Friendly Summons

by Spherical Spoon

Copyright© 2019 by Spherical Spoon

Fantasy Story: Hannah is interested in Emily, and tries to summon a succubus to help her, but is it actually a succubus?

Tags: Fa/Fa   Magic  

Emily gasped, and used her arms and hands to cover herself as best as she could. She tightened her crossed legs even more, but she could only do so much. “Wh-what are you doing? Put that away!”

Hannah glanced at phone screen, and back up at Emily. “Look,” Hannah said. “You don’t show up on the screen.”

Hannah aimed the phone camera at Emily, who winced and wound herself a little more tightly together. Hannah pressed the screen with her thumb, and the shutter sound played across the suddenly quiet room.

Emily sobbed. She collapsed to her knees, buried her face into her palms, and said, “I hope you’re happy now. I bet you’re going to post that on the Internet, you monster. Oh, what will my friends say? What will my parents say?”

Hannah fiddled with the phone, and took a few steps towards Emily. Emily looked startled and backed up quickly using her hands and feet. Hannah stopped a few paces before the chalk line, and turned her phone around towards Emily.

“See,” Hannah said, as she squatted down to be at eye level with Emily. “You don’t appear in the photo.”

Emily peered at the image on the phone, and crawled a little closer to have a better look. The image on the screen showed the basement wall, the shelves behind her, and she could even make out the far edge of the chalk circle. But, true enough, Emily wasn’t in the photo.

“You could have snapped that photo before I got here,” Emily retorted.

Hannah shrugged, and thought for a moment. She thumbed through her phone a little, and said, “Here, let’s take a selfie.”

Emily gasped, and scrambled back a few feet.

Hannah pointed to the phone’s screen. “You’re not in the image,” Hannah said. “Have a look.”

Emily looked, and was puzzled. She could see Hannah clearly in the camera image, but it was as if Emily herself was invisible. She started waving her arms around, but the camera image still didn’t show her.

“What kind of trick is this?” Emily asked. “Did you do something to the phone?”

Hannah gave a small laugh. “Me? You know I can barely use it for basic things.” Hannah stood up, walked a few feet to where a bundle of items were strewn on the floor, and put her phone down among them. “Now, will you admit that you’re not Emily?”

“Of course I’m Emily! Who else could I be?”

Hannah eyed Emily from top to bottom again, who winced and blushed. “Well, you sure look like Emily,” Hannah said. “But, you are the succubus I summoned. Admit it!”

“A what? You did what? Are you crazy?” Emily replied. “I knew you were into the occult stuff, but I never expected you would try something crazy like this.”

Emily picked herself up from the floor and walked closer to Hannah. Emily continued, “We’ve known each other for a few years now. We work together on the fifth floor of the glass building in downtown. Remember when the company moved to the new office, you told me you loved the view of-”

Hannah cut her off and said, “Stop. You must have gotten the information somehow. Maybe from the real Emily, or from my brain or something.” Hannah touched her temples with her hands, as if to check that they were still present.

Emily opened her hands wide and said, “How about the time we went clubbing together? Gosh, it must have been a year ago now. You told me you only drank appletinis, because it reminded you of home or something.”

Hannah covered her ears with her hands. “Stop it, I don’t know how you’re doing it, but stop it.”

Emily dropped back down to her knees and covered her face with her hands. “Why won’t you believe me? I’m Emily! Why would you do this to me?” Emily repeated those lines over and over semi-coherently as tears flowed out and her body shook with each sob.

A dark look came across Hannah’s face. “Enough. Let’s get on with it. I summoned you here, demon, for a purpose.”

Emily’s crying subsided somewhat. She raised her head to look at Hannah, and periodically wiped away the tears and snot from her eyes and nose.

“I have a crush on Emily, the real Emily,” Hannah began.

Emily’s eyes opened wide, and she started to speak, but closed her mouth again, waiting for Hannah to continue.

“However, I don’t think Emily feels the same way, or even swings this way. So, I need you to invoke lust in her, or something,” Hannah continued.

Emily opened and closed her mouth a few more times. Finally, she cleared her throat, and stood up. Emily looked Hannah in the eyes, and said, “What makes you think I didn’t feel the same way? I was too shy to initiate anything, but you never asked me out! I thought you were going to say something when we went clubbing, but you didn’t! Anyway, what you’ve done here has killed any feelings I may have had for you!”

Hannah narrowed her eyes, and said, “I said enough. Stop pretending to be Emily. You are the succubus that I summoned. Admit it.”

Emily grunted and stomped her foot. “I am Emily!” Emily charged towards Hannah with closed fists, but she hit an invisible barrier at the chalk line. “What-?”

Hannah chuckled. “Of course I would have the wards in place. Now, are you going to cast the lust spell, or do I have to force you?”

Emily ignored Hannah, and talked around the edge of the circle, with one hand on the invisible barrier, as if trying to find a gap to escape.

Hannah picked up a dusty tome on the ground beside her phone. She opened it and flipped to a well-worn page. “Let’s see,” Hannah said. “How do I compel a succubus...”

Hannah flipped back and forth the pages, and a furrow appeared on her forehead as she got increasingly impatient. After a few moments, she closed the book loudly.

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