compensating perks that had come with the introduction of the new half of the family. All three boys were always trying to get a glimpse of Marcia and Jan in the buff, or at least in their underwear. Their youngest new sister, Cindy, was too small to be of interest to anyone. None of them had ever gotten a look at the two older girls naked, but sometimes it was enough to see them in their pajamas or just a T-shirt and shorts. Many a night, the oldest of the Brady boys had jerked himself off in his bed thinking about the girls only a room away. It might not be exactly proper, but their proximity was too much to ignore.

Possibly even more improper, had been the nights when Greg had thought of his new step-mother. Prior to her arrival, the only grown woman he had to fantasize about had been Alice. Carol Tyler-Martin Brady might very well have been old enough to actually be his mother, but there was just enough real separation between them for him to not feel that guilty about imagining her in inappropriate ways.

The thought of all the times he’d played with himself in bed reminded Greg of another reason why he was glad to have his own room again. It definitely wasn’t cool to beat your meat with your brothers in the next beds. Especially since he discovered that Peter was taking way too much of an interest in what he was doing.

Greg was just about to open the bathroom door when he noticed that it had been left ajar about two inches. Usually, his brothers were pretty conscientious about making sure it was closed tight. He hesitated just long enough to realize that the shower was running. Marcia had been home all along, but hadn’t heard him call out over the sound of the running water. He started to reach for the doorknob to close the door then hesitated.

Remembering all the times he and the other boys had tried to get a glimpse of Marcia and Jan, Greg realized that this might very well be both his last and best chance. All he had to do was stand right where he was and keep quiet. After all, it wasn’t his fault that Marcia hadn’t checked to make sure both doors were closed before climbing into the shower.

Just about a minute later, the sound of running water stopped and Greg held his breath. The shower curtain opened half way and Marcia stepped out onto the thick floor rug. Greg let out a silent gasp as he took in the soft, rounded orbs of her ass. He couldn’t believe what a perfect ass she had, even better than any of the models in the books he hid up in his room.

That prized view was lost a moment later as the teenage girl took a towel off the rack and wrapped it around her waist. With her back to the boy’s room, she wiped a section of the mirror clear and plugged in the hair dryer. Running one hand through her long blonde hair, Marcia proceeded to dry it off. Greg strained to get a better look, daring to open the door just a little bit wider.

His daring paid off as every once and a while, he would catch a side glimpse of Marcia’s breasts as she moved the hair dryer back and forth, twisting her body as she moved. At one point, she turned far enough around to present a full, clear view of her right nipple. Greg eagerly noted that it was dark pink, about the size of a quarter with a pencil eraser like stub in the middle.

The shower steam that had covered the rest of the mirror had begun to clear and Greg knew he was pressing his luck. Reluctantly, he eased the door all the way closed and quietly as he could, locked it in place. Hopefully, he thought, the sound of the dryer masked any noise he’d made.

It took a long minute for his heart to stop racing, and even after it had, Greg knew he was still affected by the encounter. Between his legs was the biggest hard-on he’d had in a long time. Even bigger than the one Donna had given him when she’d leaned close to his ear and whispered that she’d thought she’d like him to come over.

It was also obvious to him that unlike the erection Donna had given him, this one wasn’t going to go away so easily. Taking the matter in hand, he’d dropped down onto the unused bed that used to be his and pulled down the zipper to his jeans. Soon enough, he was repeating the second most frequent activity he’d used that bed for.

On the other side of the now locked door, Marcia finished drying herself off and was putting on a rather pretty pair of bright red bra and panties. Definitely not the sort of thing she’d wear to school, she’d secretly borrowed the set from her mother’s lingerie drawer. They were close enough in size for the oldest daughter to borrow Carol’s more interesting undergarments, something the pretty teen liked to do on special occasions.

Before leaving the bathroom behind and heading back into her bedroom to finish dressing, Marcia took note of the fact that the opposite door was now tightly closed. A fact she acknowledged with a broad smile.

Twenty minutes later, freshly showered and now dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, Greg reappeared in the kitchen to find Marcia had set the table. Almost on cue, the timer went off, signifying dinner was ready.

“Perfect timing,” Marcia, who had also changed clothes and now had on a simple dark blue dress, said. “Everything is just about ready, why don’t you have a seat and I’ll serve.”

“Okay,” Greg said as he sat down at the round kitchen table, thinking it surprising that Marcia offered to serve. Usually she was the first one to say that the boys and girls had to share all the chores equally.

Watching Marcia get a pitcher of juice out of the refrigerator, Greg couldn’t help but notice the way her dress hugged the cheeks of her ass. In his mind, he could still visualize the soft globes now outlined. Thankfully, the table hid any physical reaction to the recent memory.

“So how did the game go?” Marcia asked as she took her own seat on the other side of the table.

“Great,” Greg replied as he scooped a generous portion of the casserole Alice had left into his plate. “We won 27 to 10.”

“That’s nice.”

“Doug scored two touchdowns,” Greg added, knowing that Marcia had a thing for the quarterback. To his surprise, she totally ignored the mention of his name.

“So what’s up for tonight, big brother?” Marsha asked, a private smile on her lips as she thought that phrase now took on a whole new meaning.

“Donna Burke was at the game and she invited me to come over and watch a DVD,” Greg answered as he scooped a mouthful of noodles into his mouth. “Since I don’t have anything else to do, I thought I’d do that.”

“Donna Burke?” Marcia repeated. “I thought she said no every time you asked her out.”

“She did,” he replied with a proud grin, “but I guess she finally discovered there was something to the Gregster that she wanted after all.”

“Yeah, and I know what it is,” Marcia thought, but didn’t say. Instead, she said that she was hoping that the two of them were going to spend the night at home, sort of a last brother and sister night before he went away to college.

“I don’t know, Marcia, I really wanted to go over and hang at Donna’s.”

“Please, Greg, it’s important to me,” she implored.

Greg thought about it for a second, then said yes. Partly because he felt a little guilty at having spied on Marcia in the bathroom earlier, and partly because in many ways, he really was the dweeb that most people took him for. If he weren’t, he’d know what just about every guy at Westdale knew. That Donna Burke was the kind of girl you could fuck on the first date, and in some cases, you didn’t even have to bother with the date. If he had any idea of what was going on, picking between getting laid and spending the night at home was a no brainer, even for him. Especially since he was going away to college still a virgin.

“Great,” Marcia said as she finished the last of her own plate. “Why don’t you use the phone in the family room to call her and I’ll clear the dishes.”

Finishing the last of his own meal, Greg went off to do just that.

“How did Donna take it?” Marcia asked when Greg returned to the kitchen.

“She wasn’t too happy, but I promised I’d come over tomorrow instead,” Greg replied as he picked up the last dish from the table and handed it to Marcia to put in the dishwasher.

“Well I’m sure she’ll get over it,” Marcia smiled as she closed the door and hit the start button. If Donna was really in the mood, she was no doubt already on the phone lining up another prospect.

“So what do you want to do tonight?” Greg asked.

“Hmm, I really hadn’t thought that much about it,” Marcia lied. “I guess we could check the cable and see what’s on.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Greg agreed. “We can make some popcorn to go with it.

“Sure, what would a movie be without popcorn and a cold soda,” Marcia added.

A short time later, the two Bradys were stretched out on the long couch in the family room as Marcia played with the remote, channel surfing to see what was on. She paused on and then passed several family type entertainments, the kind of all-age films they would watch when the whole family was home. The blonde continued past two action-adventures, much to Greg’s disappointment as one even stared Clint Conner, his all-time favorite.

“This looks interesting,” Marcia said as she finally stopped at one of the subscription channels. The film on the screen was unfamiliar to Greg, but the short haired blonde woman in the long black dress that was the star of it immediately drew his attention.

They watched for a few minutes as the forty-something woman, whose name was Florence they learned, danced across a spacious apartment with a handsome dark-haired man. They worked their way onto the balcony where they stopped and looked out into the night and the park below.

“Doesn’t she sort of remind you of Mom?” Marcia asked as she took a sip of her soda.

“What?” Greg sputtered, almost spitting out his own drink.

“I said doesn’t she look a little like Mom,” Marcia repeated. “They have the same hair and Mom even has a dress pretty much just like that one. She looks pretty hot when she wears it too.”

“Marcia!” Greg said shocked, not wanting to even think of his step-mom in a dress like that, one that barely covered her breasts. At least not with Marcia there to see the effect such an image would have on him.

“Oh come on, don’t tell me you’re embarrassed,” Marcia laughed.

“I’m not embarrassed,” Greg said, when it was obvious that he was.

“Are you honestly going to tell me that you’ve never looked at Mom and got a hard on?” Marcia asked, using language her brother had never imagined her using before.

“Never,” he protested.

“I might believe that of Peter,” Marcia countered, “but I’ve seen you even checking out Alice a time or two. Are you going to tell me that you’d fantasize about her over Mom?”

Greg didn’t know what to say, or at least what he wanted to admit.

“Hey, I’ll be honest and even say I’ve fantasized about Dad sometimes,” Marcia went on, dropping what Greg thought was a bombshell, causing his jaw to drop. “Don’t look so shocked,” she went on. “It’s not like he was my real father.”

Greg had to admit, she was right in that aspect. In fact, it was one of the justifications he’d used during the fantasies he’d once had about the former Mrs. Martin.

“In fact, we’re even less related to each other than the two of them are to us. If they hadn’t married each other, and I was still just Marcia Martin, we could’ve even dated each other.”

“Would you have dated me?” Greg asked.

“Who wouldn’t want to date a really groovy guy like you,” Marcia replied, saying exactly what she knew he wanted to hear. “Would you have wanted to go out with me?”

“Are you kidding?” Greg asked in return. “I don’t think there’s a guy in the entire school who would give anything to go out with you.”

“Really?” Marcia said in surprise, as if the statement had been a sudden revelation.

“Just the other day, I heard Jimmy Wolfe saying that he’d give his left nut to...” he started to say then suddenly stopped when he realized what he was saying.

“To what, Greg?” Marcia prompted, already having a good idea of the answer.

“I’m sorry, it was really not something I should’ve repeated,” Greg said instead. “You know how guys can get when they’re together. Let’s just forget it and watch the movie.”

“No,” Marcia said insistently, “I want to know what he said.”

Greg waited a few moments, then realized that his sister wasn’t going to relent. Turning a sharp shade of red, he finished Jimmy’s statement. “He said that he wished he could see you naked.”

“And do all the other boys wish the same thing?” Marcia asked further.

Greg nodded his head in acknowledgment, hoping that settled the matter and they went back to the film.

“Even you, Greg?”


“Do you wish that you could see me naked?” she elucidated. “Is that why you were sneaking around the bathroom door when I was taking a shower earlier?”

“Oh God!” Greg gasped, unable to imagine himself being in more trouble than he was sure he was in right now. What were Mom and Dad going to say when they heard about it?

Marcia let him consider those possibilities, then she smiled and let him off the hook.

“That’s okay, Greg, I’m not mad,” she said in her nicest voice, “in fact, I’m almost flattered. Did you get a good look at my tits and ass?”

This time, Greg was a lot less shocked at his sister’s use of language. He opened his mouth to answer, but found that the words wouldn’t come. So instead he just nodded his head instead.

“It doesn’t seem fair,” Marcia said in response to his nod.

“What doesn’t?” Greg now managed to say.

“That you got to see me and I never got to see you,” she explained. “Or do you think I never tried to look?”

To be honest, he’d never considered the idea that she had.

“I’m sorry,” he found himself saying.

“Don’t say you’re sorry, say you’ll do something to make it up to me,” Marcia cut him off in a strong tone.

“How?” a perplexed Greg asked.

“Well...” Marcia grinned with a twinkle in her eye, “you’ve seen mine, so how bout you show me yours?”

“Marcia, you’re my sister!” Greg said even more shocked than before.

“Step-sister,” she quickly correctly him, “and I bet that really didn’t enter into your head when you were spying on me in the shower. Did looking at me give you a big hard-on? Did you go jerk yourself off afterwards?

Greg was totally flustered, it was almost as if she had been in the boys’ room with him. It didn’t occur to him that it didn’t take much to guess that would be what he would do after seeing her in the buff.

“All right,” Greg finally said since he couldn’t come up with any other response, “I guess that’s only fair. But you can’t ever tell anyone.”

“Believe me, having anyone else ever find out about this is the last thing on my mind,” Marcia assured him as she ran her tongue along her lips in anticipation.

Greg reached down and started to undo the buckle of his belt, but stopped when Marcia’s hand came to rest on top of his.

“No, stand up,” she said in a tone that almost made it a command. “I want to get a really good look. In fact, why don’t you take everything off.”

That gave Greg a brief pause. He had planned to just open his pants and give Marcia a quick look at his package, not strip down to his birthday suit. He considered pointing that out, then realized that since she had been totally nude, she wasn’t going to settle for anything less with him.

Standing up and moving in front of the television, blocking the movie that no one was watching anymore, Greg pulled on his T-shirt until it passed up and over his head. No surprise there, Marcia thought as she had seen him plenty of times in swimming trunks.

Next came his sneakers and socks, as if he was trying to delay the inevitable. Marcia felt there was no need to rush him at this point, there was nothing else he could stall with and she had all night to go.

Taking a breath, Greg slipped his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts and the underpants beneath. He pressed down with one quick motion, sending both falling down around his legs, coming to rest around his ankles. Marcia’s eyes automatically followed the motion, so it was another heartbeat before bringing them back up to the source of all the day’s theater.

“Dear God!,” Marcia gasped as she stared at the most impressive piece of manhood she had ever seen, including secretly watched porno movies - and it wasn’t even fully erect.


“Not yet,” she smiled, thinking that Charley’s Polaroid had hardly done it justice. “I want to see how big it gets.”

Greg had gone this far, so her request didn’t seem that much more. Wrapping his hand around the base of his cock, he began pumping it up and down. It didn’t take long for it to be standing straight up on its own.

Marcia was now even more impressed, an admiration that she felt deep between her legs as well. If Dad was anything like his oldest son, then Mom was a lucky woman indeed.

“Can I touch it?” Marcia asked, even as she reached out with her hand before waiting for an answer.

“I think this is getting a little too strange,” Greg said, his tone causing her to hesitate.

“I’ll tell you what,” Marcia offered in her softest, and sexiest voice, “if you let me play with it a little, I’ll let you play with my tits.”

Marcia looked in his eyes and saw his answer even before he knew what it was. Her fingers closed around the width of his shaft, slowly moving up and down its length. The soft brush of her skin against his sent an erotic shudder though him, followed by a loud gasp from his lips.

Marcia’s fingers continued down to Greg’s balls and she played with them with the first hand, even as her second started over at his cock’s enlarged head. A second and third shudder reverberated through the eighteen-year old and for a few moments Marcia thought he was going to come all over her hands. And that, she thought, would be a crying shame.

“Eat you heart out, Donna,” she silently laughed as she finally lifted both hands away from her prize.

Rising from the couch, Marcia reached back and pulled down the zipper of her dress a few inches. Then she turned around and asked Greg to take it down the rest of the way. With eager eyes, and more eager hands, her older brother did just that, pulling it down to just above her ass.

With her back still to him, Marcia slipped the blue dress off her shoulders and then down to the floor. She stepped out of it and then back so that she was right up against the taller Brady. Taking his hands in her own, she placed one of them on each of her mounds, squeezing them tightly and placing his thumbs against her nipples.

“Oh, Greg,” she moaned softy as she pressed hard enough against him to feel his cock up against her ass.

Greg let out a moan that mixed with another from his sister as she rubbed her ass cheeks against his cock a few more times. Then she lifted his hands off her breasts, took two large steps forward and then turned to face him.

“Wow,” Greg thought, but was afraid to say least he destroy the moment, as he got a much better look at the bright red lingerie he had watched her put on earlier.

The material was such fine lace as to be almost translucent, designed to show off what was beneath it rather than conceal. Her extended nipples pressed against the material, giving an even clearer view of the aureole around them. Down between her legs, the soft patch of blonde hair over her mound was also quite visible.

Marcia slowly turned around so that Greg could fully admire the back of her ensemble, including how it hugged the ass he so appreciated. He had no way of knowing it was the same outfit Carol had worn for her new husband on their wedding night.

His eyes still riveted on her, Greg watched Marcia’s hands as they undid the clasp of her bra and held the now loose material up against her skin. Her hands came down and with it the covering, falling ever so slowly to the floor.

Marcia lifted her hands back to her breasts and squeezed them softly, playing her nipples between her fingers. She made a show of massaging the soreness out of her mounds, even though the undergarment had hardly been constrictive enough to have caused any such need.

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