Charli's Rosebud

by James_Steele

Copyright© 2019 by James_Steele

Incest Sex Story: A sneak-peek at his teenage daughter's rimhole within minutes of being reunited leads Ryan into a world of playful teasing he doesn't know how to resist.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   White Male   Oriental Female   Analingus   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

It took a minute before Ryan realized the girl who caught his eye walking through the doors from baggage claim into the arrival area was his fifteen-year-old daughter, Charli. The beautifully built, raven-haired Asian girl was wearing a little fedora cocked at an angle, pulling a rolling suitcase and striding confidently through the doors in a black pencil skirt that looked too short to be practical for traveling in. She was also wearing a matching black jacket that almost made the outfit look businesslike, except for being so revealing, especially with the charcoal grey tank top underneath that showed off a very tantalizing valley of cream-smooth cleavage.

Charli just laughed at the stunned expression on her father’s face and hurried the rest of the way to where his feet felt like they were nailed in place. Ryan knew he was busted. He just hoped his striking daughter would let it pass for a normal father’s surprise at seeing the way his little girl had changed since they’d seen each other. She’d always borne a much bigger resemblance to her Southeast Asian mother than Ryan, but she was more beautiful than her mother had ever been on her best day.

“I missed you sooooo much!” she cried, immediately throwing her arms around him.

Ryan was so happy to see his beautiful girl for the first time in two years that he forgot to feel embarrassed by his initial reaction. He just threw his solid arms around her and hugged her back as tightly as she was hugging him.

“I’ve missed you, too, Charli-girl.”

But then, Ryan couldn’t help feeling overly conscious of the fact that Charli wasn’t wearing a bra under her outfit, and her full, pliant tits were squashing against his firm body as they hugged. But he’d missed her like he’d never missed anyone in his life and the two just stood there hugging for a long time while scores of people bustled around them.

With their arms around each other, Ryan pulled his head back so he could look his daughter in the eye. It didn’t seem possible she could be even more beautiful, but there she was, smiling right back at him.

“I can hardly believe you’re really here. I almost didn’t even recognize you when you first came through the door,” he said.

“I could tell,” she replied with a giggle and a knowing look in her eye.

“You look incredible,” he said, too flustered to think of anything else.

Charli smiled, obviously pleased. “If you think so then I don’t care what anybody else thinks.”

The girl threw herself into another close hug, pressing her face against her father’s broad chest. Ryan was half relieved. His daughter had taken the compliment just the way he meant it, which was the last thing he wanted. At least the hug gave him a minute to compose his addled brain after being caught checking out his own daughter. He hadn’t meant to, but he couldn’t help that she had everything that appealed to him. She was just his type. When he realized it was her it was too late to take it back.

It wasn’t that Charli had changed that much in the two years since Ryan had seen her. It was true her tits and ass were fuller and rounder, and her legs a little shapelier, but the biggest changes were more in her fashion sense and the bright, confident way she carried herself. He’d never seen her in anything as boldly revealing as the outfit she was wearing now. He took a deep breath and told her how much he missed her five or six more times before they broke the hug.

“Let’s get you home so you can rest up from the trip,” he finally told her.

He offered to take her suitcase, but she brushed him off, saying it was no trouble, and she kept rolling it alongside her as he led her out of the building toward the parking lot across from the arrival gate.

“You didn’t bring much with you,” he pointed out.

“Oh, I shipped a couple of boxes, and then, um, I kinda figured you’d take me shopping for other stuff. Like the old days.”

Ryan grinned happily. Taking his daughter to the mall and spoiling her rotten as she damaged his credit cards couldn’t have sounded better. Her mother had always chided him for doing that, but Ryan’s ex had always chided him over the time and attention he always lavished on their only child. Charli had always been a classic daddy’s girl, and the two had been as close as any father and daughter could ever be.

When they got to Ryan’s SUV, he opened the hatch. Again, Charli refused his help, deftly picking up her suitcase and pushing it into the back of his vehicle. The way she handled the sizeable luggage proved she was even stronger than she looked. He’d taken out the far rear seat, expecting to need room for more luggage, and as Charli bent over to shove the suitcase all the way forward, the hem of her tight miniskirt easily lifted over her firm, shapely ass.

He didn’t mean to, but Ryan could see his daughter wasn’t wearing panties. And when she arched her body forward, not only could he see her bare, hairless pussy, but her tight, perky looking rimhole also appeared between her firmly formed ass cheeks as they parted just enough to let it show. His breath caught in his throat. He quickly moved directly behind her, his first thought being that he should block anyone else’s view.

This was a whole other league from the way he’d looked at her coming through the arrival gate doors. Suddenly his whole body flushed with heat. He might have been able to recover from a sudden flash of her pussy, even though it was the freshest, prettiest looking slit he’d ever seen, but the sight of her asshole made his blood boil.

The whole incident lasted no more than ten or fifteen seconds, yet there was something life changing about it. When Charli straightened back up, she almost seemed surprised to see her father still standing behind her yet Ryan could tell she knew exactly how much he’d seen. She just smiled and asked if he was going to take her home now as she pulled her skirt back over her hips and walked around to the passenger’s side.

Ryan shut the hatch and went to get in the vehicle. As he drove out of the parking lot, he couldn’t help wondering how many other people had seen his daughter’s ass or pussy while she’d been traveling. Could she really have made the entire trip in a skirt that short and tight without panties underneath?

On the ride to Ryan’s place in the hills above the local beaches, he and Charli talked as if they hadn’t already been talking every day since the divorce. Yet it seemed there was always more to catch up on. Charli had traveled to the coast to live with her father the second she graduated, planning to apply to colleges near where he lived. It had been a constant topic for them ever since he split up with the girl’s mother and moved. But Ryan couldn’t clear the image of his beautiful daughter’s fresh-looking asshole from his mind. Even worse, the memory of her taut rosebud only brought back the image of her silken pussy along with it.

The girl’s short skirt rode teasingly high on her shapely thighs as she sat in her seat. They were very slightly parted and Ryan was now painfully aware that she wasn’t wearing panties. This wasn’t the way he’d envisioned his reunion with his daughter and best friend in life. He promised himself to take a cold shower at the first opportunity, and then get his head clear and set on rebuilding their close relationship.

But that proved more difficult than he hoped. Heading south from the airport, Ryan worked his way onto the route that followed the coast, wanting his daughter to see the many sights it had to offer. Yet there were long stretches peppered with frequent stop lights where Charli would look out her window and let her thighs drift further apart. As much as there was to see, she was the one sight her father couldn’t get over. Given the warmer weather than she was used to, she eventually squirmed out of the blazer she’d been wearing on her flight and tossed it behind her onto the back seat. Then she took off her hat, too, and tossed it back with her jacket.

She fluffed her silky hair and flashed a bright, sweet smile at her father, who now couldn’t ignore the ripe swell of her tits in her tank top. They weren’t overly large, but so shapely and perky that Ryan had a hard time keeping his eyes on the girl’s pretty face. The thing that worried him as much as the way he was looking at her was the way she just kept smiling back at him like she either didn’t notice or didn’t mind. And he knew she had to notice.

When he started to tell her about the room he’d had set up for her for almost a year already, it was as much an attempt to distract himself as her. The girl smiled brightly and put her hand on her father’s leg.

“I’m really glad I’m finally here, Dad,” she told him. “I can’t wait to see my room. Everything just feels so perfect now. No one’s ever been so good to me. Or so ... loving.”

Ryan smiled and put his hand over Charli’s on his leg and gave it a light squeeze. In turn she squeezed on his thigh muscle. She kept her hand where it was all the way to the next traffic light, where he took the opportunity to look at and admire his beautiful girl. She smiled back at him, and with her jacket off it seemed like her out-thrust tits were the most perfect pair he’d ever seen. He somehow managed to keep eye contact with her, though, despite the fact that his cock was swarming heat and threatening to grow. Her hand was mere inches away from his crotch, only making matters worse.

When the light turned green again he took his hand back for driving, but Charli left hers on his leg. She wasn’t wearing a bra under her top and her tits wobbled heavily with the motion of the vehicle. And it wasn’t long before Ryan’s cock began to respond. He ground his teeth in desperation and hoped it wouldn’t grow long enough to bump his daughter’s hand. Yet there was a part of him that kept hoping it would. What’s more, he had a strong suspicion the girl wouldn’t mind.

There were plenty of shops and places to eat along the way, and Ryan asked her if she wanted to stop anywhere before they got to the house. Charli said she was excited to have him show her everything, but it had been a long flight.

“If you don’t mind, I’d really like to see my new room and maybe relax on that gorgeous beach you keep sending me pictures of,” she told him.

“Anything my baby girl wants,” he replied with a loving smile.

“Oh, so I’m your baby girl now?” she giggled.

“You always have been and don’t you forget it,” he quipped.

“Hmm, and what happens if I do, Daddy Dearest?”

“You’re never too old to get spanked, young lady.”

“Promise, Daddy?”

The smile on her face when she said it looked so sweet and wicked that Ryan’s cock twitched in his pants, still mere inches away from the girl’s hand. He made an attempt to just laugh it off like it was nothing but a joke, but in his mind he couldn’t help seeing his daughter’s naked, luscious ass just like it was when she bent into the rear of the vehicle, offering those tightly rounded cheeks up for Daddy’s open hand.

When they reached the house, Ryan pulled into the driveway without pulling the car into the garage. This time he insisted on getting Charli’s suitcase, and she didn’t argue. She was standing close to him while he pulled it out of the back.

“Thank you, Daddy,” she told him almost shyly.

It almost seemed that now that they were home she was turning more into the Daddy’s kitten she’d always been.

“Welcome home, baby girl,” he told her, putting his arms around her and hugging her even tighter than they hugged at the airport.

He showed her around the ground floor first, which was open and spacious. They went out onto the wide deck on the back of the house overlooking the beach below and Charli gasped in surprise the moment she saw the view.

“Oh my god it’s amazing,” she cried, once again throwing her arms around her father in excitement.

They held the hug for too long and Ryan very nearly kissed her supple mouth. But he broke up the hug before making such a crazy mistake and took her upstairs.

At the top of the stairs there was a large bathroom on the left. On the right was Ryan’s bedroom. It was also large and well appointed, but he’d only just moved into that room from the master bedroom a week ago. The master bedroom was even larger and had windows overlooking the beach. He’d enjoyed it for the time he used it, but he wanted to give his daughter something really special.

Ryan showed her the other room at the back first. It had been meant as a bedroom, but he’d converted it to an office. Then he opened the door to Charli’s room, and the girl gasped excitedly when she saw the large, bright room with such an amazing view. There was even a desk with a brand-new computer, a couch and easy chair, a huge bed and even its own bathroom. Charli was stunned.

Ryan watched his beautiful young daughter stare in awe for a moment, then rush in and jump backward onto her big bed, causing her legs to rise up before flopping back down. The movement caused her tight skirt to bunch around her hips and Ryan saw the flash of her bare pussy when her legs went up. But when they came back down her skirt was still bunched high enough to expose her smooth mound, and she did nothing to rearrange her clothes. She just let her bald pussy show openly as she gazed at her father with an excited looked.

“Oh, Dad, it’s amazing!” she cried. “But why don’t you have this room? It’s obviously the master. So it’s supposed to be for the master of the house.”

Ryan just smiled, forcing himself to keep from staring at the most perfectly formed pussy he’d ever seen. He admitted that he’d been using it until a week ago, and that he just wanted his favorite daughter to have something special. Besides, he was doing a lot of his work from home these days, and his office windows allowed him to enjoy the same view.

Charli giggled. “Your favorite daughter? Dad, I’m your only daughter.”

“That doesn’t matter,” he told her. “You’re still my favorite.”

As he looked at her lying there on her bed, he realized that the last girl he’d had with him in that room had looked a lot like her. In fact, the majority of the girls he dated since his divorce looked like Charli: young, pretty, dark-haired and sexy. But none of them compared to her.

She finally got up off the bed and went over to him, hugging him tightly. Ryan put his arms around her, fully aware that she still hadn’t bothered to pull her tiny skirt back down. Her bare pussy was practically pressing against his leg, and he was in more danger of getting hard now than any time since he saw her at the airport.

“I love you so much, Dad,” she sighed against his chest.

“I love you, too, baby girl. I just want you to be happy here.”

“Oh god, I want to live here forever.”

“That sounds perfect.”

Ryan broke the hug before his cock ended up throbbing against his newly arrived daughter’s body.

“Why don’t you get settled and we can go out for something to eat if you want.”

“Can we do that later? I’m dying to go check out the beach.”

“Whatever you want, Princess.”

She giggled when he called her the name he used to when she was little. She leaned up and kissed him on the cheek, and Ryan backed out of the room before he lost his mind and kissed her the same way he’d kissed the last hot young woman he’d had in that room.

He went down the hall to his own room to throw on a pair of shorts and a T shirt for the beach. Then he went downstairs and waited for Charli. He couldn’t help thinking about the careless way she kept flashing her ass and pussy. She had to know how much her father could see. Either she was doing it on purpose or else just didn’t care.

Being alone in the kitchen area of the mostly open ground floor, he heaved a sigh and gave his tingling cock a quick fondle through his shorts. He made himself stop, though. It didn’t make any sense at all to let himself get hard for his own daughter. She hadn’t even been home for an hour and already his brain was spinning. Charli was there to stay, and he was going to have to find a way to coexist with the hot young vixen that happened to be his one and only daughter without having to fight off a hard on every time she flashed her amazing cleavage or peach-smooth pussy.

It was a problem he never anticipated, but there had to be a workable solution. There just had to be.

Ryan hadn’t been seeing anyone for at least the last month when he became intent on making changes around the house to make Charli happy. He wanted her to like it there enough to stay as long as she wanted. The best solution seemed obvious. Get together with Rita or Kaylee, two of the girls he’d been with in the last few months and hope they hadn’t started seeing anyone regular, or else get together with someone new to get some relief for the tension that was rapidly building for his daughter.

Yet Ryan didn’t want to start bringing girls home so soon after Charli’s arrival. And he couldn’t imagine what his daughter would think if she saw Rita or Kaylee and how much they were like her. Ryan knew it wouldn’t look good.

He was no closer to thinking of a solution when Charli came downstairs to be escorted down to the beach. She was wearing a big yellow T shirt as a beach cover. It didn’t cover any more of her shapely legs than the skirt had, although it was a much looser fit. Ryan couldn’t tell what kind of swimwear she had on underneath, even though he tried.

“Ready?” he asked, forcing himself to look her in the eye.

The fresh-faced girl was smiling at him and nodded. Ryan took a few seconds to grab an extra-large beach towel straight out of the drier which was in the small laundry room built into the garage. The door was right off the kitchen so it was an easy grab. He led Charli through to the back of the house, onto the deck where there was a set of stairs down the slope onto a path that led down to the beach. There were still a couple of hours of sun left for the girl to enjoy her new environment.

Ryan had the towel around his neck and stood by while his daughter yanked off her T shirt, exposing herself in a strikingly skimpy, white bikini. He couldn’t help admiring her openly, and she responded with a pleased smile. Then she spun on her heels and ran toward the water. Her father’s eyes were trained on the flexing of her firm, shapely ass. She shrieked when she ran into the water, obviously surprised to feel how cold it was.

Her father stood in the sand watching her. She didn’t go too far into the water, but just far enough to dive in and swim a little. Fortunately the waves weren’t tossing her too much, but it wasn’t long before she quickly rose back up to her feet and practically ran back to where Ryan was standing. Her tits bounced so enticingly as she ran, and her body was only that much more erotically appealing soaking wet. Even worse was that her bikini became slightly transparent when it was wet, and her father was hopelessly entranced by the sight of her thick, swollen nipples and the telltale shade of her areolas showing through the V shaped strips of material containing her luscious tits.

And with the bottom being so snug and skimpy, Charli’s camel toe was strikingly visible. Ryan was practically holding his breath by the time his daughter got to where he was standing.

“Oh my god, the water is so cold!” she exclaimed.

“You’ll get used to it,” he said, smiling and wrapping the big, warm towel around her shoulders. It was a relief to cover the girl’s lush, young body with the towel since Ryan didn’t think he could go on looking at her much longer without developing another inconvenient hard on. His daughter was just outrageously sexy by any standard. He couldn’t imagine being the only father in the world with a daughter as beautiful and sexy as Charli, but at the same time he realized he could never love any girl as much as he loved his own.

Charli snuggled under the towel and then up to the front of her father’s body. He shifted the towel around to her shoulders and let it drape down the back of her body while she curled up to him. Her barely covered body was damp and pressing snugly up to him. It might not have been so bad but the sun was getting lower so the air was starting to cool down too.

“Good thing I’ve got a hot dad to warm me up,” the girl said as she mashed her tits against his body.

Ryan felt much too good, and he shouldn’t have started running his hands over his daughter’s back through the towel. She folded into his embrace, pushing her tits against him until her mounds were mashing into him. She turned her face and rested her cheek against him while he hugged her closer, his hands on her body through the towel. At the moment, he couldn’t imagine why he thought about trying to see some other girl. It suddenly seemed unimaginable. How could anyone else be as beautiful, sexy or loving as his own baby girl? The logic of it was completely out of whack, but it made sense to him there on the beach as his cock began to grow thick and full of tingling as he held his bikini clad daughter.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” he told her softly, letting one hand slip dangerously close to the swelling curve of her ass.

She didn’t say anything at first, just let out a faint mewling sound against his chest. “Me too, Daddy,” she finally said. “I haven’t been able to think about anything else.”

Ryan just heaved another sigh and let his hand slide over one of his daughter’s firm, rounded ass cheeks through the towel draping over it. He held it in place around her shoulders with the other hand, and when he gently squeezed her ass, Charli uttered a contented whimper. His cock was steadily growing bigger and hotter inside his shorts, to the point where there was no way she couldn’t feel the swelling organ bumping against her body.

She moved, rubbing her father’s aroused cock ever so slightly. The movement was so subtle it could’ve been an accident, though Charli couldn’t avoid feeling her father’s growing arousal. Ryan’s mind was in a spin. As much as he couldn’t imagine wanting another girl, it was just as crazy to imagine wanting his own daughter. But from the moment he spotted her in the airport, and that insane moment she bent into the back of his vehicle and exposed her delectable rimhole, he felt like he was on a collision course with his own lust and desire.

Then her body moved against his cock again. It was more deliberate this time, and Ryan knew it had to be on purpose. How could his teenaged daughter actually be encouraging him? Trying to be logical, he finally pushed away from her.

“Maybe we should get you back to the house and into a warm shower,” he deflected, forcing a casual smile. “We can get you warmed up and dressed for dinner. If you want to go out we can go someplace nice.”

Charli looked at him with a loving gleam in her eyes. “As long as it’s us I don’t even care,” she told him.

They walked back up to the house and in the back through the deck, the same way they’d come out. Ryan’s cock barely had a chance to go down as they took the steps back up and then inside. The evidence of his arousal was obvious as it bounced and strained against the front of his shorts. There was no way to be discreet about it, but since Charli had definitely felt his cock pressing up against her, Ryan didn’t bother making any effort to hide the obvious. His daughter didn’t say anything, but he caught her checking out his bulge a few times, a coy smile gracing her supple lips.

Ryan stayed outside on the deck overlooking the beach while his daughter went upstairs to shower and change. The sight of her supple, pouty lips as they curled up into that not so subtle smirk in response to his bulging cock kept lingering in his mind. If she were any other girl in the world besides his daughter he’d be kissing those lips right now. He’d be clutching the firmly rounded cheeks of her ass and pulling her body against his needful cock.

But thinking like this was only making his erection worse. With a moment of privacy on the deck, he squeezed his cock through the material of his shorts, remembering the way Charli looked running back toward him in her wet bikini. He massaged his shaft and sighed, knowing he shouldn’t be thinking of his daughter that way. But then he thought back to the way she’d bent into the back of his vehicle at the airport and revealed her tight, fresh-looking asshole. He couldn’t help imagining touching her taut little rosebud with the tip of his tongue, pulling her luscious cheeks apart and licking her until the ring was wet enough to slip his finger inside.

Then he just tried to shake it off. She was living with him now and he couldn’t afford to give in to the kind of daydreams he shouldn’t have. Not about his own, insanely sexy daughter. He was just going to have to get used to his new reality, which shouldn’t include cock-hardening fantasies about rimming his daughter’s delectable asshole or fondling her amazingly firm tits.

As hard as his cock was, he was dying to jerk out a load to give himself some relief and help him think straight, but if he started masturbating to thoughts of his daughter when she’d barely been in his house a couple of hours he would only end up in deeper water than he already was. It seemed like the best thing he could do was go upstairs and take a cold shower.

He went straight up to the hallway bathroom. It was going to take some adjustment to get used to using that one after having the one in the master bedroom all to himself, but deep down it felt good to spoil the girl a bit. It made him feel good to love her the way he wanted without her disapproving mother getting in the way. Besides, she deserved it.

Ryan stripped down and got in the shower, running the water just cool enough to let his swollen cock relax and calm his lust-addled nerves. The water felt refreshing and quickly took the edge off his body’s barely controllable needs. Yet he couldn’t stop thinking about the luscious girl just down the hall in her own bathroom probably just as naked in the shower as he was. Everything he’d seen and that had happened so far that day were just the tip of the iceberg of having Charli move in with him, and he was just going to have to find a way to cope with it. And fast.

He finished his shower quickly and toweled himself dry while he thought about where to take Charli to dinner. He wanted to take her someplace special. Wrapping the towel around his waist, he left the bathroom to go across the hall to his own room to get dressed, but he stopped short the second he set foot in the hallway.

Charli was standing there in a daringly brief, white tank top and panties that made her bikini bottom look prudish by comparison. The front of her panties barely covered the full shape of her smooth, young pussy mound while the top emphasized the proud jut of her shapely tits.

The exquisite girl giggled briefly when she saw the stunned look of surprise on her father’s face. He realized his instant inability to make eye contact was obvious to her as he scanned the tantalizing shapes and curves of her ripe, young body. What kind of father must he be, he wondered, realizing he’d been gazing at the girl like he needed to fuck her as much as breathe from the first moment he spotted her in the airport. The fact that she caught his eye like had before he even had a chance to recognize her only proved his fear that he’d want her badly if she weren’t his daughter. But she was his daughter, and he wanted her anyway.

“Is everything okay, baby?” he asked, forcing his eyes to stay on her face. “Is there anything missing from your room?”

Charli was smiling knowingly. She obviously didn’t mind letting her father know she liked his dirty attention.

“Oh everything’s fine, Dad,” she replied. “You did a great job stocking the room with girly necessities. I was just wondering about dinner, though. You said maybe we’d go out, but I don’t have much to wear on a date until my boxes get here. Or, um, if you took me shopping.”

Ryan couldn’t help smiling at the not so subtle hint. “Since when does dinner out with your father qualify as a date?”

“Since forever, silly.”

“Hmm, in that case, we can go shopping first thing tomorrow. I can’t have you going around without enough outfits to wear.”

Charli giggled, making her tits wobble slightly in her skimpy top. Ryan’s cock started to grow thick with heat again. He started to wish he’d jerked off after all, then maybe he wouldn’t be getting hard in front of his daughter again. If he didn’t escape to his room pretty quickly he was going to have a very obvious rising bulge in his towel.

“Mom would say you were spoiling me, you know.” Her eyes drifted toward the lump in the front of his towel. He was definitely starting to grow and she didn’t even bother trying to hide her satisfaction at the visible result.

“It’s none of your mother’s business. You’re under your father’s roof now and we can do what we damn well please.”

Charli actually blushed a little, and Ryan realized he should have chosen his words more carefully. And the way she kept looking at the front of his towel was only making his cock grow faster.

“That’s all I’ve ever wanted, Daddy,” she said, her voice a little bit husky.

Ryan just wanted to escape to his room. His cock was once again growing obvious and giving away his deepest secrets.

“We can just have dinner here,” he finally said. “I’m sure I can manage to cook something passable.”

“That’s sweet, Dad. But I was thinking I’d make dinner. You just relax and let your baby girl do all the work.”

“My baby girl?” His cock twitched visibly under the towel.

“Of course, Daddy. Always.”

Then she came closer and leaned upward for a kiss which landed on his mouth. It was quick, and she then turned away to go back to her room. As she turned, her hand brushed quickly over the cock bulge in his towel. It might have been an accident, but Ryan really didn’t think so. He stood there watching his daughter walk down the hall to her room, the cheeks of her ass fully exposed by her thong panties and flexing with a tantalizing sway as she walked.

Ryan rushed into his room as soon as Charli disappeared into hers. He ripped off the towel and immediately started stroking his fully aroused cock. Visions of his irresistible daughter flashed through his mind while his fist gripped harder and pumped faster. The way she looked and acted just now outside the bathroom had him throbbing harder than ever. He kept thinking of the way her luscious tits were practically falling out of her tank top and the way her obscene little micro-thong made her pussy and ass look so inviting. Before long, he was spurting burst after burst of cum into his towel.

Afterward, Ryan felt relieved and worried at the same time. Charli had barely moved in and he’d already pumped out a load to lewd thoughts a man should never have about his own daughter. He lay down on his bed and took a deep breath. The girl had obviously enjoyed getting him aroused, and he basically did nothing at all to discourage her. Logically, he knew he should have felt guilty about his feelings, but he didn’t.

That didn’t mean he was about to push the situation any further than it had gone already. Except for the quick, accidentally-on-purpose brush of Charli’s hand across her father’s rock-hard cock through his towel, everything else was really pretty harmless. It was nothing but some affectionate fun between a father and daughter who loved each other very much and were just excited to be back together again.

Ryan didn’t want to let any negative doubts spoil his happiness at having Charli move in. He just smiled to himself and took a few more deep breaths, and before he knew it he was dozing.

It was hard to know how long he was out of it, but it was dark in his room except for light from the hallway through his open door when Ryan became conscious of Charli gently shaking his ankle.

“Dad, dinner’s ready and it’s gonna be cold if you don’t get up,” she was saying as he opened his eyes.

She was wearing the skimpy tank top she had on when they’d talked in the hall after his shower, along with a pair of stretch denim cutoffs.

“Oh, thanks for waking me up, baby. I didn’t even realize I dozed off.”

“Yeah, guess not. Guess you probably didn’t realize you were dreaming, either.”

Ryan caught how she nodded toward his fully engorged cock jutting up against his lower belly. He was still naked from the shower, and the towel was lying in a small heap next to him. He immediately knew the proper thing to do would be to grab the towel and drag it across his achingly swollen cock to cover it up, but he hesitated. Even in the dim room, there was a twinkle in Charli’s eye as she gazed at her father’s long, thick rod, and Ryan couldn’t help liking it. Besides, was there really much harm in just looking? Especially since Charli seemed to be enjoying the view as much as her father enjoyed giving it to her.

“Yeah,” he finally replied, “wish I could remember what it was.”

Charli snickered. “If you remember whatever it was then you have to tell me.”

“We’ll see about that,” he replied with a cautious smile. Then he grabbed a corner of the towel and dragged it across his body to cover his pulsating cock. Leaving himself exposed much longer would’ve been asking for trouble, as if he hadn’t stepped further over the line than he already should. The girl’s braless tits were showing obvious nipple erections in her thin top, and that was only making the throb in his cock even worse. “Guess I should dress for dinner,” he added.

Charli flashed him a bright smile and turned to go, saying, “Hurry up, Dad. Come get it while it’s still hot.”

Then he watched the intoxicating sway of her tight, shapely ass in her form-fitting shorts as she left the room. Ryan just wanted to pump out another load, but jerking off to his daughter every time she wore something skimpy around the house didn’t seem like a very good solution to his new situation. He’d just have to think of something else.

Throwing on a T shirt and loose pair of drawstrings, Ryan didn’t bother wearing briefs and went downstairs with his cock in a much more relaxed condition.

Charli had managed to put together a wonderful dinner out of some pasta and a few odd items she scavenged from Ryan’s poorly stocked refrigerator. She had set everything out on the table on the deck in back of the house, and they sat down and had dinner with a view of the moonlit beach.

During dinner, Ryan almost forgot about the sexual tension of the day while he and Charli became focused on catching up with each other and talking about all the things they could do and places they could go now that they were living together. Ryan even stopped looking at the girl’s tits so much as they wobbled enticingly in her tight, revealing top. Yet they were always there at the edge of his consciousness.

After they finished eating they took a long walk together on the beach and continued talking about the future. They hadn’t gotten very far by the time Charli snuggled up to her father’s side and he draped his arm around her. He never felt so good having a girl on his arm in his life. His cock was swarming with sensation, but he did his best to ignore it and keep the conversation on what life was going to be like for both of them now. He brought up the subject of places where she might like to go to school for a degree.

“You could go anywhere,” he told her. “I’ll make sure you get what you want.”

Charli snuggled tighter to her father in response, putting both arms around the middle of his body as they kept walking. They were a good half mile away from the house by now.

“I don’t even want to think about going anywhere,” she said. “I only just got here and I’ve missed you more than you can even imagine. The last thing I want to think about is going away.”

“I don’t mean now, but sometime you might change your mind.”

“Just forget about that. I’m never going anywhere ever again.”

Ryan hugged her tighter. He loved hearing her talk this way. “I guess there are plenty of great schools right nearby if that’s what you decide to do.”

“Whatever. As long as I can stay with you forever.”

Ryan chuckled. “I’m sure you won’t want to do that.”

Charli stopped walking, halting their progress, and stood directly in front of her father.

“You have no idea. I hated being so far away from you and I hate Mom for doing everything she could to keep us from being like we used to. I’ve had a lot of time to think about things, Dad, and I don’t care what you think but I just wanna be with you forever.”

On that, Charli slipped her arms around her father’s body and hugged him tightly. Her face was pressed against his chest and her barely contained tits mashed into his body with nothing but a couple of thin layers of fabric in between. He slipped his arms around her, too, resting his hands on the bare, lower curve of her back.

“That sounds perfect, baby, but sooner or later I know you’ll want to be on your own.”

It felt better than it should have to hold Charli’s shapely young body so close. Ryan felt himself rapidly heating up with a deeper feeling of love than he’d ever felt for anyone in his life. At the same time, his cock was beginning to stir with tingling heat. If he didn’t let go of his daughter she was going to feel him grow hard right against her body. It was one thing for her to spot the bulge in his shorts like she had earlier, or catch him naked and hard on his bed after grabbing an unexpected nap, but rubbing his aroused shaft between them was just crazy. But he didn’t want to let her go. Holding her in the dim light on the beach where no one could see made it feel like they were in their own world with only their own rules to follow.

“No, Daddy, that’s not what I want. Just tell me you love me forever, okay?”

“I love you forever, baby girl,” he replied instantly. “You know I do. I hope you know I always will no matter what.”

“Are you sure, Dad? No matter what?”

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