Enjoying the Ex

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Their prenup has an unusual clause that everyone appreciates.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   Pregnancy   .

As I sat sipping my drink, I could hear through the partly open bedroom door how things were proceeding. The creaking of the bed was increasing in pace and strength. Those oh-so-familiar female moans were coming quicker and quicker in sync with the bed noises. The hard fleshy shaft I held in my hand was already well filled but hardened more when I heard the long pulsing moan of that familiar female voice and the deep grunts of the man that was causing them.

I waited for a full, eternal minute before I arose from the couch in the next room, quietly opened the door and as gently as I could got into the bed on the other side from him. I spooned up behind the woman who had her arm and leg thrown over her just-finished lover and she wiggled her butt very slightly when she felt my erection against it.

After another minute she kissed him and he rolled out of the bed, heading for the bathroom. She turned over to face me and I also got a deep hot wet kiss. As her hand found my ready rod I heard, “Mmmmmm!” and she squeezed it a couple of times.

Although she prefers to be on top, and I figured that’s what she did with him, I wanted to “retake” her so I pushed gently on her shoulder and she rolled to her back and opened her gateway, understanding my need. I knew it was not benevolence; she wanted me just as much. She’d had her foreplay. Had she ever! She was open and wet and I slid all the way deep on the first stroke.

I stopped there, locked our lips and tongues together again as we both absorbed the sexy silky sensation of a semen-soaked snatch. She was almost passive as I began pushing and pulling but soon her hips began undulating in the rhythm matching my strokes. I broke our kiss and began suckling her firm breasts was nipples stood up proudly. We were being watched. Her focus was fully on me though as we so intimately connected. I wasn’t so single-minded, knowing that the sensations my embedded organ were feeling were significantly impacted by another man’s semen and his sperm were seeking her egg.

His sperm had never been successful during their six years of marriage by design and I surely didn’t want it to happen now, even though mine would soon enter the arena. They hadn’t split for a lack of love. She had admitted that she still loved him. His responsibilities had called him far away and she was the sole caregiver for her aging parents.

He had reason to return two or three times a year and she always welcomed him in the most intimate way possible. That was continuing even after her remarrying. I began dating Molly but she didn’t take off her clothes on the third date like so many other women I’d gotten involved with. In spite of having been married before, she made it clear that her sex life was in marriage. She hadn’t begun intercourse until she was engaged the first time. I didn’t learn all of the above until we reached the point in our relationship where I was wanting her as spouse.

When I got to that and proposed, Molly said we had to talk first. “I still love my first husband even though you are first in my heart now. When he visits I want and enjoy sex with him as I did when we were married. I will accept your proposal if you can give me a notarized pre-nup that guarantees I can continue that practice at my discretion with no repercussions of any kind.”

As you might imagine, I was startled. I blurted out, “Have you had sex with him since we started dating?” She admitted to twice, the most recent a week earlier. “I’ll have to digest this, as you may have expected.”

She kissed me and said, “I love you. Don’t forget that. Call me when you have a decision. I’ve stated mine.”

Less than twenty-four hours later we were naked and learning everything about each other’s bodies, hers with a diamond on the left hand. She didn’t leave until morning.

Molly was a passionate and delightful lover for only having one man before me, as good or better than women with a lot more experience. When I made that comment, she stated that her ex had been a good teacher.

Our wedding date was set and arrangements underway when she got a call. I could only hear one side of the conversation but she was clearly setting up some kind of meeting. When she hung up she sat by me, a bit anxious. “That was my ex. He will be in town and wants to see me as usual.” She stopped there to get my reaction.

It was a test, I immediately recognized. Was I as good as my word? I had decided, after all. My only question, “Will he stay overnight?”

A brief hint of a smile, “No, he stays with family and we’ve kept this looking like just an evening out. Besides, I’ll want you after we finish, that is if you still want me.” She finished with a questioning look.

Another thought ran through my mind, “Can I have you first?”

She shook her head, “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I’d rather you ‘reclaim’ me. You can have me now though!”

The next evening I was at very loose ends, unable to focus on anything meaningful. My fantasies ran wild and my cock got annoyingly hard even though she’d drained it twice after we talked. I thought her text would never arrive.

I stretched every speed limit covering the two miles to her place and dropped a trail of clothes on the way to her bedroom. She was sitting in her bed with the sheet up to her waist. Her firm b-cups had erect nipples begging for more attention. She said the only opening words needed as she observed my erection wagging for side to side as I approached the bed. “Get in me!” She threw off the sheet and moved down into the classic position of sexual invitation.

I aimed and pushed, slipping all the way in on the first stroke. She was hot and wet just like when we had two romps in a row. But that wetness wasn’t from me. We were both really riled by our first experience with this situation and she came hard, shaking and gripping me as I struggled to hold myself back until she said, “I want yours in there NOW!”

We fucked three more times that night. Not ‘making love’ but raw fucking. That was the only time she explicitly described how he felt in her and her feelings when he was. There was one more ex-visit before our wedding and it didn’t have the wild aftermath when I joined with her soon after.

For the next two years it was much like the opening scene above which we evolved to. Between “visits” as we referred to those times, it seemed to me that we were a normal married couple, dealing with life and each other’s foibles and getting plenty of loving to compensate. Nothing was mentioned about this unusual situation.

The one evening I heard her on the phone. By now I knew from her tone of voice that it was her ex. I’d long ago decided to make the best of it and enjoy something that I’d read many men fantasize about. It was a surprise to hear her say, “I’m sorry but it won’t work this time. It’s my period.”

When she finished the call I had to ask, “Wasn’t it a week ago?”

Molly grinned, “Don’t you remember? I stopped my birth control. Or do you want to take pot-luck on our child?” Oops! I hugged her without comment.

When the ex got her naked next she had a noticeably swollen belly and an insatiable libido. Her bigger tits were duly appreciated. He stayed over in our bed for the first time and I got to know him a bit better that evening and at breakfast. He got loved again before departing.

My horny wife shared with me that he’d always wanted children but she wasn’t ready. At least he felt a little bit a part of this new life. “Last night he asked me if he could father the next one. I said I’d ask you because it was OK with me.” THAT sure got me thinking and feeling! Magnanimously I didn’t rule it out.

He’s made it clear that he would make a special trip when the baby arrived and would love to be the godfather. He also glanced at my wife as he mentioned that he could bring a willing girlfriend to ease my postnatal celibacy. She blushed but didn’t protest, having that much logic in her thinking. We quizzed each other about how we would feel in such a situation. We both realized that some things are unknowable until they happen.

By the time that the baby arrived, he was married to Miranda who was eager to meet us. The blond bimbo cooed over the tiny boy and did her best to make friends with her husband’s ex. She also cooed over my erection at every opportunity but was careful to give her spouse equal crotch time. Like my wife, she loved two-on-one. Her pillow tits didn’t feel natural but she swore they were. I just enjoyed them none-the-less.

She and I were pretty familiar with each other’s body by the time the new mother and child came home so the three of us put on a sex show for her. Careful application of tongues and lips by all participants was somewhat satisfying to her. She and I would talk about feelings later.

When the ex headed for home, he left Miranda since she wasn’t working. She had two children so was a help the first few days. When my wife asked me privately what I thought about “our” helper, I truthfully said, “My pecker likes the exercise but the connection is pretty thin.” On a wild whim I added, “I’d rather bonk your sister.”

My wife jumped on that in a way I didn’t expect, “She likes you and is between boyfriends and without the limits I have. I’ll call her and if she’s interested you can go find how you two get it on. If it works out we’ll send Miranda home.”

Damn if I didn’t find myself greatly enjoying a younger version of my wife who was quite ready for action by the time we got our clothes off. Susan called her sister as soon as we wore each other out and said she wanted to take over for our helper. Miranda was soon put on a plane with heartfelt thanks but no mention of future visits.

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