Benny's Busy Bone Bounces Back

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Shy teen boy is used sexually by aggressive sisters and their friends. Then he finds true love and learns the real value of the tool at his crotch.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Romantic   Incest   Gang Bang   First   .

Author’s note: This story, under a similar name, was pulled by the site for underage sex. It was originally written but not posted before the minimum age limits were imposed. The sex was consensual and not abusive but too young for the site. The first few paragraphs have been updated so that exactly the same activity occurs but older than in real life.

He had three sisters. If that wasn’t challenging enough, they were all older. And a single mom to boot. He badly needed a male role model. It might have changed what happened to him, but that is not at all clear.

Being the youngest by two years meant that he got bossed by everybody. When he was little and just learning about the basics of life that wasn’t too bad, but it did set a pattern that was difficult to break as he matured.

His different body parts had long been an item of interest for his sisters although he didn’t think much about it during bath time or even as they undressed in front of him as if he was another sister. Theirs were so hidden he didn’t pay their crotches much mind.

Things began to change when Corinne, the oldest, hit puberty and her body, as well as interests in boys, changed. While she no longer bathed with him, she took charge of his hygiene and made sure his parts were well scrubbed. When her attentions popped a stiffie she was fascinated. Their mother worked evenings so Corinne had been put in charge when she became a teenager.

Later, after Bennie’s fourteenth birthday, there was a bad thunderstorm in the middle of the night and Benny got scared so he ran to his sister’s room and wanted to get in bed with her. She slept naked but he didn’t think much of it as he snuggled up to her for security. It was summer and he just wore underpants to bed himself. For some reason his cock was stiff and it pushed against Corinne’s thigh. It startled her and she reached down to see what it was. When she recognized the erection she kept her hand on it and began stroking.

Benny said quietly, “That feels real nice.” Thus encouraged, she fondled it in a variety of ways. He continued, “I wish you had one so I could make yours feel good.”

Corinne realized that he had no clue about girl parts so she said, “Let me show you where my special parts are. It would feel good to me if you touched them.” She was jilling by this age and wishing a boy would feel her up, although she’d expected an older one. Hey, this was better than the nothing she’d had so far.

Benny was fascinated by her external and internal anatomy and how what he did made his big sister squirm with pleasure. Then she surprised him even more.

“Benny, I want to try something else with your boy-part that I’ve heard about. Just lay on your back.” She pulled his shorts off and leaned over to suck the little rigid willy. He squealed softly as she tried different things with her mouth and tongue. He was too young to squirt like she’d read about but that was less messy anyway.

When her mouth tired, she suggested he try it with her. Damn! It felt better than fingers. Her pussy got to tingling like her fingers made it do and she came hard. Benny was worried until she thanked him for such a big pleasure. He felt proud.

When Mom got home she saw them snuggled up and gave each a good night kiss as they slumbered close together. She appreciated how much help her oldest was.

It didn’t take any more thunderstorms for the two to get together in bed after the others were asleep. Both were fascinated and pleasured by the new things they kept discovering. Sucking and playing with her tits was very enjoyable for both. Within a month Benny was sliding his bone in his sister’s twat and they even tried it up her ass twice. Knowing that an adult cock was quite a bit bigger, she measured his every month to see if all the stimulation it got would make it grow. Likewise with her tits which were a full and sensitive A cup.

When Hope, the next oldest sister got interested in boys, Corinne brought her into their family “club”. Benny had gained an inch in length and a half-inch in diameter.

Corinne was old enough to date. If she liked a boyfriend enough she’d give and receive oral sex but no further. She didn’t want a “reputation”. Hope was sixteen, Melody, the next was fifteen.

Later that year, Corinne fell in love, got birth control, and started screwing the lucky guy almost daily. She’d blossomed to a C cup and boys were noticing her all the time.

One night Benny was playing with Hope when Corinne returned from a date. She stripped and got in bed with them. “Benny, would you like to go in me? I’ll feel different.” Of course he did.

“Sis, you are real wet and slippery. What’s going on?”

“My boyfriend fucked me just before I came home. His cock squirts stuff out the end inside me when he has his climax. You will get to do that when you get older.”

Benny pulled out and was going to stick his boner into Hope when his sister exclaimed, “STOP! You’re covered in sperm and she might get pregnant.” That led to a discussion about safe sex. Benny was instructed to tell his oldest sister if any white stuff came out of his cock.

Hope cleaned Benny’s boner off and then they screwed for a while. Corinne was watching them when Hope asked, “Could you bring your boyfriend here so we could watch you fuck? That will help us learn more about it.”

Big sis thought that was a great idea. Two nights later Tommy was getting naked in front of three siblings who were already sans clothing. His nervousness was sidetracked when Hope, who sported some very nice B cup tits, reached for his half-hard willy and got it promptly to full-on.

Hope and Benny watched closely as the young lovers fucked away until both orgasmed. Hope was breathing hard so she asked Corinne if Tommy might be able to do her. She wasn’t on birth control but her period was tomorrow. He’d stayed hard so that wasn’t an issue. Curiosity was far stronger than jealousy so Corinne gave the go-ahead and Tommy was on her in a flash.

“Ouch,” cried Hope as his shaft got part way in. Benny’s pecker hadn’t been thick enough to pop her cherry but Tommy’s had. Hope put her hands on Tommy’s buns and pulled him all the way in. Benny moved behind his big sis and his boner found its way into her creamy slit. He thrust with the same rhythm as Tommy. Three of the four got their big thrill close together and Benny was envious.

When Melody hit puberty Benny had a seven by two inch tool that the older sisters kept in prime condition. Corinne had moved on to a couple of other boys to bang but Hope stayed with Tommy, her first. By now Mom knew what was going on, or more accurately, in, and her youngest got contraception earlier than the other two. She was a shy one and wanted only Benny to get that close to her. She wanted him all to herself but knew that they had prior claim. Her strategy was to use his sexual energy up before they could get to him.

That worked for a while until the other sisters caught on and competition for the brotherly cock got fierce. “Poor Benny” you might say, concerned for his well-being. It just made his cock grow a bit more.

Then another wrinkle got thrown in. Mom’s long-time boyfriend dumped her and she got nearly suicidal. Benny was the one who could stay home with her the most. One afternoon when he was off school and no one else was home, Mom got pretty drunk. When Benny went to take a shower, she weaved her way into the bathroom and joined him. He was used to seeing her naked but not having her D cup saggers rubbed up against him or her hand fondling his parts.

“You’ve grown up real good, son. This thing is nicer than my boyfriend’s. You probably don’t think that your mom has sex but that’s how I got you kids. I’m still horny at my age and don’t have anyone to fix it. I know your sisters get lots of this thing and I want some too.”

Her body was so different than his sisters. The breasts he’s nursed on were huge by comparison and lots softer. There was a jungle of dark fur hiding her pussy too. She needed no foreplay and just pulled him on top of her with one hand guiding his boner to the place he’d met the world years before. He was too blown away by the vigor of her screwing that he didn’t even think that his dick had been in there before but under very different circumstances. The thoughts of his father’s cock pumping in that same sex place and spurting the sperm that made him didn’t surface until he’d caught his breath after riding the waves of his mother’s almost violent orgasm and feeling his balls turning inside out with his own.

As he lay there panting on top of his mother who had gone to sleep, those thoughts burst upon him and his cock refilled quickly at the wickedness of what he had just done. Reflexively he moved in and out gently but, getting no response, he pounded harder and squirted more sperm, then rolled off her and fell asleep too.

“Benny! What are you doing in Mom’s bed?” shrieked Melody. He woke up suddenly but Mom was gone, thank god.

“Uh ... uh ... we were talking and I fell asleep so I guess she left me here.”

“You were talking to Mom with no clothes on?” she smirked.

“I guess, since I’m naked,” said the flustered boy as he got out of bed with morning wood and headed for the bathroom.

“You bring that thing back here just like that,” ordered his sister. “I’ve got a need for it.”

“Shit,” he thought, “I’m just a sex appliance for those horny bitches. Mom included.”

As he sat down for breakfast Mom appeared, looking the worse for wear. She sat down across from him with her coffee and, when the girls were busy, said in a low voice, “Was it a dream or did you fuck me last night?”

“It was more like you fucked ME! It was YOUR drunk idea.”

“Oh. Was it good?” she asked with a worried look.

“Very different than my sisters and pretty energetic. You seemed to have a good finale. So did I.”

She reached for his hand, “Are you upset that it happened?” He shook his head and she said softly, “I’d like to do it again when I haven’t been drinking to see if it is as good as my dream.” He just said maybe.

The sisters kept probing to see if he’d fucked Mom but he wouldn’t admit or deny it so they figured he did. They knew she could be a slut so it didn’t really shock them. They were not “without sin” themselves, after all.

Two weeks to the day the opportunity Mom wanted presented itself and she walked naked into his room. Lifting up a big tit to Benny’s mouth she obviously wanted it sucked. The nipple hardened up as soon as he began nibbling and a hand went to hold the other one and rub its nipple too. The odor of aroused pussy that he was getting so familiar with wafted to his nostrils and his other hand parted the black jungle to rub her wet cunt.

Mom dropped down and took his big boner in her mouth, humming as she sucked and kicked it. That was a neat sensation and he tried it when he tasted her genitals. She shivered with the pleasures and that made him happy. Soon enough she pulled him up to fill her birth canal once again. She rotated and thrust her hips differently than last time and in ways his sisters had never done. He wondered briefly which of her many boyfriends had taught her that which led to thinking how many cocks had been where he was right now. That set off his cum shots and Mom squealed that she could feel them deep in her.

He stayed hard, as young men are more easily able to do, and pounded her to a solid orgasm although he didn’t think it matched her earthquake of the last time. She seemed pleased though and he enjoyed both ball dumps.

“So what do you think, Mom?”

“You’re pretty good for such a young un. I liked feeling two cum shots. My boyfriends have rarely been able to do that, at least by themselves.”

“Mom! Are you saying you’ve fucked more than one guy at a time?”

“Yes, sweetie. Three is my best. What’s the issue? You have three, now four women to bang all you want.”

“But you’re my MOM!”

“Yup, and you now know how much I like sex. I expect to have other boyfriends and figure you’ll start screwing other girls too but that doesn’t have to affect our love for each other.”

He had to chew on that a bit but later since Corinne just got home from a date with a guy she really liked. He couldn’t get her off very good yet so she depended on Benny to take care of it. He liked sloppy pussy as well as not anymore so he spent a while in her twat before bedding down with Hope for a snuggle to sleep. Hope was on the rag today.

Rhonda asked him to the Junior prom. He knew her from classes but hadn’t done much more than visit with her about the schoolwork in lunchroom. When his sisters found out they were gleeful. “She’s cute and real smart. I wonder what she sees in you?” was Melody’s jealous comment. She was the only one in the household to not have a boyfriend to bed so considered that Benny filled that role.

Benny spent more time with the vivacious redhead in the weeks leading up to the prom and was delighted with the experiences. They did various things together on dates, and not, but he made no romantic overtures. One time when they were sitting quietly, Rhonda asked quite seriously, “Are you gay or do you see me only as a friend?”

Benny was stunned and it took him a bit to respond. “I DO like girls and I really like you.”

She seemed puzzled, “Then why don’t you come on to me like the other guys do?”

“I’ve never had a girlfriend so I guess I don’t know how.”

That made her laugh even though she tried to suppress it. “You sweet boy. I think you are hot and I’d like to do romantic stuff with you.” She scooted over by him, closed her eyes, and tilted her head to make it obvious she wanted to be kissed. Benny got the invitation and they were soon swapping spit and clutching each other.

Finally Rhonda indicated she had to go but they made a date for another time together. That time was at her house when her parents were away and things progressed in the usual manner of teenage lust. The young redhead demonstrated some experience with fellatio which Benny indicated he appreciated, even though it wasn’t as good as he was getting at home, a situation he had been strongly advised to never mentioned to anyone.

When she came up for air, Rhonda asked if he would return the favor. When Benny quickly made clear that he was going to, she squealed, “None of my boyfriends have ever done that so this will be a first for me. You are so special!” He skillfully brought her to several orgasms before she said she couldn’t take any more so they kissed for a while.

It was the weekend before the prom. They’d gone to see a movie and were now sharing a snack at a fast food restaurant. Rhonda got a serious expression on her face which Benny recognized and so he listened attentively. “I’m still a virgin, Benny, but I’ve decided I’m ready to change that. I would like to make it happen on our prom night. Are you okay with it?”

Benny reached out to take her hand and said tenderly, “I’d be honored.”

She smiled and had some more questions. “Have you ever had sex?” Benny nodded. “Who with and how many times?”

Benny looked serious, “I’ve learned good manners and so I won’t fuck and tell. Let me just say enough to know what I’m doing.”

“That’s just the answer I was hoping for, you nice guy. I’ll get a hotel room after the prom and spend the night with you. Does that sound good?”

“Hell yes! How are you going to pull that off?” Queried the young man.

“My parents are going to be away that weekend and my older sister is old enough to get a room. She remembers her proms and told me about this. I’m so excited about this that I’m horny as can be so could we do that 69 thing again?” Benny gladly complied.

True to his word, Benny was not sharing any of this with his sisters or mother but they guessed that something was going on, partly just because he didn’t say anything. He, in turn, was building his anticipation of this upcoming event and often thought of her as he was thrusting into his younger sisters who were the closest resemblance to his new girlfriend. Especially Melody, who wasn’t distracted by any other cocks.

When she found out that her brother/lover was going to spend the night with another girl after the prom, she became intensely jealous and kept her legs closed to him. When he seemingly ignored being cut off, which for all practical purposes didn’t matter with three other horny cunts readily available, she got angry.

As prom night approached, the other family women fussed over him, making sure he had the right clothes and knew all the social skills he should utilize. That just made Melody madder but nobody really noticed.

Benny was loaned his older sister’s Mustang to chauffeur his date to the prom. Just before he left, Melody went out and threw eggs all over it. The rest of the family was in shock. It would take a carwash to get it off and there wasn’t time, so Mom loaned him the family minivan which was older and kind of stodgy. As he reported later, much to Melody’s dismay, Rhonda didn’t even seem to notice because her eyes were on her “man”.

The practice dancing he’d done with the sisters, along with the above-mentioned social skills, made for a dreamy evening for the young couple. Rhonda was glowing and Benny was quite proud of the way others treated him with respect. Then came the end of the dance and the next fateful step.

The hotel wasn’t anything fancy, just a nice midrange place with decent accommodations. As they walked in the room and saw the king-size bed waiting, they looked at each other and shared a long hot kiss. By now they were used to getting each other’s clothes off but the formal dress took a little longer for Benny to figure out.

He suggested, as his sisters had mentioned, that they have a shower together so they’d be freshened up after the evening of dancing. Rhonda’s eyes lit up, she hadn’t thought of that but it sounded exciting. Entering the bathroom they discovered there was a Jacuzzi tub for two. They’d try that out later. Soaping and drying each other was fun, especially when kissing the wet parts got done as part of the procedure.

Finally the big moment had arrived. Benny was already waiting, his now seven-inch tool standing out proudly. Starting by kissing the reclining redhead, he worked his way gradually down her body, kissing every part of. She had trimmed her pubic hair for the first time, not that it ever been overly abundant. She was already wet and smelling of arousal, her inner labia poking out and eager for attention. He sucked them into his mouth and nibbled and tongued them which made her moan softly.

“Oh, Benny!” She spoke lustily, “I’m ready! Don’t make me wait any longer.” Her hands pulled him on top of her and he expertly guided his rampant rod to rub on the pussy lips he had just kissed. She was trembling as he eased his cockhead inside and immediately shook in orgasm. When her moaning subsided, he began taking gradually deeper strokes. Her hands held his head lip locked to her as she felt her first penetration.

When he reached bottom, he stopped his thrusting, just holding deep and raises had to stare into her eyes. She had a look of utter bliss on her face. “You feel wonderful. I didn’t know I would feel so full or come so easily. I didn’t tell you that I’m on contraception now so I want you to shoot your stuff in me as much is you can tonight.”

Every ten strokes or so, she had another orgasm and clutched him until it faded so he could resume thrusting again. He fondled and kissed her breasts which also set her off. None of his sisters were so easily and frequently triggered. Shit! Why was he thinking of them right now?

Finally she begged to feel him shoot inside her and she had the biggest climax yet when she felt the hot spurts. They lay together quietly, his dick only partly shrunken in his newest lover. When he felt it mostly refilled, he rolled them over without disengaging and guided Rhonda in this new position. She took it up readily and told him how she loved the attention her mammaries were getting. She could also bend down and give him a tongue kiss from time to time quite easily. He just let her control her hip motion instinctively this first time but there were other things he could show her when it happened again.

Rhonda learned five positions that night and got that many loads of sperm to paint her inner plumbing. They had taken advantage of the Jacuzzi during one of Benny’s recovery periods too. The late checkout was appreciated more to get some sleep then any more intercourse.

Rhonda was greeted at the door by her sister and then Benny went home to face his familial harem. Melody was conspicuously absent, having mostly stayed in her room while he was gone with the “other woman”. Mom had picked up on her youngest daughter’s feelings but had not been able to make any headway

After the initial welcoming home, Mom took Benny aside and explained the situation. “If that pecker of years has any energy left, go give it to Melody to reassure her that you have not been stolen away.” Benny nodded and headed for his sister’s room. He didn’t knock, just opened the door and walked in and sat on the bed where she was curled up.

Stroking her gently he said, “I love you, Melody. Nothing will ever change that.” She rolled over to face him, tears in her eyes. No more words. He kissed her and began touching her in the ways she liked. It wasn’t long when all of her repressed feelings boiled over and she was soon on top, furiously humping him.

The tears kept flowing as she let out all of her feelings and then the words began, “She’s prettier than me and she has nicer tits and her pussy probably feels better and she has red hair and she’s smarter...”

Benny shut her up by pulling her head down stuffing his tongue between her lips. Letting her up he said, “Stop it! She is different than you, not better. Just like with mom and your sisters. I appreciate each of you for the individuals you are and that also applies to Rhonda. I hope you remember that when you have other guys in your life, just like your sisters do.”

The tears stopped as a small smile came on her face and she focused on some serious fucking until she felt Benny shooting his familiar cream inside her. She laid down on top of him and said in a small voice, “Someday I’d like you to tell me about your prom. I’d like to know what to expect if I ever get asked to one.” Benny nodded and hugged her.

Now that the wall was breached, Rhonda was eager for all of Benny she could get. Their opportunities happened mostly on weekends because of the various activities they were involved in. One Wednesday after school Rhonda came home with Benny and they disappeared into his bedroom for half an hour. By the time they surfaced, the three sisters were there too and the freshly fucked girlfriend visited with them as if they might not know what was going on. The sisters played it cool also but Melody was all over Benny as soon as his girlfriend left.

“I can taste her on you Benny. Is she a good fuck? I hope she left some for me because knowing you were in there banging her got me horny, even more so than when you are doing one of the family women.” She wasn’t horny for long.

Later that night Benny was slowly and deeply pushing between Mom’s thighs as she spoke, “Fill me in on Melody, if you would. She’s had some problems with you dating Rhonda I know.”

He filled her in as he filled her pussy, then asked, “How’s that new boyfriend of yours, by the way.”

She giggled as she answered, “He’s got a nice dick, not as good as yours though, and he’s okay at using it. You know he’s a bit younger than me and I don’t know if he’s had even as much experience as you have. He’s a great guy though and treats me like a queen so I’m going to keep seeing where it will go.” Benny kissed her and said that he was happy for her and picked up the pace to finish them both off.

Everybody had a date that weekend, including Melody. In spite of the reassurances of her siblings and mother, she was terribly nervous. He was good looking and smart, and she was surprised when he asked her out.

She was advised by her sister on the importance of making slow and good decisions. It might be a struggle since she was used to directly resolving her hornies with Benny and she would undoubtedly get some of those urges if she and Caleb clicked. She recognized that she should take her time developing that relationship and Benny would be there for her when she got home.

They went to a museum after dinner at the suggestion of Mom so they would have a chance to interact and check out each other’s values and personalities. That was apparently a really good idea because Melody was in Benny’s bed within minutes after she kissed her date good night at the front door. He’d probably only gotten a couple blocks away before her pussy was full of hard cock and she was babbling to her brother about her evening. Benny laughed inside as he thought about her date’s ignorance since it wasn’t on her mind.

Melody was in heat. She interacted with her new flame every day at school and came home to work off the excitement with her brother. On their next date she suggested that they find someplace private and Caleb got to second base while she checked out his “package”. It was all just manual this time although she had an intense urge to check it out with her mouth as well, but she resisted.

Things proceeded according to schedule over the next few dates and finally she was consulting with the family about opening her legs for this young man who was apparently eager to go there. It didn’t matter if it was true love or infatuation right now, she wanted the experience.

The big night happened and Melody returned to Benny’s bed with a sopping snatch, bragging that she got him off three times in there. Benny’s made a fourth but it was her only orgasm since Caleb hadn’t lasted long enough to manage that. He was a virgin, it turned out, and she’d be happy to train him just the way she wanted him.

On their next date, she reported to her family afterwards, Caleb had been concerned about her previous sexual experience, since it was obvious it wasn’t her first time. She’d apparently handled it well according to feedback she got from women who had dealt with that issue numerous times. Melody thought so because Caleb hadn’t hesitated trying out her pussy a couple of times, especially when she made the point that it would only help her make him a better stud.

He was invited over for a Sunday dinner at that point and he was rather intimidated by the gaggle of assertive women. Benny took him for a walk and they got better acquainted. They were a couple of years apart but had some common interests besides Melody’s body, which of course Caleb was not aware of.

Caleb was startled when his girlfriend took him to the bedroom she shared with Hope and began kissing him hotly. “I want you in my bed this time.”

“But ... but ... but your Mom’s home!”

“She brings boyfriends home so I can too.” He shut up and focused on his now naked sweetie.

Later she showed him to the door in her bathrobe and went looking for Benny. He was in the bedroom he shared with Corinne and they were naked in one of the beds. “Hey bro! I’ve got the freshest creampie ever for you. Get ready to feel it.” She sucked her sister’s juices off him and got it hard enough to drop her juicy snatch on him as big sister watched. His freshly drained parts lasted long enough to give her the release she hadn’t gotten from Caleb.

Corinne stroked and fondled both of them as they coupled and commented, “You need to give that new boyfriend some lessons. I’ve had to do it a few times so I’ll help you.”

It turned out it wasn’t just verbal advice that was being offered. Corinne, who currently had two fuck-buddies banging her, thought Caleb was cute and wanted to give some “hands-on” training. Melody wasn’t too sure about that but was reminded that she was getting other fucking so it was only fair and would help her young man understand when he found out what her pussy was up to.

Since it was so much more comfortable than the other places they had available, Melody brought Caleb home with her several days a week and as part of their weekend dates. She started on the training suggested by her older sisters and then, on a Saturday afternoon, Corinne walked in on them in the midst of copulating. Caleb froze but Melody just said, “Hi sis. I was expecting you.”

Turning to the boy lying on top of her she said, “My sister has had a lot of sex experience and she wants to show me something she thought I would enjoy and you would too. Is that okay?” Caleb was still stunned and speechless so she poked him in the ribs and he nodded.

By now his eyes were popping out at the sight of the older naked girl who got on the bed with them. She commented, “If you’ll pull it out of my sister, I’d like to see what you’re packing.”

He did and rolled on his back. Corinne stroked it and shocked him when she went down to suck it all wet with her sister’s use. “It’s as nice as you told me, Melody. I’m glad you were open to my suggestion.”

The next hour was spent with the older girl talking about and then demonstrating various sexual techniques. The demonstrating involved Caleb doing the item with her, then with Melody. He couldn’t take too much of it and blasted off his first load of the day in Corinne but the situation kept him hard and he was able to control his ejaculations quite well from then on. That was actually a major lesson about lasting long enough to bring his partner to an orgasm and he managed to do that for each of the naked women he was with before the session ended.

Corinne left them alone. Melody could tell he had a million questions so she tried to find out the most important ones for immediate answers. The young man’s mind and balls were in an uproar so it was difficult for him to focus on anything. She let him settle and soothed him by snuggling and touching anything but his erogenous zones for a while.

Finally she asked, “What did you think of your lessons?”

Caleb answered in a voice she never heard before, “Did that really happen? It was amazing. Why would your sister do that?”

Melody smiled so he could see it, “She has shared a lover with me so it only seems fair. I couldn’t imagine you wouldn’t enjoy it. In case you were wondering, there are some more lessons she wants to teach you, probably about a week apart. We’re supposed to practice what we learned this time until then.” He nodded and fell asleep.

She eased out from beside him and went to see her sister. Corinne and Hope were out on the back porch enjoying a drink as she joined them. “Hey hot sis, get yourself some wine and let’s shoot the shit.” She did and they visited about other things until the middle sister left them alone.

Corinne asked, “So how’s Caleb doing?”

“He’s sleeping now. I think we overwhelmed him and it’s going to take him a while to sort things out. It’s kind of fun being a teacher of sorts and I appreciate your help with him. I really do like him a lot.”

They visited some more about how things were going to go and what issues need to be worked until Caleb, now dressed, found them and said that he had to leave. He gave each of them a warm kiss before he departed.

The middle sister, Hope, had a couple of one-time lovers and then a long- term boyfriend since beginning her sex life. When that guy bailed on her she was devastated, especially since she’d rarely bedded Benny after it got serious. Mom and her sisters consoled her but she finally admitted that she needed Benny who was getting pretty well laid by Rhonda. When Corinne offered one of her studs, her interest perked up since she thought Sam was cute. Corinne chuckled at her choice, “How did you know he had the better cock?” That made them all laugh.

Sam was invited for dinner one evening soon after. When he retired to Corinne’s bed, as usual, the naked female that came through the door wasn’t who he expected. Being a gentleman who made good choices, he simple pulled back the covers to let her in with him. Hope quickly discovered his cock worked as well as it looked. The excitement of a new set of sensations as they explored each other’s bodies gave her a much-needed thrill and boost in her self-esteem. He was eager but she soon made it almost a contest as they each sought even higher levels of stimulation and release.

Corinne quietly entered and snuggled in Benny’s bed on the other side of the room from the rutting couple. They watched but held off on anything too sexual knowing the next phase.

When the new partner-pair collapsed from satiation, Corinne eased over to the other bed and whispered to Hope, “I want him back now. Benny’s waiting.”

When Sam opened his eyes, his usual lover was plastered up against him. “Where’s Hope?” Corinne pointed to the other bed where her sister was riding Benny.

“Holy shit! That’s her brother! What the hell?”

Grabbing his re-inflating rod she squeezed and sternly said, “He fucks me too. So what? Besides, it’s not your call.” As he rode Corinne, Sam kept looking over at his previous pussy getting it again. He was a rattled dude but got over it while balls-deep in the best piece of ass he’d ever had.

Mom was a happy camper with Charles, a mature boyfriend she’d had for a while now. She wanted him to move in but wasn’t sure he could handle the “love-nest” her family had going. He’d probably enjoy the antics and frequent nudity of her daughters but Benny’s familial dick-dipping might shock him to the core, especially since his partner was getting it too. Maybe the “group-mind” could figure out a path.

On a rare Sunday noon when those others who had overnighted were gone, Mom convened a special meeting and explained her situation. They all liked Charles so that wasn’t an issue. Corinne suggested, “How about each of us seduce him and then he hasn’t anything to judge you by.” The other gals seconded that since they’d wondered what an older man might be like to fuck.

Mom quickly squelched that idea, “Even though you know I wouldn’t mind a bit, I think he’s too conservative and honorable to take you up on such invitations.”

Benny had been pretty quiet during the discussion but now had something to offer, “From a guy’s perspective, one way to loosen him up is to talk about sex histories. Most guys are happy to tell about their successes with women and that way you’ll get an idea of what he likes and accepts. It might get him asking about yours and then you can make sure he knows your philosophies as well.”

Mom hugged her son and said that was an excellent idea. She’d get started on that and might have some questions of him as it went along. Then she asked him if he’d come to her bedroom and they could practice his suggestion even though she already knew the answers. Besides, they hadn’t fucked for almost two weeks. By the time they finished their fooling around, Mom felt ready to try it on her boyfriend.

A week later there was a night that Mom didn’t spend with Charles and she insisted that Benny spend it in her bed since she had lots to talk about with him. “That was an excellent idea, dear son. He’d never had anyone interested and as he loosened up lots of stuff came out. It kept him hard which you can be sure I took full advantage of, just like you are doing right now. I dearly love having him so close to me.

“He told me about his first time and about meeting his wife and the good and bad parts of that failed marriage. Then I heard about some successes and failures in his dating including a woman he almost married. He wasn’t happy when he found out she was screwing several other guys but it was her constant focus on money which ultimately turned him off.”

Benny asked, moving slowly in her pussy, “Did he ask you about your experiences?”

“Yes and I gave him an overview which seemed to turn him on. He liked being where you are as I told him so I sense that jealousy is not an issue for him. I also withheld some things and I got the impression he was too. I’m going to probe some more and see what deep dark secrets he has before I reveal my own.” Benny thought that was a good strategy and they just focused on fucking for a while.

A few days later Mom slipped into Benny’s bed. Corinne was overnighting with Sam and his roommate. She enjoyed those threesomes every week or two. Mom had some more news to share. “I found out Charles deepest secret. He was seduced by an older sister for his first time and they have screwed off and on again ever since. They don’t live close so it doesn’t happen very often. I reassured him that it was more common than he realized and since it had caused no harm it was nothing to feel guilty about. After he breathed a big sigh of relief, I slowly revealed our situation. We had already fucked once but he was harder than ever before I even got beyond talking about you and your sisters. When he asked about you and me and I nodded, he blasted off so hard I was worried about him. It took a while before he could speak coherently again but he kissed me and said that it did not damage his feelings towards me at all. I told him the feeling was mutual and wanted us to go on from there. He was after me all night and I think that he fucked me as much as you have managed to do on our best times.”

Benny kissed her and said how happy he was the way things were working out. “Do you want some of my loving now?”

“Of course, silly! This shouldn’t change anything between us, should it?”

So Charles moved in and the family adjusted. Mom and Benny kept their screwing to times he wasn’t home and the girls kept getting more and more casual around this new man. The big change happened when Mom’s period occurred. She asked Hope, who had not found another boyfriend of her own, to be waiting in her bed when Charles got in it that night. She was delighted, having enjoyed getting acquainted with him as a person.

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