A Pink Lady After All

by Ann Douglas

Copyright© 2004 by Ann Douglas. All rights reserved.

Fan Fiction Sex Story: Sandy knew that if she wanted to have her heart's desire, she was going to have to make some big changes in her life. What she didn't realize was that in doing so, her heart's desire might change as well.

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/Fa   Consensual   Lesbian   Oral Sex   .

Dressed in a light pink, short-sleeved dress, Sandy Olsen sat alone on the high wall overlooking Thunder Road, far from the rest of the crowd that had gathered to watch the grudge race between the T-Birds and the Scorpions. Originally a grudge match between the two gang leaders, it had become of even more interest to the blonde-haired girl now that Danny Zuko was now driving “Grease Lightning”, the car the T-Birds had rebuilt in the auto shop at Rydell High.

There had been times, over the last eleven months, that Sandy had wished she’d never met Danny Zuko. The boy was aggravating and captivating at the same time, alternating between being a sweet, charming young man and a tough, semi-lawless hood. But there was more to it than just a girl being attracted to the wrong kind of boy. As much as she would liked to have been able to deny it, the last year had seen an awakening in the seventeen-year old girl of feelings she’d never imagined existed. At least not in her.

Almost daily now, she found herself wrestling with desires that she’d been taught all her life were wrong. Imagining herself doing things that no self-respecting girl, even in 1959, would ever consent to. Not outside of her marriage bed at least, and even there some things were still considered taboo.

It had all come to a head a few days ago, the night of the big dance contest at the school. The whole school had been looking forward to it and the contest had even been televised on Vince Fontaine’s National Band. She and Danny had gone as a couple, and Sandy had been convinced that he was finally coming around to her view of what their relationship should be. Especially after their disastrous date at the Drive-In when he tried to make a move on her. A night that had ended with her walking out of him and going home alone.

Then, just when she was sure she would be able to put all of those feelings back in the lock box they’d escaped from, it had all gone even more terribly wrong. Near the end of the dance contest, Sandy had been pushed aside by Chi Chi DiGregorio, a girl from Saint Bernadette’s School for Girls, who the other girls all said was the best dancer, with the worse reputation. Chi Chi and Danny won the contest, and it was apparent that they’d also had a previous relationship. One in which, Sandy was certain, Chi Chi hadn’t hesitated to do all those things that boys tried to get a girl to do. Maybe even going all the way.

The roar of the crowd interrupted Sandy’s musings as Grease Lightning raced across the finish line to win the race. Most of the small crowd raced forward to congratulate Danny, the sole exception being Frenchie, one of the Pink Ladies, who had befriended Sandy even before her first days at Rydell. She had seen the Australian girl sitting all alone and ran instead in her direction.

“Sandy, Danny won!” the redheaded girl in the low cut purple blouse, tapered black skintight pants and bright pink jacket gushed with excitement as she reached her friend. “Isn’t that great?”

“Yeah,” Sandy said, her voice hardly reflecting enthusiasm as she brushed back a few loose stands of hair that had slipped out from under her headband.

“What’s the matter?” Frenchie asked, taking over her oversized, white framed sunglasses. “Aren’t you happy?”

“No, not really,” Sandy replied in the same tone. “But I think I know a way that I could be. Would you help me?”

“Of course,” the Pink Lady said.

“Can I come over to your place?” Sandy asked, a look of hope in her eyes.

“Sure, come on,” Frenchie said, happy to be able to help.

Leaving the others behind, Sandy and Frenchie soon reached the streets above and headed for her house. They’d gone a few blocks without really talking, then the redhead felt compelled to ask, “What’s wrong?”

“Everything,” Sandy said as she turned and looked at her friend.

The pink-jacketed girl waited a long moment to give Sandy time to expand on that single word. Taking a deep breath, the blonde gave voice to the conclusion she’d reached hours before but had yet to give voice to. “I need to change,” she simply said.

Four simple words, but ones which could change the direction of her life.

When those words had belonged to Frenchie, her response had been to drop out of high school and enroll instead in beauty school. That plan didn’t go as well as she expected when she dropped out of that as well after failing just about every course. She’d since gone back to Rydell to get her diploma, but hardly thought she was one to offer advice in changing your life.

“I think we need to talk to Rizzo then,” Frenchie said, thinking that she would know what Sandy should do.

With short, off the collar black hair, a powerful personality and a body that left most boys in an embarrassed state, Betty Rizzo was the current leader of the Pink Ladies. Known to everyone but her parents as simply Rizzo, she’d had an on again, off again, relationship with Kenickie, the leader of the T-Birds. Earlier in the year, Sandy had gotten the impression that she might’ve also dated Danny at some point. Her reputation wasn’t as bad as Chi Chi DiGregorio’s, but Rizzo was nevertheless known as a girl who did what she had to do to get what she wanted.

Sandy’s relationship with Rizzo had been mixed. There were numerous times when the Pink Lady went out of her way to make fun of her. Yet, for some reason, there had also been an equal number when it seemed like she wanted to be her friend as well. Hopefully, today would be one of the latter.

A few hours later, they found Rizzo at home after striking out at a few other places. Still wearing the purple short-sleeved blouse and black skirt she’d worn to school, it looked like Rizzo was just getting home. It was quickly apparent to both girls that today was indeed going to be the latter times because the normally hard-bitten Rizzo was in a mood far happier than they’d seen her in a long time.

The reason, which she felt a need to share with someone, even Sandy and Frenchie, was that she’d just discovered that she wasn’t pregnant as she, and most of the gang, had believed. A visit to the doctor for her test results had confirmed that her missed period was just an aberration and that it should return to normal next month.

“That’s great news,” Frenchie said, quickly shifting her congratulations right into the reason for their visit, deciding to strike while the iron was hot.

Rizzo listened attentively as Frenchie explained the situation, her riveting gaze glancing occasionally in Sandy’s direction. The look she found in Sandy’s eyes was one of desire and an anxiousness that bordered on desperation. The combination brought a mischievous sparkle to her own eyes.

“Of course I’d be happy to help,” Rizzo said with a smile as soon as her fellow Pink Lady had finished.

The quickness with which Rizzo had agreed to help Sandy surprised Frenchie. Despite the good news Rizzo had just gotten, Frenchie had known the leader of the Pink Ladies far too long to just take her offer at face value. At the same time, and for the same reason, she was also hesitant to question her sudden goodwill.

“Oh that would be wonderful!” Sandy exclaimed, seeing in the offer of help the answer to her problems.

“Yes, wonderful,” Frenchie echoed, with a little hesitation.

“Why don’t you come on in and we’ll see what we can do,” Rizzo said as she stepped aside and let Sandy pass by her into the house.

Frenchie started to follow, but stopped as Rizzo moved in front of her.

“I think it’ll be better if Sandy and I work this out alone,” Rizzo said quietly, “you understand, don’t you?”

Frenchie nodded her head, she understood all too well.

“Tell Sandy I’ll see her later,” the redhead said as she turned away from the front door of Rizzo’s house and began to walk down the street.

Rizzo watched her until she was halfway down the block before closing the door. The smile on her face was broader then ever.

“What happened to Frenchie?” Sandy asked as Rizzo walked into the living room alone.

“She had some errands to run so she split,” Rizzo said.

“Oh okay,” Sandy said, accepting the explanation at face value.

“Would you like something to drink,” Rizzo asked as she led Sandy towards the couch, “a beer or a soda?”

“A soda would be nice.”

“Coming right up,” Rizzo said as she headed off to the kitchen.

The dark-haired girl was only gone a minute, returning with a bottle of soda in one hand and a beer in another. She handed Sandy the soft drink and sat down on the other side of the couch.

“I really want to thank you for offering to help me, Riz,” Sandy said. “I know we haven’t been tight but...”

“So, what’s the tale, nightingale?” Rizzo interrupted after taking a long drink from her own bottle, wanting to hear it from Sandy’s own mouth.

“I want you to help me be more the kind of girl that Danny would want,” Sandy said without hesitation.

“I thought Zuko wanted you just fine,” Rizzo said, remembering some of the ridiculous things the T-Bird had done to impress Miss Prim and Proper.

“I thought so too,” Sandy agreed, “but I don’t think it’s enough. Not after he went off with that girl from the dance contest.”

“Ah Chi Chi,” Rizzo grinned as she visualized the girl from Saint Bernadette’s. “I’ve heard she does know how to make a guy happy.”

Sandy nodded her agreement, thinking it diplomatic not to mention that was a comment she’d heard some of the other girls at Rydell make about the brunette as well. Not if she wanted her help.

“Do you think that you could do the things that make a guy happy?” Rizzo asked.

“I ... I think so,” Sandy answered, her slight hesitation saying more than her words.

“Say ‘fuck’,” Rizzo said.

“Excuse me?”

“Say ‘fuck’,” the black haired girl repeated, “If you can’t handle words, how are you ever going to handle a guy.”

“Fuck,” Sandy said awkwardly.

“Cock,” Rizzo said.

“Cock,” Sandy repeated, this time a little more confidently.

“Blow job.”

“Blow job,” Sandy said without pause, then her face took on a confused look and she asked Rizzo, “What’s a blow job?”

“You’re kidding, right?” an astonished Rizzo asked in turn.

“No, I don’t know what that is,” Sandy admitted.

“Going down on a guy,” Rizzo said, only to still be met with a look of confusion.

Rizzo brought her hand up to her mouth and made several pumping motions into her mouth, illustrating what she was talking about. The demonstration had it’s intended effect as the image of what the older girl was talking about filled Sandy’s head.

“Oh my God,” Sandy gasped, “I could never do that.”

“Don’t be so hasty,” Rizzo laughed softly. “You learn to do that good enough and a guy’ll forget all about trying to stick it between your legs.”

“I thought only bad girls did things like that,” Sandy said, then regretted her words since it was obvious that Rizzo was speaking from experience.

“Come on,” Rizzo said, a touch of annoyance now in her tone, “do you think that girls like Doris Day, Sandra Dee and Annette have never done it? Well maybe not Annette, but she works for Walt Disney.”

“I guess not,” Sandy said, thinking that the real women Rizzo mentioned were probably nothing like their public images.

“You know, maybe you’re setting your sights too high,” Rizzo offered. “Eugene might be more your speed, although I don’t think he’s ever had a relationship with anything other than his hand.”

“Oh no, it has to be Danny,” Sandy quickly said, pushing aside the suggestion that she’d settle for the class spaz.

“Even if he wanted you to go down on him?”

“Yes,” the blonde girl answered, this time with conviction.

Rizzo smiled. When she’d first met Sandy at the beginning of the school year, she thought the paper shaker too pure to be pink, a real wet rag. Now, she wasn’t that sure. In fact, tonight might even be more interesting than she first thought. A lot more interesting.

“Ever let a guy touch you when you were playing back seat bingo?” she asked Sandy.

“Well, Danny put his hand on my breast at the drive in,” Sandy confessed, “but I didn’t let him keep it there.”

Rizzo smiled. She’d heard all about the great Danny Zuko being shot down and stranded at the drive in after he’d tried to cop a feel from her. Just about everyone in the school had heard the story of his fake out.

“Ever do anything with anyone else?”

“Well, kissing and stuff.”

“What kind of stuff?”

“Just stuff.”

“Ever practice with any of your girlfriends?” Rizzo asked, watching as much for Sandy’s reaction as her answer.


“Practice,” Rizzo repeated, then elaborated, “kissing and stuff.”

“Oh I don’t know anyone who does that,” Sandy replied, a response that seemed almost as defensive as it was quick.

Rizzo found it interesting that Miss Virginity of 1959 hadn’t reacted to the suggestion quite the same way as she did the prospect of a blow job. It made her wonder if she might not be adverse to the suggestion, assuming she’d had someone who was willing.

“Not even Frenchie?” Rizzo asked.

“I don’t think she’s that kind of girl,” came Sandy’s reply.

At that, Rizzo burst out laughing. Sandy asked what was so funny, but the dark-haired girl couldn’t stop long enough to answer. Finally, she managed to come to grips long enough to say, “Well it wasn’t the guys who gave her the name Frenchie.”

This time, Sandy immediately understood was Rizzo was talking about.

“Oh,” she simply said.

“Have you ever wanted to practice with any of your girlfriends?” Rizzo asked, cutting to the heart of the matter.

A long moments passed, then a minute which quickly dragged into two. Rizzo patiently waited for an answer as she finished off the remainder of her beer. Rushing an answer was the worst thing she could do.

“I guess I have thought about it a few times,” the blonde hesitantly admitted, putting into words for the first time her second most secret fantasy.

“Would you like me to call back Frenchie so the two of you could practice?” Rizzo asked, holding her breath a second time as she waited for an answer.

Unlike before, the wait was less than half as long. Sandy looked right into Rizzo’s eyes and said, “I’d rather practice with you.”

As soon as the words come out of her mouth, Sandy wished she could’ve taken them back. If having had sexual fantasies about other girls had been her second greatest secret, it was topped by the admission that the girl sitting across from her inhabited those dreams. The same dark side that drew her to Danny Zuko, also applied to Betty Rizzo. More so, she realized, because it was an even more forbidden fruit. It would’ve greatly surprised her to know that not dissimilar thoughts were also going through Rizzo’s head.

If she wanted, Betty Rizzo could have just about any guy at Rydell, including a few of the teachers. The pool of possible female partners was certainly smaller, but she had her choice there as well. Certainly she had shared the charms of her fellow Pink Ladies to one degree or another.

Frenchie, of course, had been totally into girls since freshman year. Jan, the youngest member, was also the least sexually active, but had done what needed to be done in order to pass her initiation. Marty Maraschino, the last of their quartet was, like Rizzo, into both boys and girl. The only difference being she wouldn’t go all the way with a boy. Determined to go to her wedding bed with her maidenhood intact, Marty was living proof of the maxim Rizzo had earlier shared about the advantages of fellatio. The list of those who could attest to her skill in that area had recently grown to included Vince Fontaine on the night of the dance contest. Yet, despite all the options available to her, no one had ever excited the dark haired girl as much as the near innocent sitting across from her.

Rizzo put down her own empty drink, then reached across and took the coke bottle out of Sandy’s hand. No words were exchanged as she leaned over a second time and kissed the blonde haired girl softly on her lips.

“That was cool,” Rizzo said as she pulled back from the brief kiss.

“Yeah, it was a kick,” Sandy warmly agreed as Rizzo reached out and gently stoked the side of the blonde haired girl’s face.

Encouraged by Sandy’s response, Rizzo repeated the kiss. This time, it lasted a little longer and quickly became more intimate as she pressed against Sandy’s lips with her tongue. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt Sandy’s mouth open to admit it. Further emboldened, she coupled their third kiss with the laying of her left hand against the underside of the blonde’s breast. That action had brought a quick rebuke when Danny Zuko had done it, but now it produced just a soft moan that was swallowed by yet another press of their lips together.

Giving in to the warm rush racing through her body, Sandy threw her arms around Rizzo’s neck, pulling the older girl down on top of her as she stretched out across the length of the couch. The caution she normally would’ve exhibited with a boy in this situation was nowhere to be found. Desire had taken hold with an intensity she’d never imagined, and the previously inhibited young woman had no inclination to try and hold it in check.

Never having had any inhibitions in the first place, Rizzo simply let her passions take her where they may. She again pressed her tongue deep into Sandy’s mouth, even as both hands massaged her body through the pink dress. The neophyte lover responded with equal fervor if not experience. Her hands ran down the length of Rizzo’s back, grabbing the cheeks of her ass and pressing their bodies hard together. The press of Rizzo’s leg between hers brought on another set of loud moans.

Rizzo began to work the buttons on Sandy’s dress, opening the front all the way down to the belt around her waist, the buckle of which came just as easily undone. Her hands slipped inside the pink garment and under the simple white bra that now lay exposed. It took but another heartbeat’s time for that to be lifted aside, bringing into view the symmetric orbs of soft flesh beneath, each capped by an eraser-sized nipple jutting out from light pink halos.

Filled with excitement, she kissed Sandy once more, then began to work her way downward. She kissed and licked her way down across her neck, while at the same time, working her hands up the length of the blonde’s body from the opposite direction. Her open palms cupped the bottom half of Sandy’s breasts, even as she buried her face, and darting tongue, deep in the valley between.

Sandy’s head was swimming in erotic delight as tiny waves of pleasure radiated from her chest. Previously the preserve of only her own hand, she gave it, and much more, willingly to the pleasures Rizzo had to offer. Pleasures that continued to grow in size and scope with each new touch.

Rizzo shifted her head slightly and ran her tongue across Sandy’s flesh, passing over her excited nipple and pausing just long enough to give it a quick caress. Sandy let out a loud cry, signaling both her enjoyment and an urgent plea for more. A plea Rizzo was already answering as she closed her mouth around her nipple, drawing it deep inside as she sucked softly.

Sandy was ecstatic as the wet touch engulfed her and Rizzo moved from one mound to the other. She had often dreamed of someone playing with her breasts, but none of the boys in her fantasies, not even Danny, inspired the reactions now taking hold.

Back and forth Rizzo moved, producing tiny sparks with her teeth and tongue. She kept this up for a few minutes, then unexpectedly stopped. Sandy looked up as Rizzo lifted herself just high enough as to be able to grab the bottom of her shirt and lift it over her head, dropping it to the side. Then, with equal quickness, she reached back and undid the clasp of her bra, quickly pulling it off and letting to fall on top of her blouse.

Sandy’s eyes opened wide as the beauty of Rizzo’s breasts came into focus. Similar in size and shape to her own, they were set apart by much larger areola, darker in color and capped by much thicker nipples. They were hardly the first breasts she had seen, but never had she looked at another girl’s endowments in quite this context.

Rizzo cradled each breast in an outstretched palm for a moment, rubbing her flesh and working away the stiffness that had set in while confined. Then, letting them fall free, she leaned forward and brought them to within easy reach of Sandy’s mouth.

Eager to accept as a baby with a bottle, Sandy quickly drew one nipple into her mouth and began to suck on it. She’d always wondered why it was that men seem to be so fascinated by a woman’s breasts, now she knew. The softness in her mouth was like sweet honey as her tongue whirled around the stiff hardness in its center. Enthusiasm was sometimes a poor substitute for skill, but in this case, Rizzo didn’t seem to mind in the least. There would be, she was sure, plenty of time in the future for her to become more skilled. For now, it was enough just to let Sandy have fun with it and enjoy the experience.

Eventually, Rizzo returned to orally massaging Sandy’s left mound, even as the nimble fingers of her hand brought a gratifying, if lesser pleasure to its twin. The brunette shifted hand and mouth, balancing the delights she brought the girl beneath her. Even as she did, her remaining hand was far from idle, sliding down Sandy’s side to pull up the bottom of her dress until it was bunched up against her waist.

Moving back between the prone girl’s legs, Rizzo’s hand found a pair of panties already soaked with Sandy’s arousal. Her fingers slipped under the elastic barrier and brushed across the small, light colored patch of hair that covered her sex.

“Oh God!” Sandy gasped even louder as Rizzo pressed on and probed her tight virgin sex.

An experience that, as much as it excited Sandy, had an even greater effect on Rizzo. Working a second finger into the warm, tight opening, she slowly moved both of them back and forth, each time penetrating a little deeper. Each new entry caused Sandy to writhe in ecstasy, her cries blending into one long, continuous moan.

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