Runaway Rianna

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Romantic Sex Story: An older man fighting cancer helps a stranger who needs it very much. A mutually beneficial relationship develops which extends and enriches his life and more.

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   NonConsensual   Romantic   Tear Jerker   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Tony saw the dark clouds ahead. At a stoplight in a little northeastern Texas town he checked his phone radar. Yup, a big rainstorm with heavy downpours wasn’t far. He’d keep going though. In his 72 years he’d driven through all kinds of weather. His hotel for the night was waiting, halfway between his home in rural southwest Missouri and Houston where a periodic cancer visit would start tomorrow.

Less than two miles out of town he saw a figure trudging on his side, small and with a backpack. Maybe a kid on the way home from school. They were about to get soaked so he pulled over and got out. “Put your pack back here. There is a big rainstorm just ahead so I’ll get you through it,” he said as he opened the compact pickup’s tailgate. The cab was too small to carry much so he had a waterproof bed cover.

This person was wearing a hoodie so he couldn’t discern gender. No whiskers or makeup and a somewhat outsized nose. They just stared out the side window as the black storm wall hit. Tony pulled over because the wipers couldn’t keep up with the nearly horizontal deluge. He knew it would be short lived at that intensity and, sure enough, in ten minutes he was carefully under way again. The good pavement, bright striping, and no traffic helped a lot. He had to completely focus on his driving.

When they got through the weather he asked his passenger, “Where are you bound? I hope we didn’t go past it.”

The soft female voice said, “I’m just getting out of that town. Not sure where to yet. I’ll go as far as you’ll take me.” Enough said. He had to stop for gas soon and it was dinner time. There was a Mexican restaurant next to the gas station so he headed that way but she, he’d gotten a first name of Rianna by now, seemed reluctant. No money?

“I’m buying so let’s get fed.” She wolfed down a big burrito with all the sides while he was happy with a couple of tacos. She had to drink water because Tony refused to buy a sugary soda.

Back in the truck she thanked him. He told her, “I’ve got a hotel a couple of hours ahead. You are welcome to stay with me. I stopped being dangerous a couple of years ago.” He made sure she saw his grin, trying to indicate he was being humorous.

He always booked rooms with only one bed and he wondered how that would work out. He’d been a gentleman so far. She didn’t seem like much of a sex object either.

He noticed how worn and dirty her clothes were so when they got in the room he gave her his robe and told her to go in the bathroom and take them off, then shower. The hotel had a laundry room and he’d take care of that. She didn’t argue. He also gave her a clean t-shirt to use as a nightshirt.

He wasn’t sure where she was going to sleep. The room did have a small sofa so he offered to get the spare blanket and she could use that. Then he said, “I do snore but you are welcome to the other half of the bed.” He could see the wheels churning in her head.

Hearing her words, “I’ll try the couch but if I can’t get comfortable you might have company,” he smiled.

He felt her get into the bed later but stayed rolled away from her. The alarm was the next thing they both heard. There was a Walmart a short distance further and Tony insisted in outfitting her from head to toe then demanding that she change in the ladies room. Big improvement.

As they travelled to and waited for his late afternoon imaging appointment she began to open up. She was only sixteen and her mother was living with a dude, something that changed every once in a while. She couldn’t stand this latest one and she fled.

Tony inquired, “What was so bad?”

“He raped me starting six months ago and about twice a week ever since. At least the bastard used condoms. Probably didn’t want to leave evidence or a baby behind.”

“Oh!” Tony let out, “I see.”

There was a quiet spell then they talked about other things. She was inquisitive about Tony. He told her he’d lost his wife of many years more than a year ago and then discovered he had a tumor in his head. It was a rare one and Houston was the best place to go. She reached over for his free hand and her touch was electric. He needed that so much that tears began dripping. She got a tissue and sopped them up.

She was enthralled by the huge cancer center and explored it while he had the MRI and they met at one of the hospitality rooms for tea and cookies. She babbled about the many fish tanks and the art by cancer survivor children. He was familiar with both.

Checking in at the nearby hotel where he’d stayed many times, he introduced Rianna as his granddaughter. He hoped the staff who recognized him wouldn’t notice the one-bed reservation.

They drove a short distance from the hotel to a Mediterranean restaurant he’d used before and Rianna was puzzled by the menu. He ordered an entree and an appetizer with an extra plate. Plenty for both of them, and she commented favorably on this first-in-her-life experience.

He had an early appointment the next morning so he got ready for bed and she watched TV for a bit with the volume low. When she joined him she snuggled against his back and he could feel some firm teen tits through the t-shirt. She put her arm over him and he grasped her hand and gave it a couple of gentle squeezes. His long-neglected cock began to fill but he lay quietly.

In the night he felt something going on down at his crotch. It was Rianna’s hand exploring. She whispered when she sensed he was awake, “Let me explore. I’ll explain later.” Her touch and motions were delightful, dredging up long-forgotten memories. After a while she rolled him on his back and extracted his now-rigid tool from his boxers. Her mouth was the next thing it felt and he simply laid quietly and enjoyed the “ride”. When he ejaculated in her mouth that was the end of sleeplessness until morning.

The office visit with the oncologist went smoothly and the new duo checked out of the hotel and hit the road. She didn’t want to stay in Houston. Now it was “later” and Rianna was ready to explain last night.

“I had read that sex was good and pleasurable. My rapist just had me get on all fours and stuck it in, moving until he was done. He did a few titty squeezes but I never even saw his thing, let alone touch it with my hands. You are giving me a safe way to counteract all that shit and make sex good. I know you like it.” The subject got changed but there was a new closeness between the two.

Tony had a pattern for these trips so they were back at the same hotel they had used on the way down. This time it would be very different. Start with a shower, like last time, but together at Tony’s suggestion. Rianna was grinning the whole time as she soaped him and vice versa. He’d turned the heat up in the room so they could be naked comfortably. With the indirect light from the bathroom, they lay together on the bed.

Tony took the initiative, exploring and stimulating this skinny teenage body that was eager to feel new sensations. She discovered how sensitive and enjoyable her tits could be and oral sex was the next body-shaking discovery. When he moved up, pressing their bodies together, and he kissed her deep and with tongue, she murmured, “Do you have any condoms?”

“No,” was the reply.

“Oh, shit! I want to be fucked the right way!”

Tony smiled, “I don’t need them. The little tubes that bring sperm from my balls to cock were tied off long ago. No worries!”

Rianna caught on fast, “I’ll get to feel the real you? Oh boy!” She pulled at him and she was face-to-face fucking moments later, kissing the shit out of this older man as he thrust, making her pussy tingle for the first time.

They lay together after the fury died down. Tony said, “That was wonderful. I’ve missed it more than I realized. When I was your age I’d stay hard if I kept jacking off. I’ve fucked a woman three times without pulling out way back then, but I’m afraid there will be a waiting period nowadays. Let’s get a little sleep and you can wake me like you did the other night.” They snuggled, both happier than they’d been in a long time.

When they pulled into Tony’s place Rianna was wide eyed. It was a modest two-bedroom house but set back in the woods. She’d never lived anywhere but usually-crummy apartments with her mom and whoever. Tony took her on a little tour of the place and gave her a drawer to unpack her backpack in. Some microwave dinners would have to suffice and then he took her for a walk, a good idea after so much time driving.

The sun was going down up as they took a trail that went back into a grazing pasture and stopped at a hilltop overlooking the sunset. Tony just sat down in the grass and Rianna curled up beside him as they watched the play of colors in the clouds. He heard her quiet sobbing and pulled a little tighter with his arm around her shoulder. She had a lot of tension and sadness to let go of. They were hand in hand on the way back, this unlikely pair with such a big age difference. Tony thought how love was timeless.

Their coupling that night was lovemaking, slow and tender, wordless since touch communicated everything. They slept and repeated it before dawn.

Tony worked and stored things in the other bedroom. He did some software development as part of a coalition of folks in a specialized area. He had to get busy to make up for the time away. His late wife’s clothes were still where she had left them so he put Rianna, who wasn’t much different in size, to work folding them in boxes to go to a resale shop. “Try on anything you like,” he offered. She found a few things from a 70-year-old woman’s wardrobe.

Putting the boxes in the truck, they went into town. Needed groceries too. At the charitable resale shop they made the donation and Rianna went looking for more clothes. The ones she had were to be used as rags. She was a happier girl when they left. On to the grocery store.

Rianna could cook and clean so she immediately had a purpose. When she got all caught up, however, she stripped and flaunted herself in front of Tony who was at his computer attempting to focus on code. His willpower wasn’t strong enough so he pulled down his jeans and undies and sat her on his erection still in his work chair. “I love this but we need to set some rules I think. Maybe you don’t have enough to do. How far along are you in school?”

She admitted being more than a year behind. Tony knew a teacher in the local schools and talked with her about home schooling. He borrowed the necessary books for her level and had a syllabus to work from. That would keep her occupied while Tony worked.

He spent an hour tutoring her every day before she started on supper. Her confidence was growing which helped make her look more attractive. Tony had a flash of inspiration. Later in the week they had to go into town to get supplies and he took her to a hair salon. Her dark hair had a “bowl” cut down near her shoulders, no doubt a “do-it-yourself” solution. The stylist recommended a shorter and more sculptured style. Tony whispered in her ear before he went shopping for guy stuff.

When he returned, she was almost unrecognizable with her fixed-up hair together with the light but effective makeup the salon had applied and taught her how to do. They got a big tip! At Walmart where they bought her some more underwear and got groceries, Tony noticed boys eyeballing her. Did she see that too?

As soon as things were put away, Rianna simply stripped and took Tony’s hand. Words were unnecessary as she solidly expressed her gratitude using her developing copulating skills. When he heard, “I love you!” he was gratified and told her how close he was feeling too. She was going through those romantic stages for the very first time and he needed to guide her carefully.

Can a man in his seventies complain about being laid at least twice a day by a woman 22% of his age? It is a bit wearing even for a man half his age although not something one should ever complain about! He put his mind to work on how she could meet quality guys closer to her own age. He knew most sixteen-year-old boys were too immature and she was pretty grown-up for her age so around age twenty might be good. Even if he lost her from his bed it was important that she grow up right.

He wasn’t happy with any of the churches in the area. Too much evangelism and not enough understanding their own scriptures. He looked at civic clubs and that had some possibilities but then his teacher friend suggested an after school drama club. That would build her confidence too.

She’d been reluctant to register in public school because it might be a way for her mother to find her. Tony checked and found out that was unlikely to happen so they talked about her doing regular classes, riding the bus to and from. Although reluctant at first, Rianna found the local kids generally friendly. She reported to Tony as they were naked and sweaty from an unusually vigorous coupling after the first day at school that several boys were clearly attempting to make friends and, as she bluntly put it, “get some good pussy!” Tony smiled at the confidence and self-image that statement revealed.

Shunning the younger guys, she did strike up a connection with a couple of seniors but especially a student teacher who was a college senior and nicely in her “older guy” category. He didn’t teach her which might get sticky if anything good developed.

When Will asked her out for her first real date she was a bundle of nerves. That morning she begged off the usual sex saying, “I will feel funny going with him when we have already fucked.”

Tony replied, “I can understand your feelings but you are just friends right now. If it gets any more serious we’ll have to talk about it.” That satisfied her and she introduced the two men when he picked her up. She figured the age difference would make most people assume their relationship was platonic.

Tony was asleep when she returned and woke up when she reached for his soft snake. She started babbling about her evening, telling where they went and what they did. Then the real topic came out. “I must be a slut,” she said pensively. “I wanted to bring him home and fuck him. On the first date no less. He’s just so nice I was very reminded of you. Can I pretend you are him?”

Tony hugged her, “OK and I’ll pretend you are that teen singer you like to watch on the computer.” That made Rianna giggle and they had a good go.

She was still pensive the next day so Tony asked her to talk to him. She worked at expressing her feelings. “I still feel weird coming back here after that date and getting laid. What if I want to fuck him? Would you want to fuck me too? I might like it but how do guys feel?”

“Good questions,” Tony replied, “and some things I’ve thought about too. To be as blunt as you are, would I want to fuck you if I knew someone else had just done it? Let me tell you about something that happened with my wife. We had fantasized and role-played being swingers. I got caught dipping my dick where it wasn’t supposed to go without my wife’s agreement. She got mad but also got even and came home one night with a freshly fucked pussy. I’ll never forget how it felt when she rode me with it. I came so hard it hurt. We never did anything more after that. I might feel the same reaction with you but of course our situation is different. We have no commitment and you are, of course, in charge of your own body.”

Rianna was really thinking about this. “I guess I won’t know how I really feel until it happens. I do know I don’t want to stop being so close to you no matter what.”

Tony took her hand, “I guess that’s the best thing to think. I might just find someone else I was interested in too. But you’re special to me. Let’s just keep being honest and open and it will work out.”

After her next date with Will she came to bed naked and a bit flushed, “I guess I’m not the usual cautious teen virgin like many of my classmates. I’m too used to getting it on with you. He attracts me and he got some handfuls of tit while I checked out his package in the car just before I came in. Difficult to tell how he compares to you but that really doesn’t matter, does it?” Tony nodded his agreement and pulled her on top of him. Her pussy was wet and ready.

Tony had noticed that his teacher friend, a married woman in her mid-fifties, kept checking on Rianna more often than she might need to. Hmmm. She was a slightly overweight redhead with some full breasts. Then came the message to meet her at a local watering hole.

Sheila came right to the point during their first beer, “You are the nicest man I know and don’t seem to be involved with anybody. Would you like to get to know me much better?”

Tony could read between the lines, especially since she said that while leaning forward with a gaping blouse. That was very enticing cleavage. “I do like you. What do you have in mind?”

He could see her struggle about how forward to be. Finally she came out with, “Could we do things together?” THAT was pretty leading and she realized it. “I mean are there concerts or museums or stuff we could do together?” The other implications were still there and Tony smiled inside.

“I’d like that too. What brings this on. Aren’t you married?”

“Not for long, I’m afraid. I just need some companionship and I have no other men friends.”

Tony smiled at her, “I don’t know this area like you do. How about you come up with ideas and we’ll see what works.” That put the progress of the relationship in her hands. This could be interesting, he thought, remembering the recent conversation with Rianna.

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