The Invention: Ms. Elgin: Lesson's End

by Dark Paladin

Copyright© 2019 by Dark Paladin

Mind Control Sex Story: Miss Elgin is a good teacher. Smart, professional, beautiful, the desire of boys and envy of girls. All she has to do on this last day of school is tell Sandy a simple message.

Caution: This Mind Control Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Mind Control   School   Pregnancy   .

Author’s Note: This was inspired by a reader. During an open call I made to my readers for short story ideas, they wondered what ever happened to Ms. Elgin from the original “The Invention”? Those who read the original mind control story know this character and how Sandy used the Device on her. What happened to her? Well...

Akamai Elgin - Miss Elgin to her students, or even Ms. Elgin to the more progressive ones - tried focus her breathing. Her name in Hawaiian meant “Intelligent”, and she had prided herself on that growing up. That, and a body she knew attracted men wherever she went.

And a few girls in college. And after college as well. She preferred men, the hardness, the feel of being helpless under one - but there was something sweet about a pretty girl -

Stop it, Akamai. She squeezed the pink stress ball in her left hand, looking over the students. She forced her eyes away from one spot in particular, but she felt a ping between her thighs. Like a sonar that kept sending out a constant homing signal. Growing in strength depending on how close the target was. ping ping ping during the school hours as she taught lessons. Ping Ping Ping on and off through the day at a sight of a certain brown haired head that was still nearly a head shorter than she was.

And right now, it was like a gong going off between her legs. PING PING PING.

Her eyes drifted to fourteen year old Sandy, his sharp, intelligent eyes focused on the paper in front of him. And just as quickly drifted away when the gong became a kettle drum. She squeezed the stress ball harder.

Other students squirmed in their seats. She didn’t think anything of it - students always squirmed during the last test of the school year. Perhaps she could have noticed that the girls were squirming more than the boys, though she would not have known why.

Akamai bit her bottom lip and glanced at the clock. Teachers and students felt the time warp and shift in different ways. The students barely a page into their final looked at the clock that had sped ahead, while others who were almost finished could see the time dragging out for what felt like hours in the next ten minutes.

Miss Elgin had her own time pressures that made the minutes drag by. She dreaded what was to come. But she still felt that drumbeat between her legs, in her tight nipples within their lacy confines.

Why had she worn such a thin bra? Or the blouse the was still “school teacher decent” but she could feel the eyes of some of the students on her. The jocks were more forthright, but looked back down when her brown eyes fixed harder on them. The girls would blush then look back at their papers, fidgeting in their seats.

Her thighs squeezed together. She wore stockings. Not that the students knew that, unless they crawled under her smooth thighs and looked up - and if they did, one of her heels would come down on their face. Under her ankle length skirt, her thin panties, barely more than a triangle covering her waxed bare sex, were already drenched.

She squeezed the stress ball again. Her route was clear. Once class was over, she would have a chat with Sandy -


And she would be an adult. The relationship she had was wrong. She never considered it. Never had she looked at anyone younger than her own 25 years with anything but dismissal. Her last several boyfriends were always older than she was - she remembered with some fondness a man old enough to be her father she had dated before now. She had no interest in children as anything but students, minds to teach about the beauty of Shakespeare, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and other amazing minds of the written word. Not -

Her eyes flickered back to the brown haired boy. Lean, on the border between “boyishly cute” and the handsome man he would become. Nothing to indicate that he was different than the other students in any way.

His blue eyes looked up into her brown ones.


Akamai’s thighs clenched together. The stress ball struggled within her grasp so hard it threatened to pop. She looked away from him. Her panties were no longer just wet.

They were drenched. She drew in a breath, focused herself like she had learned in her meditation and yoga classes. Draw in the breath. Be present in the now. Let it out again.

Her eyes went to the clock, and almost shook in frustration as the seconds ticked by once a minute.

Finally, with five minutes to go, she called out “All right, pencils down. Please pass your papers forward to the front of the class, and the students in the front, please bring them to my desk.”

She didn’t trust herself to rise to her feet. She could feel her nipples so stiff she was certain every student could see her them spiking from under her lace bra and blouse. Her thighs squeezed again as she looked over the room. Just breath. She squeezed the ball again. Breath. You know what you have to do.

The bell rang, and it seemed that the klaxon only vibrated her already sensitive nerves. Her plush red lips opened. She felt certain they could all hear the quaver in her throat. “All right, that’s it. Enjoy your summer vacation, be safe -”

Her words were barely heard as the students all but rushed for the door to get on buses or bikes or rides from parents. Except one student. Who leisurely, casually put his books into his large backpack, far too large and from the way he acted must be weighed down with another twenty pounds of books or other school supplies.

The door closed with a heavy snick. She had already told the janitor that she would handle the cleaning here today, since he knew he wanted to beat the afternoon rush. He had smiled, grateful that another several minutes were shaved off of his time, though she knew he would be back over the next few weeks to finish cleaning and maintaining the school.

“Ms. Elgin,” Sandy said. He approached her. His blue eyes looking her up and down without any reservation that a boy his age would normally have. Not even the most arrogant sports jock or drama king looked at her like what, not when she could see.


She forced her hands onto her desk. “Sandy. I - know I asked you to stay after school today. To discuss - our relationship.”

To discuss our fucking. That I’ve been fucking you. In the school. In my car. In my home in my own bed. I’ve been fucking a 14 year old teenager. Her eyes fell to the groin of his jeans, and she could see the sizable lump there. I’ve sucked you off and swallowed your sperm which I’ve never done before. I let you be the first person to take my ass and it hurt but I did it because every time I’m with you I cum over and over and can’t say no-

She pushed herself to her feet. Heels clicking as she walked to the door. Her instincts telling her to rush - to leave? To stay?

She was panting. Why did this happen to her. No man ever made her feel like this. She lost her virginity at 15 to a boy in college, moaning over her into a condom. Her strict Catholic upbringing had kept her off birth control but she had always used at least the condom as a line of defense against become pregnant before she was married.

Her fingers flicked the door bolt home. Locking them in. The curtains were already drawn, and she flicked off the light. Just the dim emergency lights keeping the room from total darkness, so no one would see the beautiful teacher, her large breasts heaving as she tried to breath. Just breath, just turn and end this -


-forget how often Sandy had pumped his sperm into her. She had welcome every period with a sigh of relief even though her first time it moved the young man to use her ass, her ass while she moaned in pain and orgasm as he flooded her bowels. He had been inside her on her “safe” days (she was not ignorant - she knew no day was truly “safe” for a woman but it was all she had) but even as she begged for his cum, begged for his child her monthly flow had brought some relief that she would not bear the shame of everyone, her coworkers, her friends, members of church, her priest (whom she had never fully confessed her fornication - only saying she had engaged in sex and took her penance without saying it was to a teenager barely old enough to shave), her own family would know.


She turned to Sandy. “I - know we have been - a couple but with the school year over, I - felt - “ She made her way to the desk. Standing over him, her black hair falling around her shoulders. “That we should end our - relationship.” She felt the firm wooden desk press against her firm, plump ass. The wood felt cool through the thin cotton of her long skirt and the string of her panties.

She had to end this with Sandy. It hadn’t helped that she knew she wasn’t the only one. She had heard through the grapevine that a student was pregnant, and Sandy was the father. The Brown sisters had gone from the most religious of students to sluts, and rumor had it that not only were both pregnant but Sandy had dated them just before their moral fall. The idea of this - boy - her boy was not only illegal but some Casanova filling girls with his irresponsible dick made her tremble.

Her pussy squirted. That hard, thick cock that made her spasm and offer anything to him. Anything...

“I guess I understand,” Sandy’s eyes were serious. He reached into his bag, adjusting it before setting it down. “I’ll miss seeing you. I mean -” His hand came up to her arm, touching her bare skin.

Don’t let him touch you. Step away and go home. Just go home.

She felt herself trembling. Not in fear. But lust. Full on Lust.

Her nipples were pink spikes almost level with Sandy’s head and she wanted to jam her chest forward so he could suck them. Bite them. She wanted him to suck so hard that milk gushed our even though she wasn’t pregnant, knew that because her period came right on time at the start of the month.

Her pussy no longer pinged. It banged. But she was going to stay strong. Just turn, get her purse and go. Just go.

Just -

Sandy’s hand slid up her arm. Goosebumps raised on her flesh.His fingers were so certain. “Are you sure we can’t ever be together again?”


His fingers found her lush black hair. Her full lips parted. “Sandy-”

His fingers gripped her hair. A tug. That’s all it took. Just a tug.

Her mouth fell on his. Ravenous. He did not kiss him - she devoured him. Her tongue plunged into this mouth.

Months ago he had touched her right here in this class and brought her to an intense shuddering orgasm with just his fingers. She had fucked him, fucked him bareback - the first time in her life she had felt sperm in her body - and had been completely smitten with this - this boy.

Her hands reached down and squeezed him. Found that thickness that turned her into a helpless squirming mess.

Sandy has pushed her backwards into the desk, and she sat on it. He broke their kiss, gripping the heels and using them to lift her feet into the air. Her skirt fell to her waist as Miss Elgin gripped the sides of the desk as she lost her balance. “Sandy!” Her smooth thighs appeared just past her stockings, her panties dug between her wet lips.

His mouth found her pussy like his tongue was a magnet. Stroking. Flicking. Tracing equations onto her clit and around the tight ring of her sex. She pressed her hands over her mouth. Muffling her cries while he licked her. His first laps of her cunt from months before were now the experienced manipulations of a world class pussy licker.

The pinging turned to alarm bells between her thighs. Her hips beating as she came. The tension of the day focused into sheer need as she spasmed. Her muffled wails as her heels dig into the desk to escape the intensity, then locked around the back of her teen lover as her pleasure spiked again.

Then again.

She moaned his name behind her fingers. Dropping back onto her own desk like a sacrifice.

His lips came away. Her body still gave random spasms as she lay there. He moved around the desk, those fingers used to handling delicate tools prying her hands from her mouth. “Never again, Miss Elgin?”

The long rasp is a zipper brought her eyes into focus. His hard dick throbbed over her face. His balls so full as she inhaled the scent of him. He kept his cock and balls hairless, how she did not know or care as he lowered his sack onto her lips.

Her mouth opened. His hands pushed open her blouse. Into her bra. Squeezing and groping her heavy breasts that made men go gaga and girls burn with either hunger or envy. Her lips surrounded each heavy ball. Sucked at it while she squirmed as hands squeezed and pinched nipples.

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