Tara the Terrific Tenant

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Next door nookie is a win-win.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Sharing   Gang Bang   .

I rent out a little cottage next to my house. It’s furnished and cozy, most suitable for one person who needs an easy move-in for a few months.

There have been a variety of tenants over the years but the current one is certainly the best. Tara is in her later twenties, dark short hair, a little bit plump which just makes her tits and ass curvy and comfy. Light blue eyes and an easy smile. She’d been married for a couple of years but her work had not been compatible with it.

She is a software development contractor who works from home half the time. Likes the outdoors too. It’s summer and she is sometimes out on the deck with her computer in a very small bikini. She isn’t aware of my security camera that covers the deck area that I can’t see from my house. Too bad it doesn’t have a zoom because she has just started sunning topless where she thinks I can’t see.

She had been there for about a month when I got a text on a Saturday late afternoon. “Come on over for a glass of wine.” Never one to turn down a free drink I complied.

She poured me a glass and said, “Is your wife out of town?”

“She’s gone to a political thing for the weekend.”

“I figured you might like some company so I fixed enough dinner for two. Interested?”

“Of course.”

We had a dinner on the deck with more wine. At the end she said, “I have a small favor to ask.”

“OK. What is it?”

“I want to go skinny dipping in the lake later when no one is around. It is a full moon tonight. I’d feel safer if you went with me. I know you’ve seen me almost naked anyway. I hacked into your cameras.”

“Well, since I’m busted, how can I say no? Can I skinny dip too?”

“Equal rights!”

We drank and talked until the moon was up and walked to the swim dock sown the hill from my place.

I stripped in the moonlight while she did. Damn, I hadn’t been in the presence of a naked woman other than my wife since before this girl was born! I was hard and I’ll be damned if I would try to hide it. It was a too rare event anyway with a wife that gave up on sex a decade ago.

We swam and splashed and played for a while. It was lots of fun. She seemed quite unselfconscious about her nudity and I was having fun too.

We laid down on our towels after a while. Tara had a question for me, “Can I ask you a personal question?” I nodded. “How long since you’ve been laid?”

“More years than I want to admit to,” I responded.

“For me it was before I came here,” she continued. “That’s way too long for me. I have a boyfriend in Chicago but he’s for convenience. Fun and sex. He hasn’t managed to get his ass down here so far. Would you consider having sex with me? That could benefit both of us.”

I was sort of stunned. This was the thing that older man’s fantasies are made of. My pecker showed its interest. Tara noticed, laughing, “Well, somebody likes the idea!” She reached out for it. I was a goner.

We fucked on the beach. Damn, it was good. I felt thirty years younger and she obviously had a good time. Those titties were a delightful hand and mouthful.

She even got me hard again for a long screw with a weak cum shot before we went back to the house.

After she saw me return from church the next day, she texted me for one more go at her pussy. Would I say no to an offer like that? We fucked out on her deck in the sunshine.

From then on we screwed whenever we had the chance. Probably averaged every other day. Then her boyfriend got horny or something and arranged a visit. Tara got worried and wondered what would I think of the situation?

“Sweetie, I am old enough to put things in perspective. His cock, among others, have pounded your pussy many, many times before I ever got there. I can’t tell that they have hurt it any. Enjoy him while he’s here and we’ll resume after he leaves.”

She hugged me and said I was the nicest guy she’d ever met. And to show her appreciation, she slipped over to my office while my wife was out shopping and gave me some freshly fucked pussy as a special treat. Then she went back to her sleeping boyfriend and had him fuck, unknowingly, in my semen. I learned about that after he left. That girl knew how to have fun!

Knowing that we had no covenant of exclusivity, Tara decided to expand her boundaries by making friends with one of the East Indian programmers also contracted by her client. He was married sans spouse. It was easy to get his brown pecker between her legs.

I am an early bird, often waking up about 3 or 4 AM. My wife is a heavy sleeper, rarely awakening before 8 or 9. Tara will text me, or I her, if she sees my office light on to see about getting together in the early hours. She knew I like “used” pussy so texted me early one morning and I went next door in my bathrobe. She teased me, “Have you ever stuck your dick in East Indian semen?”

“Nope. Is there some available to try?”

“Just waiting for your dick. I’ve kept it good and hot,” she replied. We had a hellava good fuck over that.

He was a pretty good fuck so she screwed him whenever possible for the duration. I had fun hearing about her adventures and banging her slippery snatch as soon as possible after his deposits.

Boyfriend visited again but this time she told him about me and informed both of us that she wanted a threesome. When my wife went shopping we team-fucked our hottie. I’s amazing what that visual and tactile stimulation can do for peckers, young and old alike. Us guys were inspired, maybe as a competitive thing, to see how long we could stay hard and embedded in her pussy and/or mouth. The number of sperm dumps was no contest. He had me two to one but who the hell is complaining?

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