Kayle Lost at Sea

by SweetSandy

Copyright© 2019 by SweetSandy

Erotica Sex Story: Teenage Kayle's life revolves around her mother until... Set sail on the Vita Nova, "New Life", as Kayle grows into a young woman with her father; her lover.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Tear Jerker   Incest   Father   Daughter   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Nudism   Slow   .

Kayle had just entered High School a year ahead of most 14 year olds. Bright and outgoing, she always had high grades, nearly straight A’s. She was a well-tanned sandy blond, 88 lbs and 4’ 9” without a single bit of baby fat. Her parents, John and Karen, kept her outside most of the time, either working with her mom in their greenhouses or out in the field collecting edible or useful plants or with her dad either learning survival skills or sailing in the nearby bay. She had an encyclopedic knowledge of plants and animals that lived in the surrounding areas and could sail their Nicholson 32 sailboat completely by herself, at least in fair winds.

As a freshman and rather petite, she didn’t really fit too well with the older and bigger high schoolers, but she didn’t mind since her hobbies were with her mom most weekdays and dad sailing on Saturdays. Her dad was building his startup business, so for the last year worked very long hours. She loved her mom and they did everything together.

Every morning, before school, they would be out in the yard or into the greenhouses tending the plants and nibbling the edibles as their breakfast. Kayle would then grab her books and skateboard to the nearby school. Her mom would pick her up in the afternoon and they would head out to the nearby forests to look for interesting plants. Her mom worked as a naturalist for the state government so had permission to work out in the forest lands, identifying and clearing invasive species and collecting useful ones for their greenhouses to be reproduced and replanted later.

Kayle was also a good singer, though didn’t have school training. She preferred just singing songs from her childhood; Disney songs, some Spanish tunes and even would make up funny rap songs. She spoke Spanish that her mom had taught her and knew words from several other languages.

Kayle didn’t get into sports or other afterschool groups, limiting her friends list. When she turned 14, her parents took her on a trip to the Redwoods where they camped for several days. Her teachers had provided her study lessons so she could still keep up with her classes. She preferred being alone like this in the wilderness with her parents over typical birthday parties. At night, she would be in her sleeping bag right between her parents. She loved being close to them so. They would tell stories or sing silly little songs together as she fell asleep.

“Good night my little Kay!” her father would say as her eyes closed. Her mom would kiss her forehead just as she had done for years.

One day, while Kayle was in History class, the principle came in interrupting the class. She called Kayle to come with her to her office. There, the school counselor was also waiting.

“Sit Kayle, please.” The principle pulled up a chair. The counselor took her hand. Kayle immediately knew something was wrong.

“There has been a bad accident. Your mom has been severely injured and is in the hospital. Your father is on his way to pick you up”, the counselor said quietly.

Kayle’s eyes watered, “How? When? I don’t understand...”

The next several days were a blur to her; her mom hadn’t made it. She was killed in the car wreck by a speeding driver who was also badly injured. Her father kept her out of school with him as they made arrangements and attended her mom’s funeral. Kayle’s world was no longer real. ‘This had to be a dream; a nightmare’, she would tell herself. Her father, close at first, withdrew into his work leaving Kayle alone after school. She was kept supplied with money from him, as a substitute for his attention. She would come home to an empty house, rarely eating more than a mouthful and lie in her room crying herself to sleep. Her father would come in late at night from work, sometimes forgetting she was even there.

Her grades started to slip badly and being so lonely, soon found what she thought was a boyfriend. Brian, an 18 year old senior whose pastime seemed to be nothing more than drinking and drugs saw an easy mark in Kayle when he saw her. He would pick her up after school, while her father thought she was walking home. They would go parking somewhere and share a joint together. He would console her and share his beer or bottle of rum he stole from his parents or buy from an older friend. She kept him supplied with her money to keep them in alcohol and stolen prescription drugs.

This became an every afternoon event, particularly once he learned that there was no one at her house. They would go to her room where they, lit from the pot and drunk, would make out together. The first couple times, she resisted anything beyond kisses and him copping a feel of her little tities. After several visits there, he increased his pressure on her by getting her to take Xanax with tequila. He also showed her about dabs, giving her near instant highs, all of which deadened her loss and loneliness. She would laugh and her eyes would droop while he kissed and held her, her pain temporarily numbed.

They would sit outside on her patio kissing, smoking and drinking. He begged her to rub his pecker, pulling it out to show her as he ran his hand up her shirt to feel her breasts. He pushed her head down into his lap as she laughed and wobbled around stoned. The hurt was gone and she just wanted to feel good. She sucked his dick as he pushed his hands down into her pants. Finding her mons and then fingering her clit, she laid back on the grass. He climbed onto her and they kissed, tongues tangling. He unbuttoned her pants and attempted to pull them down but she resisted, so he just lay on top of her, dry humping her. By that point, the two of them were so drunk and stoned; he wouldn’t have been able to do anything anyway. So they just lay together and laughed at clouds and trees and stupid jokes.

Kayle had found escape. Brian would come over with something new almost every time; they tried Ketamine laced pot, Oxymorphone tablets, Soma tablets dissolved in vodka ... She also finally started to give in more to his sexual advances.

The next time he came over, she had on a pair of stretch shorts and a short tee shirt, showing her bare midriff. They had done a couple dabs and some Oxy tablets with whisky. This time, he let her take most of the pills and alcohol. They kissed heavily as he slid her shirt up. She didn’t have a bra on; her tits still small and firm, no need of a bra. He roughly sucked on her nipples as he pulled her elastic shorts and panties down. His desire flared as he saw her silken pubic hair and her bare pussy lips. She didn’t resist his efforts this time, she didn’t care. He pulled his pants down and his stiff prick stuck out. She just giggled as he widened her legs. He spit into his hand and wiped it on his dick and then he pushed it into her slit. Sliding up and down her, he searched for her entrance. Suddenly her eyes opened wide and she puked repeatedly all over the both of them. The smell immediately turned him off and he fell to her side.

“Fucking bitch! Jesus Kayle!”

He took off his shirt and wiped himself, got up and left her lying there. She finally stumbled into the house and threw away her clothes and took a shower. By the time her father got home, she was fast asleep.

Brian didn’t want much more to do with her, but continued to supply Kayle with ever more drugs and alcohol as she could pay him from money she stole or was given by her near absent father. She spiraled downwards, getting drunk every night and coming to school stoned. The only thing that wasn’t left in tatters was her virginity. She somehow held onto that. She would give boys head, sucking their dicks for pills, but wouldn’t fuck them. It wasn’t long until she was snorting cocaine and more. She was crashing fast.

Then one day, her father came home to find her passed out in the back yard; puke all over and pissed her pants. She had overdosed.

“Oh NO KAYLE!! Oh PLEASE be alive!”

He felt her wrists, a pulse, weak. He cleared her mouth and carried her inside. He called 911.

This was their wake up call.

“Kayle, load that gear below deck. We should be ready to cast off in just another hour.”

“Aye! Captain!” Kayle laughed. She was smiling again after over a year. She was 15 now.

John had lost his wife and nearly his daughter. He learned the hard way what was important in life and it wasn’t his work or their things. He had taken her out of school; he would teach her himself. He had sold his business and their house and all nearly all their belongings, even his truck. They were now going to be living in their rechristened Vita Nova, “New Life”; their Nicholson 32 sailboat. He had added radar and upgraded it with a host of other enhancements to make it more seaworthy and ready for a real voyage.

She had forgotten how much she loved her father and being with him. He had rescued her from near catastrophe and he had totally changed for her.

“Kayle, do you remember how to sail?” he kidded her. Of course she did.

They had been preparing for this journey for months, taking the cruiser out for many a training run as she learned to operate everything on board as well as handle all manner of emergencies.

“Ok, then ... CAST OFF!” with little fanfare, they left port, under motor at least at first. They were headed on a two year round the world trip. She would be with her father on a 32 foot sailing vessel for the next two years. And she loved every moment of it; all 30 minutes since they left dock.

Actually, they had been living on board for a few weeks already after selling the house. They had a party with friends at a nearby hotel, so she got one more night of comfortable sleep and hot showers before they left.

On the Vita Nova, they slept together in the only bedroom, which she didn’t mind at all. The original bed was a rather interesting slit “V” design for two people separated by a center walk. John had modified it years earlier with his wife to be a single bed, triangular in shape to fit the bow, of course, with storage underneath and partially fold up, if necessary. So Kayle had to sleep with her father. Actually, for much of the voyage, they would have to take turns, as someone always needed to be on deck while at sea.

Early on her way to recovery, months back, Kayle had started staying in the same bed as her father. She needed him close to her. They had become inseparable. He was the love of his life. Of course, he kept it strictly platonic ... well, a kiss on the lips now and then. On the sailboat though, modesty was pretty well out. She had taken to sports shorts, bikinis and barefeet, which didn’t make it easy for her father. He was glad they were alone. She didn’t mind it either.

They set sail down the coast of Baja and the Mexican Riviera. From there, they would hop to the Galapagos for their first run before heading deep into the Pacific. John had sailed from the mainland to Hawaii, years back, but not alone and not with just a daughter for crew. He was nervous, but she would snuggle up to him above deck and tell him how much she wanted this. He could see it was curing her ills as well as his.

Kayle had loved the idea from the start when her father announced it. She loved being close to him, too, which had grown stronger with each day together and nights, too. They both knew that the long voyage was going to keep them within feet of each other 24 hours a day for months, years. She was ready. But one thing she wasn’t ready for was the new direction her feelings towards her father had taken. At first, she just felt like the little girl she used to be when she would sneak into her parent’s bed at night. But now ... Now she was a young woman. Her body had changed. Her mood and desires had changed. She always loved her father and the things they would do together, now though, she felt ... different. She was in love with him. When she was close to him at night, she would think hidden thoughts as if SHE were her mother. That he was in love with her as he had been with her mom, his wife. She felt she was now his wife. Even if the only thing they did was to cuddle and once in a while, kiss. She was beginning to think of him as her husband, not her father.

The first days were idyllic, fine weather, good sailing, even her initial bout with sea sickness had passed. (That had been an embarrassing time for her as her father had to clean her up, since she didn’t make it topside first.) She would sail the boat during the day and sleep at night. He would sleep part of the day, and make food for them, check the charts and navigation and then take over from her through the night. She missed sleeping with him so sometimes she would just lie in his arms on deck and doze as he held her, watching out around them. The radar and sonar kept them away from vessels and shallows, so for the most part; it was just keeping the sails full and heading on course.

He loved having her in his arms. She was so warm and soft to him. She reminded him so much of his wife; too much so at times ... He had to keep reminding himself that she was his daughter. When she had started sleeping in his room back in the house, he couldn’t resist her request, though he should have. It was so comforting to have her lying beside him. He would watch her soft breathing as she slept. She would snuggle up to him, ending up spooned by him. Early in the mornings, he even felt his wife there saying she loved them and wanted this for them; wanted them to love each other.

He had saved his daughter from self-destruction and had fallen deeply in love with her.

They stopped in several ports down the Baja and Mexican Riviera taking on supplies and stretching their legs on dry land. John would walk hand-in-hand with her as she took in the sights. She would stop and take photos constantly, but always would reach back for his hand. At Cabo San Lucas, he treated her to a hotel stay at a beautiful upscale resort. Her eyes shined at the amazing place, their room was larger than their entire ship. When she saw the bathroom with Jacuzzi tub and two person shower, she was in love.

“Kayle! Aren’t you finished in there yet? You’ve been in that tub for...”

“A girl HAS to be CLEAN!” she cut him off.

“Uh, I need to use the facilities, honey.”

“What’s stopping you? You’ve seen just about everything about me already.”

He flashed back to her in her tiny bikini that left very, VERY little to the imagination, particularly after she had to go trim some sails or other work on deck, everything wiggled around just feet from his eyes as he thought very un-fatherly things about her.

He shyly opened the door to find her up to her breasts in bubbles and water. She smiled at him.

“Uh, the toilet is...”

“Behind that door. You are safe from prying eyes!” she giggled.

He quickly glanced away from her breasts with hard nipples just peeking above the bubble line.

After he came out, she was standing there wrapped in a towel. Oh JESUS, she is beautiful!

“Dry my hair?” she hands him another towel. She had cut her hair short for the journey, so drying wouldn’t have taken her much. She was leading him on. She wanted him close to her.

He proceeded to dry her hair. She leaned back into him.

“Thank you for all this, my love.” She whispered.

He heard something unexpected; not ‘daddy’, not ‘father’, but her ‘love’. As he dried her hair, she turned to face him. His arms went around her shoulders. She moved to him and kissed him, long, softly, fully on his lips. Part of him was taken aback. But another part knew this was inevitable. They had fallen in love with each other and not in the paternal way. He had rescued her and she had rescued him.

She kissed him again, her arms going around him as she stood on her tiptoes. His arms went around her chest, her towel starting to fall. She didn’t try to catch it. Their kissed deepened. She was so small in his arms, still only about 5’ 2” and not even 95 lbs to his 5’11” 160lbs.

“We shouldn’t do this!” he pulled away. Her towel dropped to the floor as he did. Oh a GODDESS!

She wouldn’t have it. She made no effort to hide herself. She pulled herself against him as tightly as she could.

“I love you, my darling. I want you as my lover”, she whispered huskily between kisses.

She was warm and moist in his arms from her bath. He fought his urges to lift her and carry her to his bed. He looked down at himself ... He HAD lifted her and WAS carrying her to his bed, her arms around his neck. She was as light as a feather, an angel in his arms.

“This is wrong...” he resisted, failing, returning her kisses.

He tried to continue, “I am your fath...” She put her finger to his lips, “You are my lover, my husband.”

He looked into her eyes, her beautiful green eyes. Her mom’s eyes. He saw his wife looking back.

He was standing by the bed, laying her down. He stepped back and now saw her in full youthful beauty. Breasts perfectly round, larger than he expected with areolas red and nipples hard. Her stomach flat with hip bones protruding and belly button still pierced with a little ring. A small heart tattoo on her left hip, just over from her mons. The artist must have had an interesting view, he thought. Her mons was silky with sandy blond hair, slightly darker than her head and dove down between her legs. Her pouty labia, with its lips and folds just visible. A goddess, his goddess. OH HELP ME! She’s only 15 ... and MY DAUGHTER!

He stood just staring, “Kayle ... I ... can’t.”

She stood up and turned around. He perfectly shaped teenage butt cheeks came into his view. Her plump vulva between her thigh gap locked his eyes. She pulled down the covers on the bed and climbed in.

“Yes you can. I want you to, my love”, she whispered.

He had already taken his shoes and socks off when they had come into the room. He removed his shirt, showing his 35 year old chest and stomach, well-tanned and strong, nothing she hadn’t already seen. But he couldn’t get himself to remove his shorts though that didn’t stop him from climbing into the bed with her.

She pulled him to her and they kissed. She rubbed her hands over his chest and shoulders. He kissed down her neck and then found a breast, kissed its perfect mound and then her nipple. He kissed and suckled her nipple softly, gently. She moved his face to her other breast and he repeated. She pushed his head downwards and he slid down her abdomen kissing as he went. He kissed her navel playing with her ring with his tongue. She pushed further and he kissed her belly and down to each hip bone. Readjusting himself, he went between her legs as she opened them to him and his mouth reached her mons.

His mind said “Stop!” but his heart and body said no, continue. Love her. He sucked on her fuzzy mons making her lift, pressing herself into his mouth. She pushed on his head urging him on down and his mouth went over her labia. He kissed each side where her thighs met her pelvis then to her pussy lips. Breathing in her scent and tentatively licking her slit, he tasted his daughter. He sucked and licked, his tongue pushing into her slit, down to her silky passage, up to her clitoris. He licked and suckled on her clit, running little circles around it with his tongue. Her legs and hands held his head against her.

She started to buck in little moves of her pelvis against his mouth as he continued his onslaught. Whimpers came from her as tears formed in her eyes. Suddenly she jerked! Clasping his head as her belly spasmed and her orgasm washed over her.

“OH GAUD!!” She cried, muting her face against a pillow as her climax hit.

He didn’t relent even as her moisture washed into his mouth. He did a trick; he hummed. He hummed a tune into her pussy, his tongue pressing into her entrance, then another slurp and a hum, repeated. With his tongue, he felt her ... hymen. She was still a virgin. His hand pressed against her mons, thumb in her belly button and middle finger rubbing her clit.

“UGH!” She came again, unexpectedly; another orgasm hit her, tears now falling down her cheeks. She loved him so, her father her lover, her husband-one-day. Her toes and fingers clinched tight.

She begged him to stop, releasing his head from her legs and hands. He slid up on her, he wanted her so bad. His pants became wet from her juices and his pre-cum. He kissed her and she tasted herself on his lips. A ripple of heat flushed through her. She wanted him to enter her, to make love to her. She humped her hips into his crotch. He dry humped her back. She reached down to open his pants, he stopped her.

“We can’t, I can’t. I have no protection. You could be fertile.”

“Oh PLEASE, I want you to! I don’t care! I will have your baby!”

“Kayle, you are a virgin still, I shouldn’t. We shouldn’t. I want to, but I can’t.”

Her afterglow slowly faded. She settled for being wrapped up tightly under him, his weight on her, making her feel as a woman and not a little girl. Her breathing calmed and her desire slowly contained inside her. He breathed a sigh. He wanted her so badly. He wanted to make love to his little girl. He knew they would, in time. Their situation had changed forever. They were lovers now, even if not consummated.

“Kayle, I love you, my darling ... wife!”

She smiled with her eyes closed. “Husband” she whispered as she fell asleep.

As he moved off her, he realized that he had come in his pants. JESUS, I could have made her pregnant. We will have to do something about that.

The next morning, she awoke to the sounds of him taking a shower. When he came out of the shower, still naked and just drying himself, he found her sitting on the toilet, ignoring its door.

“Jeez, Kayle, not modest are we?”

She giggled, staring at his now hard manhood bouncing around by the towel.

“Look who’s talking.” She wiped herself and flushed.

He looked at her; her morning hair and sleepy eyes just made her more desirable and her still nude body was testing his ability to resist. ‘MAYBE I could just PULL OUT before I CAME ... FUCK! The second I entered her, I’d come.’ He covered his head with the towel, drying his hair and blocking out his desires.

An hour later, she’s finally ready to go get breakfast. He didn’t dare get room service as that would have left him with nothing to do but look at her. In public, he could control himself and hopefully she could control herself. That wasn’t to be.

She took his hand as they went down to the restaurant. He felt something on her finger. It was a wedding band. She was wearing her mom’s wedding band. Tears came to his eyes. She saw him looking at her hand and the ring. She turned and whispered, “I love you my husband.”

His brain hadn’t even registered what she was wearing; a short sun dress nearly see thru; a cover up for her bikini; THAT bikini. He took a breath.

The maître d′ led them to a table, not expressing what he thought; another young girl and her sugar daddy. Typical for Cabo, though this one looked a bit younger than usual.

She spoke up, “DAD, I would like that table over there.”

The maître d′ looked again at her. Father-daughter. Hum. He led them to the other table; the place was near empty so it didn’t matter. And after John got to see the prices, he knew why it was empty. But nothing was too good for his daughter ... wife ... daughter-wife? SHIT!

After breakfast, Kayle wanted to go by the pool. John escorted her there and left her while he did some arrangements. He glanced back as she took off her cover up, revealing more than he felt a 15 year old should. Well, he figured he would be able to find her again just by looking where all the boys were.

At the hotel gift shop he picked up a package of condoms, feeling completely guilty as he bought them along with other unnecessary items. He was sure the young clerk knew he was about to fuck his daughter. It was written all over his face.

He also tried to make an appointment at a local doctor for his daughter, but ended up being directed to a nearby women’s clinic since they weren’t going to be here long. After returning to the pool, and sure enough, there was a boy, well actually a young man of about 20 there talking to Kayle. John puffed himself up and walked sternly to them.

“Kayle, we have to go now,” then looking at the boy, “Did she mention she was only 15?”

Kayle smiled, got up and hung onto her father’s arm, wiggling her butt as they walked away as the young man watched. Back in the room, he told her that it was time for them to leave. He could only afford one night in this place. They would stay on the sailboat.

“I want to take one more shower before leaving ... PLEASE!” He relented.

She dropped her bathing suit without waiting to get into the bathroom, just to mess with her father.

From inside the shower, “Join me!”

OH GOD, did he want to, but he knew if he did he would end up taking her right there. If he kept his clothes on at least he could keep some chastity for her. So he packed their stuff and sat waiting for her. He didn’t let her know about the condoms. ‘I am her FATHER! I shouldn’t be doing this.’ He threw the box into the trash. Then he pulled it back out of the trash. ‘SHIT, I am weak.’ She has me.

They hauled their luggage and new supplies, fresh fruit! vegetables!, to their sailboat. Kayle had put on shorts and a top and was busy putting everything away.

“Kayle, we have to go somewhere. I made an appointment for you.”

She looked quizzically at him and then the light came on, her eyes widened.

“OMG! You’re taking me to a doctor! You’re getting me birth control! I knew it! WOW!” and she fell into his arms kissing him deeply for several minutes.

At the women’s clinic, he felt incredibly ill at ease and guilty, as if INCEST was written on his forehead. All the young women, many with well distended bellies of late pregnancy, looked bored at them. One girl, probably the same age as Kayle, but very pregnant sat with her mom, tears in their eyes. Kayle held her father’s hand and watched them trying to tell if that was joy or sadness, maybe both.

Finally, after the clinic and the pharmacy, she had a 3 month’s supply of pills. He had wanted to get Kayle an IUD, but the appointment would have been many days away. He hoped the pills, mixed with the ocean voyage wouldn’t make Kayle too sick. This was crazy, why was he doing this?

That night in the little triangle bed on the sailboat, he had to feign sleep to keep her from attacking him. She settled for lots of kisses and cuddles and slowly drifted off.

Another couple days were needed to finish the preparations. She had started taking the pills immediately. He fought his internal demon to keep from taking her during each night. He purposefully would take her out to eat at restaurants, staying late, avoiding drinking any alcohol, and waiting until she was sleepy just to try to avoid her advances. He would allow himself (oh the horror) to give her head when she wouldn’t relent. He would get down on his knees in the galley, while her legs hung off the bed. He would kiss her starting at her feet, tickling and kissing up her calves, over her knees, down the inside of her thighs.

As he kissed her thighs, she would push her panties down and he would help her remove them exposing her silken self to him. He would softly lick, nuzzling her, flicking her clit with his tongue. He would tease her, touching her belly, hips and thighs with gentle strokes. Her teen body would flinch and wiggle to his advances. He had to remember she was very inexperienced with adult love making. So he would do very gentle things even when her desires wanted much more. He held her honor. They didn’t have intercourse those few nights, even though she almost begged him to make love to her. He learned how to touch her just so, here and there and trigger her orgasm. He had forgotten how horny a 15 year old could be, girl or boy.

Afterwards, he would put her little panties back on as she basked in her afterglow and then climb up beside her. She had learned to kiss and lick his mouth of her juices, erotically tasting herself to lengthen her sex endorphin high as he lay beside her.

In the morning, he would try to get up and out before she woke, but one time she climbing on top of him while he slept. She just lay there listening to his heart and his soft breathing as he slowly woke from a dream. His dream was still there. She began to move her hips, rubbing on his hardening manhood, grinding herself on him. Her breathing deepened and face shined in the early morning light. She was so beautiful in the morning. He felt her rhythm increase. He badly wanted to pull down his boxers. She pulled on them, too. He lost the battle and helped her remove them. His hard tip rubbed her soft panty covered mons and then slid between her legs. Only that thin cotton kept her innocent. She tried to push it aside, but he resisted, knowing he would have her if she did. She rubbed more as she whispered to him, urging him to make love to her. Her rhythm increased in intensity. Her breath now panting, eyes closed. He felt the material move aside and his tip rubbed her bare labia lips. Pent up sexual desire exploded through him as if he was a teenage boy. He came at that single touch! Spurting hard into her crotch and on her thighs, his whole body spasmed with each ejaculation. She moaned and shuddered as her orgasm washed over her from his penis touching her slit and feeling him coming under her.

They lay together in morning glow, softly laughing at their heated rush.

That afternoon, they sat in the laundromat watching the dryer go round. He thinking that he had shot his sperm onto his teen daughter’s pussy. Incest. Child molester. Prison. She thinking that they had almost done IT that morning. Father. Lover. Husband. She reached over and held his hand, her head on his shoulder.

They set sail again, bound for Puerto Vallarta. They were back to their routine of her sleeping at night and him in the day. Weather was still decent and it was only about 4 or 5 days journey. Kayle fell back to snuggling against him on deck when there wasn’t anything to do in the mornings or evenings. They would kiss and talk about things for hours. He tried to determine if she was truly doing ok, particularly with their situation, but she seemed to absolutely love it. She really did feel they were married and she was his wife as much as his daughter. In some throwback wifely way, she even took over all the household chores; cooking, cleaning, making the beds...

He could also see glimpses where she acted like a little girl again, prancing around the deck, showing off, making silly jokes, crying for no apparent reason. She would get mad at him then as quickly turn and jump into his arms and they would make out like boyfriend/girlfriend.

She had taken up going topless with just sports shorts or bikini bottoms. Needless to say, John had quite a time keeping control around her. Now that she was on the pill, she had gotten more forward with him, urging him to make love to her, but he resisted. He wanted her first time to be perfect, not a quickie. He had to pleasure himself many times to reduce his desire, sometimes just hanging over the side of their sailboat late at night as she slept. Other times, he would hear her down in the bedroom as she pleasured herself, moaning as she came.

At Puerto Vallarta he knew this was the danger point. They would be able to sleep together at the same time in their sailboat while in port. He still didn’t want to have her this way, but she had eroded his resolve. He knew this was the night, so he took her off the sailboat and they stayed at the Westin Resort there. Again, she danced into the room ... but froze when she went in. She turned to him; her eyes sparkled, a tear forming. It was a single King bed room, not twin queens like before. The beautiful view from the high floor didn’t faze her like the sight of that bed. She knew they would be lovers tonight.

Those thoughts were put on hold when she saw the huge marble bathroom and the whirlpool bath, right outside on the private deck. She was in the shower within seconds. This time he had no choice but to join her as he began their foreplay. He walked into the shower as she stood, back to him. His arms went around her. She was so small in his arms, though thoroughly tanned, only a bikini lined bottom marking her only untanned area. He kissed the back of her neck, pulling her wet hair away. She turned around to face him. Her eyes glistened with anticipation. He kissed her lips. They kissed deeply as warm water fell across their bodies. Her arms went around him and she pulled him tight against her. His stiff manhood pressed into her lower belly. She giggled at its feel. He kissed down the nape of her neck and to her breasts, sucking and nibbling on her hard nipples. He had to bend down to reach them, freeing his erection. Her hands went down to it and squeezed it. He showed her how to rub her hand up and down it, stroking it. Though she had done similar things to boys before, this time she wasn’t drunk or wiped out. And it was with someone she truly loved. She blushed as she looked at what she was doing, water dripping from her hand and body. He shifted position so she would have easier angle to continue her stroking. She looked into his eyes in wonder at this new experience with him.

He leaned into her, kissing her as she continued her masturbation of him. He softly touched between her legs. She quivered and opened her legs more. The water lubricated his fingers as they slid in her labia lips. Her clitoris hardened under his soft touch. She had trouble keeping rhythm with her hand, squeezing him as he touched sensitive places on her. Her stomach quivered from his hand. She increased her stroking him as if urging him to increase his speed on her. He matched it. She wiggled under his touch, hips moving; she lost rhythm on her strokes and then jerked again stroking him harder.

“Baby, come for me. Come for your daddy!” he whispered holding on to keep himself from coming too quickly.

She whimpered then cried, her whole body shook as her climax hit. She squeezed him and pulled him again. He burst as her ecstasy triggered him, splashing cum onto her belly and thigh in multiple spurts, the water almost immediately washing it away. She leaned heavily onto him, her knees no longer able to hold her up. His arms around her and he kissed her. She closed her eyes and held onto him.

“Oh baby, that was amazing! I love you so my Kayle!”

It took her several minutes to recover, smiling at him as he soaped and washed her. And yet, she was still intact. He hadn’t raped her here in the shower.

They went shopping that afternoon. He wanted her to pick out a new dress. She found a little black dress, one that could be folded up tightly and still be wrinkle free when worn. He smiled; just like my wife, practical yet beautiful. His thoughts went back to his wife, gone over a year and a half. JESUS, what am I doing to my child? As he watched her pick out accessories and of course, a new black thong he knew they were going to be lovers tonight. They were already lovers. Just not intercourse yet. FUCK! Sex with my daughter!

He nearly backed out, trying to return to reality. But she turned around holding her bag of new things, smiled brightly, eyes sparking in anticipation, he was lost again. He was hers. They would be lovers.

He took her to the spa and they were able to get her in for a haircut and styling.

“You need one too, mister!” she laughed and he obliged.

That evening, after another hour alone in the bathroom, she emerged and his heart skipped a beat. She was gorgeous; spaghetti strap sleeveless black dress than flowed down her perfectly curved body ending mid-thigh, hair, now sandy blond from the salt and sun, styled and trimmed, a strand hanging down her face. Eye shadow mixed with sparkles, cheeks glowing with a touch of red, lips in soft pastel pink. Long tanned legs down to bare feet as she tiptoed around the room in a little prance.

“Where is my daughter? What did you do with her?”

She giggled, “I don’t know. I’m JUST your WIFE!”

He rolled his eyes at her, taking her hand, “We have reservations, but we’re late.”

They made it to the Italian restaurant in time as far as the maître d′ was concerned, business was slow that night. For an extra $20 slipped to him, he found a cozy quiet table for two and magically, the wine John ordered was poured for both of them, no carding required. Luckily, she looked closer to 18 than her actual 15 years. He also noticed the wedding band was back on her finger, c’est la vie.

After the pleasing meal, with the pleasing company and a bit too much wine, the two wandered back to their hotel. His arm wrapped around her soft waist as she hung onto his neck, kissing him every few steps. It was magical for him, having such a beautiful young thing hanging onto him.

She giggled to the doorman, “I LOVE my HUSBAND! Tee-hee...” John rolled his eyes and shrugged his shoulders. The doorman accepted his $10 without questioning her youthful appearance and wished them a good-night.

Back in the room, she found a small champagne bottle in the refrigerator and two chilled glasses. When he returned into the room, she was dancing barefoot to soft music, holding the bottle and glasses as she went. She wouldn’t give him the bottle until he promised to open it. They sat at the counter and shared their bubbly with each other with wrapped arms. They stared at each other.

“Well? Aren’t you going to ravish me?” she asked as her eyelashes flickered.

He takes her hand and stands her, “May I have this dance?”

She falls into his arms and they slow dance, her head against his chest. She puts her feet on top of his shoes and lets him carry her around the floor in slow movements. The song ends and another begins. She stops him and looks at him, wanting kisses. He obliges and they make out. He feels like a teen himself as their tongues find each other in their French kiss. She is soft and warm and giggly in his arms.

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