Her Biggest Sex Problem

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Woman complains that she can only fuck one guy at a time. Her boyfriend helps her out but he can't handle her biggest problem.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Sharing   Gang Bang   Pregnancy   .

Suzie had big tits and furry pussy which loved, and really loved, cock. She hadn’t been born with smarts nearly as big as her bosom so her hormones drove an awful lot of her decisions, much to the delight of the horny guys that crossed her path. Her boyfriend matched her intelligence. He was so besotted with ready access to her female goodies that he did whatever she asked which often was to find more cock for her when his dick ran out of juice. She liked him so much for his support that he got the most and the best pussy of his life and discovered it was still great even when well plundered.

Sure she loved fucking around with guys that she knew, but gangbangs were her special events. Having one cock after another slide in her juicy pussy, rub their unique shapes on her sensitive tissues, and shoot their hot cum deep inside, hoping to impregnate her, which she hoped wasn’t at all likely, was the thing that gave her the best orgasms. When all the fun was done and she spread her legs for her boyfriend, she loved that he would tell her how sexy all that fucking made her and then add his sperm to the billions that were already there. She felt so damned female!

Suzie was a cunt. She knew it and that was okay with her. Most of the time she was happy with boyfriend’s dick and a few others diddling her, but every now and then she needed to blow it wide open. It often wasn’t even the same guys that were pumping her pussy but that didn’t matter. The only thing that counted was how many cocks and how many comes were shot deep inside her cunt.

That was her sex problem. She didn’t really separate her personal self from what her pussy did. It was the wild and crazy sex times that defined her as a person but that really wasn’t very satisfying in the long run. She stuck with the same boyfriend because he seemed to understand her and support her and was there after all the other guys had cum and gone.

Suddenly that all changed. She was pregnant. No telling who or exactly when. Not even a guess as to the skin color since she enjoyed them all. When the hormones hit and she began the puking, sex was NOT on her agenda. Some women get hornier as the pregnancy unfolds. She went the opposite way and didn’t even want to look at a dick. No way was she going to take the abortion route either.

Her boyfriend bailed when the sex supply was cut off. Her fuck-buddies avoided her, scared they’d be tapped as responsible. She couldn’t hold down a job and she’d been living with the boyfriend so when the rent was due she had to go somewhere else. But where?

The older man next door had visited with her at the laundry room and helped her carry groceries and so on. When he saw her sobbing quietly as her clothes dried, he asked what was troubling her.

When he found out he simply said, “You will come live with me. I have room and would enjoy your company. It is lonely living alone.”

That brought on a flood of tears but, as she explained to him, they were from the first joy in a while. She hugged him and he realized the magnitude of her bosom. When their laundry was finished he went to get her few belongings.

Fred was a father figure and got her to a clinic to get her some prenatal care. A visit to a thrift shop enlarged her wardrobe to suit her enlarging body. Certain household duties were made her responsibility so she felt like a partner in this new relationship.

In the middle of the second night she was there, she came from the couch where she was sleeping to his bed and said she needed to snuggle. She only wore a tshirt and panties and he had begun sleeping in his boxers instead of the usual nude. When she pressed up against him, Fred got a boner, something that had not been woman-induced for years. When he tried to hide it she reached in his fly and held it gently. “I’m glad you like me. Let me make you feel good. She bent down and gave him the first blowjob he’d had in ages. They both slept well.

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