Japanese Intern

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: International relations can be satisfying at many levels if there is good compatibility. The relationship level that Tony is interested in is pretty universal and quite popular too.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Sharing   Swinging   Oriental Female   Water Sports   Prostitution   .

I went to lunch in the company cafeteria as usual. After picking out my grub I noticed Minami, our Japanese intern, sitting by herself in the far corner. She was looking down as if she didn’t want to be noticed so I asked, “May I join you”?

“Yes, Tony-san,” she replied quietly without raising her head.

“Minami, is something wrong?”

She looked at me and her eyes were starting to fill with tears. “It is nothing, Tony-san.”

Just like a guy I said, “I can see that you are very sad. Let me help.”

She would not look me in the eye as she quietly said, “The man whose house I was living in has a new girlfriend and she wanted me out of there. I have nowhere to go. This job does not pay enough money to rent somewhere. What will I do?”

I responded instinctively, “I have some extra room. You can stay with me.”

Her face brightened and she got a very small smile as she said, “Thank you Tony-san. I will be a very good roommate.”

She had no car so I drove her to her former residence to get her belongings. There wasn’t much. Two suitcases, two boxes and some clothes on hangers. The middle age Japanese man was polite and wished her well in Japanese, at least that’s what she told me.

We sorted things out in the spare bedroom and made up the bed. I ordered a pizza for expediency.

As we ate, this young woman was so thankful I got embarrassed. She cleared the table and began straightening up my bachelor pad kitchen clutter. I read for a while and went to bed, leaving her busy. This could have some unexpected advantages.

I had just dozed off when I felt someone getting in bed with me. As I regained consciousness there were bigger tits than I had ever felt pressing on my back. A small hand reached over me and searched for my flaccid cock.

I murmured, “Minami?”

“Please, Mr. Tony-san, let me give you a gift. I need it too.” Her hand found my swelling organ and began stroking it.

I rolled on my back and reached full size. Minami cooed, “Oh, it is much nicer than the last one.”

I’d have to ask her about that remark.

My bed visitor put her leg over me and sat upright. I was amazed at what I saw in the dim light. She wasn’t even five feet tall but her chest was magnificent. How she hid those massive beauties I couldn’t guess but they sure stood out proud now. My hand went for the gold and she began squealing as I touched and tweaked them.

Reaching down she aimed my ready rod at her darkly furred fun place and carefully moved up and down with gradually increasing strokes. It was tight even though very wet. Still stunned by the happening I just enjoyed the ride ... a LOT! She said softly, “You do it inside me. It’s OK.” When our pubes meshed I came and came and came. I reached down and rubbed her clit to a climax for her. “We do again?” she asked. I nodded and she smiled bigger than I had ever seen on her face.

She woke me in the night and I lasted much longer, getting her off with my cock that time. Sleep had rarely been so much fun or so peaceful.

We had to rush in the morning to get to the commuter train on time and couldn’t talk privately until we got home that night. I sure had lots of questions.

I opened some good wine while she cooked a Japanese dish and we just talked politely over dinner. I wasn’t sure how to bring up intimate topics. Finally, as we sat on the couch with the last of the wine, I asked permission, “May I ask you some personal questions?”

Minami looked at me and smiled, “I will give you honest answers and I expect the same from you.”

I started with the easy ones, “You are on birth control?” She pointed to an implant bump on the inside of her upper arm.

I continued, “Tell me about last night.”

Minami cast her eyes down as she spoke, “I appreciate your kindness. The man who I lived with before expected sex for payment. I did not know this before I came to this country but had little choice. It was not always pleasant, but I did get used to having it so I wanted it with you who are so nice. It was very much better.”

I interrupted, “Is that what you meant by ‘it’s nicer’?

She smiled, “I discovered that your part was longer and wider and harder than his. It was more like my first and only boyfriend in Japan. Our parents arranged our betrothal and I am supposed to marry him when I return. We did not want to wait to do sex. Privacy is difficult in parents’ homes so we did not do it much.”

She wanted to ask questions now, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not for quite a while. No friends with benefits either. I have not been with many women so you were a great pleasure.”

“May I sleep in your bed every night?”

“Of course. I would be hurt if you didn’t!”

Minami stood up and took off her kimono. In the full light I was just stunned by her beauty. Her straight black hair came down to mid-back. Her waist and buns were trim and well proportioned. Those breasts simply captured your gaze even though her face was very attractive in its own right. “Am I pretty?” she asked expectantly.

“Noooo,” I drew it out watching her reaction. Her smile faded. “You are beautiful!” She knew I was teasing her and slapped my face with her tits. I pulled her to me and buried my face between them.

I quickly stripped and put her on her back. My turn to be on top. She squealed as I carefully slid into her tight twat. I had to bend my body a bit to suck her upturned nipples but it was worth the discomfort. She was squirming and thrusting back as I pushed in and out of her. We were deep kissing as we went over the top together.

In the night her mouth on my cock woke me up. I asked, “Want to do it doggy?”

She answered, “No. That is the only way the last man did it.” It was a long time before I tried again.

Over the next few months our “fucking” evolved into “making love”. I think we both recognized it but nothing was explicitly said. We watched porn together and tried lots of things. It was a happy time.

Christmas vacation wasn’t far off. Her parents sent a plane ticket home for the holidays. I would miss her but had family to visit myself.

I picked her up at the airport on New Year’s Eve day. On the drive home she seemed more subdued than when she left. Her greeting hug wasn’t too enthusiastic. I put it down to the long flight.

I’d hoped she’d be horny. I sure was. But she changed to a kimono and made no indications of passion. I finally asked her if something other than the family visiting stuff she had told me about had happened.

She said quietly, “I was with my betrothed. Two times.”

OK, that didn’t mean just social visits.

As reassuringly as possible I asked, “Please tell me what is troubling you. It is OK.” There was no resistance to putting my arms around her.

“I knew I would see him, of course. We had sex two days after I got there. It was different than before I left for both of us, I think, but we didn’t have time to talk. The night before my flight back here he got a hotel room at the airport and we spent more time naked together than all of the others put together. Is this OK so far?”

I nodded and squeezed my arm around her shoulders. She continued, “After we had sex again he said I was different. I said he was too. He asked if I had sex in America. I said yes but no more than that. He said he had also done it while we were apart. No details. With that admission behind us, we had sex again that night and in the morning before I got on the plane.”

I asked, “So how do you feel about that?”

She looked very thoughtful, “I am glad my fiancé could be honest and that you can too. The sex with him was good but not so much as ours. I really know you so much better. I do not feel love for him like I do for you. Does what I have done change how you feel about me?”

I hugged and kissed her, “You did what you needed to do. It was not to hurt me so I accept that. You are here with me now and I care very much for you so let’s reconnect our love.”

Minami relaxed and took off her kimono and pulled me on top of her. She was already wet and open with desire so I slipped in easily. I had a passing thought that some of the lubrication was from her fiancé and some of his sperm might be still swimming around in there, but soon added a lot of my own. She sobbed on my shoulder after she climaxed.

“I couldn’t do that with him, I want you to know.”

I kissed her deeply and stayed in her for another round.

They emailed back and forth and her fiancé told her that his family had found another marital candidate. It was the girl he had been fucking so she was released. We celebrated with a weekend in bed.

We were married just before her work visa ran out and went to see her family while the immigration stuff was worked on. I met her former fiancé and his pregnant bride. Apparently she didn’t know about contraception.

We aren’t going to have kids for a while so we are exploring sex as eager partners. There is another interracial couple we’ve become friends with. He’s Hispanic and she’s black. I’ve noticed Raul ogling Minami’s hooters, easily twice the size of his girlfriend’s. I’ve been eyeballing his girlfriend’s ass which, according to Raul, loves having a cock stuck in it. Minami won’t do that.

So I’ve teased Minami about trying out a big brown cock and she actually got turned on by the idea. Told her I’d like to see him having fun with her titties. She said, in return, she’d like to see my white shaft swallowed up by a black cunt and my white cum drool out. Hmmmm.

Minami’s curiosity finally overcame her remaining reluctance. I’d reassured her dozens of times that letting another man have her body wouldn’t make a difference considering the ones who had already been there. And that it would excite me greatly to see her being such an erotic and sensual female.

We read stories of guys who shared their wives and loved it. Also about how much the wives enjoyed it too. She admitted that watching me fuck Sheena, Raul’s black girlfriend would probably be real hot. I got her a dark brown dildo and we role played. Finally she was ready and we invited the couple over for dinner.

Raul brought some good dark beer and Sheena had a bottle of wine. Dinner was simple and we sat on the patio to enjoy it. My house has a privacy-fenced hot tub which I suggested we all enjoy before dessert. Minami showed her courage by mentioning that clothing was not allowed. Our guests just grinned and started stripping.

Of course we all eyeballed each other as we got into the tub. When the bubbling started it was more discrete but Sheena sat so her chocolate tits with the dark brown tips were quite visible. Minami sat up but she was so short that her nipples only broke the surface once in a while.

Sheena was getting in the spirit and proclaimed, “I wonder if these guys are liking the scenery?” She reached towards the crotches on either side of her and announced, “I’ve got two hard handfuls!”

Minami reached out too and Sheena relinquished her grip so another opinion could be made. My wife announced, “Ohhh. These are real nice. They’re both plenty big but different. Sheena, do you mind if I check out Raul’s a bit more?”

Sheena shook her head and Minami let go of mine which was promptly grasped by a larger hand.

Raul and I got the idea too. We reached for the breasts of the woman who was holding our dick. I could lean over and suck on a nipple but Raul had to hold his breath to duck underwater. He didn’t complain, I noticed.

I called, “Towel time!” and we dried off our new partner. Pulling out some air mattresses we usually sunned on, we put our towels down and lay beside them.

Minami spoke first, “I don’t know if you have done this before but we haven’t. I’m OK going as far as oral if that is alright with everyone.” All heads nodded. “I want to watch so let’s draw cards to see who goes when.”

Sheena was first. I got my real good look at her dark crotch. The black wiry hair didn’t stand out against her skin like it did for Minami. When she spread her thighs to give me access I did see pink between the nicely protruding inner lips. Starting by sucking on them, I then circled my tongue around and under her clit. She was breathing hard as that protruding pillar was sucked on. I nibbled on it and she could hardly hold still. Finally, I jabbed my tongue into her vagina and rubbed her clit with my nose until she exploded, clamping my head with her thighs as she moaned and shook. The bystanders applauded and I bowed to all, my rigid dick bobbing as well.

Now it was Raul’s turn to get done by Minami. Damn it was exciting to see my wife wrap her lips around another hard dick. The brown of his shaft was a real interesting complement to her Asian lips and skin. Her nipples were as hard as I have ever seen them and she rubbed them on his shaft before getting to work with her tongue, stroking the shaft and then using her mouth. She tongued each testicle gently in her mouth. Finally her lips were wrapped around the brown tube that was longer but thinner than mine.

After watching his girlfriend get off and now having a new woman working on his dick, Raul couldn’t last long. He said he was close and Minami didn’t back off. When he blew into her mouth, she held it and opened up to show us, then swallowed. She beckoned to me and I knew what was coming...”come” on her tongue and lips as I got a hot kiss. I nearly erupted.

I was so glad I was next and Sheena’s big soft lips made short work of my orgasm. Raul got to taste my output like I’d tasted his.

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