School Bus Ride

by SweetSandy

Copyright© 2019 by SweetSandy

Erotica Sex Story: My (fictional) ride home on the school bus where I meet two teen high school girls that teach me a lesson never forgotten.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   School   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Public Sex   .

I had just turned 14 and entered high school as a freshman. We lived in upstate New York at the time. I had lived in several places but this was the most rural. It was nearly an hour long bus ride each way every school day from my house to school and back, but I didn’t mind. I just watched out the window daydreaming most of the time. It was late spring, nearly the end of school actually. I had never noticed the two. That is, the two girls. They were, I guess, sophomores, or maybe even seniors. Maybe 16 or could be 17. Somehow I hadn’t noticed them all school year. Of course, I never ran into them during classes. I mean. I was only 14 and a freshman.

Normally, I had always sat towards the middle of the bus, but this time, on the way home, I had sat near the back. This was long before buses had cameras, seat belts or anything of the sort. Long before cellphones or the Internet, either. I kept to myself while the other teens jibbered and jabbered and did other silly things while waiting for their stop. My stop was near the end of the line, so only a few students were left by then. Except for the two girls. I don’t know how I didn’t notice them all year until now. Well, I did figure out that they seemed to ride the bus only on Fridays. Maybe their mom wasn’t available then. Maybe. But that day ... That day they came down the aisle, hand-in-hand. I noticed them. Boy did I notice.

They sat down with a plunk right across from me. I tried not to stare. They were older than me, nearly my sister’s age. And pretty. Very pretty. Very, very pretty to a 14 year old boy; me. I stared. Both had sandy blond hair. One had shoulder length, the other even longer. They giggled to themselves and still held hands. I thought that was kinda cute. They both had on the pleated skirts and buttoned shirts of our school uniform, being that we attended a school that made everyone wear the same styles; boys in white shirts and ties with long pants and girls in dark knee length skirts and white blouses.

Though, those skirts seemed to always be shorter before and after school. Some seemed really short. Really. Likely, noticed by me only now fueled by hormones probably. That and due to rolling up skirts at the waist the girls had learned. Makeup was allowed, as long as it wasn’t ‘slutty’, but I do admit that the girls looked better with makeup. Some didn’t wear any, but that was ok as far as I was concerned.

As I took peeks at the two girls, I was still surprised I hadn’t noticed them riding the bus before. I made sure to watch for them from now on. I didn’t have many friends and none on the bus, so I always sat alone. Every morning and every afternoon. But from now on, I decided I would I sit near the back and not in the front or middle like I used to. Amazing how a girl can change a guy’s attitude.

This day the two girls had sat across from me. They kissed! My eyes froze onto them. I had never ever seen two girls kiss. Well, I had never ever seen any girl kiss anybody, except my sister kiss my mom and dad. I had never kissed a girl, other than my mom ... well and my sister on the cheek when she pointed toward it and angled her face with that ‘now kiss and make up’ stuff after a fight. These two girls were kissing each other. On the bus, in the seat across from me. And they weren’t sisterly kisses either. These were real kisses. On the lips! Lingering.

It took me a bit to recover and notice what else was going on. One girl had her hand on the other’s knee, just below her skirt hem. She was moving her hand up her friend’s (sister’s?) leg. That skirt sliding up as her hand moved up. The two girls beside me were making out. In the bus, with me across from them. I remembered to breath, but my eyes were glued to them, though I was still trying to act nonchalant. I tried to look away and I did. For a moment.

When I turned back, the girl’s hand was way up the other’s leg. Up the other’s thigh. Both thighs were exposed. I could see one leg clearly, the other, only the inner thigh. The girl turned herself sideways more so the other girl could get better access, I guess. But I got better access, too. I saw a flash of her panties; her crotch. There were little colored dots, maybe flowers or hearts on them. They burned into my brain, those panties. The first girl’s hand was sliding up and down the other’s leg. Each time, I saw a little bit of panty.

I am sure I was blushing red by then. I do know I was panting each breath. I tried to look away, embarrassed for her, the girl who was exposing herself. It didn’t last, I had to look. I looked at her face. Her face, her beautiful face. She was beautiful! Of course, any 16 year old girl is beautiful when their sandy blond hair is mussed a bit and their blue eyes are staring ... staring right back at ME! Oh GOD! I look away, blushing beet red, holding tears back, gulping. I was caught! I glanced back. She was smiling. Smiling and looking at her girlfriend ... and then at me. Her friend’s hand was now up to her crotch, rubbing back and forth along her upper thigh. Her skirt pushed fully to her hips. Panties well exposed now. Hearts. Those panties were covered in little pink hearts.

I looked back to her face. She had her eyes closed now. Her friend took both hands and reached up her skirt and ... and ... pulled down on her panties. OH GOD! I was going to see a girl’s pussy! I looked away instinctively, ashamed at my invasion of their privacy. I looked back. I saw. I saw her friend’s hand touching her. Touching her pussy! Those panties were down below her knees. Her legs shifted, now not quite wide enough for me to see. But it didn’t matter. What I saw was a girl in ecstasy as another was rubbing her, rubbing her most intimate part. I realized I was sweating. My pants felt wet. I looked back at her face. She was staring at me as her friend continued her pursuits and she widened her legs ... Widened for me? Oh GOD, I felt a burst in my loins and between my legs. My underpants became sticky. I was so embarrassed I looked away.

I looked back. She was still staring at me for a few moments. Then her eyes closed and her face turned soft, almost glowing. Her mouth opened into a little “Oh” and I thought I saw the most beautiful face I had ever seen. My body cried out to her. Her friend turned around and saw me. I was caught. I was scared. I looked away, blushing yet again. My pants were all sticky inside. Tears came to my eyes. I had to look back. Her friend smiled and turned and helped pull her friend’s panties back up. It was over. I was sweating in the cool evening air. My stop came, I ran off the bus, barely able to breath, on fire inside. I had glimpsed heaven.

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