Nightmare, Daymare

by Anne N. Mouse

Copyright© 2019 by Anne N. Mouse

Fiction Sex Story: Cal suffers a nightmare and recovers most of his memories.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/mt   Mult   Coercion   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Rape   Slavery   CrossDressing   Shemale   TransGender   Fiction   Crime   BDSM   DomSub   MaleDom   Humiliation   Torture   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   Anal Sex   Oral Sex   Prostitution   Violent   .

Cal was dreaming. At least he was pretty sure he was dreaming. Then again if he was being drugged with stuff that made him hallucinate he might not exactly be dreaming. How does one tell a dream from a drug trip? Cal didn’t know, and had no clue of how one could discern the difference.

Maybe one eventually woke up from a dream? Cal thought that should be the difference, then again if you were high on something, didn’t you have to come down. Cal could feel his pulse throbbing in his head, almost as if there were a line drawn from his eye to somewhere over his ear. He tried to open his eyes. If you open your eyes you’re not dreaming he reasoned.

Whether or not he opened his eyes he couldn’t tell. He tried to recall just what was going on. He was in pretty severe pain, both from whatever had happened to his head and from what felt like a catheter in his dick.

He was pretty sure he had been dreaming about something that had happened to him previously. Hammer had somehow fastened a whiteboard to the wall of the cell where he was a prisoner. Not that he was sure he wanted to escape, not if half the people who had come through the room to use his body had been telling the truth. That too he remembered, at least a couple of jumbled weeks during which Hammer’d essentially sold his body to the highest (at least Cal hoped those who used him so foully paid a high price) bidder. One person who he at first thought was a very pretty woman had brought in a torture device and fixed it to the bed then told Cal to let her put him in the fiendish looking thing.

He would either do that or Gina, as the woman had introduced herself would call Hammer and Hammer was about two seconds from selling Cal to Snake. There was a set of photos that Hammer had left in the cell with Cal. They made Cal’s blood run cold, they also convinced him to let Gina do whatever she wanted so long as it didn’t involve a knife. Though if he let her lock him into that frame!?

Still the competing fear had him on his back with his head fixed so that it was tipped back at an uncomfortable angle. His heart thundered as his head was pinned back. Strangely enough, he could see the recently installed white board, though he was essentially upside down to its orientation. Apparently that was intentional as Gina asked, “Can you read that board to me Calienté?” she asked.


CRACK! “AIIIII!” Cal screamed, noting that the way his head was held made him sound like a girl, not that he cared. Something had cracked his nuts, he was certain.

“My name, to you, is Miss Gina, if I’m feeling generous. If not from now on you will greet me with the words: ‘Thank you for coming to instruct me Mistress Gina, you may use my body as you will.’”

“Yes Mistress Gina,” Cal’s voice quavered as he agreed with the insane bitch, though he hoped she never learned that he considered her insane.


“Calienté’s grades,” he read, “giving head U, presentation U, grooming U, being fucked S with asterisk... , fucking U, cleanliness S with asterisk...” he trailed off he didn’t want to read the rest aloud.

The asterisks denoted that his performance was barely in the S or satisfactory category. There was one category below U which was unsatisfactory. It was F for failure.

“So pretty boy, you’re about to end up as the entré on Snake’s dinner table. Is that what you want?”

“N ... N ... no!” Cal hated when he stuttered, he hated sounding so weak. But he knew that he was weak. Gina ‘Mistress Gina’, he took time to remind himself could do anything to him, as could Hammer or anyone else Hammer chose to bring it.

“Most of the people who have been fucking you lately like to see little boibitches like you cry. They don’t care if you live or die. They like to hurt people, especially boibitches while fucking them. Is that how you want to live and die?

“Just a warning: That is a short miserable life, with the only redeeming factor being how short it will be. I sort of like to hurt boibitches like you, just ‘cause it makes me feel great,” Gina sneered at him, he could hear it in her voice.

“Today’s lesson is sucking cock. You do want to do better at that don’t you?” Gina asked.

“Not really, but what choice do I have?” Cal told the mad woman.

“I guess the other choice is being Snake’s entré if you survive being a pain bitch long enough for Hammer to be bored with you. He says he thinks you have potential, but I don’t see it, that is other than those pretty tears you seem to have no trouble squeezing out,” Gina’s voice dripped with scorn as her hand wiped a stream of burning tears from the corner of Cal’s eye.

“Open your mouth! Boibitch!,” Gina demanded.

Cal complied. He hated the pain, he hated complying with the demands, he hated himself at the moment. “No teeth!” the woman warned as a large black prick landed on his lips and began to push in while he almost instinctively began to close his mouth.

Cal concentrated on relaxing. If he didn’t want to be hurt, he’d let the cock in. The man shoved the prick down his throat and held while Cal gagged. After a moment the man withdrew and let his prick rest in Cal’s mouth. After a moment or longer he growled, “The bitch ain’t sucking, ya want me to just fuck a dead lay like her?”

“You can hurt her, even leave a little scar where it won’t show, though given her attitude I doubt it will be a month before Hammer sells her to Snake. Still nothing large yet, maybe the bitch will learn.”

The cock was taken out of Cal’s mouth. “Strap the bitch’s feet down,” the man growled. That was done. Then a lit cigarette was in front of his face, almost against his nose, then it disappeared from his view only for searing pain to blossom from his left little toe. Cal shrieked. There was no other word for what he did, how long he screamed. How long the burn continued Cal didn’t know. He ran low on breath, heaving and feeling like his empty stomach was trying to crawl out of his mouth when the cock returned to his mouth. Urgently he applied his tongue to the soft yet hard, plum shaped head as soon as he could reach it, almost as soon as he saw it enter his cross-eyed vision. He never wanted to feel such pain again.

“Oh yeah bitch, suck my cock!” the black man urged as he began to hump urgently into Cal’s throat, while Cal concentrated on keeping his mouth open and his tongue as involved as possible given his constrained situation.

Within moments of the man beginning to fuck his mouth in earnest Cal felt him push as deeply as possible while the cock swelled and pulsed urgently. Some perverse part of Cal felt a little achievement at the fact that the man had fucked his face so urgently.

“Would you look at that?” The man whose cock was still pulsing in Cal’s throat asked, “The little boibitch’s clitty came out!”

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