Ministering to the Needy

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Two compassionate and passionate teen girls find a need to fill with the help of a grandpa mentor. Many lives are enriched by the generous sharing of their "favors".

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Sharing   First   .

(Note: the main characters have deliberately minimal descriptions so that you may image your favorite or fantasy persons in their roles)

They were like twins. The sixteen-year-olds had been inseparable for the last five years since Liz moved in next door to Sara. They had shared clothes, their first kisses, and everything else they could. During sexploration, the two girls broke each other’s hymens with objects, and also simultaneously experienced their first male penetrations on a double date. A few minutes after the first copulation, they switched guys for the second go since neither penis had lasted very long. The best part of that experience was later at home when they ate each other’s creampies to get the orgasms the boys didn’t provide.

They commiserated about the quality of the sex with boys their age whose idea of foreplay might be limited to taking off their clothes. Penetrations usually lasted only for a few strokes before they heard the familiar grunting and felt the hot spurts inside. While they thought that fucking was incomplete without the creamy injection, it was supposed to be the finale, not the beginning. Some of their young bangers could be motivated to a second, and usually somewhat longer, round, but the romance the girls desired was just not there. They too often assisted each other to fully relieve their sexual tensions. Since they weren’t allowed to date or do stuff with older boys they just gave up on guys for a while.

Sara’s grandfather lived in town and she would go to his house regularly. Her grandmother had died so she earned spending money by doing his laundry and other housekeeping. She really enjoyed his company. They talked while she was working and afterwards too. He was 72 and quite healthy, physically fit, and with a great sense of humor. He talked WITH her and not AT her like her parents, and wasn’t judgmental either. He encouraged her to share her feelings and concerns and became a mentor and friend. She often brought Liz with her, mostly for the social interactions with the older man.

One day, Grandpa Tony asked her if she had a boyfriend. She had been quite horny and opened up to this trusted advisor, spilling out her frustrations. She suddenly stopped, concerned about his reaction to her sexual activity.

He smiled and reached out to take her hand saying, “I guess some things never change. Your grandmother had the same complaint about boys when we became intimate in college. Fortunately, I had been well trained by an older woman and showed her what good sex was. She liked it so much she married me!” Sara was wide eyed and Grandpa smiled even wider. He knew what she was thinking. “You don’t think that older people have ever had sex, do you? I thought that too at your age. Actually, your grandma and I did it at least once a week until she got sick a few years ago. Your parents probably think that their darling daughters couldn’t possibly be interested in sex like any other normal teenage girl.”

Sara replied, “Yeah, that’s why I can’t talk to her like I can with you.”

Grandpa continued, “I’d bet your mom was a virgin when she married your dad because of that church she got into. I never agreed with all the sin stuff they dwelled on. Saying sex was evil and all that other bullshit.”

Grandpa changed the subject. “Well, young lady, are you on birth control?”

“No, we learned some stuff in sex education class but it was mostly about abstinence and horrible diseases. Some of the older girls explained about ‘safe days’ in our cycle so that is what we have done.”

Grandpa looked at her, “Your uncle got started during the so-called safe days. We used to call it Vatican Roulette because the Catholic Church said it was the only kind of birth control to use. I got a vasectomy after that.”

“What’s that, Grandpa?”

“Hmmm, maybe some real sex education is in order...”

Sara wanted Liz to learn this important stuff too, so regular lessons were arranged when they visited. The youngsters were amazed at how much they had been kept ignorant about. They learned about the psychological and emotional aspects of sex in addition to the physical.

After completing their education, Sara had a question that had occurred to her. “Grandpa, you said that you had a vasectomy after Uncle Bill was born. But Mom is younger than him. I don’t understand something...”

“Good observation, young lady. About six years later we wanted another child. So I had my younger single brother stay with us. That wasn’t unusual but the fact that he was sleeping in our bed was. Grandma was soon pregnant again and he stayed with us until your mom was born. And yes, she knows about it and isn’t happy even though we were. Your Grandma enjoyed it too.”

Grandpa arranged with a boyhood friend who was a family physician to get them both on contraception that wouldn’t be obvious to their parents. He told them, “Once a person starts with sex they find it hard to quit unless, like me, there isn’t much choice.”

Liz asked, “Don’t you have a girlfriend?”

“No, so far all the women I find attractive are more interested in my investments than my penis or just want to get married. I don’t want another wife right now.”

Sara piped up, “I wish I could be your girlfriend. I’d like an older person to show me how to make love. I have a question ... since we learned that sex is for getting sperms and eggs together, then if there is no sperm or egg, would it still be incest?”

Tony smiled at her logic, “You may be technically correct but it is usually the penetration of a woman somewhere by a male organ that defines ‘sex’ and people argue about some of the other activities.”

Liz joined it, “Well, I’m not related to you and I want to learn good sex too, so could I be your girlfriend?”

Now that was an offer hard to resist. Tony explained that “girlfriend” usually referred to a more romantic relationship and people who mostly just had sex together were referred to as “friends with benefits” or “fuck buddies”. He said that they might as well use words and terms that they were going to hear anyway. This required some thought by all of them so the discussion would be continued on the next visit.

It was a long two days before the girls visited Tony again. When they burst through the door Liz rushed up to him and planted a hot kiss on the surprised man. She stepped back and took off her blouse and bra. Sara began doing the same. Sara said, “I think you know our decision. We talked it over a lot. Liz wants to have sex with you and I want to watch you fuck her ... there I’ve said it. I want you to touch me in nice ways too. Now kiss our titties!”

Tony caught his breath and gave each of the four firm nipples a good wet kiss and suck. “This way, ladies”, he said leading them to his big bed. The eager girls took his clothes off and spent some time examining his erection and balls with their fingers and lips before they finished stripping. Tony laid back and enjoyed the luxury of two young cuties exploring every part of his body.

Liz said, “You look really good! I thought old guys had lots of wrinkles but you don’t. And your cock is quite a bit bigger than the boys I’ve fucked. This should be fun!”

Tony finally sat up and had the girls lie down. “My turn!” Kneeling between them, he used one hand for each and took turns with his mouth. His skilled explorations soon had his bed companions squirming with pleasure. The perfume of female arousal filled his nostrils. When his hand came away wet from Liz’s pussy he moved over between her spread legs. Sara sat up to watch, her fingers busy in her own snatch. He put Liz’s hand on his hard flesh to guide it to the right place. As the swollen head parted her love lips she began making soft pleasure noises which became louder as each gradually deeper stroke filled her more. When he was fully inserted he kissed her deeply and held the kiss as he moved in and out only slightly, keeping pressure on her clit. Finishing the kiss, he began long and strong strokes. Liz began pushing back with her hips.

Sara reached over to grasp her friend’s tit and even managed a few wet kisses. Right after Liz reached her peak Tony made deep thrusts and groaned with his long-awaited release, spurting his semen deep in the youngster. They hugged each other, breathing hard. When Tony rolled off, Sara dove between Liz’s legs and, fingers furiously working at her own clit, devoured Tony’s cum oozing out of her best friend. They all collapsed in a hug.

Liz spoke first, “How many times a day can you do that to me?”

Sara interjected, “Hey, I want some of that too! It’s my turn and I don’t care if it’s incest!”

Tony laughed, “That was wonderful. Liz, but it will take me a while to recover so we will have to see. Sara, as tempting as you are, I still don’t think it is a good idea for me to screw you. I’ve got friends though...”

“YESSS ... if they are as good as you!”

The girls played with their new toy which got less floppy as they talked. Sara asked Liz,

“How do you feel now?”

“I’m still glowing down there. Mmmmmmm”

Grandpa Tony promised to have a good partner for his granddaughter when the girls came back in two days. He knew his divorced hunting buddy would be a good “fit” for her. Jerry was a year younger than him and had dated Tony’s late wife before the two of them had met. She had told him Jerry was pretty good in the sack and so they had a few threesomes when she had accompanied them on hunting or fishing trips.

Jerry was only told that he would get to bang some young pussy but not about the relationship. The girls were not to mention it either. He was further instructed to make it very special for his partner if he expected future opportunities. The girls were dripping in anticipation.

The big day was set for a Saturday lunch so there would be lots of time to play. After a bit of get acquainted talk while eating, Sara couldn’t stand the waiting any longer. She stood up and stripped saying, “It’s playtime!”

The four headed to Grandpa’s bedroom and the new lovers went at it while Tony and Liz watched. Liz soon had her hand around Tony’s erection, stroking it as her best friend got fucked. Sara moaned and panted and finally yelled “OH MY GOD!” as she had her first cock-induced orgasm.

The other two piled on the bed and began banging noisily as the first couple watched. The couples took turns watching each other as long as the men could get it up. There were four happy people on the cum-soaked bed.

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