Ground Rules 3

by Tasty Little Pop Tart

Copyright© 2019 by Tasty Little Pop Tart

Erotica Sex Story: This is a sequel to Ground Rules 2. I strongly advise you read both Ground Rules and Ground Rules 2 first. Ground Rules 3 is a stand-alone story, but the 2 previous stories contains many details not explained fully in Ground Rules 3. Michael has an ability which lets him suck other boys with impunity. Tonight he has anal sex with multiple classmates in a hotel suite rented by Henry, his lawyer mentor. This story is strictly a gay fantasy, written strictly tongue in cheek. Read with caution.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt   Consensual   Reluctant   Gay   BiSexual   Humor   Extra Sensory Perception   Gang Bang   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

(Saturday, September 29, 2018, 2:14 a.m.) Michael’s back ached. So did his thighs, his abdomen, his shoulders and neck, and his jaws. Only his feet and ears didn’t hurt, and that didn’t count his ankles. What hurt the most was his raw, burning asshole and rectum, though.

“Why are you such a fucking pervert?” he grumbled.

Hector sat up. “You okay?”

“Do I look okay?” Michael retorted.

Hector chuckled. “Skinny little white boys got no business taking on 9 homie studs, stud.”

Michael raised his head. “Fuck you, Hector. You no mo homie than James Bond.”

Hector laughed, tickled. He turned over and batted Jason on the shoulder. “Dude thinks he a homie, homie.”

Jason groaned. “Stop, will ya? You’d shit yourself a real homie come up and swatted your shoulder and asked, ‘what’s up’, homie?’”

Hector laughed some more.

Michael occupied the master bedroom with Hector and Jason. Occupying the rest of the hotel suite were Jacob, Aidan, Ethan, Ryan, Matthew, Tyler, and Michael Long. Nine classmates, all of whom Michael had given blowjobs and offered his previously virgin behind. The boys drew straws to see who took Michael anally first, and a joyous Tyler had claimed the prize. Michael had then changed his mind, much to Tyler’s chagrin. Regardless, all 9 boys fucked his tight ass, and all 9 came in his mouth. Michael’s boy-count since August 29 now stood at 27. Henry brought the overall number up to 28.

Hector asked: “We everyone younger than you in school, right?”

“That’s why you’re here,” Michael grunted. “A couple others were 13 years old: Nick Trimble, and Andrew Mello, but they couldn’t come.”

“Why?” Hector asked.

“I didn’t want them here.”

“Why not?” Hector asked.

“Because they’re 13, dummy,” Jason explained.

Hector shook his head. “You into younger dudes, just not younger than us.”

Jason raised his pillow. “Ground Rules, dude. No one under 14 allowed.”

Hector shook his head. “But I was 13, tonight.”

“You turned 14 before you got your turn with Michael, though, didn’t you. You turned 14 just before midnight, right around when Tyler finally got him on his knees and came in his ass.”

Michael laughter gutturally. “Thanks for your tactfulness, Jason. Greatly appreciated.”

“Dude ... you fucked 9 freshman boys, tonight, all younger than you. You gave all of us oral, and took Ethan and Ryan together.”

Ethan and Ryan Horne were fraternal twins.

“You got a serious submissive streak in you, brother. I fucked you first, thank God.”

Michael was 14 and a month old. He stood 5’1-1/2” tall and weighed 94 lbs. He was the smallest boy at Lutheran High School. He also had the smallest penis of any boy in school, a pitiful 3-1/4” long, achingly erect. He’d spent a lot of time erect tonight, swallowing 9 big mouthfuls of sperm, but hadn’t ejaculated a drop of his own. He probably wouldn’t, not this late in the morning. Why the fuck had he let 9 guys fuck his ass?

Since returning from Ocean City 3 Sunday’s ago (well, 3 Sunday’s, tomorrow), he’d spent every weeknight with his handsome young attorney Henry, sucking cock every opportunity he got. Henry flew to Indianapolis last night, with a return booking for Monday morning, He’d rented the hotel suite for Michael before he left, and arranged a limo to round up the boys. Michael missed the fuck out of him, though he’d never boned Michael’s ass. Someone had, at least.

Hector patted his bottom. “You should tell me about this, dude.”

Michael grunted and brushed his hand away. “None of your business.”

“He got blistered,” Jason said. “Pretty fucking bad, too. I’ve seen girls in videos that had purple bruises like that days after being spanked. Who’d you piss off, Dude? That fancy lawyer of yours?”

Michael grunted, “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Hector chuckled. “I wouldn’t mind spanking you. It’d be just like spanking a girl.” He rubbed Michael’s still purple bottom suggestively. “You ever dress up like a girl, Michael? You’d make a really pretty one.”

“You’re right there,” Jason agreed

Michael smacked Hector’s hand away this time.

“I’m the youngest dude to put a cock up your ass, ain’t I?” Hector said. “Well, of course, I am,” he said, smacking his forehead. “Tonight was your 1st time! No one ever put it to you before. I forgot that.”

Not for want of trying, Michael thought. Not on my part.

(1:30 am, Sunday, September 9, 2018) 3 weeks ago, deciding to reform the Daffodil Club, Sean and Michael slipped from their small sanctuary at the end of the hallway and padded softly to the living room. They were surprised to discover Logan and Connor up, once again engaged in oral sex. Connor perched between Logan’s spread thighs, expectedly naked. Logan slouched in purple boxers and a blue t-shirt. Connor had Logan’s cock in his hand, slowly stroking his shaft, drawing the skin up over the head, and then revealing it again. Each time Connor kissed the head, took it in his mouth, made gentle love to it. Logan’s cock protruded through the flap in his boxers. It was a classic blowjob tableau.

Logan grinned and chuckled. “The Fellatio Trio, united again!” He invited them over. Sean led Michael by the hand to the couch and absently rubbed Connor’s red hair.

“We the Pink Daffodils, dude!” He shook his head in dismay. “I still don’t believe I sucked cock tonight. Yesterday, I was completely straight, now I’m hopelessly gay. The pitiful thing is, I want to do it some more, if you and P.Diddy are okay with that?”

Logan snorted in amusement. “I’m P.Diddy, Dude! I’d think our red-haired friend here is more the Ron Weasley type, wouldn’t you say?”

Connor blushed, and glanced up at Sean, who immediately nodded.

“I’d wear Mina’s Hello Kitty training bra and panties if I had them with me,” Michael said. “I’d wear her makeup and style my hair, too. I’d probably pass as a 6th grader, with my flat chest and girlish figure.” He chuckled at Logan’s snorted laugh. “I’m more girl than boy, anyway.”

“True dat!” Logan exclaimed, hi-fivin’ himself. “You use your fuckin’ mouth like a girl, fo’ sure, ho! My hard-on gets a hard-on thinking what you did to it tonight with that mouth o’ yours! And last night, in the H2.”

Michael blushed as laughing, Logan grabbed his half-empty Heineken and took a big swig. Thank God he’d bought a case and a half, Michael thought. Kissing Sean had him parched as a salt lake; he might trade his right nut for a Heineken. Maybe both for a Heineken and an ounce of good reefer.

“Get me another beer, dude!” Logan ordered.

Michael released Sean’s hand and headed to the kitchen. He added Sean and Connor to the list, and got one of his own. He popped the lid, guzzled the cold liquid until his eyes watered, and he belched loudly. Logan laughed again. He’d already gone through a full 6-pack.

“Any chance you have weed?” Michael called out.

“Wanna practice sucking a joint? Is that the plan, hombre?”

Michael returned from the kitchen. “You are an insufferable asshole,” he grumbled, handing Logan a beer. Everyone laughed, Logan the hardest. “Should we get Dylan up? Or do you want us alone for a while.”

Logan chuckled nastily. “Give the boy an A for effort.” He motioned to the floor beside Connor. “And an A-plus for thinking of Uncle Logan, and guessing he might want another Daffodil session on the couch. What time is it, anyway?”

Michael glanced at the clock. “Time to get on my knees, I think.” Logan chuckled as he did so. Sean opened his Heineken and dropped alongside Connor on the right. The clock read 1:40 am.

“I’d ask how many times you’ve sucked Logan, but I’m afraid to ask, Connor. I don’t want to know about Dylan.”

Connor pinkened as pretty as any girl. “Don’t ask, don’t tell?” he quavered. Everyone laughed.

Sean took a long swig of beer, obviously parched as Michael from their long bout of kissing in the bedroom. He leaned forward to make an obvious inspection of the troops. Michael had the smallest erection of the Daffodils, and of anyone currently residing in the building, though he couldn’t know that for sure. Offsetting his pitiful 3-1/4” length was the fact he weighed only a pound more than his 11 year old sister, standing a mere a fraction of an inch taller. He was the smallest boy in the building, those over the age of 11, anyway. He hated his cock, regardless.

Sean leaned around Connor and grinned. “Don’t worry. Michael’s sucked more than the two of us put together.”

Michael couldn’t dispute that. He’d sucked 17 boys and Henry Gossage since his birthday on August 29th. Eventually, Sean would be the 18th boy he’d sucked ... if and when they ever got to it in the tiny bedroom.

Michael leaned out around Connor. He made it clear via pantomime that he meant Sean to kiss Connor and fondle his nice package. Connor was a smidge bigger than Sean, and nicely pink and smooth. Michael loved the shape of his head, nearly as much as he did Sean’s. He’d sucked Connor only the once, coming down in the H2.

Sean grinned. “A Daffodil never refuses another Daffodil.” He explained to Connor: “We want you for a 3-some after we have fun with Logan and Dylan again. This is your formal invitation, Connor.”

Michael laughed. Connor pinkened again. He glanced at Logan apologetically. “I didn’t know about this, sorry.”

“You should have,” Logan commented, opening his cold beer. “I was surprised when Sean didn’t drag you off to bed with Michael, earlier. Not that I minded,” he said, chuckling. “I haven’t the issues Dylan does with your mouth and my cock.” He took another big swallow.

“I like you sucking me, and I like fucking your skinny ass even better, Connor, but that’s a private thing: no other boys invited. Not unless... ?” He indicated the boys as a whole. Each of them blushed and exchanged guilty looks. It wasn’t like Michael and Sean hadn’t discussed this just minutes ago; offering their bottoms to Logan and Dylan, possibly even to Connor. He was older, after all. It was now beyond expectation that Connor would assume any masculine role, however: he was queer as Michael.

“Can I kiss you?” Sean asked.

Connor looked ready to hyperventilate. Haltingly, he nodded. Logan laughed and drank more beer.

In bed with Jason and Hector 3 weeks later, Michael grumbled: “Jason’s trying to sleep. Why don’t you do the same, Hector?”

Hector rubbed Michael’s bottom possessively. “I don’t know which I liked better, coming in your--”

Michael’s hand shot up. “It is so important to your future that you don’t finish that sentence, Hector!”

Jason laughed under his pillow. “I liked it equally well in both places.” He raised his head. “Do you think any of the guys... ?” He glanced at the bedroom door. “It’s not like I expected to spend the night in bed with two other boys.” He gazed contemplatively at Hector a moment, then looked at Michael. “Not that I ever expected to fuck another guy’s ass while he held his butt cheeks apart for me, either. Jesus, Michael ... you gotta be the weirdest queer-boy I’ve ever met.”

“And you fucked his fairy little ass,” Hector pointed out. Jason hit him with the pillow.

Michael agreed with Jason completely. He’d purposely given his virginity to a collection of 9 classmates, and would give it to twice that number, if the numbers only existed. Rules were rules, however, and as Jason had pointed out, rules won out: no boys under 14 years of age. His anger with Sean precluded anyone older than he. His asshole couldn’t handle 18 boys, regardless. God, it burned so fucking bad!

“You want to know a secret?” he asked.

Hector rubbed his behind and said yes.

“I wasn’t talking to you, but no matter, I guess. You and Jason are with me in bed because--”

“We’re the oldest and youngest,” Jason interjected. “We’re the first and last to have you tonight. That makes us special to you. Though why, I’m not really sure.” He glanced at the door again. “I’m not really sure why I like being with you, either, and why I enjoyed fucking your ass so much.” He laughed. “I never took myself for being a queer.”

“You don’t have to be queer to like this adorable ass,” Hector said. “This boy’s more girl than boy, anyway; any fool can tell that. Who spanked you, is what I want to know.”

Michael turned onto his back. A week wasn’t enough time. Stupid to offer his cherry with Josh and David’s handprints barely faded into a uniform dull purple across his bottom. He jumped as Hector ran his hand down his stomach to fondle his package.

“I thought you were going to sleep!”

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