Grannie's Goodtimes

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Twenty-five-year-old truck driver is seduced by an older woman and is quite surprised where it goes from there.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult   Romantic   Sharing   .

I drove a regular route through the Ozarks and frequently stopped for dinner at a little family-type restaurant. Food and prices were good and I got to know the people who ran it. The boss seemed to be a woman they called Grannie, although I wasn’t sure why. She looked barely old enough to maybe be my mom.

One night the weather looked grim and I was debating whether to drive into the night. Grannie came over and said she’d just heard from the state police that the roads were getting closed. I called my dispatcher and he agreed I’d better wait it out.

My truck isn’t a sleeper so it would be uncomfortable. Good ole Grannie came to my rescue. “You’d freeze to death in that thing. You just come upstairs with me. That’s where I live and there’s plenty of room for you to get comfortable.”

Sure enough it was an attic makeover with sloping ceilings but nice enough ... lots better than the alternative! She showed me the bathroom but there was just one big room with one big bed. I’d slept on pallets on the floor before. Still better than the truck.

When she came out of the bathroom in a robe I offered to help make one. “Don’t be silly! There’s plenty of room in my bed. I’ve slept with a man most of my life. I just don’t have anyone else here tonight but you.”

I wasn’t sure what all that implied, if anything, so I washed my face and took a pee. No toothbrush but she called out that she had a spare and opened the door to give it to me. She was under the covers on her back when I emerged stripped to my boxers. The covers were mounded up quite noticeably just below her chin. When I pulled them back to get in on my side, I got a good look at a big tit with an areolae like a silver dollar and an inch-long nipple.

She grinned as I gasped in surprise, “I never wear nightclothes.” I quickly covered my crotch. I didn’t have a girlfriend to keep me satisfied so it didn’t take much ... and being in the same bed with a naked woman, even if older, was “much”.

She turned out the light and rolled over against me, a big soft breast flopping on my chest. Her hand snaked down to my boxers and slipped under the elastic. “That’s what I hoped I’d find,” she said softly as her hand took a firm grip on my firmness. “I believe in southern hospitality and I haven’t been able to give any for a while. You married or anything?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Don’t call me ‘ma’am’. I’m Myrtle and my body would like to be touched.”

I rolled over to face her and she stuck a tit in my mouth. I caressed her back and moved down to her ample buns as I alternated between nipples. She pulled me up for a kiss that quickly included tongue. She was good and eager.

Her hand was making my dick feel better than it had in quite a while so I reached south too. Her pussy was hairy but I easily found the wet spot and explored it. She muttered soft pleasure sounds as I poked and rubbed.

Finally she pulled me on top with my pecker sticking out through the fly of my boxers. I sank into a glorious place and began the age-old movements. She humped back and moaned as I got her going. I came way too soon but she held me in there and I kept on pumping. She got hers and I got my second. We slept close together.

The bed was empty when I awoke. She was dressed in her work outfit and told me to take my time. The roads were still impassable. I showered and went downstairs for breakfast. The other gal there, Terri, grinned at me knowingly. She took my order saying, “You’d better eat hearty. We are gonna be slow and I bet Grannie will take you upstairs as soon as she can.”

Sure enough, as soon as the meager breakfast crowd was over, Myrtle said, “Nap time.” I followed and this time she gave me the best head I’d ever had. I ate her in return and two more loads satisfied both of us. Lunch was slow and Terri sat down with me.

“I’m glad you’re here. She needed a pick-me-up since her long-time boyfriend died recently. When she comes back I’d like to take you upstairs. I don’t have a boyfriend right now and I’m horny. She says you are quite good.”

I had to consider that but not for long. Terri was in her mid-forties maybe, good looking with tits like Myrtle’s. I’d never had women proposition me before so I would be dumb to refuse the opportunities.

An hour later I was eating Terri’s trimmed pussy and she was squirming with delight. She was tight and active and I put two appreciated loads deep inside her. We talked after the lust died down and I was shocked to learn she was Myrtle’s only child. She was forty-four and had a thirty year old daughter who had a teenage and pregnant daughter herself. I had to ask, “So how old is Myrtle?”

“She’s sixty-one and about to become a great-great-grandmother.”

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed. “I’m not even as old as your daughter. Why are you fucking me?”

“Why not? You’ve got good equipment and skills. Older guys run out of steam too quickly.”

My next question, “Don’t folks around here know about birth control?”

She smiled, “We sure do but we have to prove we’re fertile if we have any hope of landing a husband because kids are treasured. I’ve had two husbands and Myrtle four already. They can’t always keep up with us though. You seem like you might be able to. I’d like you to meet my daughter and granddaughter sometime. You might enjoy them enough to stick around. Oh, I hear Myrtle. Stay here cause she’ll want some more of you.”

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