Ground Rules

by Tasty Little Pop Tart

Copyright© 2019 by Tasty Little Pop Tart

Erotica Sex Story: Michael has an ability letting him suck other boys with impunity. On his way home from his latest outing, he encounters four boys on the way to the beach. He decides they should take him along. It turns out a good decision for everyone involved. Note this story is strictly a gay fantasy with no redeeming qualities. It was written strictly tongue in cheek, and will offend many straight readers, and every single homophobe out there, LOL. It was so much fun to write, though.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/mt   Consensual   Reluctant   Gay   Heterosexual   Humor   Extra Sensory Perception   Incest   Brother   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   .

Saturday, September 8, 2018, 12:14 a.m.

Michael had never sucked two boys at once. It was harder than he thought. Not that Michael had issues sucking cock. On the contrary, he loved a cock in his mouth. He loved swallowing even more.

Josh came first. Michael gave him the full attention of his mouth, moaning in pleasure with every spurt Josh delivered into his throat. He hated the taste of cum, but swallowed every drop, regardless. Josh’s deposit was safe with him. As David’s would be in just a few moments.

Josh and David sat side by side on the bed. They were best friends, 11th graders, Josh enjoying an impromptu sleepover at his friend’s. Michael kissed the tip of Josh’s big cock and asked: “Did you like that, big guy?”

Josh laughed. He’d just been masturbated, sucked and brought to orgasm by a freshman boy. Barely a freshman, as school had only started 3 days ago. He wasn’t sure Michael was even 14. He looked as young as 11 years old, a bloody 5th-grader. Michael was small as any boy in school.

“Ever had a boy suck you before?” Michael asked. He wasn’t prepared to relinquish Josh just yet. He really liked Josh’s cock.

Josh shook his head.

“What about you, David? Been sucked by a boy before?”

David shook his head, also. “I like it though. I’ve never been sucked like you sucked me, Michael. How old, are you, anyway: 11 or 12?”

Michael groaned. He’d turned 14 last week, but was constantly mistaken for a 6th-grader. He hadn’t actually acclimated to being a year older than he was a week ago this time, still thinking himself as 13. That would change soon enough, he figured.

“I’m 14! I’m a fucking 9th-grader! We attend the same school, for Christ’s sake!”

“David’s right, though, you know: you suck like a girl,” Josh said.

“Better than a girl,” David argued. “Any girl that’s ever sucked me, anyway.”

Michael wondered who those girls might be. “Ever been swallowed before?” He moved from between Josh’s legs and grasped David’s cock. He was slightly smaller than Josh, but esthetically more pleasing. Michael loved smooth, pink cocks.

David rubbed his head. “You gonna swallow me like you did Josh?”

Michael stroked him lovingly. “Do you want me to swallow you, David?”

“I want to know why you’re naked,” David, said. “In my bedroom on a Friday night, sucking our cocks and swallowing our cum, Michael.”

Michael laughed in embarrassment. A fair question, though. “Being naked when I suck an older boy makes me feel monumentally queer and submissive.” As though kneeling between a boy’s thighs sucking his cock wasn’t monumentally submissive enough. “You didn’t answer my question, though.”

“I’ve never been swallowed before,” Josh confessed. His erection had wilted to half-erect now. Michael wanted to suck it again. He stroked David, instead.

“I beat Josh off into my mouth. Like this...” He demonstrated how with David’s head between his lips as he purposefully stroked the thick shaft. David shuddered and moaned.

“That feels so good. I’m so glad you like to suck me, Michael.”

Michael kissed the tip of his cock in appreciation, and then kissed it multiple times all over. Boys liked nothing more than having their sensitive heads lovingly kissed. Michael guessed that made him ultra queer.

“You won’t remember this in the morning, unfortunately,” he said.

David frowned. “I won’t?”

Michael shook his head. “You’re asleep. Officially, your brain considers this a dream, so when you wake up, it mostly goes away. You’ll think I sucked your cock in a dream.”

“Fuck!” David complained. “That blows!” He laughed at his pun. Sobering, he admitted: “I guess that’s okay. Will you suck it again? Tomorrow night, maybe?”

Michael wouldn’t, but he asked regardless: “Would you like me to?”

David laughed. “Fuckin’ A! I can’t wait to come in your mouth, Michael! Tomorrow night, I’ll cum in it twice!”

At 2:08 a.m., Michael headed home. On the way, he stopped an unsuspecting motorist at the intersection of Wilhelmina and Travis Avenues and sucked his cock in the front seat. The man looked very much like his new math teacher, Mr. Diggins.

“You look no older than 11 or 12,” Henry commented as Michael suckled his head. “How old are you, Michael?”

Michael ignored the question and fondled Henry’s huge balls.

“I’ve never had a 12-year-old make love to my cock before. Certainly not in the front seat of my car. How old are you, really, Michael.”

Michael distractedly told him 12, but didn’t bother correcting himself. Let Henry think he was 12. Let him think he was 11, he didn’t care.

Arriving home just after 3 a.m, Michael locked his mom’s Volvo and undressed going up the walk. If anyone saw him, that was just tough. He liked being naked.

Michael stood 5’1-1/2” tall and weighed 96 lbs. He was the smallest boy at Lutheran High School. He also had the smallest penis of any boy in school, a pitiful 3-1/4” long, achingly erect. He’d spent a lot of time erect tonight. He’d swallowed 3 big mouthfuls of sperm, but hadn’t ejaculated a drop of his own. He probably wouldn’t, not this late in the morning. Why the fuck had he stopped and sucked Henry, anyway? He sat down on the stoop, naked, to brood.

What he wanted, was to suck a younger boys. A week past his 14th birthday, maybe he finally could. He supposed a few boys in school fell into that critical 7 day category.

The rules governing age were perfectly clear at SOL: no one below age 14 could engage in sexual relations. SOL’s moderators would reject the story out of hand. Just as Michael could never talk about anything sexual that occurred before last week. The ground rules were clear.

He burped. He wiped his mouth. Three loads of sperm in his stomach tonight, 4 short of the all-time record. He could think about the record setting night, but I can’t retell it.

Sperm left a horrible taste in his mouth and throat. He compared it mentally to battery acid, hot and slimy. He couldn’t understand his compulsion to swallow the awful stuff. It was so horrible. Not to mention queer as Freddie Mercury’s infamous tank tops. He shivered, loosing warmth in the cool air.

Michael generated a psycho-sensory field. It extended outward from his position approximately 100 feet in all directions. Within this sphere of influence, anything Michael did with the field activated would be later remembered as a dream. Josh and David, Henry Gossage, and anyone witnessing him naked right now would do whatever Michael wanted. He used this ability to suck his schoolmate’s cocks, and those of a few chosen adults. He’d developed the ability at puberty.

He fingered his cock. Glancing across the street, and then up and down the block, he spreadeagled his legs and stroked the short shaft. Though he’d been naked outside a number of times, he’d never masturbated on the front stoop before. It turned him on immensely and embarrassed him in equal measure. No telling who might have an eye on him out a window right now. The field prevented anyone from acting on the observation, however, such as grabbing their trusty cell phone or calling somebody to join them. But anyone watching would see exactly what he did. Splaying himself wider, he fondled his miniature testicles with his left hand and stroked with his right. “You need to stop this right now,” he grunted.

Headlights appeared, and a moment later the vehicle responsible. It came from the east, rumbling slowly down the street on huge black tires. Even before resolving the outline, Michael guessed the make and model as a Hummer H2. The color was banana yellow with a black removable top. The field amplified all his senses, including the 6th. He jumped up, and ran down the sidewalk to the curb.

“Pull over!” he ordered the college student behind the wheel. His passengers included a classmate of the same general build and coloring, a high school junior, and a boy his own age. “How old are you?” he asked Sean in the backseat.

Sean blinked. “14?”

“Is that a question?”

Sean chuckled sleepily. “I just turned 14. Today’s my birthday, in fact.” He looked at the dashboard clock. “Well, it will be in just about 10 minutes, anyway. We’re on our way to the beach. It’s my birthday present, dude!”

Hallelujah! Michael thought. He’s younger than me, and 14 years old any minute now! He frowned. “Where’s your parents?”

Sean slowly blinked. “At home. Dylan’s taking me down.”

Michael looked at the driver. “You’re Sean’s older brother?”

Dylan eyed him uncomfortably. “You’re naked dude, did you know that?”

“Who’s your buddy, there?”

Dylan glanced over at Logan. “He’s my roommate. Conner back there is Sean’s best friend, aren’t you, Connor?”

“How old are you, Connor?”

“15.” He was younger than he looked.

Michael looked at his house. “Jesus, I don’t believe this.” He vacillated. He vacillated some more. He really wanted to suck Sean’s cock. Connor’s too. Dylan and Logan, what the hell. Dare he take the chance?

“Fuckin’ A,” he muttered.

It was just after dawn when Dylan pulled up before the timeshare in Ocean City. The time was 10:20 a.m., now. Michael turned to face his sleeping abductee. Sean wore boxer shorts and a white t-shirt. Michael wore a borrowed t-shirt and boxers. Sean had loaned them without question. He liked being in Sean’s underwear and t-shirt, and in Sean’s bed. “Wake up, sleeping beauty,” he whispered.

Stretching, Sean yawned loudly. “Man,” he said softly. “What time is it, Michael?”

Michael checked the clock. “10:22 a.m. You want to get up, or do you want to stay in bed and sleep?”

“What a stupid question,” Sean said, snuggling in against Michael. “I want to stay in bed with you and fuck.”

Michael snorted and said no. They slept, snuggled together until 3:40 p.m. “I have to go to the bathroom,” Sean complained.

“So do I. Want to go together, or alone?”

Sean grabbed Michael’s hand and crossed the hall to the bathroom.

The condo was a 3-bedroom, 2-1/2 bath floor plan. It lay north of the boardwalk on 69th street, a block west of Coastal Highway. Sean had requested the smallest bedroom, wanting the intimacy of the narrow space. With the window facing north, Michael instantly agreed. The less sunlight the better.

He’d blown Dylan, Logan and Connor on the way down. He wanted to sleep with his virgin partner once they arrived. So far, he and Sean had shared a single chaste kiss, and the double bed.

“Go together?” Sean asked.

Michael wanted to see his penis before deciding that. Sean pulled it free through the flap in his boxers. Michael fell instantly in love.

“You were naked outside your house,” Sean observed as they stood side by side and emptied both bladders. “You left your clothes on the front stoop of your house, dude. You came all down here, nude.” He laughed. “You blew my brother, Logan and Connor completely nude.” He glanced at the back of Michael’s boxer shorts. “I saw your asshole, dude. Actually, I saw it quite a bit while you were sucking Conner. I wanted to touch it.”

That embarrassed Michael. He changed the subject. “How big are you erect, Sean?”

His friend shrugged. “5-1/2”. That okay with you?”

“That’s absolutely okay,” Michael agreed. “Perfect, in fact.”

Sean shook his cock over the bowl. “How’d you like sucking my brother and his friend?”

Michael tucked away his penis. “Connor, was better, by a long shot. Boys my own age are always better, Conner.”

Sean said: “I’m younger than you, Michael ... does that matter?”

Michael laughed softly. “You have no idea how happy I was to find out today was your birthday, Sean. I wish you were two years younger than me, or three or four. I want to feel the humiliation of sucking a boy that’s really younger than me.”

Sean shook his head. “You are some weird dude, dude.”

Michael laughed and washed his hands. “Make me take off my clothes, Sean. Make me do anything you want me to do. I’ll be completely submissive for you, and your pansy little queer boy.”

Sean laughed. “How queer?”

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