Sideways Mom

by Zipper D Dude

Copyright© 2019 by Zipper D Dude

Science Fiction Sex Story: Mom has an idea to help get her son selected as a concubine.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Science Fiction   Incest   Mother   Son   .

My Mom looks at things sideways. She’ll think about a problem and find a solution, but because she’s coming at it sideways her solution is often ... different.

My first CAP test was a good example. I’d celebrated my fourteenth birthday on the Saturday with friends, so Mom had allowed us some alcohol. Not too much and only for those of us who were old enough (unless her back was turned). Obviously she didn’t let me take my CAP test that day. Nor Sunday, when I woke up with an almost-hangover and she greeted me with a shit-eating grin: “Let that be a lesson, Lucas. Don’t drink more than you can handle.”

That Sunday I spent the morning recovering and the afternoon resting. “I’ve booked you in for your CAP test tomorrow morning,” Mom told me, “so you need to rest well tonight.”

Yeah, that made sense, so I didn’t complain too much when she sent me of to bed a little early. I’d showered and was in bed surfing when Mom knocked and came in wearing her jeans and a T-shirt, carrying a small towel and a tube of gunk.

“Put your phone away, Lucas. I need to do something.” Everyone else called me Luke, but she always called me Lucas. Just one of her things I guess.

I put my iPhone on the nightstand and Mom folded down the duvet. “Mom! What... ?”

“Hush dear. You need to relax so you get a good night’s sleep before your test.” She put her hands on either side of my waist. “Lift your butt.”

As soon as my ass cleared the mattress she pulled my boxers down to my knees, leaving my cock exposed. “Mom!” I shouted. This was not her usual behavior.

“Settle down dear,” she smiled, “you’re going to enjoy this.” She laid the towel on my stomach and spread the gunk from the tube on her hands.

I wasn’t enjoying it so far. This was obviously one of Mom’s sideways ideas. More often than not they worked, but some of the ones that didn’t could be real disasters. It was the uncertainty more than anything; Mom’s ideas could go off in some very strange directions. In this case it was in the direction of my dick. Once she’d lubed her hands she grasped my cock and started stroking. “Mommy’s going to help you relax dear.”

Oh shit! Until then I’d been limp with shock and embarrassment, but in microseconds I was harder than I’d ever been before. Mom’s hand was sliding on my stiff rod and she knew what she was doing. The sensations as her hand rubbed along my shaft, bumping against the ridge just below the head. Exquisite! Mom jerking me off was so much better than doing it myself.

She even had the verbal thing going: “Do it for Mommy. Let Mommy stroke you and make you feel better. Squirt your stuff for Mommy so you can relax.”

Relax? My heart was about to burst out of my chest as her hand moved steadily up and down my dick. This was my Mom, but she knew how to make a guy feel good. I’m not sure how long I lasted, but my mind was going at warp-speed so it felt like a million years. I got that ‘it’s on its way and you can’t stop it’ feeling and sprayed the towel she’d laid out. Beyond the towel as well, the first blast hit my chest.

“Good boy, Lucas,” Mom said as she used the towel to clean up the mess and wipe her hands. She had red nail varnish on; why did I notice that? “Now you’ll get a nice relaxing night’s sleep so you’re ready for your CAP test tomorrow.”

Unexpectedly, I did sleep. My brain was so frazzled by what Mom had done that it overloaded and switched off.

Over breakfast I looked at Mom with new eyes. Up to now I hadn’t associated her with sex, you know: Mom? Sex? No way! But after last night ... She was thirty-eight and a little overweight. Not as fat as some, but not slim. Curvy really, with a bit of a waist. Dark blonde hair like mine, though she wore hers longer. Big breasts, bigger than most of the girls in school. I’d had a couple of accidental glimpses when her robe gaped open and they were definitely a mother’s breasts: big and soft with some sag. Having a kid and no implants will do that. Her hips weren’t as wide as some – she’d had me by cesarean – and her legs looked good. At five-seven she was three inches shorter than me, as long as she wasn’t in heels.

I think she had a sex life, though she kept it well hidden. I sometimes heard her using a vibrator in her room. She went out two or three time a month and came back late. Always alone, she never brought a man back home that I saw. She never talked much about what she got up to on her nights out, ‘I met up with some friends,’ was the most she’d say.

What she’d done for me last night got me to thinking.

“Mom, have you ever thought of opening a massage parlor?”

She burst out laughing at that. Sometimes my sideways thinking matched hers.

“Now that’s an idea,” she joked. “But if I’m working evenings in the massage parlor then you’ll have to do your own cooking. I don’t want to come home and find you’ve poisoned yourself.”

Yeah, she had me there. I may not be the world’s worst cook, but I’m close.

After the joking, the serious business of the day. She drove me to the CAP testing center for my 8:45 appointment. It wasn’t too busy so we didn’t have to wait; they sent me in exactly on time. Like everyone said, I didn’t remember much of the test and what little I did remember faded quickly. What I did have was a CAP card with a big 5.0 on it. Exactly average. I wasn’t really surprised as I was average at most things, except cooking.

Mom smiled and gave me a kiss – an ordinary Mom kiss – before driving us home. She’d taken a half-day off work and I had the rest of the morning off school.

“A five means you won’t be a sponsor, Lucas. I’ll have to think of something to get a sponsor to select you.”

“It won’t be easy, Mom. There’s a lot of low-scoring boys like me out there and not many female sponsors.”

“I know, but it’s not impossible. There must be something we can do.”

Mom didn’t have that problem. Her CAP of 5.9 wasn’t sponsor level either, but fertile women with experience raising a child had a far better chance of getting picked than low scoring teenage boys.

I tried my luck that night, “How about relaxing me again Mom?”

“No way Jose,” she said with a grin. “You don’t have a CAP test tomorrow, just school. I’m sure you’ll be able to handle things yourself.”

Oh well. I could always ask her again in a year’s time.

No joy a year later when I suggested another handjob. I gained a whole tenth of a point on my CAP retest. Big frigging deal. At 5.1 I still had a minuscule change of finding a sponsor. On my sixteenth birthday Susie decided that I deserved a present, so she took me to bed to lose my virginity; a lot more fun than my fist! I also got a half-day off school and increased my score to 5.2. Hey, at the rate I was going I’d make sponsor on my twenty-ninth birthday! That was a good time for us both, Mom retested a month later and went up from 5.9 to 6.0.

One Friday after school Mom announced, “We’re going to the craft fair.”

“OK, Mom, I’ll get my jacket.” I had nothing better to do and it might be fun.

The craft fair wasn’t in a nice picturesque green park, just some stalls in a vacant parking lot next to an office building. We wandered round looking at the stuff on display. Mom picked up a couple of interesting looking homemade preserves and a jar of artichoke paste. She’d just finished paying for the paste when we heard the fire alarm go off in the building next door and the workers started evacuating. From the look of it there were more of them than of us at the fair. Once they were all outside a big gray wall appeared surrounding both the office people and us at the craft fair. Either it was complete coincidence or the Confederacy had set off the alarm. I picked option two, it was the kind of sneaky sideways trick they could easily have pulled.

A few of the women started stripping, but most didn’t. People had got the message that these days concubine selection happened later, after extraction not before. Mom kept her clothes on. A pity, I wouldn’t have minded a better look at her tits. I’d have to wait until we got to the Moon, everyone said that concubines were naked up there.

The Confederacy people got us organized into lines ready to go through the transporters. There were two types there, the big Marines in green and ordinary size Fleet Auxiliary guys in blue uniforms. The Marines stood around looking fierce while the FA did most of the organizing. One of the FA people came along our line checking for medical issues and the like. Seeing we were mother and son, she asked if we wanted placing together or separately.

“Together,” Mom said.

“You’ll have a better chance of being picked if you don’t have you son with you,” she pointed out.

“I know, but I want to stay with him.”

“Your choice, but remember you can change your mind later if you want to.” She moved on to the people behind us.

“She’s right, you know, Mom,” I told her.

“I know dear, but I have an idea.”

She wouldn’t tell me what her idea was. I didn’t mind too much since being with Mom had to increase my chances of getting selected.

When the blue woman reached the group about four behind us in line, one of the men started shouting. Stupid, as that attracted a Marine. Everyone around had gone quiet so I could hear most of it. The shouty guy had been extracted to the Moon a few months before and had got sent back because he’d misbehaved. He wasn’t a sponsor, but he’d been trying to grope concubines. They’d marked his CAP card, so they weren’t going to extract him again; he’d had his chance and blown it. The Marine threatened him with some sort of weapon and he got out of the line, muttering under his breath. Confederacy Marines are much too big to argue with.

Going through the transporter was weird. I was in the fair and in one step it disappeared and I was in this big room with a load of people. Mom was ahead of me, so I followed her and we found a place to wait. No view of the Moon as the room didn’t have any windows. I tried to pump her about her idea, but she wouldn’t tell me. “I need to check some things out first.”

Once the big room was full they started processing people out. We waited around until they assigned us an apartment. Well, not exactly an apartment, it was a room-share in an apartment. There were four other families in the place, all of us concubines. Me and Mom had our own suite: a bedroom with a large double bed and a bathroom off. There was a big main room and a kitchen as well, but we shared those with the other families.

Mom started talking to this voice from the ceiling, some sort of Confederacy computer. She told me to wait in the main room while she asked the computer some questions. I spent the time watching TV with this kid from one of the other families. Scott was thirteen and here with his mother. He didn’t have to worry about finding a sponsor yet, he would go with his mother and whoever selected her.

Mom came out shortly before we went for dinner. The apartment had a kitchen, but the computer said we should eat in the canteen nearby. I was expecting naked women, but there weren’t any. Mom said that all the people here were from today’s pick-ups and we wouldn’t have to strip until the morning. Something to look forward to tomorrow.

When we got back to the apartment Mom took me into our bedroom. “Lucas, I’ve been talking to the AI.” I must have looked puzzled because she told me, “That’s the Confederacy Artificial Intelligence computer.”

“What did it say, Mom?”

“Lots of things, but it will help with my idea.” I waited quietly. When she was running with one of her sideways ideas she didn’t like any interruptions. I wanted to hear her idea as well; anything to help me get picked.

“There’s something special about you, Lucas. Something that a lot of the other men here don’t have.”

I didn’t follow that. I’m average, like my CAP score, not special. “What?” I asked.

“Me. You have your mother here while most of the others don’t.” I didn’t see the significance of that, but I kept quiet.

“Did you do the Confederacy in school?”

“Yeah. Why is that relevant?”

She ignored my question. “So you know they allow incest?”

Incest! Given Mom’s liking for crazy ideas I might just be about to get very very lucky. Trying to stay cool I answered, “Yeah, I know it’s OK here.”

“That’s what you’ve got. The AI says we need to make videos to sell ourselves to sponsors. We’ll make a real life mother-son porno to get some sponsor interested. There’s a lot of fantasy incest porn out there, so some of the sponsors must be into that stuff for real. We’ll use the incest angle to make us stand out from the crowd.”

Yeah. That was definitely one of Mom’s sideways ideas. Very sideways. So sideways it was impossible. “But Mom, we don’t have a cameraman,” I pointed out. “We’ll need one if we’re both in the video.”

“We do. The AI can do all that. It can even help edit the video.”

Oh shit! I could tell she was really going to go through with this. She had her idea and she was going to run with it wherever it took us.

Mom worked in movies, behind the camera, so she organized things with the AI. It put up images of cameras, one on each wall, to give us something to focus on and she ran me through a quick rehearsal for the first scene. We kept our clothes on, but that was only for the rehearsal.

“Right, Lucas, get your clothes off and put them in the closet. We don’t want them in shot.”

After I’d stripped, Mom did the same. Yeah, I got hard. She was forty with a kid and a cesarean scar, but I still got hard. There was no way I wasn’t going to get hard seeing a real live naked woman up close, even Mom. This was the first time I’d seen her pussy – she didn’t shave so I couldn’t see much detail, just her bush. Our only sexual contact up to now had been that handjob when I turned fourteen more than two years ago and she kept her clothes on for that. Judging by the rehearsal, things were going to go a lot further very soon.

“OK, Lucas, get out of shot and we’ll start.” I moved off to the right, and the computer put a red light over the camera image displayed on the wall in front of Mom.

“And ... action!” She immediately ruined the shot by giggling. “I always wanted to say that. Oh shit. Cut!” She took a couple of deep breaths. “Lose that take, AI, and we’ll start again.”

“Affirmative,” the computer voice said.

“Right. Action!” She paused. “I’m Kath Parkinson, CAP 6.0. I’m forty years old, and I’m afraid it shows.” She did a slow spin for the camera. “But you can change all of that if you want to. What you can’t see is my sixteen years experience raising a son. And here’s the evidence.”

She gestured me into shot to stand next to her. Like her I did a 360. “This is Lucas. He’s sixteen and he has a hard-on. Not surprising really. I’m naked and I’m female, which is enough to give any sixteen-year-old man a stiffy. What’s more, I’m his mother. He has a hard-on for his mother.” She reached out with her right hand and gently stroked my cock. Gold nail varnish this time. “Mmmm ... nice and hard for Mommy.” Her idea was to emphasize the incestuous side of things to sell us to sponsors as a couple.

“Mommy’s getting hard as well. Stroking my son’s cock is making my nipples stiff.”

That was my cue to reach across and fondle her nearer breast. Like she said, her nipple was hard, set in its large areola. Mom wasn’t kidding about being turned on by this.

“Ahhh ... My little boy is fondling his Mommy’s tit. This is so hot. I’m stroking my son’s cock while he plays with my nipple.”

It was hot, so hot that I was going to squirt soon. That was my next cue, “Mom, I’m gonna...”

“Oh no, Lucas, don’t do that.” She stopped her stroking. “We don’t want to make a mess on the floor. You’re going to have to cum in Mommy’s mouth.”

We turned to face each other with our profiles to the camera. Mom pulled her hair over her right shoulder away from the camera so it didn’t block the shot. I wondered where she’d learned to do that. Did she watch as much porn as I did? She obviously had cheesy porn-movie dialogue down pat.

She got down in front of me and moved close to my cock, her warm breath making it twitch. “Lucas is ready to give his Mommy a big juicy mouthful of tasty cum.” She took hold of my cock one-handed, using the hand away from the camera and began to lick the tip before taking me into her mouth. Oh shit, she was good. So good that I almost forgot my lines. With Mom’s mouth full I had to do the talking for this bit.

“Mom’s sucking my cock. I can feel her tongue working at the tip, licking my piss-slit. Her hand is working my shaft so good. Oh shit! She just deep-throated me!” I looked down to see Mom’s nose buried in my pubic hair. “I’ve never had that before. My first ever deep-throat, and from my Mom.” I watched as she slid her mouth up and down my cock. “Mom’s such a good cocksucker. Better than any of my girlfriends. None of them could take me that deep. Mom’s the greatest.” That was true, Mom was giving me the best blowjob I’d ever had. She was gently stroking my balls with her free hand, none of my girlfriends did that so well either.

All too soon my dialogue degenerated from, “Mom’s sucking my big stiff dick,” to “Urgghhh,” as I pulsed five or six times into her mouth. It felt like twice my usual wad. She had pulled back slightly, so I was in her mouth, not her throat. Mom turned to the camera and opened her mouth to show my white spooge on her tongue. She swallowed and said, “Mmmm ... Lucas shoots such a big tasty load for his Mommy.” She smiled silently for a few seconds then, “Cut.”

“You didn’t say that was the first time I’d sucked you, Lucas.”

“Sorry, Mom. I was so excited that I forgot. I did tell them it was my first deepthroat.”

“That’s probably OK,” she reassured me. “We don’t need perfection, we only need to be better than the other videos people will be making. The incest angle will help us stand out anyway.”

We took a few minutes to freshen up and Mom talked to the AI about the next scene. There was more to this acting thing than appeared at first. You had to be aware of where the camera was and avoid blocking the shot. If the camera was shooting on one line, you had to go at the target from a different direction. You couldn’t just concentrate on the pussy in front of you; you had to keep all the other stuff in mind too.

We did an undress rehearsal, which allowed time for my dick to start recovering before we got into position and it was, “Action.”

Mom had most of the dialogue for this scene.

“Now, Lucas. Your cocksucking Mommy drank a big tasty load from your stiff cock and she’s feeling horny. Mommy wants her little boy to lick her pussy.”

“Oh yeah, Mom. I’d love to lick your pussy.”

“Good boy. You want to help Mommy cum, don’t you?”

“Yes Mom. I wanna lick your pussy for the first time. I’ve never licked your pussy before.” I made sure to get that line in after missing it earlier. I’d had some practice with my girlfriends, so I hoped I could make Mom feel good.

She sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs. I couldn’t get between them yet – that would block the shot – so I knelt by her right knee and stroked her pussy with my right hand.

“Ohhh, that feels nice son. Make sure you play with Mommy’s clit as well as her cunt.”

“Yes, Mom.” I soon had two fingers sliding inside her juicy tunnel while my thumb rubbed over her clit. She was definitely excited by all this, her channel was slick and her clit had poked its head out, obviously wanting to play.

“You’re such a good boy, Lucas, making Mommy feel so good. Now lick Mommy’s pussy.”

I kept two fingers in her slot, moved in and started licking her clit. She was definitely aroused and well juiced up. Didn’t taste too bad either, though I could have done with less hair round her slit.

“Yes, yes, yes. Lick Mommy’s clit. Mommy really likes that. Oooh, you’re so good at licking Mommy’s pussy, son.”

I kept licking while moving two fingers in and out of her. Once she got near cumming she sandwiched my head between her thighs and I wasn’t able to hear any more. I didn’t really need to, I just had to keep licking and sliding my fingers in and out.

She bucked her hips into my face and her thighs relaxed from round my ears. I caught the tail end of her saying, “ ... ahhhh that was so lovely. My son really knows how to lick his mother’s pussy.” There was a pause and then, “Cut.”

Off to the bathroom to freshen up and then another rehearsal for the next scene. I’d been half-expecting, half-hoping that Mom would go all the way. Yes, we were going to fuck. I would soon be a motherfucker for real! She’d planned out the camera angles for this scene with the main camera looking down from the ceiling so it could get a better view of my cock going into her. That meant keeping my back straight and not bending forward over her. Shots of my back weren’t going to interest anyone.

The other important thing was that this was going to be a ‘Come and fuck your Mom’ scenario. Mom wanted me to look like an obedient son/concubine. Concubines had to do what they were told, so she would take the lead and I would follow.

We started in roughly the same positions we’d had at the end of the last shot, Mom on the edge of the bed, legs spread, with me sitting back on my heels facing her pussy. We wanted it to look like I’d just finished licking her.

Mom took the lead, “That was lovely, Lucas. You made Mommy feel really good. Now Mommy wants you to do more for her. Mommy wants you to use your nice big stiff dick to fuck her. You’d like to be a motherfucker, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes Mom. I want to make you feel good and be a motherfucker with you.”

“What a good boy. Now rub your hard dick along Mommy’s pussy to get it nice and slick.”

Mom was already wet, so my stiff cock slid over her pussy-lips easily. I made sure to bump her clit at the top of each stroke, which she seemed to like.

“That’s enough dear,” she told me. “Now slide your lovely cock into Mommy’s pussy and fuck me.” She was twiddling her nipples as she spoke.

I made sure to lean back as I slowly slid my stiff dick into Mom’s cunt. With the camera in the ceiling I couldn’t lean forward, which would have spoiled the shot. It was strange trying to keep aware of camera angles while simultaneously enjoying the sensations of my dick sliding slowly into Mom’s pussy. She was tighter than I’d expected. I’d heard her using a vibrator some nights, but obviously not enough to open her up too much.

“Ooohhh ... that’s wonderful, Lucas. Your big dick feels so good in Mommy’s pussy.”

“Your tight pussy feels really good round my dick, Mom. I like being a motherfucker.”

“You’re a good boy, Lucas, you do what your Mommy tells you.”

“Yeah, Mom, I really like doing what you tell me. Especially when you tell me to fuck you.” I couldn’t help adding that last bit. She grinned and poked out her tongue at me.

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