Jamie's Little Sister, Jenny

by Red Czar

Copyright© 2019 by Red Czar

Fiction Sex Story: Jamie's little sister Jenny was a high school girl now, and filled with the attitude that came with that title. After ogling and grabbing at her sister's boyfriend all summer by the pool, today she just might get her chance...

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Coercion   Consensual   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   First   .


Jamie and I had been dating for about six months. During the school year, the time we got to spend together was limited. Jamie went to a different school than I did, plus, we were both very active on our sports teams. So, we usually only had maybe one or two nights a week when we could get together.

Now, however, it was summer. We had the better part of almost every day to hang out and do all the things we wanted to do during the school year. We went to the beach. We went hiking. We went to the mall. Trips to amusement parks with all our friends. Concerts. Summer was awesome.

Day to day we fell into a comfortable routine. We would meet up early in the morning and go for a run. Then we would come home, take a shower together and, you can figure the rest out. For the rest of the day, if we hadn’t planned anything, we would lounge by the pool so I could sit there staring at her in her bikini, and maybe get the chance to rub oil on her every few hours. I could never get tired of that.

The only problem with pool days was siblings. My older brother was home from college this summer and when he wasn’t working, he and his idiot friends would be out on the deck acting as obnoxious as they possibly could. None of them had girlfriends, and even if they did, none of them could measure up to Jamie. So, if we hung out at my house, they would be leering at her and making rude comments all day. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time at Jamie’s house instead.

At Jamie’s house, we had to deal with her little sister, Jenny. Jenny was cute. A high school freshman now and all full of herself. She looked a lot like Jamie. Blond hair, blue eyes, a little shorter than Jamie, a little rounder in the cheeks, but anyone could pick them out as sisters in a room full of people.

Like my brother, Jenny would always have all of her friends hanging around too, although I didn’t really mind her friends. Jenny’s friends were all a lot better looking than any of my brother’s friends, and I didn’t mind talking with them, even when they got all flirty and giggly.

Jamie used to get mad at me for teasing them, but I was having fun and it wasn’t hurting anybody so I just kept on doing it anyway. I flirted with them but I never would have actually done anything with any of them. I had Jamie for that. Everything I said to any of them was intended as, “hey, guess what I’m going to do to Jamie as soon as you all leave?” And they all knew it. That didn’t stop them from dreaming it could actually happen to them. I could see it in their eyes.

Jenny was the worst. She was always staring at me, making comments, asking provocative questions, or even just outright grabbing my ass. I couldn’t even count the number of times Jenny “accidentally” bumped into me, her hand or her ass would brush right up against my crotch. Jamie’s reaction was usually...

“Please, she wouldn’t know what to do if you gave her directions”

That always pissed Jenny off.

Our morning ritual

One morning, after our run, when we got back to Jamie’s house, she was especially horny. For some reason, she couldn’t even wait to get in the shower. She wanted to fuck. Right now. So, who was I to argue with that?

We knew her parents were both at work, which is why we always came to her house in the first place. She gave a quick shout to make sure her sister wasn’t around. Once she was satisfied that we were alone, she pulled me into her room and threw me on her bed.

She climbed on top of me and attacked in her usual fashion, hands and lips everywhere. I couldn’t pull her top off fast enough. This continued until we decided that the rest of our clothes were just in the way. She climbed off me and we both stripped.

Once naked, she put me back in my place and resumed her position on top of me, that was her favorite. She straddled my belly and pushed her tits down in my face. She loved it when I licked and nibbled and sucked on her nipples. It always made her squeal in delight. Of course, that might also have been from my hands that had slipped down between her legs and started going to work on her clit.

As horny as she was, it didn’t take long to drive her libido off the charts. She pulled my hands out of the way, threw her head back and gritted her teeth as she drove herself hard onto my cock. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down even harder with every thrust. Her hips were gyrating and grinding, getting as much pressure as she could against her clit.

Finally, she let out a scream and her entire body tensed and tightened. Her knees and everything else squeezed my hips, and every muscle in her body seemed to seize my cock. Her juices started to flow, soaking both of us.

When she finally relaxed, she collapsed on top of me and let out a long sigh. That was fine for her, but I wasn’t finished yet. I rolled her over and started to pump at my pace, fast and hard! She grunted with every thrust. I pulled her legs up to my shoulders and drove into her until I was ready to blow. I leaned down, buried my head in her neck and pushed myself all the way into her. Then I blasted her with everything I had. Thank god she’d gotten on birth control.

We both collapsed on her bed, sweaty and exhausted, but totally satisfied. I lay there just staring at her sweaty, sexy body. In no time at all, I was getting hard again already.

Shower time - Jamie

Just as Jamie decide now was the time for that shower, we heard Jenny come in the front door like a hurricane. There was no doubt she was home. That nixed the idea of showering together. Jenny could be a little snitch and Jamie didn’t want her ratting us out to her parents. Jamie seemed to think that Jenny had no idea what we did when she wasn’t around. I didn’t know if that was true, but whatever Jamie wanted, I usually went along with.

While Jamie jumped in the shower, I pulled on a pair of shorts, plopped on the couch in the den and turned on the TV. Seconds later Jenny came crashing into the room. Both Jamie’s and Jenny’s bedrooms, as well as the Bathroom, were all off of the den.

As soon as she caught sight of me sitting there, Jenny came to a screeching halt.

“Oooooh, hey Zane” she said.

She then gave a quick glance around and asked.

“Where’s Jamie?”

Considering you could hear the shower running through most of the house, it was pretty obvious where Jamie was. I looked at Jenny, nodded my head towards the bathroom and said.


“By herself?” Jenny asked. “Why ain’t you in there with her? Our parents aren’t home?”

I answered sarcastically “No, but her little sister is”

Jenny shot me a sad look and responded.

“Awwwww did I interrupt your nookie time”

Keeping my same expression, I answered “Yeah, you did. Don’t you have someplace else you need to be?”

She just laughed at me and said “Nope. Nothing else to do all day. I’m gonna hang by the pool”

To which I responded very blandly. “Oh great”

Neither Jamie nor I had any plans to hang by the pool that day anyway, we both had plans for the afternoon. So, I really didn’t care about her plan to hang by the pool all day. I just had to respond that way to let her know that her presence was still a major inconvenience.

Again, Jenny just laughed at me. I couldn’t get rid of her though. She flopped down in the chair opposite me and continued to flirt and make small talk while Jamie was in the shower. Every other sentence was something highly suggestive or sexual. If I’d read her the way I would Jamie, I’d say the girl was horny as hell. The fact that she was staring at my crotch for the entire conversation was also a dead giveaway.

Since she couldn’t tear her eyes away from my shorts, I figured what the hell, let’s have some fun. So, I started shifting around, opening and closing my legs. Watching her eyes bulge out when she thought she might get a glimpse of something, and to be honest I really didn’t care if she did. It was a lot like watching my friends trying to get a peek down some girl’s shirt at school. Obvious, and hilarious.

The only problem was, now it was starting to turn me on teasing her like that, and it was starting to have an effect. So, Jenny might just get that show after all.

Then, almost exactly on cue, I was saved by the bell. Jamie came out of the shower all wrapped in towels and dripping wet. She took one look at Jenny sitting there across from me and said the same thing I’d said earlier.

“Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

If looks could kill they would have turned each other to ash.

Jamie looked at me and said.

“Shower’s free if you want to use it. I’m gonna go get dressed...”

Then she turned to Jenny and said.

“You can just go”

Jenny made the obligatory face at her sister and then stomped off to her room. Jamie and I retreated to her room. After a few hugs and kisses, and me trying to get the fires ignited again, Jamie yelled at me.

“Stop! Go take a shower already!”

Then she handed me one of her big bath towels and pushed me out the door.

Shower time - Zane

I turned the water on, adjusted the temperature, and jumped into the shower. Naturally, all wet and soapy, I started thinking about Jamie and wishing she were there with me to lather me up good. But occasionally, an image or two of Jenny would sneak into my little fantasy. I had to admit, she did have some pretty nice curves.

A moment later, as I was taking those thoughts of Jamie in hand, I happened to catch the bathroom door opening. I hid as best I could and slid the shower door open a crack to see who it was and found Jamie standing in the doorway. She smiled, and then told me that she had to run over to her friend Melissa’s house to pick up some of her sports gear. I was welcome to finish up and let myself out when I was done. If I wanted to stay and wait for her to return, I could, but she wasn’t sure how long she would be gone.

She blew me a kiss and slipped back out, closing the door behind her. I returned to the business in hand.

Not a minute later I had my eyes closed and my hand happily resuming its previous action with a sweet memory of Jamie in the shower with me. In between my own little moans, I suddenly heard another quiet little noise in that I didn’t expect. Through the fogged glass of the shower door, I spied a little blonde shape in the bathroom doorway again and figured Jamie had changed her mind and come back for some fun after all.

Again, I slid the shower door open and started to say.

“Decided you just couldn’t resist eh?...”

Then I realized, it wasn’t Jamie.

“Jenny!? What the fuck!? Get out of here!”

Clearly, I was caught by surprise and wasn’t thinking.

Jenny hesitated, then spoke up.

“Jamie wanted me to tell you that she had to go over to Melissa’s house...”

I already knew that.

“And you figured the best thing was to come tell me while I’m in the shower?”

Jenny cocked her head, shrugged her shoulders and gave a little smirk that implied, yeah, I thought it was a great idea!

I continued. “Oh, well why stop there, why don’t you just hop on in and join me?”

Her eyes widened and her smile grew.

“Really?” she asked.

“NO! Get the fuck out of here!” I answered.

Again, I was clearly not thinking.

Jenny scrunched up her face at me, then grabbed the big bath towel I had waiting and bounced out of the bathroom.

I stood in the shower for a moment seething about Jenny having the nerve to bust in on me in the shower, eyeballing me naked (and hard), stealing my towel, I should have just ... Then it hit me. Wait, when I told her to just hop in the shower with me, she was all for it. I stood there shocked for a moment as images of Jenny in tiny little bikinis started to fill my head, and my cock began to really rise. Little sister wants to play!

Damn, I was stupid. I could be banging Jenny in the shower right now If I stopped for three seconds to think. How could my penis fail me like that? You were supposed to take over the thinking for me at times like that! How could I get her back in here? She did take my towel. I shut the water off. Looked around the bathroom and found a smaller towel which I used to dry myself off a little. Then I wrapped it around my waist and stepped out of the bathroom.

Jenny’s Room

Jamie’s room was to the right coming out of the shower. Knowing that she wasn’t home, I held that little towel over my crotch and marched right across to the other side of the den to Jenny’s door. I banged on it once hard, then grabbed the handle and burst right in, dripping wet and barely covered. Jenny stood by her desk, eyes wide, staring at me and about to start protesting me barging into her room.

“Gimme back my towel” I barked at her.

She just stood there staring and pointed to the towel lying on her bed. I moved closer into the room, closing the door behind me, and grabbed the towel. Now I was only a few feet away from her. I looked at her as if I was angry but was happy to see where her eyes were locked. I dropped the little towel I was holding and let my hard cock fly out in front of me as I grabbed unfolded the bigger one then wrapped it around myself. A quick glimpse only, but her eyes almost popped out of her head.

Now that I was covered up again, I stood in front of her, crossed my arms over my chest, looked at her and said.

“Okay, strip.”

Jenny looked at me totally baffled.

“What?” she asked.

“Strip.” I said. “Take your clothes off. You got to see me, it’s only fair that I get a good look at you now. So, strip”

“But I didn’t...” she started.

“How long were you standing in the bathroom watching me in the shower?” I interrupted.

“You can’t see anything through those shower doors, you know that.” she said.

“What about just now?” I asked.

“I didn’t see anything I swear!” she protested.

I looked at her for a moment with an evil grin, the plan in my head already working. I reached down and undid the towel around my waist, letting it drop to the floor. My cock was hard as stone and popped right out to greet her.

Jenny let out a little gasp as she finally got a good look at what she’d been grabbing at all summer. I didn’t give her any time to think and said.

“Alright, now you’ve seen it. So, strip”

“I ... I ... I ... I...” she stammered.

Then I took control.

“Five minutes ago, you were ready to jump in the shower with me. Were you going to do that with your clothes on?”

“No, I...” she began.

“Strip.” I said as I advanced on her again.

I moved up close to her and grabbed her shirt by the bottom and began to pull it up. Between my hands pulling at her clothes and my cock all but pressed up against her, her brain, her hormones, and her emotions were having a hard time keeping up with each other. As I was pulling her shirt over her head, leaving her in just her little white bra, she said.

“I wasn’t gonna...”

I moved closer to her still. My cock now pressing against her tummy. She looked down at it.

“Yes, you were” I answered. “What did you think would happen if you jumped in the shower with me?”

“ummmm ... I...”

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