Ground Rules 2

by Tasty Little Pop Tart

Copyright© 2019 by Tasty Little Pop Tart

Erotica Sex Story: This is a sequel to Ground Rules. I strongly advise you read the original story. Though Ground Rules 2 is a stand-alone story, Ground Rules contains many details not explained fully in Ground Rules 2. Michael has an ability which lets him suck other boys with impunity. On his way home from a failed outing, he encounters six boys in a white sedan. He invites them home, much to everyone's surprise. This story is strictly a gay fantasy. It was written strictly tongue in cheek. Read with caution.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt   Consensual   Reluctant   Gay   BiSexual   Humor   Extra Sensory Perception   Incest   Brother   Spanking   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

(Saturday, September 22, 2018, 2:14 a.m.)

Michael eyed his rear end in the mirror. It fucking hurt like a bitch. The livid overlapping handprints had his entire bottom scarlet. He couldn’t believe how much it hurt.

“You explain this to the guys in gym class Monday morning,” he complained. Of course, his rear end couldn’t do anything but sting, not that it mattered. His psycho-sensory field took care of that issue.

“I need the aloe,” he muttered. That went without saying.

Leaving the bedroom naked, he crossed the hall to the bathroom. The green bottle sat on the counter, the pump dispenser urgently signaling Hello. Most likely, it had never seen such a blistered bottom before. Michael applied a year’s worth of lotion to his stinging rear end. God, it fucking hurt!

David got so carried away. Taking over for Josh, he’d held Michael firmly on his lap and wailed on his defenseless bottom. Michael had kicked and screamed and struggled and cried like a 6-year old. Or a newly-minted freshman, whichever sounds better. Both boys spanked him a 150 times each, without mercy or pause. Michael had chosen the number himself. What a fool, he thought.

David and Josh had left. He’d brought them to Henry Gossage’s condo for the precise reason the empty apartment afforded: the pair could blister his bottom in complete privacy. Henry boasted on the expensive apartment’s sound-deadening qualities. Michael certainly hoped so; he’d die of embarrassment to know anyone heard his bare-bottomed spanking.

“Why do you do this to yourself, asshole?”

Why, indeed.

Michael was 14 and three weeks old. He stood 5’1-1/2” tall and weighed 96 lbs. He was the smallest boy at Lutheran High School. He also had the smallest penis of any boy in school, a pitiful 3-1/4” long, achingly erect. He’d spent a lot of time erect tonight. He’d swallowed 2 big mouthfuls of sperm, but hadn’t ejaculated a drop of his own. He probably wouldn’t, not this late in the morning. Why the fuck had he let David get carried away like that? He returned to Henry’s bedroom, to brood.

Since returning from Ocean City two Sunday’s ago (well, two Sunday’s ago, tomorrow morning), he’d spent every night possible with the handsome young attorney, sucking his cock 3 dozen times. Last Friday night/Saturday morning, he’d sucked Henry 6 times, in all. He’d never sucked a schoolboy like that, not even close. Henry flew to Denver last night, with a return booking for Monday evening. Michael missed him fiercely.

The building across from Henry’s stood just at the limit of his influence. Michael generated a psycho-sensory field. It extended outward from his position approximately 100 feet in all directions. Within this sphere of influence, anything Michael did with the field activated would be later remembered as a dream. Josh and David tonight, anyone witnessing him naked from across the parking lot would simply forget in the morning. He used this ability to suck his schoolmate’s cocks. He’d developed the ability at puberty, but it wasn’t needed with Henry. Henry loved having a boy suck his cock. Michael could be 12 years old, for all Henry cared. He’d still enjoy his pubescent mouth.

Michael hadn’t expected to remain a virgin this long. He thought certain that Dylan, Logan, Connor and Sean would take him in turn 2 weeks ago at the timeshare in Ocean City. Doggie, or on his back on the couch, it never happened. Once he, Sean and Connor sucked Logan and Dylan to orgasm together, Sean stole him away to the small bedroom they shared.

“I’m fucking drunk,” Sean had complained. The time was 12:56 a.m. Michael and Sean were pleasantly drunk. The boys lay naked under the sheets, fondling each other’s delicate testicles. Neither had suggested they get busy with anything else.

“I thought I’d be on my knees right now,” Michael observed, “getting my butt plugged by The Three Mouseketeers. Why’d you change your mind?”

Sean reached for his half drank Heineken. After getting a loving, three-schoolboy-blowjob, Logan had ran out for beer The boys waited until he returned 29 minutes later to start on Sean’s brother. Michael wasn’t sure how glad Dylan was to have Sean fellate him with two other boys between his thighs. Sean admitted to having qualms of his own. Dylan had still cum in his mouth.

“I want you to myself,” Sean said. “I’ll do you doggie, don’t worry. Maybe I’ll let you perform a little ATM on me afterwards, who knows?”

Michael laughed. ATM stood for something different than Automated Teller Machine in sexual parlance. Michael often wondered how ATM would taste. He’d seen enough girls do it in videos. His favorite was Sub Slut, an English subbie with an incredible asshole and mouth.

“You really do look only 12,” Sean teased. “Admit it, Michael: you’re a 6th-grader!”

Michael muttered something unintelligible. He’d make Sean--or whomever had the temerity to crack another age-joke at his expense--suck off a Doberman. He laughed softly. “I certainly have the penis of an 12-year-old,” he grumbled.

Sean grasped the penis in question with his free fingertips. “Don’t be stupid! Small or not, it belongs to you, and I like it just fine.” He laughed, and then grew reflexive. “I don’t think Dylan’s too happy right now.”

Michael could empathize. “Im sure he never imagined his little brother sucking his cock.”

“That’s not all I did,” Sean responded, dully.

The embarrassment of swallowing hot sperm was something Michael knew well. He’d swallowed that of 17 boys since the day of his 14th birthday. He’d sucked Henry, his adult baby-sitter, making the total count 18. Sean was his expected 19th. He rightfully expected that no other boy at Lutheran Hugh School came close in the swallowing department.

“He could have stopped you, Sean.”

“I could have stopped me too, dammit! I wanted to suck his cock.”

Michael wondered what Sean would make of his blistered behind. It was Sean that had laughingly suggested the idea, theorizing that a submissive could experience nothing more daunting and emasculating than spankings over the knees of multiple older boys. Michael alternately suggested they be spanked together, with 15-year-old Connor taking punishment with them if he so chose. It never happened, of course, not to Michael. David and Josh were his substitute disciplinarians; juniors at Lutheran High School, rather than college students.

You must be out of your mind, he thought angrily.

He missed Sean. You ought to text and invite him over, he thought. Let him see where his playful suggestion had led, a 14-year old with an impossibly bright ass. It ached fiercely, despite the aloe.

He’d kissed Sean then, more seriously than earlier in the morning. He’d never kissed a boy before, although it appeared that Connor had. Logan had also boned Connor’s ass, a natural next step in the evolution of a fudge-packer. Expectedly, Logan enjoyed the bonings more that Connor did. He’d made his bed, though, as the saying goes.

Sean said: “I never actually asked this: have you ever taken it up the ass?”

“I’ve never been spanked, either,” Michael retorted. “Which am I more like to get tonight, a boning, or a spanking, Sean?”

Sean laughed. He suggested his brother and Logan take their behinds together after the spankings, possibly sharing them as well. Michael thought that possibility had merit. “I like the thought of us experiencing everything together. Like twins.”

“Queer-ass twins,” Sean quipped. It was then that Michael logically ruled out anal sex with his twin brother. Performing 69 was expected, but twins--especially 14-year-old boys--deserved big cocks up their asses while side by side on a bed. Michael broke the news, and Sean agreed. “I want us doggie, holding our butt cheeks apart to get the deepest fucking cock we can, dude.”

“Mmmm,” Michael agreed. He kissed Sean more intently. “I like being twins.”

He held Sean’s gaze a pregnant moment. “You should let Dylan take me first, though. Spank me first, too. Let him thrash the impudent little 6th grader--9th-grader!” he corrected himself, chagrined. “Who hijacked your birthday weekend. Take all that frustration out on my ass, inside and out. You know I crave the emasculation, anyway.” He laughed. “I couldn’t help but notice that Logan relished the mouth of his best friend’s little brother glued to his cock. It’s not a coincidence you got his mouthful, Sean.”

Sean rolled his eyes, then grimaced. “Two mouthfuls in one night. I never considered doing anything queer--never! Tonight I sucked two cocks, and not just any cocks, mind you: my brother and then his best friend! I’m as queer as a pink daffodil, Michael!”

Laughing, Michael kissed him again, carefully slipping Sean’s erection into his hand. He stroked the shaft slowly, feeling the shiver run down Sean’s spine.

“We gotta 69, Michael,” Sean whispered desperately. “I need to suck your cock!”

Michael laughed at his anxiety. “I’ve sucked so much cock, you’ll never catch up, Sean.”

“And now I’ve been spanked so hard I cried like a fucking baby,” he muttered in Henry’s bedroom.

Turning off the light, he laid face down on the bed. His tail felt like the site of a bee sting convention. What possessed him to let David and Josh lambaste him 150 times each, with no mercy? He couldn’t possibly suffer a humiliation worse. “Fucking hell,” he mumbled.

He’d collected the boys just after 10 o’clock. Neither looked confused to be headed to a stranger’s apartment in company of a 14-year-old boy. Under influence of his field, they’d remembered Friday night two weeks ago. They’d certainly enjoy reacquainting his mouth with their cocks.

“So, dude ... want to suck us in the truck?”

Michael sat between them on the bench seat. The offer was tempting, but he shook his head.

“You’ll like it much better at the apartment, David, believe me.”

Josh took Michael’s hand and placed it over his crotch. “Big Fellow wants, dude.”

“I want Big Fellow too,” Michael responded, laughing. He moved his left hand to David’s crotch and squeezed. Josh had the bigger erection, but he liked David’s better. David was smooth and pink, while Josh had a distinctly scary looking monster, 7” long. Michael associated that cock with a rapist.

“So, tell me about this lawyer dude, dude.”

Michael explained how he’d met Henry on the way home from David’s house 2 weeks ago. “I spent the weekend in Ocean City with 4 other boys--”

“What?” David demanded. “What are you doing with 4 other guys? You didn’t blow them, did you?”

Michael had, but he chose to continue his revelation about Henry.

“He’s a younger version of my math teacher, Mr. Diggins. I’ve wanted to suck Mr.Diggins’ cock since--”

“Diggins?” David cried indignantly. “Trig Mr. Diggins? Are you kidding! I hate that fuck!”

Josh snickered. “He gave David straight D’s last semester, Dude.”

“Don’t suck his dick then,” Michael retorted.

David barked laughter. “I wouldn’t let you suck his fucking dick, asshole! Does he know you’re only 12 years old?”

Michael gasped in exasperation. “Will you stop? We agreed no more age jokes! I’m sick of hearing how old I look, dammit!”

“Don’t don’t let that phase you, squirt. Diggins likes 14-year-old’s as much as little boy lips.”

Josh guffawed and hi-fived David across the seat. Michael fumed. “I’ll turn this car around right now and take you fucking home!”

“You’re not driving, asshole.”

“That doesn’t matter. And I might not even blow you if you keep calling me ‘asshole’, asshole!” He folded his arms in a snit. David and Jason laughed.

“Dude, how old do you want to be?”

“14 years, and 3 fucking weeks,” Michael grunted. “What it says on my student ID.”

David and Josh both laughed again.

At the condo, Michael led the boys through the lobby to the elevator bank. Henry lived in 14C, six floors from the top. David and Josh were as impressed with the roomy condo as Michael was 2 weeks ago. Henry brought home a bundle. His Porsche SUV had caught Michael’s eye at the intersection. Discovering Henry behind the wheel was just hitting the jackpot. He guessed that Henry had enjoyed his mouth a dozen times more than anyone else, ever. The two closest-anyone else’s, really.

“What a fucking place!” David plopped down on the couch and immediately slouched. “I know what you see in your sugar-daddy, dude!”

“Wanna beer?”

“I want your mouth. Right here, right now, asshole.”

Josh laughed as David jabbed a finger at his crotch. Michael rolled his eyes and queried Josh.

“Yeah, man, a beer would be nice. What kind you got?”

Both boys grinned at the word Heineken.

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