Candy's Punishment

by Stevew

Copyright© 2019 by Stevew

Erotica Sex Story: Candy gets punished for not wearing any panties. This story is designed to start a new story in the Naked in School Universe.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   NonConsensual   Rape   Heterosexual   .

Part 1

Ever since she was in 7th grade and beginning to develop, Candy had noticed the effect she had on both boys and men. Both men and boys would stare at her, then, bumpy chest as well as her rounding butt. It annoyed her at first, but she learned soon enough how to take advantage of her assets. Many of the boys both in her classes and the upper classes would ask her out to the movies or ball games or even just to dances, thinking that they would be the one to finally get into her pants. She never let any of them do more than kiss her however.

By the second month of her freshman year of high school, she had been on more dates than any of the other girls in her class, some had never been asked out at all. She had gotten bolder on the last several dates. She still hadn’t let any of the boys do more than kiss her and touch her breast, over her clothes. But if the boy stayed out on the sidewalk in front of her house or in their car. She would go to her room on the second floor at the front of the house and allow them to watch her undress in front of the window. It thrilled her to know that the boys were watching her undress and seeing her naked, but were unable to touch her.

Unlike most high school students she enjoyed going to school. She didn’t like the classes anymore than any of the others, but she liked seeing the reactions of both the boys and her male teachers when they saw her in her short skirts. Sometimes she would even wear bikini panties or thongs. One time she even wore a G-string, though usually she just wore plain panties.

Part 2

It was a week before the Christmas holidays, when it happened. She had over slept and was rushing to get dressed for school (she had begun sleeping in the nude over a year ago, with the exception of when it was her time of the month). She had put her bra and blouse on and was pulling up her skirt, when her mom called “Hurry up the bus will be here any minute.” Totally flummoxed and not wanting to miss the bus, she buttoned the waistband of her skirt and ran down the steps with her school bag to catch the bus. It wasn’t until the bus was halfway to school that she realized that she had neglected to put on any panties. She was totally naked under her skirt.

Normally when she got to school she would flounce up the steps, allowing her skirt to reveal her panties as it bounced up and down with her movement, but not today. Today she walked carefully not wanting to reveal what was under her skirt, or in this case what wasn’t there. She took her normal front row seat in her first class (all the other seats were occupied). Mr. Johnson was lecturing them on the Civil War. He kept glancing over at her. Normally she would inch her skirt up revealing her underwear to his occasional glance, but not today. Because she wasn’t trying to distract him, he knew something must be up. He asked her to stay after class as the rest of the class filed out. He asked her “What’s wrong? You aren’t acting the way you normally do.” She replied “Nothing. I over slept this morning. Maybe I’m just a little tired.” He let it go with that explanation, though he knew there must be something more to it. Then let her go to her next class.

Mrs. James noticed her quiet but didn’t remark on it as she gave out their math test. Candy was thinking ‘This class and two more. Then I can call mom to come and get me. Maybe I’ll pretend to be sick and she’ll take me home.’

Curiously she was feeling an itch between her legs. The only time she had felt such an itch before was when she stripped in front of her window, knowing that her date was watching from outside. She didn’t understand it. She wasn’t trying to turn anyone else on but she was definitely getting turned on herself. She had never really learned how to master bate, although she sometimes put a pillow between her legs and rubbed it against herself. No pillow here however. She would just have to live with it.

Her next class was gym. Normally she would remove her skirt and blouse then put on her gym clothes. Today however, knowing she didn’t have any panties on, she pulled up her shorts before removing her skirt. Then removed her blouse and put on the t-shirt required for her class.

Gym class today was fairly light. They had to do the normal stretches, then did gymnastic floor routines. Unfortunately she twisted her ankle. The coach helped her to the nurses office. Once there the nurse examined her ankle. It wasn’t sprained just sore. She gave Candy a couple of pain killers and made her rest in the office 15 minutes.

Candy made her way back to her gym class slowly and with a slight limp. The ankle was still sore but at least she could still walk on it. She got back to the gym just as it was time to shower and get ready for next class. Since she had hurt her ankle early in the class, she didn’t need a shower. While she was alone in the dressing area, she put her skirt back on. She had removed her t-shirt and was buttoning up her blouse when Sally, one of her classmates, said “Setting a new style I see.” When Candy just gave her a funny look. Sally pointed at the bottom of the shorts sticking out below the skirt. Both girls laughed. “Not exactly.” Candy said, “I’m just not looking forward to putting my weight back on my ankle.” Sally was about to offer her help, when Candy stood up and removed her shorts, she was once again naked under her skirt. Fortunately both of them had biology next and Candy could lean on Sally as she limped to class.

Mr. Hardin, the biology teacher, had been a medic in the army. He immediately noticed Candy’s limp. He went over to her and asked “Are you alright?” Candy looked up at him. He was one of the many male teachers that she had teased frequently, unlike most of the others she actually had a crush on him. Blushing she muttered “Just twisted my ankle in gym class. It is no big deal, just a little sore.” As he bent down he said “Maybe I can help.” He was already on his knees, with her ankle in his hand, when she said “That’s alright. It’ll be alright.” She saw his eyes widen and knew he had seen her naked privets. She shook her head blushing even more. With a big smile on his face he said “I want you to stay after class and let me look at it.” She just nodded her head.

If they hadn’t been studying human anatomy and sexuality for the last week and a half, she would have thought that the lesson was meant for her specifically. As they were still studying the male anatomy, it was probably just a coincidence, but showed the class slides of the internal workings of a male penis and testicular system. He pointed out the various parts and explained how they worked.

Part 3

Candy stayed after class, as she had been told to. Mr. Hardin closed the door after the rest of the class had departed for lunch. As the classroom had no exterior windows and only the one in the door that was covered, as usual, nothing seemed out of place to Candy. Then he asked her “Was this for my benefit? Or did you really twist your ankle?” “I really twisted my ankle. It has nothing to do with you.” He relaxed and said “Ok let me take a look at that ankle. I really may be able to help.”

She let him take her ankle in his hands. She was careful to use one of her own hands to press the skirt down in front of her privates. He examined the ankle in his hands. “I can see a little redness. Is it still sore?” “Yes, is there anything you can do?” “Possibly.” With that he began to massage the ankle. After a few minutes the ankle didn’t hurt at all. She stood up, testing her ankle by putting her weight on it. At that moment the door opened and Mr. Cockburn, the principal, walked in. He looked at them and said “I heard that Candy had hurt herself and that you had asked her to stay after class. Is everything alright?”

“I just twisted my ankle in gym class. It’s much better now.” Candy replied. Mr. Hardin spoke up “Her ankle is much less swollen now than it was when she got to class. I massaged it a little and she was about to put her weight on it for the first time when you walked in.” Mr. Cockburn said, “Carry on.” Then left the room.

Candy took a few steps tentatively, then said, “I think it’s alright now. Thank you.” Before she could leave the class room, in a quiet voice, he asked, “Why aren’t you wearing any panties?” Blushing she explained, “I over slept this morning. I hadn’t put any on yet, when mom yelled that the bus was arriving. I hadn’t realized that I wasn’t wearing any until I was on the bus. It’s stupid I know but our house is so warm that I usually sleep in the nude. I think mom does to.” Chuckling, he said “Why don’t you turn the a/c down to make it cooler.” “My sister would freeze. She is always cold.” Candy replied. Both of them went to lunch.

In the lunch line, a boy came up behind her. She knew what he was going to do, he or one of the other boys he hung out with, were always coming up behind her and flipping her skirt up. Aware of her lack of underwear, she slapped his hand away before he could do anything. With her other hand she slapped his face, leaving a red hand print. Mr. Cockburn saw what was happening and took both of them to his office.

Part 4

When they arrived at the principal’s office, he sat both of them down in the chairs across from his desk. Giving each of them a look, he said “Explain yourselves.” The boy, Jack, said “I don’t know what happened. She usually lets us tease her like that.” She retorted “Maybe I’m tired of you guys doing that to me! Yeh the first few times y’all did it, I just chalked up to being immature. But I’m tired of it.” “Sorry,” he said, “I won’t do it again, and I won’t let any of the others do it either.” “Thank you,” she said, irritability.

Mr. Cockburn broke in “Since the two of you seem to have worked it out. I am going to go lightly on both of you. Jack, for trying to raise her skirt, I’m going to give you two swats with the paddle. And as for you Candy, it doesn’t matter what provoked it, we won’t allow hitting other students in this school. Therefore you will also receive two swats.”

That said, he made Jack bend over his desk. He gave him two very hard swats with his paddle and told him to return to lunch. Looking at Candy he said, “Your turn.” Swallowing hard she stood up and bent over his desk, hoping and preying that her skirt didn’t raise up high enough for the principal to see her bare butt. She wasn’t so lucky. He had the paddle raised and was about to swing it for the first time. He paused before he could bring the paddle down onto her butt. In an angry voice he said “What are you wearing.” Cringing she said “A skirt, sir.” “And are you wearing regulation panties?” With a lump in her throat, she muttered “No... , But it wasn’t intentional sir.” “How exactly was it not intentional. This isn’t the first time you have worn non-regulation underwear, I might add.” “W ... well you see,, I ... I kinda over slept and was rushing to catch the bus. I d ... didn’t realize it until the b ... bus was half way to school.”

With her still bent over his desk, he sat back down. She didn’t dare move from her position, afraid he’d get even more angry. Thinking out loud he said “This calls for a rarely done but different kind of punishment.” He picked up his phone and buzzed his secretary. He told her “Have Mr. Hardin and Mr. Johnson and,,, “. She didn’t hear the other names as he had turned his chair around.

A short time later she heard several male voices behind her, though she didn’t dare to turn around to see who all was there. It was bad enough that they could see her bare butt under the skirt. Once all the men he had called was there, he said, “This Punishment is reserved for extreme cases. You have repeatedly worn non-regulation underwear and today you are wearing none at all. Therefore you are about to receive one of the harshest punishments for a girl your age. Stand up but continue to face my desk.” Without warning a cloth was placed over her eyes and tied behind her head. Once she was blindfolded two others grabbed her arms holding her still. She felt the sensation of air on her bra covered chest. She swiveled her shoulders in an attempt to get away from the hands undoing her blouse. She stiffened as she heard Mr. Cockburn say, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you. If they rip your clothes, you won’t have them to wear home and have to go completely naked.” She stopped struggling and allowed herself to be undressed. Whether it was the relatively cool air or simply the removal of her A-cup bra she didn’t know but her nipples stiffened. It may have been the fact that several men were in the room and she couldn’t see them. Someone commented “Her body certainly reacts well.” Then she felt her skirt being removed, the fear she already felt was multiplied by ten, when she was once again laid across the desk. There were at least two men holding her down on the desk, when she heard “Oh we can’t forget this.” It was Mr. Cockburn and was almost immediately followed by a sharp pain as the paddle struck her ass cheeks. It was followed by another. She heard a voice say, “That’s the two swats for fighting.” She was still feeling the pain when she felt a hand reaching between her legs and rubbing her sex. “No!” She cried out, as the hand continued rubbing her. “Yes, there is one problem here. Turn her over and get the kit.” A voice said.

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