The Strawberry Patch - Bonus Story - My Wives

by Writer Mick

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Erotica Story: Several readers have asked about the three wives of The Strawberry Patch, Lynn, Erin and Blossom O'Dell. So I wrote a little flash piece and here they are, described by their husband Mick O'Dell. There is no sex, that is saved for the books.

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The Women In My Life

Let me tell you somethings about the wives in The Strawberry Patch. They are, all three of them, my personal fantasy women. If you haven’t read the first two books then you really don’t know much about Lynn, Erin or Blossom. So here is a bit of information about the wives of The Strawberry Patch.

Lynn O’Dell

Let’s start with my first wife, Lynn O’Dell. I call her my first wife because she began to open me up to dating again after a very long period of celibacy after my second divorce. I wanted nothing, let me say that a little more strongly, I WANTED NOTHING TO DO WITH WOMEN!

Then Lynn came along. You can read about what happened in the first few chapters of The Strawberry Patch Book 1. Lynn brought me back to life. Her voice and her green eyes drew me in. Plus, the fact that the head on her 5’4” body was totally, and permanently, bald from the effects of an experimental cancer treatment. She also had this wonderful tattoo of leafy vines that began at her left ankle and wound around her left leg and across to her right butt cheek before wrapping around her torso, and moving up between her breasts. At the top of her breasts they split up went around her shoulders to her back, then up the back of her neck to form a beautiful crown of vines and flowers around her head.

Her heart was huge, her breasts are a full ‘B’ cup, and she has a full, bright red bush of pubic hair, that we lovingly called her strawberry patch.

Lynn’s best feature, in my perverted little mind is her butt. I can hold each cheek in a single hand. It is tight, firm and compact; and when she walks in a dress it causes the most sensuous swish and sway. When she is in dress pants it moves the same with a slight change but in jeans the change is huge.

The change is that when she walks in pants each cheek rises and falls about three to four inches. Her butt is extremely active and attractive, and it demands the attention of everyone who sees it. I cannot walk past her, regardless of her state of dress or undress without touching her butt in some manner. In private or in public, it demands my immediate attention. Besides, she says that she loves it when my hand brushes her butt when we walk in the grocery store or when we play with the kids in the park or yard.

As I said before, Lynn’s breasts were a very nice ‘B’ cup, that is until I got her pregnant. Then they filled out her bras and grew to somewhere between ‘B’ and ‘C’. Is there a B½? She has Irish white skin and her nipples are a wonderful rosy pink and are about the size of my pinky finger when fully aroused. We found out after the first pregnancy that she can feed an entire herd of babies with the milk she produces. It is uncanny! She enjoys nursing any of the babies and her spouses.

The Strawberry Patch is impressive enough that I named the book after it. She has a bright rich red bush of tightly curled pubic hair that camouflages a nice clitoral hood and a small pink button that can extend out about ¼ inch when it really gets excited, and it always seems to get excited around her spouses. Her internal labia are slightly outside her external. When she bends over they protrude out behind her like a blossom surrounded by soft red moss.

Her tastes and aromas are interesting. The taste of her pussy being a bit salty and coppery and the aroma being only slightly strong. If you had your eyes closed, you could not tell that your nose was a fraction of an inch from her sex.

She has the kindest heart and due to her past, she has a compassionate outlook on life. Also due to her past she is extremely suspicious of strangers and anything having to do with the government. We found out the hard way that we love and can trust each other implicitly. I know for a fact that we would take a bullet for each other and that we would kill to protect each other.

I was getting ready to ask her to marry me and to be happy with one last wife when Erin popped into play.

Erin O’Dell

Erin owns “The Bar-Bar”. It is a karaoke/biker bar that I love. Erin is 5’10” and curvy. Oh hell, she is stacked and has an ass that just makes me die. It is soft and pillowy and I love to cuddle up to her naked bottom in our quiet times. She also has the largest breasts I have ever encountered in person, and they are real! One day as a joke, I put one of her bras on my head and it pulled down, it covered my ears like a nice winter wool cap. The last time I asked her, Erin said that they were a 42 GG.

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