Safe Harbor

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: A new career unfolds for an early-retired businessman. He never expected what happened but couldn't be happier. Either could a lot of benefiting women.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Rape   Romantic   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   Nudism   .

Tom made a lot of money and retired from the fast-paced and sometimes brutal business world in his early fifties. That had cost him a wife more than a decade earlier. His personal and sex life had been opportunistic at best, usually quick and short liaisons with businesswomen who might or might not be married. Now he could spend time in his big house and pursue hobby interests, or so he thought.

He had a favorite girlfriend, Georgia, a sixtyish divorcee who picked up on his needs when the hobbies he took up ran thin. She’d been through that phase and knew he needed to do something meaningful with his life. She volunteered at a women’s shelter that was discreetly located near his neighborhood. It needed more good male examples for its counseling and rehab work. She took him to meet the staff and he was interested. Nice to be wanted for something more than your money!

As they went back to his big and now lonely-seeming house, Tom had an idea. Georgia was her usual horny self so they had a fun shower together. She was quite the tennis player and her body was toned better than some fortyish wives he’d bonked. After slaking their lust they sat in the back yard, soaking up rays with their naked bodies. “Georgia, I noticed that the shelter has a waiting list because of limited spaces for residents. I’ve got three extra bedrooms here. Would it be possible for me to house some clients?”

She thought that was a great idea and they talked through some of the details before going back to bed for another fuck. She would speak with the director in the morning.

It took several conferences and the shelter’s lawyer to get involved but it would work. He would provide room and board for up to three women who were cleared medically and psychologically, generally well along in their rehab program and making good choices. The Shelter would pay for food only and the residents would be responsible for cooking, cleaning, and minor maintenance. Wow, it would be like Tom had three live-in maids!

Before two weeks were out, a new issue popped up. One resident got under his covers in the middle of the night, saying she needed comforting. He used to sleep nude but now wore undershorts in case he had to get up quickly. She snuggled with him and he went back to sleep, only to be awakened a short time later by a hand fondling his erection, then a mouth engulfing it. Whoops! He wasn’t supposed to do this. How to handle it hadn’t even been discussed.

He said gently, disengaging the talented mouth, “We’re not supposed to have sexual contact.”

She begged, saying she hadn’t been laid in six months. The best he could offer was using his fingers to get her off with touches to her nipples and clit. They would speak with her counselor in the morning, he promised.

The counselor was sympathetic and said she’d confer with their lawyer. Had Tom ever considered become a sex surrogate? He admitted he didn’t even know what that was so she showed him a website for the International Professional Surrogates Association. He lit up, “That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for! I’ll pursue it immediately.”

With the client’s therapy progress quite advanced, a release was drawn up, his vasectomy and sexual health was checked, and she got her wish three times a week. Her therapist noted major gains after that and knew it was a good decision.

With no limitations for time or money, Tom became certified in the least possible time and proudly showed off his certificate to Georgia, his current residents, and the shelter staff. Georgia heard comments from a couple of staff women that they’d like to have his attentions themselves.

From now on, women who are assigned to his place by counselors will have needs he can assist with. Case files and actions plans would be shared and developed with staff.

His first such woman was Gwen, in her late 40s but looked a lot older, who was a recovering meth addict or “crack whore”. Her rotted teeth were fixed and she was gaining weight back. She was most concerned about Tom finding her attractive and not just physically. As she met with Tom and her therapist, she sat with head bowed. “There have been so many men who have done things to this body you don’t even want to know about. I don’t deserve the attention from such a fine man.” Tom moved over next to her and put his arm over her shoulders, “What is past is done. I have had many instances in my past where I did things I am not proud of now but none of that is relevant here. What matters is what we do with the present and I want to make yours better.” She gave a great sob and buried her head in his shoulder. The therapist smiled.

That night, Gwen came to Tom’s bed, the ultimate gesture that she was fully accepting this. Bracing herself for penetration, she was surprised with prolonged foreplay and finally realized that she had to invite him inside. That was almost foreign to sex as long as she could remember. He saw tears on her face when he loved her gently. She couldn’t orgasm before running out of energy the first time but Tom didn’t ejaculate either and they held each other until he tried a spooning position, novel for her. This time she relaxed enough for arousal to build and she moaned so loud she was embarrassed.

For the next two days she was like a starving animal and he carefully noted her words and actions, a bit clinical but he was enjoying the helping even more than the always-pleasant squirting of his juices in an eager cunt.

As the therapist noted, the turn-around was dramatic and she now fully supported the use of surrogates. Another issue that was expected to develop was emotional attachment to the surrogate. That is where coordination between the therapist and the surrogate was quite important.

With Gwen calming to a normal lust level, Tom was ready for another challenge. He was introduced to Twila, a 32 year old mom and her 16 year old daughter Melody who had been seduced and dominated and then abused by a phony preacher to the point of being pimped out to “congregants”. Twila’s husband had rescued them and the couple were in therapy together but Melody needed some too.

Gwen was introduced and they took to each other, both having been abused. Melody’s therapist worked with Gwen and used her as an example of recovering. It was no secret that she and Tom were enjoying sex on a regular basis and that was considered to be an inspiration for the younger woman.

After a while Melody indicated she was ready for Tom’s attention. He moved gradually and gently, skillfully getting her comfortable with affectionate time with a man, a big contrast to the crude and often painful experiences which were the only ones she’d ever had. She had commented when she heard Tom and Gwen coupling that Gwen’s sounds seemed to be those of pleasure. Her mentor rolled her eyes and said, it certainly is when it’s done right, and Tom does it right.

When she gotten comfortable with pleasuring orally, she told Tom, “I think I’m ready.” He put her on top, so she could feel in control and she tentatively rubbed herself along his hard shaft for a bit, feeling the lubrication oozing out of her before she rose up and inserted the head. When that felt okay she began moving up and down, going deeper and deeper each time until he was fully embedded. He had been gently holding her breasts and she leaned down and kissed him for the first time. When that escalated into wet kisses, she began the instinctive thrusting. Tom held still, letting her set the pace. When she had her first orgasm with a man inside her, he felt tears fall on his chest. She laid on him for a while and he kept himself erect, promising even more to her. This time she whispered, “take me” and they rolled over without disengaging. She stared up at him with a smile and her hips rolled in synchronization with his penetrations. She didn’t orgasm again but smiled as she felt his spurting inside her. Her husky, “thank you, thank you!” was the best thing he could have ever heard from her.

Melody stayed with him a month, exploring lots of things about being a woman who was cared for. Gwen was still in residence even though her therapy was finished. She had no place to go but had found a job and was saving up money so she could get her own residence. Tom enjoyed her company, help around the house, and her times in his bed.

One of the therapists, an unmarried woman, confided to Georgia that she was very impressed with Tom. She was having difficulty finding a good partner to practice that which she provided therapy for. Having normal needs, she was desirous of his services on a friendly basis but there were some professional constraints involved since they both worked with the same clients. She did ask him if he might attend a conference with her in the future. He picked up on her desires and told her he thought that could be very interesting. She started looking for one immediately.

“Tom, I am so proud of you!” said Georgia as they were lounging in his bed on a Sunday afternoon. “I can tell how much you like your new profession for more than just the pussy you get. It makes you feel so good to be helping other people with their lives, doesn’t it?” He nodded. “I’ve got a possible opportunity to get some of that good feeling myself. There is a 75-year-old neighbor of mine who is unable to get out without assistance and he just isn’t meeting any women although from the way he looks at me when I visit with him he’d sure like to. I guess since I’m not a professional, it would be a ‘mercy fuck’ as they’ve been called. If I have any issues with him I’d like to come to you for advice.”

He assured her he’d be glad to help and wanted her to know that he was proud of her in reaching out to help others. He looked forward to her progress reports.

Time went by and Tom’s house gradually filled. Georgia still saw him on weekends and he was pleased with the reports he got about her older “friend”. This man had not only become a decent lover but was putting much more energy in rehab so that he could go out and have his own life. Gwen was on her own now but insisted on visiting him on weekends. She had not found a man that she would accept as a lover, claiming that Tom had “spoiled” her. He thought it was probably because she was in love with him. He cared a lot for her, but if he was going to live with anyone it might be Georgia.

He was not a young man and it took a lot of his energy to deal with the residents who needed his physical and emotional support. He didn’t screw every one of them, that being more than one man could probably handle, but there were enough that he was never horny, especially with his weekend visitors.

He was delighted when Gwen said she’d found a good candidate and brought him to be “interviewed” by her mentors who made it quite clear that somebody was watching over her and she’d better be treated well. The Sunday visits stopped but they did hear regular reports from her that good feelings were developing with this man.

Georgia cut her older man loose when he found a serious relationship. It had been fun and she’d proven herself so she didn’t need to do it again, she told Tom. He realized how much their feelings for each other had matured through all of this. Their times together were great on many levels. How many lovers could you talk to about the other women you were fucking? Her lust level was modest and she enjoyed long slow intimacy which she could always find energy for. As they spent more and more time together during the week, he began to realize that having her live there might be a reasonable idea.

“Georgia, I don’t recall either of us expressing any interest in being married again but I tremendously enjoy your company and wondered if you’d considered being here full-time. It would save you living expenses and, although I might not always have sexual energy left after my surrogating, I’m sure you’d get enough of that. Snuggling close to you on the nights that you stay over feels really really good to me.”

Her whoop of joy caused one of the women residents to look in the front room to see what was going on. She saw Georgia wrapped around the master of the house, kissing him wildly. Although she was not one that he had sex with, she did feel some twinges of envy. Maybe that was a good sign since she’d had some very negative thoughts about men.

Tom had some news for Georgia. “My nephew Billy is going to come and stay with me for two weeks. He’s so shy and nerdy that I bet he’s a virgin. If he appeals to you, I bet you could have fun doing something about that. I’m going to be pretty busy with two women here so wouldn’t be in your way.” George indicated she sure would check him out.

The woman who had seen them in the living room had talked to her counselor and decided that she needed the surrogate. A middle-aged woman named Fern was well along in her therapy already. The two of them were expecting sex with Tom every day at this point except Sunday, which he claimed was the Sabbath, or a day of rest.

Georgia’s skills soon had the lanky Billy having a great time between her legs. Once she broke through his shyness he became enraptured with her. When she got in bed with Tom, both of them were fucked out so they just snuggled and talked. By the end of the first week Georgia was having to put the youngster off a bit, wanting intimate time with Tom.

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