A Debt to Pay

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Beautiful young woman wants to give pussy to deprived men as repayment for others helping with her own sex life, a "pay it forward".

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Gang Bang   Polygamy/Polyamory   Water Sports   .

I was married for almost a year when I was eighteen. That was a big mistake and I’m so thankful that a male friend at college helped me to realize it and get out gracefully. In return, I showed my gratitude by having him take my ex-husband’s place in my bed from time to time.

It was the old glitz and glamour that I had fallen for and my ex was pretty good at putting on a snazzy front but wasn’t a decent and trustworthy person inside. I’m glad I learned so young what’s really important in a person. I also decided I wasn’t going to consider marriage again until I reached 30 because I wanted to improve my life skills and my ability to judge people before I would take on another legal partner. That didn’t mean I would be celibate though, since I learned how much I enjoyed sex when I was sixteen.

I go by Marla and have that classic beauty look which has gotten me offers from modeling agencies and photographers but I’ve declined. I’m 5 ft 6 in with just the right curves. I’m smart enough to eat right and exercise enough to keep fit but not so much I deplete my body like some too-serious joggers do. The fact that I am so beautiful of face and body got me a lot of attention which resulted in a lot of time naked with various young and older men. It’s not something I regret, like my marriage, because I learned a lot about myself and interacting with the other sex.

A big thing I learned about screwing my school friend Tommy was how grateful he was to be enjoying a woman more lovely than he ever expected to bed. I saw that I was something special to him, not just another notch on the bedpost, as they say. After a while though I did have to have some words with him.

“Tommy, you know my background and I’ve decided I’m not going to get serious about any one man for quite a while. I enjoy the times that we spend together with our clothes on or not, but I am young and I have to explore life some more. I don’t intend that that will disrupt our relationship and I hope you can accept it.”

He looked at me and asked, “Does that mean you will have sex with other men?”

“Tommy, I love the feeling of a naked man’s skin on mine, seeing him enjoy exploring my body and loving the thrill of his maleness sliding into me and filling me with pleasure as it strokes and shoots sperm. Whether it is yours or another’s it is wonderful. Therefore it’s likely that I will but I also do not want to stop with you.”

“I’m not happy to hear that but I respect that it’s your choice and I also want to continue our friendship however we can.” I took him to my bedroom and loved him tenderly and he left feeling somewhat better.

With my looks it was easy to get dates but I was very cautious about how intimate I would let them get until I was pretty sure of them. As I had decided, I avoided the glamour boys and instead chose who would really respond genuinely to my attention. I would not be faking either and would be honest as I had been to Tommy.

There was a complication I had not anticipated but fortunately it surfaced with Tommy first of all. They would fall in love with me. Well, maybe not love but certainly serious infatuation. I guess it wasn’t surprising since I was like a wet dream, showed interest in them, and made them feel like MEN.

By the time I realized this I was fucking a 22-year-old college student two or three times a week as well as Tommy. When this guy asked me to be exclusive, I began questioning why. He was brilliant, already on a doctoral program at his age but still pretty unsure of himself outside of his studies. His insecurity was driving him to be possessive, I discovered that as we talked further and I realized how I might become as much a personality therapist as a sex one.

That was not all bad since I really didn’t know what to do with my life so I began doing a lot of reading. There is a lot of literature available on the Internet which I can cruise through a lot faster than waiting for it to be laid out in a college class over months and months.

I tried out the things I learned on Tommy first and really leveled with him about what I was discovering. He acknowledged when I had it right and help give me some ideas when I didn’t and continued to be a good lover, never mentioning what else he knew I was doing.

The second guy just couldn’t get over the fact that I was wanting somebody else in what he considered his “playpen” so I had to gently disengaged from him. Two more candidates popped into view very quickly, one a practicing physician who had never married and the other a boy a year younger than me that I met at church. Fortunately, the older man had already grappled with some of the psychological issues and just appreciated “the ride”. With the younger one I had to adopt the role of a teacher and as I showed him the finer points of fucking I always related it to him finding another girlfriend of his own.

This went on for some time and I always had from one to four other “lovers”, although I avoided referring to them as that because of the affection thing I mentioned, besides the enduring Tommy. I noticed how he was growing in his confidence and social skills and how he could make me feel in bed, realizing some things about myself. It wasn’t just the hands and mouth and penis that did things to me for the greatest pleasure. It was the talking and the feelings behind them that really amplified what I could have done with a robot otherwise. The different personalities of my men had some interesting effects on my own responses so I was learning a lot too.

One day I just ridden Tommy to a delightful finish when he said to me, “You know in a week it’ll be one year ago that you made me a man. I’d like to do something special for that event. It’s entirely up to you. I’ll take you away for a weekend or even watch you fuck one of your other men and then take you myself for some fresher seconds than you’ve ever given me.”

That surprised me, “Tommy what makes you think that?”

“You know I’m not stupid. I can sometimes tell from how your pussy feels if you’ve been recently fucked. I enjoy stories about that on the Internet because I think it makes a woman really sexy to have more than one man in a row. It’s even awfully sexy to be doing more than one man at a time like you are. I do think about that when I’m between your legs thrusting away.”

I hugged him, “You never said anything until now. I’ll do whatever you want because you’re my most special friend. Do you really want to watch me get laid?”

“Yes I do. Back then I couldn’t handle it but now I think it would be a huge turn on. What do you think?”

“Tommy, you are something. I’ve never done a threesome like you’re suggesting although you’re right, I’ve sometimes had another guy soon before I came to be with you. Of course it’s exciting, new sex things usually are. Let me check out the guys I’m doing now and see if any of them could handle it as well as you seem to. They do know that they’re not the only one I’m getting naked with. I’ll let you know, but in any case I will save the night for you. It is a special anniversary.”

My older lover, “Doc”, as I always addressed him, said he’d had threesomes before and would be glad to enjoy one with me. Tommy was anxious so we arranged it for the next night in my well-used bed.

Doc, with his prior experience, kinda led the way but really we didn’t want to have it planned but just be spontaneous. I’d made up my mind that I was going to try to give both men equal time in one way or another. Tommy brought some Thai food and Doc some wine to go with it. After putting a few things away we turned down the lights and got to it. One thing I remember was I was riding on Doc and being fondled by Tommy but I decided to pull off and suck on the cock that had just been in me. I guess I presented an irresistible target and Tommy slid into me from behind. That was delightful and the essence of the threesome as far as I was concerned. I didn’t care for anal so we stuck to putting dicks in my customary places including a nice titty-fuck for Doc while I was riding Tommy. Then they wanted to switch around. They both held off for quite a while with all this alternating of positions and situations but finally they both put a couple of creamy deposits in me and I’d had a goodly share of orgasms and we snoozed all snuggled up together.

Later I was awakened by some deep kisses from Tommy. I had my hand on his erection while what had to be Doc’s was inserted from behind. I’d raised my leg to make it easier for him and I felt the head of Tommy’s shaft rubbing on my clit and right where that other shaft was entry me. Doc halted for a moment and Tommy wiggled and pushed and his cock popped in alongside the one already there. God, I felt full, but it was exciting. It took some figuring and practice before they got the stroking in me together and I’ve never felt anything like having those two shafts gushing in me at practically at the same time. What a memory!

I haven’t said much about my youngest lover who was just barely 16. He was shorter than me which put his mouth right at tit level when he was on top. Even though he was small, his cock was outsize and as big as any of my other lovers. It had the energy and quick readiness of youth and he was a very happy young person, apparently not bedeviled by many of the emotional issues teenagers often are.

He knew, like my other men, that I was not exclusive with them but he got more and more curious and I began revealing more and more details. This led to the following conversation. Randy asked, “I’m not complaining but I just wonder why you are fucking so many guys. You are so beautiful you could pick and choose who you wanted but that doesn’t seem to be your style.”

“As you know, Randy, I was married for a while but I was not ready for that, just as you wouldn’t be right now. Although I should’ve done something then, I’m doing it now. That is I’m getting to know both heads of a lot of different guys quite well and from that I am learning what is good for me and what isn’t. You don’t know, of course, that I’ve told quite a number of guys that they couldn’t get naked with me anymore when I knew they weren’t a very good connection. I do not regret that fucking because learning what you don’t like is as important as what you do. I promised myself that I won’t make a decision to anyone man until I’m quite a bit older and ready to settle down. Does that make sense?”

He was a thoughtful young man when he wasn’t all riled up and pounding me. “Yeah I guess it does. That probably means that you won’t marry me but maybe I could come and live with you. That way you’d have me to fuck at least twice every day and you could have your other men too. I’d just sit in the corner of the room and watch you have fun with them. Then you could have me again if you wanted more.”

The idea turned me on and I pulled him back into my pussy before answering, “My, that’s a pretty sophisticated idea for a boy your age.”

Randy was taking long slow strokes, rubbing against my clit each time he bottomed. After sucking each nipple briefly he answered, “I’ve been reading on erotic story sites about husbands who want to share their wives and that’s more or less how it is with you. I’d just like more opportunity to get to know you better too, not just this wonderful place I am right now.”

I put my hands on his buns and pulled him tight then moved my hips to keep grinding his pubes against my clit until I moaned in orgasm. When I released my grip he pounded quickly and spurted yet another load of sperm inside me.

I said to him, “I’ve got some vacation time coming up pretty soon. How about you and I take a little road trip and you can spend full time with me. Maybe I won’t be so attractive if you don’t get a break from my attentions.”

Randy gave me a big kiss and said, “I’m out of school for the summer so just tell me when and I am really looking forward to it.”

I rented a red Mustang convertible and my boy toy tossed his backpack in the trunk and buckled into the passenger seat. I put the top down and away we went, happily running through the gears as the big V-8 growled. We headed out on the interstate for the mountains. I’d found a lodge in the state park that had a beautiful view and lots of hiking trails so we could get away from the city and really concentrate on each other. It was great fun going up the winding roads through the mountain passes in that hot car and I would glance over from time to time to see the expression of joy in Randy’s face, not the same as when I was providing the pleasure, but very nice.

Our room was up on the top floor and had a nice balcony porch with a view off into the valley. The vibrations from the engine and the road had been tickling my pussy for miles so I pushed my companion on the bed, pulled down his shorts and raised my short skirt, paving the way to drop my commando pussy on his quickly enabled erection. We just had a quickie to take the edge off before we changed into trail clothes and hiking boots. We started on one of the shorter and easier ones to gauge ourselves. Randy surprised me by identifying many of the trees and plants as we passed them by. I had been pretty much a city girl so I guess he was going to teach me a few things.

That first walk was just long enough to loosen us up a little bit and I treated him to some cold tea and cookies on the Lodge veranda. We studied the trail maps in more detail now, deciding what to tackle next. It was late enough that those would be explored in the morning. The Lodge had a good restaurant so we just sat around and visited until we were ready for our dinner.

I’d had a few hints that he was not a typical teenage boy. Now that we could really start talking about each other’s life experience I found out that he was in advanced placements and almost ready to graduate from secondary school with a number of college credits already because of an agreement with his school system and the local community college. He wasn’t sure which branch of science he wanted to pursue because they were all so darned interesting.

After dinner we went back to our room and decided we didn’t really want to watch anything on television. That was just too much civilization and we were trying to separate ourselves from that. We did find some board games down in the common area of the Lodge and played some that I hadn’t done since I was a kid. I should’ve known better because he beat me badly unless there was a lot of chance involved. I noticed he didn’t gloat on his victories either and showed me how to play better.

As night fell we went back to our room and I brought out a bottle of wine I had stashed. Sure he was under age but this was private. Randy filled the Jacuzzi as I poured the wine, a nice red, and we settled into the relaxing water. We were quiet for a while, each reflecting on the longest time we’d ever spent in each other’s presence. He’d learned more about my background which was pretty ordinary with two parents and a brother and a sister, attending public schools as an average student and then getting a rather mundane job as a bookkeeper after a low cost training program. I work for a large medical practice which had some decent benefits and the work was interesting enough to keep me awake but nothing that ever left the building with me.

Before we got too wrinkled, Randy said that he had an idea and pulled the plug on the Jacuzzi. We dried each other off and before I could put on a robe, he turned off the lights and led me out on the little porch. The moon was up and we could see the outlines of the hills and trees. They became clear as we were out there and our eyes dark adapted. He was behind me reaching around to clasp me and then his hand moved up to my breasts and began doing what he knew would arouse me.

When he could smell my readiness, he bent me over the railing and I felt him probing you know where. He knew the way and soon we were “communing with nature”, our own and that of the rest of the world within our view. It was both relaxing and exhilarating at the same time to be so close and such an interesting and unusual situation. He stroked slowly and we savored every moment. When he tired he reached down my front and rubbed my pleasure button until I released, quickly followed by his own.

We didn’t just fuck our time away, although I probably could have done more but he was a guy, even though a pretty energetic one. The park had some interesting nature programs and even a campfire on Saturday night where people took turns telling ghost stories. Randy and I sat on the ground with me leaning back against him. I’d worn a top that didn’t tuck in and no bra so he put his hands up underneath and fondled me discreetly during the program. After it was finished we walked down to the lakeshore and found a private place to couple under the moon. It created some lifetime memories for both of us and he was a happy “camper” except for still hinting that he’d rather have me all to himself but was careful not to get to vocal about it.

Back in the routine of things, I stopped at a local bar I frequented for a glass of wine before heading home from work. Expecting a date with a new guy I was trying out who would bring dinner about eight I was in no hurry. Instead of the server delivering the wine it was brought by an older man, one with partially greying hair and a professor-style beard I’d noticed there before.

“This is my treat. May I join you?”

“That was smooth,” I thought, so nodded.

“I’m Tony and have seen you here quite a few times. I take it from the variety of male companions that you are not committed to anyone.”

I reached out to shake his hand and got a firm, warm grip. “I’m Marla and your deduction is correct. I’m recovering from a committed relationship that wasn’t right for me so decided to learn about life and men for a while before considering another.”

He smiled and I could feel his warmth, “Mine lasted more than thirty years before circumstances we couldn’t control ended it. I’m now getting to the point where I want to see if I can find that again. I know it’s selfish but much of what we do is, so I have to tell you that you remind me so much of my lost love when we met. In that way you were irresistible.”

Feeling like a spider, I smiled back, “So you are going to chance my web?”

He leaned forward, taking my fingertips in his. I felt an electric tingle the way his touch was so gentle yet solid. How that might feel on my pussy flashed through my mind. God, was I sex-driven or what?

He said softly, getting the image, “Whatever you want to spin around me I’m sure I will enjoy.”

That did it. I quickly finished my wine, stood up and announced, “I’m heading home. You may follow if you wish.” He did but I had to give him the address. We arrived at almost the same time.

Just inside the door I turned around and pulled him to me. His kiss was electric too. His hands on my ass pulled our crotches together and I got wetter. By the time our clothes hit the floor we were both ready sot he tasted my treasures as I fondled his full and nicely shaped pole.

“Please be on top,” he asked so politely. I had him deep in very few strokes and his hands did wonderful things to my bosom. We both came quickly and I reached for my phone. Tonight’s date was going to get cancelled, not that I would mind two in a row but I knew there would be more with this man. Tony had an interesting look on his face, “Cancelling a date for later?”

“Yes, and he was going to bring dinner so you owe me that.”

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