Animal Instincts

by Just24Fun

Copyright© 2019 by Just24Fun

Fantasy Sex Story: Mary keeps herself occupied while Joe is out of town with her new friend.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Fiction   Slut Wife   Rough   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Cream Pie   First   Masturbation   Size   .

Mary and Joe had been home from their Vegas vacation now for almost 6 months. It had truly been a great experience and had brought them even closer together. Their love for each other still grew every time they saw each other, and the experience opened their minds to new ideas and role playing in the bedroom. They often fantasized and role played about Marvin and his basketball players at the Red Rooster. Mary and Joe loved the added sensual experiences.

Things could not be any better between them!

Recently, Joe had started a new job about a month ago, which required a lot of traveling. Some times he would be gone for almost a week at a time. It would not always be this way, but as he was in training, the time away seemed worth it for now, and would pay off in the long run.

Their love life suffered a little, and they depended on phone sex to keep each other satisfied while he was gone. They were used to making love almost every night they were together, and multiple times on weekends. It kept them young and in shape. Joe really liked phone sex. Especially when Mary began using dirty words to describe a certain scenario in a fantasy role-play act. It seemed Joe could get off quite easily, often being able to satisfy himself all alone. He had the stamina and sex drive of an eighteen year old! Mary on the other hand found it more difficult to reach an orgasm alone, even with Joe whispering sexual things in her ear. And he had some pretty juicy sex stories that often left Mary wondering how he came up with some of his ideas. He almost always got off, but Mary seldom did, but still happy her lover miles away was satisfied.

Joe felt bad that Mary had to be alone all the time. He was concerned not only with her safety, but the lack of companionship too. So, knowing she loved dogs, he decided to surprise her with one.

He found Max at the local rescue shelter. He was a mutt of sorts. Part Rottweiler and poodle, plus maybe a few other breeds mixed in. The shelter told him the groomed dog was only three years old. And with the poodle mix, the dog did not shed like other breeds. He was also a very big dog, weighing around 120 pounds and stood very tall, having the longer legs of a large breed poodle. His snout was a bit longer too than the normal nose of a rottie. And being of a poodle breed, it meant they would have to take him to the groomer to have his fur cut from time to time. But thats where the poodle traits stopped. Max looked more like a full Rottweiler, with all the markings and color of a champion breed. But he was also a gentle giant and melt Joe’s heart the second he saw him in the holding cage. He was so excited to get out, and licked his hand in friendship. He also knew commands and obeyed Joes instructions, showing he was well trained. Max could sit, lay down, roll over, and walked close to Joe’s side without a leash. The shelter said he was just brought in by an older woman who was moving down south and could not bring her prized pet with her. The dog had been trained at the finest boarding kennel in the state, and it showed! Poodles were extremely smart dogs, and easy to train. He was lucky Max was still available for adoption. There was a trial month period that Joe signed up for, just in case things did not work out with him. And Mary had to agree to the adoption as well. It had been a while since they had a dog in the house, but Joe knew she loved them.

Max jumped into the truck with a gentle “up” command from Joe. He rode on the floor of the passenger side as though he had done it a thousand times before with Joe. He could not wait to show Mary this beautiful animal!

Arriving at home, Joe was concerned about where Max would call his ‘bathroom’. They had a gorgeous fenced in back yard, and he did not look forward to holes and “land mines”, or dead spots everywhere the big dog did his duty. But within a week, Joe had Max trained to one small spot behind a few pine trees where his droppings would not be seen or smelt. He also trained him to wipe his feet on a big piece of carpet before coming into the house through the two installed doggie doors.

And when Joe got to the house, Max jumped from the truck and actually stayed on the driveway, making the need to leash him unnecessary. What a perfect dog! He seemed almost human the way the brute followed and learned commands. Max just had to pass Mary’s OK for them to keep him.

Mary was out in the back yard when Joe got home from the shelter. She loved working on her gardens, and was dressed in her usual ‘yard’ clothing. A pair of shorts, t shirt, and sandals with her ladies work gloves on. The ones with pretty flowers printed on them. Gloves that always gave a chuckle to Joe. They would never be mistaken for his leather work gloves in the tool box.

Mary looked so cute no matter what she wore. Even before Vegas she had been working out on a regular basis, and it showed. Her thin frame was in tip-top shape, especially for a woman of her older years. The younger women of these days, even in their 20’s had more flab and baby fat still on their bodies than the older generation ever did. Mary’s flat toned tummy, sleek legs, fine ass, and perky breasts always had Joe telling her she had the body of an eighteen year old. Add in the mature, sensual and sexy way she teased Joe, there was no one else he’d rather be with. They were a team, lovers, confidants, and best of friends. They have yet to have bad words between them, and seemed to agree with everything from religion, politics, and common sense. Soul mates was what they were, and grew deeper in love every day!

As Joe entered through the side gate to the back yard, Mary had her back to him, diligently working on her rose bushes when he let Max into the back yard. Max saw the small woman and bounded up to her as though he’d known her for years. He stopped just short of her, making sure he did not knock her over and licked the side of her arm saying ‘hello’. Mary spun around, shocked to see such a large dog in her fenced back yard. He was like a small horse next to the tiny woman’s frame. How did he get in, and was he going to attack her, became the startled woman’s first reaction. But she soon figured out the dog was very friendly, and relaxed as she saw Joe walking up to her too.

“Oh my! Where did he come from baby?”, she asked petting the gentle giant.

“Surprise!”, he answered, happy the two of them got along so well.

Joe explained where he had gotten the dog. Also everything about Max. His breed, schooling, and temperament, and the trial period they would have to go through before adopting him permanently.

He knew Mary loved dogs, and from the way her and Max seemed to bond immediately, he knew Max had found a good home.

They made a bed up for Max off the living room, but Joe knew Mary loved it when he slept on the bed with her. But she and Max knew it was only when Joe was not home. Joe had his limits, and sleeping with a dog, or any animal on his feet drew the line. But with Mary, it had a calming and safe effect for her when he was away at work on his long schedule. And Joe also loved it when they were cooking or eating, Max stayed out of the kitchen. He was not raised to beg for table scraps or worry he would snatch food from the counter.

The month flew by quickly as the three of them bonded like family.

But soon, Joe was again off on another week long work detail. Mary always missed him when he left, and Joe knew the longing for his sexy lady would be hard as usual. But with Max there, he at least knew she was safer while he was gone on extended work runs.

As usual, the couples love-making that night was intense, knowing it would have to hold them until his return. Joe at times looked forward to his long trips, just for the sex before he left, and specially when he returned!

Early the next morning Joe drove off waving goodbye as Mary stood on the driveway, with Max sitting obediently by her side.

It had already been a few days since Joe had left. They communicated often by phone and face-chat, Joe seeing his beautiful lady as they talked. They sometimes had phone sex looking at each other, adding spice to their encounters. They seemed to never dull when it came to pleasing each other.

Mary woke early the following morning, stretching out below the soft silk sheets. Her and Joe had an awesome phone sex session the night before. She could still feel her pussy throbbing from her orgasm hours ago, and her nipples were still rock hard. She was really starting to get into their ‘love making’ sessions by phone. She was warming up to the role-playing more every time they would call each other at night, just before sleep.

Mary looked into the back yard. Max was already up and running around the yard exercising. It reminded her she also wanted to work out that morning before heading out on errands. It was hard work staying in such great shape, but well worth the return she got from Joe. As she stood in front of the full length mirror, she gazed over her sleek body. She still had terrific legs, a great ass, flat tummy, and perky breasts. And the untanned ‘V’ between her legs stood out slightly from her still swollen mound from last nights phone ordeal with Joe. Mary kept her pussy hair trimmed neatly, the short curls running down alongside her full lips to her ass. Joe loved the soft fine hair she had, and always loved feeling it with his wandering fingers. It still had him feeling like a teenager, and he constantly complimented her on how beautiful and sexy she was. It was tough keeping his hands off her beautiful body.

Waking from her slight trance, Mary turned and began dressing for her workout. A pair of black shorts and matching sports bra topped off with her Nike tennis shoes and she was ready to get started.

They had an exercise room in the basement with an assortment of machines. A treadmill, stationary bike, elliptical machine, and universal gym with a full bench and weights up to 300 pounds. It was quite the assortment and kept the fit couple in tip top shape.

Mary started her warmup on the treadmill before tackling the weights. She had her normal routine she went through rotating from machine to machine for an all over workout.

The first half hour had the slim woman sweating and heart pumping, her ear buds sending vibrant music through her ears keeping her pace going.

Next was some free weights on the universal gym.

They had a few small dumbbells perfect for her size. She started with the 8 pounds weights, laying on her back across the full length of the soft padded seat. The music spurred her on, eyes closed, oblivious to her surroundings.

Suddenly the feel of a wet tennis ball startled her as it plopped onto her flat tummy.

Looking down between her legs she saw Max, wanting to play fetch with his favorite ball.

She grabbed the saliva soaked ball and tossed it further into the basement family room just beyond the exercise doorway.

The big dog turned to chase the green ball, Mary laughing at his playfulness. He sure had a lot of spunk in him lately. She thought his morning run out in the back yard would have calmed him down a little. But the gentle giant had energy to spare as he quickly returned placing the ball back on her tummy.

“Ewwww”, she laughed at the perplexed dog. Her bare stomach had his saliva all over it, and she did not have her usual workout towel to wipe it off.

“Look at this mess”, she teased the happy dog pointing to the wet spot just above her black shorts. Max stepped forward and licked her tummy, removing the slobber in one flick of his big tongue. The surprised woman was amazed how smart he was, almost knowing exactly what she meant by a mere pointed finger at her.

She grabbed the ball again and teased the huge pup by pretending to toss the ball over his head. But Max was not that easy to fool, and kept a keen eye on his prized toy.

Mary tried to hide the ball from him behind her head as she lay flat on the bench, looking down the length of her torso at the playful dog. Max just stood between her partially opened legs, anxious for her to throw it again.

Impatiently, the tall animal just walked over the prone woman trying to get to the ball in her hands.

It turned into a funny game as Mary teased the gentle giant with the ball. Max was now fully over her tiny flat body, easily hovering over her with his huge size, getting closer to his prize. But she was determined to win, not allowing him to see the object in her hands. She lifted her legs and wrapped them tightly around his thick hairy body above her, trying to hold him back.

His fur started to tickle her bare tummy as Max tried in vane to reach the ball. Mary glanced over at the mirrors on the wall, laughing at the silly game. Max was much bigger than her, and towered over her slim body, his long lengthy frame completely covering her up. She laughed out loud at the spectacle.

Suddenly she saw “it”! The bright crimson pointed object just inches from her crotch poking forward from his playful advances. It had snaked out of his hairy sheath only a few inches, but appeared to be very thick and rapidly growing. Mary was not ignorant, and knew right away that the big mutt was getting excited with their play, and his doggie penis reacted accordingly.

Still startled at his arousal, Mary dropped the ball on the floor just under her head. Max surged forward after the loose ball, throwing his body between her open legs smashing his red cock into her body below. She could feel the hardening point push into the stretchy fabric of her tight shorts right where the opening to her pussy was.

“Oh my!”, she gasped as the hard point burrowed into her pouting pussy lips. She could even feel the heat of his penis through the clothes she wore. Max continued to surge forward anxious to grab the ball below her head, as his red tipped cock pushed even harder against her sex. If she had no clothes on, his doggie prick would have gone into her at the perfect angle. Looking into the mirror, Mary watched as Max began to instinctually, softly hump his haunched into her, obviously feeling her female heat too. His bright red cock seemed to grow even more, sliding between her spread thighs, still hitting her right where her pussy opening was.

Suddenly realizing what was was really happening, and coming to her senses, she quickly rolled off the flat bench onto her knees, escaping the awkward position. Standing aside from the bench, she kicked at the sloppy ball, allowing Max to chase the ball as it rolled across the carpet. Victorious, he scampered out of the room with his ball, leaving the bewildered woman standing there holding her crotch in an awkward attempt to prevent any further contact. Looking at her black shorts, she noticed what appeared to be a little liquid right at the opening to where her vagina was. He had cum that quickly? Did the big dog really know, or try to make sexual contact with her?

But Max did not have a clue and was off and running, getting back outside through the doggie doors as though nothing had happened.

Mary was confused at the incident. How could a dog find a human arousing? She had seen his red tip before when he sometimes sat. But never this much of it. Now looking through the basement window, she realized just how endowed he really was. His fur covered sheath was almost as big as Joe’s cock, half erect. The red tip had disappeared now, making Mary wonder just how big his cock would get to be full extended.

Embarrassed, she shut the notion from her head. This was wrong in so many ways! But her curiosity in his behavior made her look it up on the internet. She wanted to know all she could on the dogs habits and if this was just a fluke of nature. As intelligent as the big dog was, she was concerned the incident might alter his obedience in some matter. That would not be good!

What she found was very interesting. Canines were actually much cleaner than the human mammals. People ate so much unhealthy crap, especially these days. Lard, sugar, sodas, preservatives, additives, and a variety of foods that helped in the spread of virus’s and communal diseases. Simple coughs put people in hospitals near death. She read that a canines saliva was actually hundreds of times cleaner than a humans. In early times, dogs were taught to lick the wounds of injured soldiers to prevent infections and gangrene. They carried no sexual transmittable diseases, obviously could not make a human pregnant, and overall so much cleaner than humans by far.

Mary knew a little about dogs, but reading even deeper she looked into their sexual habits. Their anatomy was quite similar as a humans. The females had ovaries, fallopian tubes, menstruated like a female woman, had live birth through their wombs, and fed milk through their breasts.

The males were also just like a human male. The penis, like a humans, filled with blood when aroused. Size was credited to the animals overall size too. Unlike a human, Mary giggled, recalling a man she dated who was very short, but possessed a massive cock. Unlike a human though, she continued, the canines cock would usually develop a bulb or knot at the base when ejaculating to assure his sperm reached the females ovaries. The size of the knot was not noted, but appeared to be not much bigger than the width of the engorged penis when erect. Also, the canine male would spray pre-cum from the tip of his cock to help in penetration, sometimes actually more than his full sperm load when they came.

Very interesting Mary concluded. It was not sperm on her crotch, rather his pre-cum. Looking back the whole ordeal was quite harmless. No harm, no foul she thought. The internet arctic was very insightful into the days ordeal with Max.

Well, she figured her workout was done for the day, and needed to take a quick shower before heading out to do errands. Stripping out of her work out clothes, Mary looked closer at the dried on liquid on her pants crotch. It reminded of when she and Joe had sex, and the dried up ‘pecker’ tracks left from him leaking on the sheets.

Enough examinations and information for today, she thought, she was getting behind schedule and jumped into the warm shower. As she washed her body, paying attention to her nipples, now hard again, she realized all her curiosity made her a little turned on. Reaching down between her legs, her pussy confirmed her thoughts. After all, she was a very sexy female, and he was a magnificent male specimen. And seemed to possess a very nice sized cock.

Mary tried to imagine his red flared cock at its full aroused state. How big could the 120 pound dog’s cock really get? She’s never seen an erect dogs cock before, and the notion of it started to make her swoon a little.

“Oh stop this nonsense”, she thought to herself. What a ridiculous idea! Max was just an average dog, nothing more, nothing less. Not a lover, nor a sexual partner, especially in this house!

Mary went about her errands for the day, but could not stop thinking about Max’s bright red cock. Even that night when Joe called for the usual phone sex, Max came to mind. In no time, Mary had her orgasm before Joe. That was rare, and even Joe commented she must really miss him. She actually really did miss his companionship. Not only for the sex, but in everything they did together. Being apart for any length of time was hard on them. Especially Joe, who became moody over her absence. It had been almost two weeks now, and she was getting tired of using her same old vibrators. It was more fun when she used them with Joe.

And then that night, Joe told her the bad news. They were sending him over to the coast to put out business ‘fires’. The usual guy that handled that territory had just quit, leaving them to count on Joe alone. Though this meant another two weeks from home and his dear Mary, it would be a great feather in his cap and help towards a quick promotion. Maybe to regional rep. Which meant less travel, and higher pay in the future. It would be a huge boost to his career to remain out there another few weeks. Mary knew this was the best for both of them, even though she knew it would put a burden on them for a few weeks longer. Phone sex would have to do for now.

Mary kept herself busy around the house. It was the start of fall and there were many chores she would have to do that Joe usually handled. The garden needed to be harvested, lawn still cut, flowers to be cut back, leaves raked, and the list went on. Better to be busy, than lay around thinking about Joe, making the time pass slower.

She still kept up on her exercise program, with the door shut these days of course. She did not want Max to barge in and have a repeat session like last time. With Joe being gone, she also made a goal of losing a few extra pounds and firming up her tummy and legs. He would really like her ‘new’ figure when he came home. She anticipated and dreamt of their encounter when he returned. She was guaranteed it would be a spicy one indeed!

And they still tried to have phone sex as much as possible. But Joe was now working extra long hours, and when he did get to his hotel, he was wiped out. They had not talked sex on the phone for almost a week now, and Mary realized she really missed it. Sure they had other conversions, and even talked and texted each other with playful sexual teasing.

But it was not the same and Mary turned again to her vibrators. She still fought with her mind recalling the dogs big cock as it pushed into her crotch. She felt a little guilty thinking about it, sort of like cheating on Joe. But the speed in which she had orgasms thinking about the perverted act and the dogs red cock, were so quick it surprised her. So what harm was being done she thought. It was better than leaving the house, which she would never do, no matter how horned up and lonely she became.

So, life went on. Chores were done. And she put more effort into her workouts to relieve stress.

Mary woke to a very cloudy, warm day. Without the sun shinning in to wake her, she had slept longer than intended. She had planned on meeting a friend for brunch, and it was already past nine. She had missed working out yesterday, and knew if she did not exercise today, it would be harder to get back into her routine the more she put it off.

She quickly determined a quick hard bout on the weights would be just what she needed. She had done cardio her last workout, so the weights needed her attention today.

Max was out in the back yard as usual. It looked like it could rain in a few hours, so she let him play while he could. She did not have time to get her workout clothes on, and opted to just wear what she had on. It was in the privacy of their own home, so running downstairs in her silky bra and lacy panties would be just fine for now. On the way past the garage door, she made sure to flip the switch to the doggie doors so Max would not find her in the skimpy clothing as she worked out. She did not want a repeat of the last workout encounter again.

First she started on the leg weights. From this point on, Mary was working out as hard as possible to ‘muscle fatigue’. Thats where whatever part of her body she worked with weights, got so tired, it was difficult to move at all. Her legs felt like lead after the heavy repetitions of the larger weights. She could hardly lift them to walk, but they looked terrific as the training built strong muscle. She knew in a few minutes they would feel normal again. So she went on to the next part of her body. Her arms. Laying down on her back on the padded bench, she started with chest presses. The weights became heavier the longer she pushed herself. Then she rotated the chest presses with side curls. Her arms went lower to the ground with every rep. The muscles in her forearms and shoulders burned with the intense workout. She pushed onward until she thought they would burst in flame. She had the ear buds in as usual, her favorite music blasting in her head. It helped her concentrate on the task at hand and she closed her eyes tightly as she pushed out the last reps grunting in pain as her muscles finally gave out. She dropped the heavy weights to the ground at her sides, opening her clenched eyes.

“Oh my, where did you come from?”, she asked the big dog as he stood at her feet. Evidently, she had not thrown the switch hard enough. Max had gotten in. And now he stood just inside her splayed legs, his tongue hanging out from his romp in the back yard.

Mary was too fatigued to scold him, besides it was her fault for not turning the switch off. She just lay there as Max looked at her nearly naked body with a cocked head.

The lacy panties were sweat soaked and had worked their way deeper into the folds of her pussy, and the silky bra was also damp with the sweat she had built up. Max began to sniff the air, catching her scent. His cold nose came closer to Mary’s inner thigh just below her pussy lips. With her legs spread, he had an open invitation to her body.

Mary just let the big dog get it out of his system. Surely he would tire of this human. She was not anything close to his canine female bitch, thats for sure, Mary figured. The big dog had seen her in less clothing before when she came out of the shower and dressed. Plus, deep inside, Mary was curious what the huge dog would do.

So, a simple look is what Mary figured all Max would do, but he was more curious in the musky woman’s scent. With an unexpected move, the big dog licked her inner thigh tasting the salt mixed sweat on her. It sent electric waves up her spine and her thighs automatically spread wider apart.

“Oh, stop it Max”, she blurted out between clenched teeth. Max looked back up at the prone woman giving him attention, and began coming towards her face for forgiveness. He easily stepped over the small lady just like last time, soon trying to playfully lick her face.

“Good boy Max”, she assured the happy pup.

Max was trying to lick her face more. He tasted the salty sweat, and continued at this game. He really was a loving pet, and adored attention.

Mary could not really stop the huge dog from his advances, her arms still shot from the grueling weights. Her legs were the only limbs she could finally move, and raised them to try and hold the persistent dog back. She tried to press her thighs together, but the muscles still ached from her heavy workout. All she managed to do was lock her small feet together above the brutes back trying to hold him back a little.

But Max still thought this was a fun game with his tiny master. He tried to wiggle forward to get closer to her face again.

Suddenly Mary remembered the last encounter of the same sort earlier. With a concerned look into the wall mirror, her fears were confirmed. Once again the bright red tip of the big dogs cock was showing from his fury sheath. But this time, all she had between her and his pointed cock was a thin pair of sheer lacy panties. She was almost defenseless as her arms still hung at her sides, unable to push the strong animal away. Plus his front legs helped pin them tight to the bench as he stood towering above her.

Mary was not afraid of an actual insertion of the animals penis. Her panties, though sheer and of the bikini type, fully covered any chance of that happening. The thin sheer crotch of the white garment was more than enough to hold him back. Besides, was intercourse between a woman and canine even possible? She did not even think the parts lined up. Like a square peg, round hole scenario.

As Max seemed to dance above her nearly naked body, his curly fur began to tickle her exposed flesh. It brought goose-bumps to her skin, and gave her a little chill as the sweat cooled her body.

Mary glanced once again into the mirror. With her feet locked above the dogs hairy back, she had an unobstructed view of the scene at the end of the bench.

She began to zero in on the dogs bright red cock as it danced between her spread thighs. It had gotten even bigger! She was confused why he would get aroused over a humans scent and body. Mary did acknowledge she had not taken a shower yet that morning, and her and Joe had great phone sex the night before. She had cum three times in a row, adding her womanly musk to the mix. Was the smell of her cum adding to the dogs excitement? He appeared to keep growing as he stood above her, the red tip now almost three inches out of the thick hairy sheath. The girth of his cock also seemed to widen out, now just as big around as Joe’s human cock.

With curiosity, Mary further wondered just how big the Rottweiler’s cock would actually grow to. Surely he was not any bigger than a humans appendage? She figured pound for pound, a man of Max’s weight of 120 pounds would be a small man, with most likely a small penis.

Mary relaxed her grip on the big dogs back with her legs giving him more room to move around. With the added mobility, the huge dog moved forward again, closer to Mary’s face looking for attention. But she was glued to the sight between her legs. Max’s deep veined cock was almost toughing the sheer panties between her spread thighs. Less than an inch away, it was bouncing all around, slapping the insides of her spread thighs, and continued to grow out from the furry sheath. It did not take long for the crimson cock to begin to touch the outside edges her vagina. Mary sighed a low gasp as the hot tip made light contact with her pussy lips just beneath her panties.

Max also felt the heat from the prone woman’s sex, and his animal instincts took over. Pussy was pussy to him. And the unmistakable warmth of a vagina was now at the tip of his growing cock.

His hips automatically began to buck ever so lightly, pushing his hot cock into the woman’s warm folds.

Mary was starting to get turned on by Max’s interest in her pussy. She still wanted to see just how big his doggy cock would get. She had gone this far, why stop now. He could not penetrate her anyway, even if it was remotely possible. After all, they were different species, right? Mary’s mind was all mixed up as her body’s natural instincts also took over.

Concentrating on the humping dogs cock hitting her outer pussy lips, Mary watched in the mirror as the dark red cock kept growing. It was now over 7” long, and getting thicker by the second as blood pumped into the veined organ. The big dog was really thrusting forwards now, pushing his thick doggie cock into her crotch wildly. Sometimes he would hit her covered pussy opening square on, the next drive would be up around her sensitive clit, then hitting lower on her anus. Either spot effected the beautiful woman as she began to move her hips trying to keep rhythm with the huge humping dog above her. She was actually becoming turned on by the dirty beastly act!

The dog seemed huge above her looking into the full length mirrors. His furry body completely covered hers up with his mass. His curly soft fur still rubbed gently over her near naked body sending chills down her spine.

She gazed in amazement as his cock still grew, now over 8” long and very thick! The bright red tip was very pointed, and dark red veins covered his shaft. She could see his pre-cum as small jets sprayed onto her covered pussy. Mary spread her legs wider for the huge dog, giving him more freedom to move. With her legs relaxed on his back, not confining him as much, Max took advantage of the extra space and began to hump forward harder trying to bury his huge cock into the tiny woman’s pussy below him. The speed of his thrusts amazed Mary. He was like a rocket, stopping her own hips from moving, knowing she could never dream of keeping up with his jack-hammering hips.

Every time his cock smashed into her pussy, Mary’s own juices increased it’s flow. She was getting very wet herself, her womanly nectar mixing with the canines pre-cum. Soon her crotch dripped with both their fluids, it began to run down between the cheeks of her ass below. The beasts cock slammed into the tiny woman pussy, each time pushing her closer to an orgasm.

The dogs cock was now massive! It was a good 9” long, and thicker than a cucumber. His heavy cum laden balls swung back and forth beneath him anxious to unload his seed into the pussy below heating his cock to a fever state.

Mary was awe struck at the big brutes power. He slammed his mighty cock forward hard into her body, the tip trying desperately to gain entrance into her depths. His pre-cum was now spurting wildly all over her pussy and thighs, even landing on the flat tummy of the excited woman. It all looked so erotic as the beast churned between her open thighs. Her poor pussy lips took his jabbing cock full on, sending her into a state of lust.

Her body was building into a huge orgasm, the walls of her pussy beginning to open and close in preparation of intercourse. She could not stop the natural changes her body went through as a turned on female. Her thighs parted further apart with the gut instinct of a woman in heat.

She was glad the panties, even as sheer and low cut as they were, still prevented the huge dogs cock from any actual penetration. Her mind and morals were not completely abandoned. But they were enough to help open up her inhibitions, let loose, and enjoy the encounter just the same.

She was so turned on, her head began to get light headed. Looking into the mirror, Max continued to pound his big cock forward, trying desperately to gain entrance to the warm tunnel below him. His constant jerking thrusts were causing the thin panty material seemingly to stretch out somewhat, plastering the lips of her pussy like a wet wrapper, conforming to the shape of her wet vagina.

Bang, bang, bang, the huge dog jerked forward pushing harder and harder into her covered pussy hole. The attack with his hard pointed cock was gaining ground a little. The sheer panties were so loose over Mary’s pussy and lips from all the rubbing, the material swished all over her pussy. The hard pointed tip was actually pushing the material into her open vagina just a little. Mary could see this in the mirror. It was only an inch or so, but the hot tipped cock began to send the beautiful woman over the edge. She spread her legs as far apart as she could, giving the beast above her full access to her pussy. She wanted to cum so badly now, she was almost begging for it.

The huge dogs cock slammed wildly all over her vagina and clit, never in the same place more than a few jabs. And the attention that spread across her whole womanly sex, had Mary squirming in raw sexual urge.

So close, so ready to explode, Mary closed her eyes tightly as her body convulsed from sheer pleasure. Suddenly she tensed up, unable to move as her body let loose. Mary froze as her pussy gushed forth adding her secretions to the big dogs pre-cum. She came for what seemed like forever, as the beast continued to batter her numb pussy to a pulp with jarring thrusts that pushed her back further on the soft bench from the force of his huge body.

With a low whine, Max began to cum onto his masters vagina. Mary could feel the hot seed pour from his furry balls as it spurt in hard jets around her entire pussy area. Max gripped her sides even harder as his huge cock erupted between her open thighs.

Mary did not miss a single jet of cum as she looked at the sight in the mirror. The hot sperm landed on her sheer panties, and even felt as though some seeped through to flow between her swollen pussy lips. She looked at the stretched out, and much thinner band of sheer panties that just barely kept the huge cock from entering her open pussy hole.

How he did not get past what she thought was more than enough protection, Mary did not know. Maybe it was because of his massive size, or the wild jabbing all over the place, she concluded.

Either way, both of them were well spent, heaving from the sexual act regaining their breaths.

Mary continued to stare at the huge red cock. The dark veins had grown as the beast came, and he seemed to expand and lengthen just a little more as his cum erupted. Maybe an inch or so. But it was enough to make his massive cock even larger than she would ever believe possible.

But she never saw the knot, or big bulge the articles had mentioned. Was he ‘fixed’ or unable to have such a thing? Or was it because there was no penetration? It was a little confusing, but Mary had hoped to be able to see what the books had described.

Slowly Max backed away from her sweating body as she lowered her shaking thighs. She looked as his cock was already shrinking rapidly back into his fur covered sheath. Even as it shrunk, Mary was still impressed by the unbelievable sheer size and hardness of the canines cock. It was the largest cock she had ever seen.

Well, she had to back that statement up a little. The three black men’s cocks in Vegas were actually bigger. But not by much as she remembered the fun she and Joe had in the glitter city.

Mary crawled off the padded bench as Max lay in the corner licking the wet cum off his red tip and furry sheath. His cock was all but gone now, with the crimson tip finally disappearing.

She looked at the mess between her legs. Her pussy still convulsed from the encounter, and the mixed juices from the two dripped onto the carpet in a big puddle between her feet.

Feeling her sheer pantied crotch, Mary was amazed at how her vagina still hung open. She easily pushed her finger into the sloppy hole almost a full inch, her walls trying to grasp onto the thin digit. If the dogs cock had been a thin one, maybe things would have turned out differently she thought. It was a good thing he was much too big for any kind of penetration she sighed!

Mary got up feverishly, and started towards the bathroom. A hot shower is what she needed now. It would be a welcomed ending to her ‘extreme’ workout today.

Max just watched as the small woman walked away. His attention centered on another run outside and quickly disappeared through the open doggie door. She envied the playful dog with so much energy. Did he not ever rest?

In the shower, Mary carefully washed the drying cum from between her legs. Her swollen pussy still glowed from the beasts attention it received. She lightly opened up the soft petals of her throbbing vagina, the warm spray washing the mixture from her weak thighs. She could have easily had another quick orgasm as sensitive as she was down there. Even her little anus hummed with the aftermath of the sexual bout with the large dog. She remembered how the red hot pointed tip tried to push into the small opening, stretching out her nether opening a little. A little cum dripped from the aroused opening as she directed the spray towards her bottom. Dam, she was still horny as hell, but quickly finished with her shower. She would never get her things done at this pace.

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