Slim Sister & Her Friends

by Richard the Third


Incest Story: Charles and Debbie turn an innocent massage into much more!

Caution: This Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   ft/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Incest   Mother   Son   Brother   Sister   Father   Daughter   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   First   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Pregnancy   Safe Sex   Voyeurism   Big Breasts   Small Breasts   .

I walked into the bedroom I share with my sister, Debi aka Deborah (Separate beds, of course). She was on the phone with her best friend, stopping long enough to wave and smile at me.

I just got in from a 14-hour shift (noon to 2am shift - Love that overtime) at the nearby 7-11, stripping down to my underwear and lay face down on my bed hoping to fall asleep.

Debi has seen me in my tighty-whiteys hundreds of times, plus I was facedown.

I heard her finish up, saying, “Bye Shirley,” and got off her bed.

“Need a back rub, Big brother?” She asked knowing I took a day off from classes to take the shift. I am always complaining about my back!

I made a sound that must have sounded like a positive response, and her hands landed just below my shoulders on my bare back...

“Ohhhhh,” I moaned, and she continued on. She has great soft hands and was sending me to nirvana!

“Lower please?” I asked with a quaver in my voice.

“Sure thing,” she said as her phone rang. She put it on speakerphone:

“Hey Deb, this is Hillary, can we talk?”

“Sure,” my adorable little sister said, “You are on speakerphone, what’s up?”

“I saw your cute big brother today at the 7-11. He is such a hunk.”

Although that was slightly embarrassing, she kept going on my massage now down to my lumbar region.

“So?” was her response as her hands kept moving on my lower back without any change in intensity.

“I know you are his sister, but would you mind if I made a move on him?” Hillary said unknowingly.

“I know what you mean,” my black-haired sister said. “If we weren’t blood related I would be interested in jumping his bones myself!”

I was trying my very best not to moan or groan, however, I was getting hard as much from their discussion as from my sisters’ warm hands.

I am 19 and Deb & Hillary are 17 with my sister being slightly older, nearing her 18th birthday in two months.

Deb is 5’1”, a natural brunette with a slender body. My recollections about Hillary is that she is about 5’4” and also slender. She’s a brownette with brown eyes. Debi’s eyes are sparkling blue. They met as gymnasts, still working out in their spare time.

“So, what would you like to do with my brother?” my lovely sister asked adding some pressure while moving her hands back up onto my shoulder blades.

“You mean, like specifically?” Hillary answered sounding mortified.

“Why not? It’s just the two of us. Tell me all the details you can think of that you would do to my brother while I watched!”

That really got my body tense and ready for what might be said.

“Well... “ Hillary began. “I would want to know how big he was?”

That made them both giggle, when Deb said, “I believe he’s 5’8”.

“You know I didn’t mean tall, I would love to know how big he is, you know, down there?”

Despite her smallness, my sister actually turned me over on my back, pulling down my very tight underwear.

I sprang to full attention getting a soundless ‘Wow’ from Debbie.

“Have you ever seen him naked?” Hillary asked point blank.

I nodded to her and put my hand on my fully-grown erection.

“As a matter of fact, I saw him just the other day. He was not only naked, but he had his hand on it and it was long and hard.”

“How big do you think it was?”

Moving my hand away to put her hand on, she was using her hand to size me up, “I would guess over 8 inches long, although I only saw it for a few seconds.”

Her hand stayed in contact, only squeezing me a bit. My facial reaction was amazement. We had done the back-massage thing often, but this was the very first time she turned me over.

“Wow! Eight inches ... I don’t know how much I could take of that?”

“Where would you like him to put it first? Your mouth or your pussy?” Debbie asked her best friend as she began to give me a slow hand back and forth. My goodness, how wonderful it felt.

Hillary was giggling, apparently over the word ‘pussy’ that she just heard.

“Have you done it with anybody yet?”

“I am saving myself for somebody very special,” Debbie said speeding her hand now. “If I had a boyfriend as good looking as my big brother, I would be over at his house and let him fuck me in my mouth, pussy, even up my ass!”

I mouthed ‘Hang up’ to the brunette with her hand on my overly long, hard, and busting at the seams prick, and she did, promising to call her back, and got her mouth open directly above me and she let go of me and I exploded straight up and into her mouth.

As I heard her gulp and swallow, she smiled and crawled into her own bed and fell asleep.

I sleep in most mornings, but I woke up and found her alone at the breakfast table.

Our parents run a business called Coleman’s Cleaners, a family laundry business for those who want their sheets pressed and neatly folded, the same with the socks and unmentionables. To cover those who do like to wash their own clothes, there is a Laundromat nearby.

We own it, too, but it’s something of a secret, which means that the only people we aren’t using us are those who wash their stuff at home, and dry and fold their own stuff.

Coleman’s Cleaners offers ‘In by 9-Ready by 4’ service. It’s a walk-in business with seven employees!

“Hey shrimp!” I said to Debbie.

“Hey stud!” She said back to me.

“Are you OK?”

“Perfect,” She said between bites of her Multi grain Cheerios. “I had been wanting to do that for a long time.”

I walked over to the cupboards and got out my cereal Apple Cinnamon Chex and ate two quick bowls of it as Debbie got up and dressed for going to Hillary’s. It’s Saturday!

I cleaned up the bowls and stuff as she bounded the stairs to change. I dropped her off on my way to the library. We are only a two-car family.

Greeting her was Hillary who gave me a look, grabbed her by the arm and they went off together giggling.

I grabbed my books. I attend Iowa State University. Today I go back to my usual 6pm to 12midnight at 7.11, Oh thank heaven.

While taking my kid sister home, she asked, “Could we do that again, sometime soon?”

“Do what, exactly?”

“The massage and ... Everything else we did last night!”

“Doesn’t that seem dangerous to you?”

“It’s not like you are fucking me in my pussy. I’ve read that semen is good for the skin, plus it has no carbs and is pure protein.”

“I’ve never heard any of that, but I do like the massage both on my back and with your hand. We can do that, But I won’t be home until just after midnight.”

“Tomorrow is Sunday,” Deb said breaking into that dimpled smile of hers.

I came in finding her asleep on my bed.

The simple solution would have been for me to get in and sleep in her bed, but the folks might misunderstand finding us on each other’s beds.

So, I did the most amazing thing. I stripped to my undies and moved back to my bed and started a very soft massage to my sisters back. I went under her shirt stopping at the feel of her bra strap.

I continued on until I heard her give out a light moan. Her hands moved behind her back and just like that she removed her bra through her blouse sleeve hole.

“Rub me some more, please?” She said very quietly, practically a whisper.

I put my hands back under her light-yellow pajama top and began to rub again, with some of the same feelings coming over me from the night before.

Just as she had done to me, I moved down her back and was now just above her waist line. It had never occurred to me how pretty her behind was.

I heard giggling from her then, “If you want to massage my butt go ahead just pull my panties down please?”

Yeah, she is my sister, yeah, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of the moment and not only pulled them down a little, but my emotions and my arms pulled them all the way off of her.

While in a moment of personal despair, she turned over and took off her top, exposing the loveliest pair of titties I had ever seen. A quick glance down between her legs showed an unruly looking patch if hair.

“I really like the way that you were looking at me, big brother. I will do for you anything you ask me to!”

“What would you like me to do, exactly?” I asked getting as naked as she was.

“I would like you to maybe put on a condom, then fuck me until you cum inside it, OK?”

I got off the bed long enough to get a condom from my drawer, open it and roll it on. That will make this very safe.

“Now what?” I asked seeing my condom encased meat bobbing up and down.

“I am on the pill big brother. You didn’t have to wear that if you don’t want?”

That made my penis go straight up, and I saw Debbie spread her forested patch before me.

My emotions got the best of me, I pulled the condom off and entered my sister carefully.

“Ohhhh, Charley ... that feels so good, especially knowing it’s you doing it.”

Her tears caused me to start crying as well. With my bigness ensconced halfway up my own sister’s pussy, I began a nice even speed to fucking her.

She was breathing with every stroke I went in and I was breathing on every out stroke.

With her hands available, she started rubbing my face very softly. My hands and arms were holding me aloft except for our coital contact.

I said to her, “You had better be on the pill or you will be very pregnant in about five minutes!”

“I promise Charles I am safe and on the pill, You do trust me ... don’t you?”

As I kept thrusting as deep as I could go, I said, “To be honest, I have wanted to kiss you for many years, only now we are doing much more than that.”

My face went down as hers raised up for our first ever romantic kiss.

Her lips were soft and wet as our mouths went on and on until we had to catch our breath.

“Charles, please speed up and come inside me deep!”

My response was nonverbal, and I simply ramped up for about another minute as the wonderful feeling washed over me.

“Hey Deb, here I cum!” I did exactly that, feeling multiple ejaculations leaving me and entering her.

While trying her best to be noiseless, she began to rise up off the bed trying very hard to wrap her legs around my waist.

It being a Sunday morning, we both slept in. Debi’s phone rang waking her up.

Putting it to her ear, she said, “Helloooo!”

(All I heard was her half, but will speculate)

“No, I haven’t asked him yet Hillary! You must be really horny?”


She muted her phone saw I was awake and said, “Hillary wants to know if you have a friend her age.”

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