My Life

by Mixerman

Copyright© 2019 by Mixerman

Fan Fiction Story: This story came from a blog on this site. She approved it. This is what came out of my head. It is all Fiction.

Tags: Ma/Fa  

CLANK! Went the jail cell door.

Well, you really fucked up this time! Giving out $10 blowjobs to get money to give to a Billionaire, so I could build a fucking online farm, and a kingdom. I guess I will never learn. Should have listened to my SO when he gave me advice back in the day when my life had order. But NO! This pig headed person was too good to take advice. Fuck, it was my free time and I was harming no one. FUCK! FUCK! FUCKITTY FUCKING FUCK!!

Next morning, I was woken by the guard and saying I was free to go. Your bail was posted. Who the fuck knows about this? Get outside the jail and there is my SO. SHIT!! Of all people!

“Listen Anne, what you do is your thing. BUT if it ruins my reputation and my name in the Army, then you can find yourself in the sandpit! You got that!”

“Yes Sir!” Anne replied.

“Now why don’t you just give this shit up? I mean you gave up on a marriage, and he seemed like a nice guy. Then you find a nice girl and you FUCK that up! You gave up drinking, smoking. You have changed yourself around, and I have to hear about you being arrested for giving out $10 blow-jobs! Goddam girl, I had to promise the civilian judge to give your ass to me so YOU could do another 3 years in this Army. I told him it would be the best punishment for you.”

“What the fuck?!? 3 more fucking years of Army shit! I have 3 months left and then I am free of you.”

“Anne, shut up and listen to me! Your 3 year tour will be in the reserves back home in California. One week-end every month and 2 weeks every year. Also I know the commander of the unit you will be serving with. He is like me. Strict but fair. So the choice is yours, 3 years in the reserve or 30 days in county jail AND a dishonorable discharge.”

“FUCK!! You have my ass over a barrel and I guess it would be in my best interest to do the 3 years of reserve.”

“You hungry Anne?”

“Do bears shit in the woods?”

So we stopped and got some take out and went and talked.

“Anne, tell me why all this, this shit is happening?”

“It all started over in the South Seas, sir. On base there was a gaming hall. At first it did nothing for me. But after a few weeks of boredom I gave a slot machine a pull. 5 cents in, and $2 came out. Put the $2 back into the machine and left the club. The next weekend went there again and hit the machines again. I won almost $20! So I walked over to one of the tables and laid down a $5 bet and won! What a fucking rush it was. Walked out that night with over $40! But then we went on duty. Someone told me about some games and downloaded them on to my tablet. I played them! Was up BIG TIME! Over $200,000!!! But the money was not real, but the excitement was real! I was hooked.”

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