How Anne Became Popular

by mysteria27

Copyright© 2019 by mysteria27

Erotica Sex Story: Anne becomes super popular really quick.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Group Sex   Anal Sex   Double Penetration   Oral Sex   .

It’s kind of funny how some people become popular. Just last week Anne Johnson was a regular girl. She had a few friends but wasn’t at all popular. She didn’t wear trendy clothes. She wasn’t a nerd or a jock. She didn’t play an instrument or was in a band. She was just a regular person.

Until that really cold day in January. Anne Johnson was wearing Jake Smith’s varsity football coat. He had his arm around Anne and all his friends were walking down the hall with her. She became the coolest chick in a matter of a week.

She was wearing nice clothes, all designer. She was totally made up and carried an expensive backpack. Her hair was cut and styled. Her make-up was done to perfection. She was now the most popular girl.

Nobody understood how she became Central High’s new “It Girl.” How were she and Jake now an item? How was it the whole football team loved her? Something seemed fishy. How could a girl who had no popular friends become the most popular girl? It never happened before.

Everybody at school was thinking the same thing. How does somebody become uber popular in a blink of an eye? Nobody could figure out what had happened. Did a witch come and cast a spell? Did somebody from popular school die?

The entire football team and Jake and Anne all ate together. All the boys gave her so much attention. She was the new “Lisa Jackson.” Lisa was the most popular girl for years. Now Anne was the hottest thing to happen. Even the teachers treated her different.

She was the most popular girl at school. Everybody wanted to be her until everybody in school got the same text message.

“Jake, are you coming over tonight?”

“Not before you do what you said you would?”

“Can’t it be at my house? Why do I have to do it in the boys’ locker room?”

“All the boys need to see what a hot girl does!”


“Maybe you should blow the entire team! That’s the way to be super popular. Everybody needs to see what a hot girl does.”


Jake smiled at Anne. He put his arm around her and gave her a kiss. Everybody saw them kiss in the lunchroom. Jake was the hottest football player. He was so sexy looking and dressed like a hunk. All the girls drooled over him. He and the other boys on the football team all worked out and had nice bodies.

Everybody all got the same text to their phones. Everybody saw how Anne became popular. She made a movie with the football team. A porn movie that was put up on a porn site. It was titled “How Anne Became Popular.”

The movie started out with Anne in a cheerleader outfit. She was on her knees in the middle of the boy’s locker room. Jake Smith has his pants down to his feet. Anne Johnson was holding his cock in her hands and moved her hand up and down his shaft. When his dick was erect, she opened her mouth wide and accepted his cock down her throat.

She made all kinds of cock-sucking noises while she gave him head. He was holding her hair up while she worked tirelessly on his cock. After a while, he blew his load down her throat.

“Fucking hell! That was hot! Can you give Jimmy one too?”


Jimmy pulled his pants down and Anne did the same thing with her hands. She stroked his cock until he was hard and fed it down her throat. She held his balls while she made more cock-sucking noises. He was so excited and came fast.

“Jesus! She’s a fucking pro!”

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