A Mother's Dirty Boy

by James_Steele

Copyright© 2019 by James_Steele

Incest Sex Story: An accidental cock picture from her sixteen year old son sets his curvy single mother, Diane's, life on a whole new course. But is she willing to share her son with her equally voluptuous single friend, Elise?

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Incest   Mother   Son   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

Diane stared at the screen of her phone in shock. Spread across it in full, vivid color, was a very large, very erect cock. The photo only showed the brazenly swollen cock and a modest glimpse of the groin and hips that went along with it. If the perspective of the picture was anything to go by, it was also an impressively large cock, crossed this way and that with pulsing veins and a prominent, deeply ridged head. Diane went from shock to humor to embarrassment and then to amazement all in matter of seconds.

The thirty-six-year-old single mother sat in the middle of the crowded lunch restaurant staring at her phone until she thought to glance around nervously to see if anyone could tell what she was looking at. She had a couple of friends who played around with sexting and had lots of cock pictures on their phones. She was amused and even a little turned on the times they boldly showed them off at lunches like the one she was about to have today, but she just wasn’t the kind of woman to get involved in anything like that herself.

Fortunately, no one could see what she was looking at and she turned her attention back to her phone. The photo was a striking reminder of how long it had been since she’d had any real cock in her life. Much too long. So long she couldn’t bring herself to admit it to the closest of her friends, even though they knew Diane had devoted herself to making a good life for herself and her sixteen-year-old son, Ricky. But that was the most shocking thing about the picture – it was Ricky’s cock. Diane had opened her text immediately when she saw her son’s number come up in her notifications, and when she saw the obscene selfie he’d taken of his cock she felt herself flush instantly.

It was almost too much for the voluptuous young mother to take in all at once. Seeing a hard, naked cock on her phone was shocking enough. Then, realizing it was her own son’s and not being able to take her eyes off of it and just delete the photo was even worse. Yet the most shocking part of all was that she couldn’t help admiring how big and beautifully formed her sixteen-year-old son’s cock was. It was as perfect a cock as Diane had ever seen, yet she knew she shouldn’t even be looking at it.

All of this flew through her mind in a matter of seconds as she sat at her table waiting for her friend, Elise, to show up for lunch. She’d barely even started to wonder why in the world her own son would send her a picture of his gorgeously excited cock when his text came right after.

Omg, Mom, I’m sorry! That was NOT meant for you!

Now it made more sense, but she couldn’t imagine who her son would be sending a picture of his cock to. She didn’t think he was seeing anyone now, and he’d broken up with his last girlfriend barely two weeks ago. As she sat there trying to think of the way to reply, she actually found herself feeling a little disappointed. The thought of Ricky wanting his mother to see him that way gave her a strange feeling of warmth and affection. It was also beginning to make her nipples harden inside the D sized cups of her bra.

The best thing to do seemed to just laugh it off and not make too big a deal out of it. Ricky was a young adult now and he could share his beautiful cock with anyone he chose. She wondered if he’d just laugh it off if she told him he had a nice one.

But then Diane spotted Elise coming toward their table and she hurriedly tucked her phone into her bag before her friend caught her staring at her own son’s excited cock. The pretty brunette didn’t know what else to do.

“Are you feeling okay?” Elise asked, giving her friend a curious look as she took the other seat across the table. “I’ve never seen you look so flushed.”

Diane’s face was hot as she tried to think of an excuse. “It – it’s just the heat,” she stammered. “It’s just unbearable.”

Elise gave her a skeptical look, obviously unconvinced, but she didn’t press the matter until after they ordered lunch and Diane’s phone kept buzzing with text notifications in her bag. It wasn’t hard to assume that Ricky must have been out of his mind with embarrassment and wondering why his mother didn’t reply. She knew she couldn’t just let it go. After all, she was going to have to face him later on when she got back home.

“Aren’t you even going to check your messages?” Elise asked. “Someone sure wants your attention.”

Then Diane’s blonde friend got a sly look on her face. “You met somebody, didn’t you?” she probed. “No wonder you were blushing so bad.”

Diane felt herself starting to blush all over again while she braced herself to deny it, but knowing Elise, she wasn’t going to stop until her curiosity was satisfied.

“He just sent you something naughty, didn’t he?” the blonde kept after her.

“Of course not,” Diane said feebly.

“Oh please, Di, you can’t bullshit a bullshitter. Trust me, I’ve been there. Besides, I’m envious. I wish I had someone sending me cock pix in the middle of the day.”

“He did not...”

The blonde laughed. “I knew it! Let me see. At least I can live vicariously until this dry spell is over.”

The brunette finally heaved a sigh of surrender. “I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Diane pulled her phone out of her bag and reopened the message thread from her obviously horny son. The picture didn’t show anything but his cock, so Elise wouldn’t know who it was and maybe she’d let it go. There were a few more panicked apologies from Ricky, but his mother swiped past them to the picture. Seeing it again made her pulse race. She saved the image to her photo album so Elise wouldn’t see his name when she saw it.

Diane opened the photo from her album and handed her phone over to the blonde.

“Oh my god,” Elise said, raising a brow as she studied the impressive cock. “Why, you lucky slut.” She laughed again and kept staring at the picture.

“Oh, please,” Diane protested. “I’m hardly a slut.”

“If a cock like that doesn’t turn you into one then there’s no hope for you.”

Diane couldn’t help chuckling along with her brash friend. She had to admit Elise did have a point. Ricky’s cock had to be about the biggest and nicest his mother had ever seen. But she couldn’t allow herself to think that way. Could she?

“Hmmm,” Elise said thoughtfully, still staring at the picture, not knowing she was looking at the cock of her friend’s own son. “He looks really young. I’m impressed, to say the least. I can just image how that hot thing must feel pumping a huge load into...”

“Okay, okay,” Diane nearly shrieked, grabbing her phone back from her friend’s hand. She indulged another look at her son’s excited cock before stuffing the phone back in her bag. “We’re both intelligent adults. I’m sure we can find something else to talk about.”

Elise snickered. “Sure, but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun.”

Diane couldn’t help a brief laugh and felt herself blush all over again. It was bad enough that she couldn’t help flashing on what the other woman just said about what Ricky’s cock would feel like pumping out his cum. She’d never admit it to any of her friends, but Diane had always had a special taste for cum. She’d always loved feeling it and tasting it, and she never missed an opportunity to take a nice, warm mouthful of it. As much as the sensuous brunette loved to fuck, giving handjobs and blowjobs had always been something she had a special fascination with.

The brunette grew even more self-conscious while the blonde leveled a curious stare at her.

“You’re fucking one of Ricky’s friends, aren’t you?” Elise said point blank.

Once again, Diane felt her face flush with shameful heat. “That’s ridiculous!” she insisted, though Elise didn’t appear convinced. The blonde just sat there with a coy smirk.

“If you’re going after his friends,” Elise went on, “then maybe you won’t mind if I go after Ricky. Mmm, that boy is luscious.”

Diane took a deep breath and forced herself to calm down and let her face settle back to a normal hue. “You are not going to start hitting on my son,” she announced, throwing her friend a serious look.

Elise raised her hands in surrender. “Okay, okay,” she smirked. But Diane knew her friend well enough to realize she still had hard, young cock on her mind.

For the rest of the lunch, no matter how the brunette kept trying to steer the conversation away from the cock picture on her phone, she couldn’t stop thinking about her son’s impressive organ.

By the time Diane went back to her car after lunch, her pussy was feeling hot and damp. Elise had only made things worse with one suggestive comment after another. Diane spent a long time sitting in her car trying to think of the right way to reply to Ricky’s mistaken photo message. She took her phone back out of her bag and checked the raft of omg’s and apologies her son had sent in a panic after the picture. But then she couldn’t help swiping back up to the picture itself. She felt so proud of her son for having such an impressively beautiful cock. It was impossible not to imagine how hot and solid Ricky’s organ must feel in its fully excited state, or what his oozing precum would taste like dripping onto her tongue.

Diane wanted to blame her sexually brash friend for saying so much about Ricky’s tool, even if she hadn’t known who the picture had come from. If anything, it only made her think of it even more. But when she admitted the truth to herself, her initial shock at seeing her son’s rock-hard dick on her phone quickly turned to loving fascination before Elise even sat down with her. Now she was sitting in her car staring at Ricky’s cock for no other reason than she loved looking at it.

The confused mother’s biggest problem was that the more she looked at that one, single picture, the more she imagined all of the ways she knew to please that ripe, manly cock. She found herself imagining the way Ricky would moan and suck in deep breaths while his loving mother took care of his intense needs.

He’d finally stopped sending hasty messages of apology, and Diane realized she should have said something back to him long before now. She couldn’t imagine what must have been going through his mind after realizing what he’d done. She had no idea what to say, but it didn’t seem right to just let it slide, either. Sooner or later, she was going to have to go home and face him. Finally, she thumbed out a quick text trying not to overthink everything.

It’s ok. It’s not like I haven’t seen one before. I’m sure whoever you really meant this for will be very impressed.

Maybe that would be enough and it could be the end of the whole thing. But as she started the car and began driving, she knew she would never be able to get the image of her son’s big, aroused cock out of her mind. She knew she should have just deleted the picture – the whole message thread, for that matter – but she didn’t. She knew she was going to end up looking at it again.

When she got home, Diane was relieved to find the house empty. Maybe Ricky had gone out to avoid having to face her after his embarrassing mistake. They would have to face each other sooner or later, but she was glad not to have to walk into any awkward confrontations the moment she got home. It was one thing to send her son a text pretending to pass it off lightly, but looking him in the eye wasn’t going to be so easy.

She went upstairs to her bedroom and kicked off her shoes, then took off her loose blouse and removed her bra, freeing her large, firm tits. She spent a couple of minutes just massaging her naked orbs, until her nipples were hot and erect. The image of her son’s impressive cock kept running through her mind as she rolled and twisted her nubs between her fingertips. Her blonde friend’s lewd comments wouldn’t stop echoing through her brain, until she forced herself to stop playing with her tits.

Diane put her blouse back on, never liking to wear a bra when she was at home, without bothering to button it back up. In her wide-open blouse and black leggings, she lay back on her bed and picked up her phone. Against her better judgement, she immediately opened up Ricky’s cock picture and gazed at his luscious rod in the quiet privacy of her bedroom. Without Elise droning suggestive comments, and ignoring her son’s hasty series of apologies, she simply studied the big, ripe erection covering her phone screen.

Her blouse was completely open, leaving her full, heavy tits easy to reach and fondle while she practically memorized every vein and ridge on her son’s cock. As she played with her thick, sensitive nipples, she imagined taking that hot shaft in her hand and rubbing it back and forth over those smooth, warm tits. Ricky would surely sigh deeply with pleasure, knowing his own mother had bigger, shapelier tits than any of the girls he went out with.

With the entire house to herself, everything was perfectly quiet and it didn’t seem like such a terrible thing to imagine running her tongue along that rigid, red-hot shaft. The head seemed so big she was sure it would fill her mouth all by itself yet she knew her son would moan and thrust deeper, taking more of what his loving mother had to give.

Diane giggled under her breath, studying the boldly displayed young cock on her phone while she imagined giving her entire body and soul over to her gorgeous son, letting him please himself in whatever way he wanted. Her hand moved from her tits down into her leggings and under her panties, her fingers sliding along the damp lips of her aching pussy. Her folds quickly grew slick as she fingered them, imagining a life where Ricky would walk into the house and simply push his sexy mother to her knees, unzipping his pants and presenting his already swollen cock to be sucked until he rewarded her with a mouth full of cum.

The curvaceous brunette had never indulged such unmentionable daydreams ever before. They were only dreams, after all, so how could it be so bad? As she ground a finger into her syrupy hole, her entire body shook with delicious shivers while she imagined Ricky shoving his hand into her panties whenever he pleased, wherever they were: like in the middle of a movie at the theater, or under the table in a restaurant.

Diane’s pussy kept getting wetter and wetter, her juices spreading throughout her panties and leggings as she slipped a second finger into her slit and began fucking herself while she stared longingly at Ricky’s delicious looking cock. With her regular waxes and moisturizing, she knew her son would love how smooth and soft her pussy would feel. She imagined they were his fingers now pumping into her hole and curling up at her g spot, driving her body into a squirming state of delicious need.

In her mind, she could hear his raspy moans and saw him yanking out his fingers and replacing them with his thick, pulsating cock. She started to cum, feeling delightful shudders through her body as she imagined the feel of his hot prick driving hard and forcefully into his mother’s welcoming fuckhole.

Diane left herself breathless after her naughty daydream and fingerfuck. She pulled her fingers out of her leggings and sucked the tangy fuck honey off them. It had been so long since anyone had tasted that sweet treat, and she couldn’t help imagining the way Ricky would savor his mother’s dewy nectar.

After she sucked her fingers clean, Diane closed her eyes and began to drift off.

Ricky spotted his mother’s car in the driveway when he came back from the park. He’d stayed there as long as he could, shooting baskets by himself when he couldn’t reach any of his friends. It had almost taken his mind off of sending that picture of his cock to his mother’s phone, but the walk back to the house only brought everything back to his mind. When he saw her car, he knew he was finally going to have to face her, knowing she’d gotten a good look at his fully excited hard on.

It probably wasn’t going to be as bad as he first thought, since she’d passed it off as no big deal. He just wished she hadn’t taken so to reply. It had to be over an hour that he’d spent wondering if she was going to freak out or be completely grossed out. He was so relieved when she wasn’t. She even said his cock was impressive. That just gave him another hard on. Ricky loved knowing his mother thought he had a nice cock.

With her beautifully curvy body and youthful good looks, Diane was by far the hottest of all the women in her circle of friends. He wanted to forget she was his mother every time she wore something that showed off her deep, smooth cleavage and firm, round ass. There was no way a healthy, horny guy like Ricky could live under the same roof with a woman as hot as his mother and not be completely aware of her as a woman.

Diane had a lot of great looking friends. Like most people, she hung out with others she had the most in common with. Consequently, Diane’s friends were mostly other single mothers who liked having lunch or dinner in the same places and went together to the gym to keep each other motivated to work out. The handsome and muscular sixteen-year-old had lost track of the times he’d jerked off to fantasies of his mother’s hot friends, especially Elise.

Ricky and Elise had been flirting pretty heavily lately, which was the whole reason he’d meant to send that cock picture to the blonde’s phone and not his own mother’s. After he realized his mistake, though, he hadn’t done it. It was hard to concentrate on much else after realizing his mother was getting an expected look at her son’s hard fuckstick.

The house was quiet when Ricky went in. He quickly realized his mother was probably upstairs after a quick walk through the kitchen and living room. Being sweaty from shooting baskets, he decided to go upstairs and grab a shower before having to face his mother. At least she didn’t seem to be mad.

When he got upstairs he found her asleep on her bed, the door to her room hanging wide open. Her blouse was completely open, leaving her big tits fully exposed. They were even more amazing than anything Ricky imagined before, and he couldn’t resist standing in his mother’s bedroom doorway staring at her bared tits.

Her thighs were flung open carelessly, showing the delectable shape of her pussy mound in her tight leggings. There was a telltale damp spot in the crotch, while Ricky also spotted her phone lying on the bed next to her. He had to wonder if she’d been looking at his cock before she fell asleep. And why would she take a nap with her door open and her luscious tits exposed like that? The only reasonable explanation was that his mother must have been playing with herself before falling asleep.

He quietly chanced a few steps into her room, daring to get close to his mother’s bed where he could look down and admire those gorgeous tits from a better viewpoint. He liked thinking she’d been looking at his cock before falling asleep. Why else would her phone be so close? Could she have even been rubbing her pussy while she looked? It was a crazy idea, but not so crazy the young man’s cock didn’t respond. He rubbed his quickly growing shaft through his shorts while he gazed at his half naked mother.

Diane’s tits were easily the most beautiful he’d ever seen. He was dying to touch them, but the last thing he wanted was to have his mother wake up to the shock of having her tits fondled by her own son.

Ricky wasn’t seeing anyone steadily right now, but he had a casual relationship with a couple of girls his age who were perfectly eager and willing to take care of his big, thick cock. And then there was the way Elise had been flirting with him so much lately. He’d always thought his mother’s blonde friend was hot, and he was sure things were going in the right direction with her. But there was something different about his mother. Something special. She was the one woman who’d devoted her whole life to him. She loved him in a way no one else ever would, and that was the way he felt about her, too.

He couldn’t forget those feelings as he pushed his shorts and briefs down below his balls and freed his large cock. Standing by his mother’s bed, he wrapped his hand around his shaft and began stroking, causing his rod to swell and throb to its fullest state of hardness. Those girls his age he knew from around town were the last thing he was thinking about now.

Diane’s tits rose and fell slightly with her sleepy breathing, and Ricky barely tore his eyes away from them while he silently jacked his rigid pole. He couldn’t believe he was doing this, but he couldn’t believe his mother was lying there with her big tits hanging out either. He wanted to feel them more than anything, rub his dripping cock head over those suckable nipples, but it was impossible.

After standing by Diane’s bed stroking his overheated cock for longer than he should, Ricky finally forced himself to go quietly back out of his mother’s room. He went straight to the bathroom down the hall, with his shorts still down beneath his balls and his excited cock swaggering naked.

Starting the shower running, waiting for the water to get to the temperature he liked, Ricky then took off his clothes and began stroking his swollen cock harder than before. He was throbbing for release, but before he made himself cum, he picked up his phone and finally sent the cock picture he’d taken that morning to its originally intended recipient: his mother’s friend Elise.

Maybe it would help take his mind off wanting to fuck his hot mother. Elise was almost as hot, and being a sexy older woman she was like the next best thing. But the blonde didn’t reply right away, so Ricky got in the shower and continued stroking his hard cock. As much as sending the picture to Elise made him feel even hornier, he practically forgot all about her while the sight of Diane’s sleeping body with her tits exposed took over his mind. Even though he wanted his mother more than anyone, it was just impossible

Nothing he’d ever seen could compare to the amazing look he’d just had at his mother, and while his fist started flying harder and faster over the length of his throbbing rod there was nothing else he could think about. He wanted her more than anything, and she was all he could think about the closer he came to blowing a hot, creamy load of spunk all over the shower stall.

With dreams of sucking his mother’s hard nipples, his hands squeezing her pliant flesh, he fisted his aching cock harder and faster. He must’ve imagined what her tits looked like naked at least a thousand times, and he was never going to forget the amazing view he’d just had of them. Yet he was dying to see her pussy, to feel and taste it, to shove his tongue, fingers and cock all deep inside her. It wasn’t long before Ricky burst over the edge and spurted cum until he was practically dizzy.

Elise was feeling horny after she got home from having lunch with Diane. She was thinking about that big, delicious young cock her brunette friend had on her phone. It was amusing how embarrassed she’d been about showing the picture. Obviously, Diane just wasn’t used to flirting with hot, horny, younger guys. She certainly wasn’t immune to checking them out and talking about them when the pair were having lunch, though. Except that today the brunette was suddenly cagey and reticent now that she’d obviously connected with some young stud enough to be getting cock pictures from him.

Elise couldn’t help snickering at her friend’s plight as she poured herself a glass of wine. Diane had spent half her life doting on her gorgeous son, Ricky, but now that he was sixteen she was going to have more freedom to pay attention to her own needs. The blonde couldn’t help feeling envious, since she’d gone much longer without cock than she wanted. She almost felt guilty for flirting so much lately with Ricky, but he was practically irresistible, and she didn’t think Diane would do anything different if she were in the same position.

For that matter, the brunette actually was in the same position. Whoever that cock belonged to on her phone had to be somebody’s son. So maybe the two friends really were in the same place after all.

But as much as Elise and Diane were close friends, the two were very different in a few fundamental ways. Diane’s life was pretty much devoted to her son, so she wasn’t nearly as adventurous as Elise. The brunette often seemed to live vicariously through her friend’s much bolder lifestyle, but Elise often found herself feeling envious. The blonde thought a lot about how different her life would be if she had been a mother herself, especially if she had a hot, sexy son like Ricky.

Elise knew herself, though, and she knew if she had a son remotely as hot as Ricky that she’d be fucking him as much as possible.

The curvaceous blonde took her wine up to her bedroom and stripped off her clothes, deciding to drink and relax naked with some porn on her laptop. She hadn’t exchanged any texts with Ricky in a few hours, either, and after seeing what his mother had on her phone earlier it seemed like a good time to take things with Ricky to the next level. It seemed like it was a perfect time to let the young stud see her big, naked tits after he’d already made so many nice comments about them.

Yes, some sexy texting with Ricky was the perfect way to put herself in the mood for some hot internet porn. She took a sip of her wine and then stood in front of the full-length mirror on her closet door. She watched herself fondle and play with her shapely tits until her nipples were swollen and sensitive. It would have been so good to have a bigger, stronger pair of male hands squeezing her tits instead, and Ricky’s hands would have been just perfect. The thought was making her pussy swarm with heat.

That’s when she went to reach in her bag that she’d left on the bedside table and pulled out her phone. Seeing that she had a new text from Ricky put a smile on her face, and she sat down on her bed to read it, but she was in for a delightful shock when she saw the picture the flirtatious young stud had sent.

Ricky’s cock looked so big and hard. Elise’s first instinct was to imagine wrapping her hand and lips around his thick shaft at the same time and make him moan like no one ever had before. It was a truly amazing cock, and the blonde knew right then and there that she was going to need much more than just a picture of it.

It made her giggle with satisfaction to know Ricky was getting as horny for her as she was for him. She leaned back against a pillow and gazed at his sturdy young shaft while the fingers of her other hand raked over her rapidly heating pussy slit. Her pussy was freshly waxed and smooth as silk. Ricky’s tongue would have felt perfect just then.

Elise’s slit was quickly growing slicker as she gazed at her young admirer’s hard cock. Then she realized she’d seen exactly the same picture on Diane’s phone at lunch. No wonder she’d been acting so nervously. She was trying to hide the fact that had her own son’s naked cock on her phone!

The blonde’s mind spun with questions about how Ricky’s cock ended up on his mother’s phone. She would have loved to know, but just remembering how flushed and nervous Diane had gotten over it made the blonde’s pussy quiver with excitement. The fact that he’d even sent his cock to both his mother and a close friend of his mother’s was even more arousing. Elise could barely imagine how hard and desperately Ricky would fuck her hot, experienced pussy if he was that horny. She couldn’t help wondering if he’d even fuck his own mother, which made her own pussy quiver and flush so hard that she wished she had a hot, hung son of her own just like him.

After a while, Elise sat up and took a picture of her large, naked tits with her nipples prominently erect. She immediately sent it to Ricky with a message: Come here and I’ll wrap these around that big, beautiful cock.

Within seconds after sending the text, the horny blonde had her fingers back on her smooth pussy. She knew it was only a matter of time before she had Ricky’s succulent cock pounding her very willing pussy. She’d never fucked any of her friends’ sons before, even though Ricky was hardly the first to show interest. But Ricky was the pick of the litter, so to speak, and Elise had been less and less in control of her desire for him the more the two were flirting and teasing each other behind his mother’s back.

Just as Elise pushed a finger deeply into her wet pussy her phone buzzed. She kept her finger buried in her hole while she picked up the phone with her free hand. Seeing the notice of a text from Ricky made her smile with satisfaction. There was another picture of his hard cock, but this time it was trapped under the thin material of a grey pair of tight boxer briefs, and it showed every detail of his rigid shaft and head. Elise dug her finger into her velvety G spot and moaned.

The text that went with Ricky’s new picture simply said, anytime.

The blonde’s smoothly waxed pussy quivered around her deeply embedded finger at the thought. Without a second thought, she held her phone between her open legs and took a picture of her pussy with her finger stuck halfway inside. She immediately sent it to Ricky with a message saying, how about right now?

Elise could barely breathe while she gave it some time to see if Ricky was going to reply right away. Her finger started moving in and out of her slippery pussy again while she held onto the phone with her other hand, anxiously waiting. It was less than a minute later when his reply came: I’ll be there in 20.

The blonde could hardly believe it was really going to happen. She shoved her finger furiously into her dripping hole just to give herself an orgasm to take the edge off her nerves before he got there. With her heart racing in anticipation, her aching hole was squeezing at her pumping finger within a couple of minutes.

She was left with the need for more orgasms, but at least now she could function. Getting up from the bed, she went through her lingerie collection to find something hot to put on for when Ricky got there.

Ricky had already been getting dressed after his shower when he got the picture of Elise’s tits on his phone. They were amazing, and despite the fact that he’d only finished jerking off to the sight of his own mother’s tits as he caught her napping he started getting hard again. Between his mother and her sexy, blonde friend’s wicked teasing, he’d been walking around with a near-constant hard on. He really liked Ashley, the girl he started going out with at the beginning of the summer. She was great looking and had a great body, but she didn’t have the curves or confidence of the two older women who seemed to be grabbing his interest in a big way lately.

Ashley liked sex as much as he did, and she happily took great care of her horny boyfriend’s big, eager cock. He didn’t want to cheat on her, but he couldn’t help how horny his mother and Elise kept making him. Then his mother’s friend sent a picture of her spread, wet pussy with her finger stuck inside it to his phone and it was all over.

Elise’s pictures were already getting him hard again, and he dressed in a hurry to get over to her house as fast as he could. He took a moment to pause outside his mother’s room and looked at her still sleeping with her luscious tits fully exposed. Being totally honest with himself, he would rather be taking that hard dick straight to his sexy mother instead of to Elise. As weird as it seemed, it didn’t feel right. He’d always been close to his mother and loved her more than anyone. He had to admit he was ‘in love’ with his mother and had been for a long time. With her being so good looking and with a body that made him hard on a daily basis only made it worse.

But Ricky couldn’t seriously fuck his own mother. She might like to tease him and enjoy his attention more than most mothers, but actually fucking each other was out of the question. Elise would have to be the next best thing. Even with her it was against half the rules in the book, which only made him want to do it even more, but sex with his mother was against ALL the rules.

After giving his cock a few squeezes through his pants while he gazed at his mother’s tits, Ricky finally dragged himself out of her bedroom doorway and headed out to the car. By the time he got to Elise’s house his cock had only gone down about half way, but when he rang the bell his cock was quick to swell right back to its full size over the anticipation of what was about to come.

Elise didn’t come to open the door but just called from inside for Ricky to go in. He stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

“I’m in here,” she called again from the living room.

With his cock pushing a ripe bulge into the front of his pants, Ricky followed the sound of Elise’s voice and found her standing near the couch. She was wearing a thin, light grey tank top with spaghetti straps that her heavy tits were straining to its limit. Her nipples were already hard and easily visible through the material. She was also wearing a skimpy pair of light blue panties made of stretchy lace that accentuated her round hips and thick thighs in a way he never imagined.

“Oh my god,” she said as soon as he went into the room. “I can’t believe you just walked in here with that bulge in your pants. What would your mother think?”

Ricky’s cock only throbbed even harder after walking into her house with his cock nearly bursting out of his pants. It was a daring act he’d imagined doing countless times. He loved the way his mother’s friend was boldly staring at his bulge with practically nothing covering her voluptuous body. And then a wicked smile came to her lips with the comment about his mother.

“I guess she’d think I came here to fuck you,” he said, openly rubbing the prominent lump in his pants.

“I guess she’d be right,” Elise replied, walking toward him.

Ricky couldn’t take his eyes off the way her heaving tits swayed as she walked toward him. As soon as she reached him, she put her hand on the bulge in his pants and started rubbing his shaft through the material. He could hardly believe it was really happening, even when she quickly went to work getting his zipper down and pulling his cock out to stroke it.

“I’ve been dying to get my hands on this cock forever,” the blonde cooed seductively as she skimmed her hands over Ricky’s hot rod.

The blonde’s hands felt so good as they explored the thick length of the boy’s aching pole. At the same time, Ricky reached for her bulging tits and fondled them through her thin top.

“I’ve been wanting to get my hand on these for even longer,” he replied, staring openly at the blonde’s mouth-watering orbs under his groping hands.

Elise snickered deviously.

“I know,” she said. “I’ve caught you staring at them hundreds of times.”

“I can’t help it. They’re amazing.”

Then Ricky pulled Elise’s tank top up over her tits to expose them, finally getting to see them the way he’d imagined so many times before. The blonde uttered an approving purr while he gripped and squeezed her full globes with his strong, young hands. They felt as good as they looked, and he took his time to twist and roll her hard, thick nipples while she kept her two-handed stroking motion along his cock shaft.

It was Elise who leaned in and started kissing the younger man. Ricky responded immediately, pushing his tongue into the mouth of one of his mother’s closest friends. The blonde’s tongue swirled and played with his. He squeezed her smooth, warm tits even more firmly and couldn’t keep his mind from flashing back on the sight of his mother asleep on her bed with her blouse carelessly flung open. Her tits were every bit as gorgeous as Elise’s, and he thought probably even a little bigger. As much as he was savoring the blonde’s melons, being with her was proving to be a complete failure at taking his mind off his mother. If anything, the more he played with Elise’s tits, the more he wanted to feel his mother’s.

And the more the blonde kept rubbing and stroking his rock-hard boner, the more he wanted to feel his mother’s hands touching and fondling his organ. With his mind spiraling in a dozen sexual directions at once, thick dribbles of precum came oozing from his cockhead onto Elise’s sensuously stroking fingers.

The blonde suddenly broke off their kiss and gave the boy a sultry gaze. “We definitely can’t waste this warm, gooey cream, baby. I just know it’s gonna be delicious,” she told him.

Then she deftly peeled off her top and squatted down on her haunches with nothing on but her skimpy, blue panties now. She quickly took the bulbous tip of Ricky’s throbbing cock into her warm, wet mouth, sucking lightly and swirling her tongue around the head. He moaned and watched her suck the tip of his rod while her hands finished the job of opening his pants and pushing them down to his knees.

With his pants out of the way, his mother’s friend was quick to begin sucking harder, sliding her supple lips back and forth along the boy’s rigidly aching shaft while her hands worked over the base of his stalk and balls. Ricky could hardly believe he’d barely taken two steps into Elise’s living room and she was already on the floor in her panties with his raging cock in her mouth.

Ricky was moaning and staring at the older blonde in awe as she sucked his pole hungrily. His mother’s friend was obviously a highly accomplished cock sucker. The slip and glide of her mouth just seemed so easy and effortless, stroking so much pleasure along his swollen pole. The sensation was incredible, and he couldn’t help wondering if his mother sucked cock the same way. But it wasn’t long before the blonde’s hungry lips had the young man’s full attention on the immense pleasure of the stroking suck of her wet mouth.

He groaned and watched the older woman lick, suck and stroke his fat rod until his entire body was prickling with heat. It was so good that he didn’t even try to hold back when he felt his pleasure rising toward an explosive climax, but Elise could sense it coming on and backed off. She pulled her mouth off his saliva-slick pole and gazed up at him, grinning wickedly while her hand calmly stroked along his shaft.

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