You Are Going to Hell

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Coming of Age Sex Story: Innocent young girl learns the facts of life and sex from an older sister. Then she must pay it forward.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Romantic   Sharing   Orgy   .

Virginia, a traditional and personally quite descriptive name, was a senior at the all-girls Academy of the Immaculate Mother of the Savior. She’d attended the conservative institution since seventh grade when her family moved to the area. It was Christmas break and her older sister, a junior at the state university, had brought home her current boyfriend Paul. Virginia noticed, with disapproval, that Wilda’s current flame wasn’t the same guy who was with her at Thanksgiving. Wilda had gone to public school and must have been corrupted.

Wanting to visit with her older sibling, Virginia went to her sister’s room and opened the door without knocking, just as she had always done. As the door swung open, she was paralyzed by what she saw. Paul was recumbent on her sister’s bed and Wilda was perched straddling his waist. Both were completely nude and her sister was bouncing up and down, her breasts flopping as she moved. Virginia gasped loudly and her sister heard, turning her head and smiling but not stopping.

Virginia was both repelled and fascinated. She stared for a short while then turned and wailed as she fled down the hall. Wilda got off her boyfriend’s cock, closed and locked the door, and went back to finish what she’d started. It didn’t take long.

She left a satiated boyfriend in her bed and went to find her sister. Virginia was sobbing on her bed and tried to ignore her older sibling. Wilda sat on the bed and waited.

Finally, Virginia turned over and stared at her older sister, the one she’d looked up to for so many years. She sobbed, “How could you do such an evil thing? You are going to hell! I don’t want my sister in hell!”

Getting a hint of her younger sister’s thoughts, Wilda became placating, “Virginia, we need to have a serious talk. You are concerned about me, and I appreciate that a lot, but I don’t believe some of the things you apparently do. Let me have a word with Paul and let’s go walk and talk.”

As they walked together, Wilda started with, “What questions do you have?” That would get her sister talking.

“Why are you doing THAT?”

“Because it is a natural and enjoyable thing for two people to do together.”

“But it’s a sin!”

“Who says so? The Bible doesn’t. I’ve studied it more than you have and sex is celebrated as a gift from God in several places.”

“But my religious teachers warn us about it.”

Wilda looked at her worried sister and replied, “Yes they do. I’d bet that they are afraid of sex, and aren’t getting any themselves, so they don’t want anyone else to enjoy it either. Of course, poor choices can get you in trouble, but that is true of many things in life. You must understand what you are doing and do it right. I don’t fuck just anybody. I have to know and trust them before I spread my legs.”

“But isn’t intercourse just for making babies?” asked Virginia, not comfortable with common terms for sex.

“Hey, if people had babies every time they fucked, by-the-way ‘intercourse’ is for doctors and lawyers to say, then it would hardly ever get done. God made men and women’s parts to enjoy and help develop relationships. When those get extra strong then they get married and have a good situation for babies.”

“I thought that you were supposed to find the ‘right person’ and then have sex after you married them in the church.”

“God made our pussies very versatile. There isn’t just one man who will fit them, like a key in a lock. I haven’t found a man yet who didn’t fit just fine.”

“You’ve done this with other guys?”

“Of course! I started in high school when I could get the pill. I’m not stupid. If I like and trust a guy after we have dated awhile I’ll get naked with him. By getting to know different guys I’m learning what my long-term partner should be like and I’ll recognize him when we meet. I’m in no hurry and just enjoying the journey.”

Virginia was puzzled, “Wouldn’t your ‘right guy’ be upset that you’re not a virgin?”

Wilda laughed as she said, “Almost nobody my age is a virgin and, besides, if he didn’t appreciate my experience like I’d appreciate his, then he isn’t right for me anyway. Sex parts don’t wear out. They get better with practice, especially guys.”

She continued, “Hey, I’ve got a favor to ask. I have a date tonight so could you keep my boyfriend company. He’d take you out someplace if you want. [giggling] Hell, he’d take you to bed if you’d let him.”

Virginia was shocked, “You have a DATE? And Paul knows? Who?” She ignored the latter part of her sister’s statement for the moment.

Wilda replied, “Do you remember Todd that I dated in high school? He is my first lover and we get together every time I’m home.”

Virginia was even more agitated, “Will you f-f-fuck him? Does your boyfriend know?”

“Of course! Todd’s special. And I don’t sneak around so I told Paul that’s how it is. After all, he doesn’t own my body.”

The rest of the walk was in silence. Virginia was processing a hell of a lot of new stuff and some of her core “moral values” were being shaken up rather badly.

As they returned home Virginia said quietly, “I’ll keep him company but I’m not taking my clothes off.”

Wilda said, “Thank you. And it’s always your choice.”

Wilda’s boyfriend took her to dinner and then dancing. It was just like a real date, which she’d never had, and she enjoyed herself immensely. When they got back to the house Paul poured each of them a glass of wine and they sat together in the family room. Her parents were asleep.

Paul asked gently, “Wilda said you two had a long talk today. I know what it was about and if you have any questions a guy could answer I’ll give them a try.”

Virginia had been biting her tongue all evening so she just blurted out, “Do you know what Wilda is doing?”

Paul smiled, “Probably what we were doing when you walked in on us.”

Wilda stared, “That doesn’t bother you?”

Paul answered, “Of course I’d rather have her here with me but it’s her choice and they have a lot of history so I understand. Besides, he will have to wear a condom and I don’t, so their parts won’t actually touch. I know Wilda well enough that she will fuck my brains out later anyway. She was dating another guy when we met so it won’t be the first time I’ve done her after another guy. And Todd is doing her after me.”

Virginia slugged down her wine and indicated she wanted more. She rarely drank so this was going to get interesting.

“Damn,” she said for maybe the first time. “I never knew there was so much to sex. But I don’t know much about it anyway. I learned more this afternoon seeing you guys and talking to my sister than I was ever told before.”

Paul saw her loosening up so he asked, “You seem very curious. Is there anything I could show you?”

That question hit Virginia right between the eyes, or maybe the legs. She slurred, “I promised myself I wouldn’t get naked with you but you could show me stuff if you want. I’ve never seen a real penis, just in a sex-ed book.”

Paul smiled. “Those are pretty lousy representations, usually just drawings. I’d be pleased to show you the real thing. But you have to uncover it.”

Virginia struggled with his belt and pants, but finally Paul’s cock, hard by now, was pointing toward the ceiling. Virginia just stared, “I didn’t know it was so big.”

“Thanks for the compliment, but it’s only average. Do you want to touch it? Go ahead but be gentle.”

The fascinated tipsy girl reached out gingerly and touched the head then ran her fingers down the side and gently fondled Paul’s balls. He took her hand ad wrapped it around the shaft and moved it up and down.

“If you do this you can see the semen shoot out. Would you like that? I would.”

Paul had a handkerchief handy so when he blasted it didn’t make a mess. Some got on Virginia’s hand, of course, and she tasted it. “Not bad.”

Paul asked if she ever stimulated herself.

“I try not to because it is so sinful, but sometimes I give in.”

“If I do something to you like you did to me then it would be a gift and not at all sinful. You don’t need to get naked so you can keep your promise.”

Virginia didn’t object. She was pretty aroused by all this. Paul knelt on the floor in front of her, separated her knees, pulled her panties aside and dove in. Her pussy felt a tongue for the first time. It wasn’t long before she groaned and clamped her thighs on Paul’s head so tightly he had to hold his breath. Finally, he had to push her knees apart to breathe.

When she could talk. Virginia exclaimed, “They never told us about THAT! Is it that strong when you put your penis inside?”

“I’ve been told it’s similar. Of course then you’re all filled up too. You’ll have to ask your sister.”

Virginia struggled to get up, “I think I’d better go to bed now. I mean alone. I’m wiped out. But thanks for everything. It’s been quite an evening. Have fun with Wilda.”

Late the next morning the sisters were having coffee. Paul was out running.

Virginia smirked, “And how was your evening?”

Wilda grinned, “Anytime I get laid by two guys in an evening is a good time. It’s always nice to reconnect with my first love and then Paul was raring to go when I got back here. I’ll need a nap without him later. He told me you had an especially good time. I think YOU were the reason he was so horny last night and again this morning!”

Virginia blushed, “I sure learned a lot yesterday between the two of you. Now I certainly have a better understanding of what goes on between boys and girls. Exactly what I’m going to do with my new knowledge I don’t yet know. It better sink in for a while, although if Paul wants to give me more lessons I might change my mind.” [grin]

Wilda looked at her very seriously, “You are welcome to Paul for your first time. It is best with someone who knows what they are doing. Todd didn’t and it could have been better. My next guy hooked me on good sex.”

Virgin1a asked Paul for oral sex each day and he taught her to get him off with her mouth. Out of sight of her parents she gave him a fervent goodbye kiss as they departed.

It was a month later that Virginia insisted on going to visit her sister at college. Supposedly it was to check out where she might attend the next academic year but the young woman had told Wilda that she was ready to take up the offer both had made.

Friday night after dinner, Virginia was an anxious wreck. She’d even had a glass of wine with dinner. Back in her sister’s room at the off-campus housing she wasn’t sure how to get started. Wilda smiled and said she’d be gone for a couple of hours.

Paul took the nervous girl in his arms and kissed her as he stroked her body. As she calmed down, she began to build the desire he wanted. He slowly undressed her and guided her to take his clothes off. He encouraged touching and kissing of uncovered parts as they went along.

They started with the familiar oral sex and soon Virginia laid back and said, “I’m ready. My hymen is gone already.” She’d broken it with insertions of various objects getting ready for this big moment. Paul reached for a condom but Virginia stopped him. “I picked today because I’m only two days away from my period. I want to feel all of you and your semen too.”

The virgin suppressed her moans as much as she could when Paul’s cock separated her labia and stroke by stroke went deeper into new territory. When their pubes meshed, Paul kissed her and said, “You feel wonderful!”

Virginia just hummed and pushed with her hips. The thick shaft rubbing in and out of her vagina held her full attention with the pleasure it was producing. Her arousal built until the sexual tensions that had built up all evening exploded in spasms. Then she felt Paul’s hot seed flowing deep inside. She held the man tightly and just cried with happiness. She was a woman. There was no going back and she didn’t want to. What she wanted, as Wilda had told her would happen, was MORE! “Paul, that was amazing. How long does it take to be ready again?”

Paul had only partially deflated so he moved inside her. “Let’s try another position.” He showed her how to roll on top of him without uncoupling. “This time you are in control.”

Holding her hips, he showed his pupil how to move. He stimulated her breasts, and caressed her body everywhere he could reach as she learned which movements did what. She soon climaxed again although he didn’t. They tried doggy and spooning as well.

They were still spooning when Wilda arrived. She pulled off the sheet to get a good look at the couple. “Looks like fun. I’m joining you.” She stripped and climbed in behind Paul. Her hands were all over both of them, even touching where they were still joined at the Y.

Paul said to Virginia, “This is why I held off cumming again. I knew Wilda would be horny. Now you get to watch sex too.” He gently pulled his firm cock from the younger sister and the older one began sucking it clean. She’d been thinking about this all the time she was gone and climbed on her boyfriend as soon as she could.

She rode him furiously, encouraging the others to touch each other. Paul stimulated Virginia’s pussy when he could reach it and she fondled his balls and rubbed her sister’s ass. She was cupping his nuts as he ejaculated.

Virginia had swiped a couple of her Dad’s Cialis tablets so Paul was on constant duty all weekend. No complaints, but occasional snores were heard from him. When he was allowed to sleep the sisters talked.

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