Fantasy in Vegas

by Just24Fun

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Fantasy Sex Story: Mary and Joe are a happily married couple finally able to get away to the big city lights and express themselves

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Drunk/Drugged   NonConsensual   Fiction   Cuckold   Sharing   Wife Watching   Group Sex   Swinging   Interracial   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Anal Sex   Cream Pie   Double Penetration   Exhibitionism   First   Oral Sex   Voyeurism   Public Sex   Size   .

Joe and Mary were looking forward to their 30th anniversary. The plans for a week in Las Vegas were all coming together nicely. Three months ago, the plane tickets, shows, and car was rented. It seemed the time would never get here! They both looked forward to the fun times Vegas offered!

“Sin City”!

Where “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” had the happy couple looking forward to the exciting week alone, with nothing but the glitter and lights of the famous city adding to the thrill. Both were wondering what the other thought this week long vacation would bring, or the expectations the other felt towards their loved one.

Both hinted to each other that this vacation in the adult city would be such a good and “exciting” time. The raw hint towards possibly “out of the box” adventures had each of them wondering just what was in store for the week. It was both exciting, as well as just a little scary. And it just seemed to heighten the whole idea, playing off each others emotions.

Joe had no idea what Mary expected of him when they reached the playful city. Did she think he would go “crazy” with wild, weird ideas that would put a strain on their relationship or embarrass her?

Mary also had no idea what Joe expected of her in their first vacation alone as a couple without children, or other guests tagging along. Did he want her to act as usual, with small hints of sexual abandon? Or become a leader in the far out realms the city of sin could deliver.

Mary didn’t know if Joe was were more open as an adventurous man and didn’t know how much he would play into his fantasies. But she would go with the flow and hopefully prove to Joe that she also had a wild side. Usually Joe always started the ball rolling between the two of them. Mary was hoping she could show Joe she could also take charge.

Joe on the other hand did not want to force Mary into anything she would be uncomfortable with, but deep down hoped she would loosen up just a little bit.

The happy couple was truly in love! Their sexual adventures had always been very fulling and fun. And even on the cutting edge with experiments in the bedroom both seemed to enjoy. Fantasies were always welcomed between them.

And after all, they were in Vegas, where anyone could be anybody.

Their flight was right on time and landed in Vegas with the city lights beckoning to them on the horizon. The excitement grew between them as they stepped into the warm Vegas air.

In no time they were in the rental car headed for their hotel right in the middle of the strip.

Once settled in their room, a quick toast was made to celebrate the beginning of a great vacation. The strong drinks went down quickly as they held each other in a tight embrace.

Their love seemed to grow by the day. It was a special kind of trusted love that was hard to find.

They were soul mates, destined to live out the rest of their lives together in pure joy!

They both decided to celebrate their first day by heading out to shake a leg at one of the local bars just off the strip. Joe claimed to know one that played good blues and very danceable music.

But it was still early in the day and it was a lot warmer than the forecast called for. Back home, the temps were in the teens. But here in the valley of Nevada, the temps were in the low eighties! The outdoor pool was the first destination on the cute womans mind.

Mary put on her new black two-piece suit that did not leave much to the imagination. She had bought it specially for Vegas.

She had been working out the last few months preparing for this trip and even though the years have passed, her body was still as fit as a woman in her 20s. Both Mary and Joe looked, and acted much younger for their ages. It kept their lives happy and energetic as they played together.

Life was good for them. They were deeply in love and always looked forward to being together.

Joe was greying, but still had plenty of darker curls on his head. His physic was not of a 20 year old, but more mature and experienced in his ways.Tall, dark and handsome described Joe to a “T”. And he was always looking for ways to make Mary happy and fulfilled.

But now, Mary was anxious to get into the warm sun and work on her tan lines.

But before she left, Joe reminded her of the temporary tattoos they were going to put on just for this trip. Joe helped Mary pick out a few very colorful and sexy tats. They both agreed to the perfect placement, with a lot of coaxing from Joe of course! The first one went to the side of her flat toned tummy. It was a longer flowered type that went below the top waist band of her bikini panties by a few inches, well below where her tan line would be. The next one was a small butterfly that went on the inside of her left breast, close to her nipple. Then another one, a rose/heart shaped one that was placed on her right ass cheek, well below her panty line. Next was a larger flower type that looked great on her shoulder blade. And finally a small feather on the inside of her left thigh, very close to her crotch. That one Mary resisted a little with. But Joe got his way, as usual. They were great colorful tattoos, and looked very real. Mary actually loved them too once she saw how beautiful they looked. Now she was finally off to the hotel pool!

The tight two piece clung to her body like a glove showing her womanly shape like a goddess. And now with the new tattoos, she looked even hotter!

She was unaware of the heads that turned her way as she wandered around the pool looking for the sunniest spot possible. Mary never looked for attention, though others loved to watch the beauty she radiated.

Once settled in, a quick drink was ordered from the attendant. The chase lounge was arranged for optimal tanning, and a small table to hold her oil and drink. She was all set.

She had hoped Joe would have joined her but he said he had to run a few errands and would be back later in time for a quick bite to eat before they headed out.

Soon the hot Vegas sun warmed her body as the booze traveled through her veins warming her from the inside.

In no time she was totally relaxed as the warm rays of the sun gave a deep tan to her darkening body. Mary always tanned quickly, her soft skin turning a golden bronze as the sun soaked in.

The pool was not as crowded as she had expected with the warm weather. Over in the corner under a canopy was a small group of black men. She could easily hear the conversation regarding the basketball games they were chatting about. There was a tournament in Vegas that weekend, and this team had obviously lost in the first round. Thus having the time to lounge around the pool instead of practicing or playing through the ranks. They were very tall men. All of them at least 6’5” or taller from her opinion. And of course their bodies were filled with tattoos.

She was glad they applied the tattoos, making her look a little tougher than she really was.

She downed the very large drink; vodka soda, with a lime, and decided to try to nap in preparation of the big night as her tan deepened.

No sooner as she closed her eyes, when a dark shadow blocked out the sun, causing a slight chill to spread over her warm body. Squinting through her sunglasses, Mary noticed a very tall black man standing over her.

“Mind if I take this chair miss?” he asked holding onto the empty chair besides her.

“No, go ahead. I’m not using it anyway”, she returned.

“Thanks miss”, he replied.

Mary felt a little out of place for a quick second. She felt almost nude with the tiny suit on.

But with an inside chuckle, she though how silly she was. She was never afraid of colored people. And she was in a pool, where swimwear was expected.

She watched as the huge black man carried the seemingly small chair over to his buddies. Again she could hear their chatter through closed eyes about the ball games and the Vegas city. She thought she overheard one of them mention a dance club not far away that had excellent music and a great vibe. Maybe it was the one they planned to visit that night? If so, it sounded like a very good place. It just added to the excitement knowing there were great places around instead of the same ‘ol places back home. She also overheard them say that their loss today meant they were headed back home early tomorrow. She was never really into basketball, so she closed her eyes again as she set the second empty glass on the table besides her. The booze was really hitting her now, and a quick nap was in order as she tanned.

Soon she drifted off to sleep. Her dream began almost immediately, the excitement of Vegas strong on her mind. She dreamt that Joe was sitting besides her. And as usual his hand touched the top of her bare thigh. With an instant reaction learned from their times together, Mary automatically parted her shapely legs for him. Little did she know that the black men were leaving the pool, and just as they passed by her, she opened her legs. Not a lot, but enough to give them a great view of the barely-there suit as it pressed between her legs and tight into the lips of her pouting vagina. The damp napkin that blew onto her upper thigh stuck to her oiled skin, making her think it was Joe’s hand in her dream. The huge men could not help but look at the beautiful woman as she slept soundly. Her body glistened from the sweat and oil that rolled between her breasts and thighs. Each man took a long look over her unsuspecting nearly naked body as they passed slowly by. Dam, what a great piece of ass, each one thought! Her hubby was one lucky dude!

Mary had been out in the sun for over three hours now, turning over every once in a while in an attempt to get a great tan. With a little nap under her belt, it was time to get back to the room. The pool was also winding down with very few guests left. The black men were also long gone too. She picked up her things, wrapped herself in the pool towel, and headed back to the room. She hoped Joe was also back so they could get a small bite before heading out. The two large drinks were definitely hitting her small frame as she walked back to the room.

Joe was patiently waiting for her return, sitting on the bed watching the basketball games.

“How was the pool baby?”, he asked as she came into the room.

“Great. Not crowded, strong drinks, and just look at my new tan!”, she exclaimed pulling the white towel from her golden body.

“WOW!”, Joe yelled.

Mary’s tan was very noticeable. Her tiny suit left her pure white skin perfectly outlined by the dark bronze color. The darker color added a new contrast to her already slim figure highlighting her womanly curves. As she peeled the tiny suit from her body, the white areas around her perky breasts, shapely butt, and pussy area, stood out like a beacon!

At 5’3”, C-cup breasts, flat toned tummy, and sleek legs, added by her beautiful cute face, Mary was gleaming back at the obviously aroused Joe!

“Not till later big boy”, she told him, knowing where his thinking was.

“We gotta get some food in us soon. The two drinks I had are hitting me”, she explained.

With that, they both quickly got dressed for a casual light dinner within the hotel.

As they ate, Mary thought about what Joe might want later. Not regarding an actual sexual act, but her general thinking and language towards sex.

In her upbringing, and her career, Mary had always been very conservative. She had to be careful where she went, what stores she could go into, and her conduct and language whenever in public.

But now that she was retired, Joe wanted her to step “out of the box”, so to speak. As most men, Joe was also very visual, and verbal when it came to sexual situations. She knew she had to lighten up, specially since they were in “Sin City”.

Joe loved it when she called her vagina a “pussy”. Her breasts “tit’s”, and intercourse “fucking”. Sure the names they called these areas was cute, and Joe enjoyed using them. But this was Vegas, and Mary knew Joe would just love to hear her also talk dirty to him. It seemed to get him more excited, his “Pete”, or rather his “cock”, hardened quicker when she did use such words in the past. Their love-making was always excellent, and throwing in a dirty word just might enhance the feeling! She might have to change her vocabulary just for this trip she thought.

They both ate quickly, anticipating the evenings adventure. Mary needed time to get ready. She had bought special clothes just for this vacation she knew Joe would go wild over!

Soon they were back in the room, pouring drinks to start off their night and take the edge off.

Mary disappeared into the bathroom, her suitcase in hand. Joe dressed in the room, his anticipation building as his beautiful lady got ready behind closed doors.

He was on his third drink, when she finally opened the door.

“Oh my God!”, Joe’s jaw dropped as the sexy woman stood before him. Mary was radiant! The very short black dress clung to her toned body like a glove. The low cut front just barely covered her perky breasts showing more cleavage than she’s ever shown before. The stiletto heels and white nylons added to her toned legs making her small frame absolutely stunning! Topped off by her shorter hair and beautiful face, Joe was indeed a very lucky man!

“You are absolutely beautiful baby!”, he exclaimed.

And Mary knew it. She was a very classy, yet sexy hot woman, who was coming out of her shell for the night. Even the new tattoos seemed to enhance her state of mind.

Joe handed her a stiff drink and they both toasted to the nights adventures yet to come!

They were soon off to the local bar, hand in hand, still in love like teenagers! The excitement between them like electricity.

After a short drive, with Joe trying desperately to bury his hands between her shapely thighs, they parked the rental car just outside the dimly lit bar. They could hear music from the entrance drawing them closer to the door. Once inside, the music was even better. Blues music filled their happy ears as they saw a very good crowd swaying to the music on the dance floor.

Mary and Joe loved dancing as it was a chance for them to get closer to each others body. And of course tease each other along the way.

But a quick trip to the centrally located bar was in order first. Two drinks were soon handed to them and a toast quickly followed. It would be the first of many great nights to follow in the glitter city.

Sitting on the bar stools, the two love-birds looked over the people in the dimly lit saloon. Everyone seemed to be around their age, with a distinct acknowledgment of the absence of the younger crowd. The ones who filled the dance floor with a beer and cell phone in hand wasting valuable dancing space for others. And everyone was dressed to impress! Mary had thought her revealing dress was maybe too risqué for the bar. But upon a closer look around the crowd, she was actually one of the tamer dressed women there. This put her more at ease, and the longer skirt and shawl would be kept in the car for the night.

The atmosphere was vibrant, with everyone having a great time. Laughter and smiles filled the room as a warm glow of acceptance came over the two of them. This was going to be a great night indeed!

Just as the two of them finished their first drinks, the DJ put on a great slow song they just had to dance to. Joe pulled his lovely lady onto the dance floor. As he wrapped his arms around her, his hands automatically went to her shapely butt. Mary felt his hands as they grabbed her cheeks in a soft embrace. Normally she would object such boldness in public, but as she looked around, it seemed to be the normal thing to do. Other dancing couples embraced each other in loving arms, grabbing in places much more private than an ass! She even saw a couple sitting in a booth, the mans hands busy under the woman short skirt. And the woman obviously did not object at all.

So, Mary enjoyed Joes hands as they kneaded her soft ass cheeks as they swayed to the music.

“Do you like grabbing my ass?”, Mary asked Joe. He seemed surprised by her remark. Mary did not usually talk like this.

“If it makes you hornier to fuck me later, grab away”, she added with a smirk on her pouting lips.

Joe smiled and sunk his big hands between her soft globes while he had the chance.

The next song was at a lot faster pace, and the couple separated slightly to move freer to the beat. The dance floor was flooded with more patrons. As they danced, Mary began to separate her legs, as she stepped side to side with the beat causing her short dress to ride a little higher on her thighs. The tops of her nylons came into view as Joe gazed at her. In amazement, what he thought were panty hose, were actually thigh-high stockings! The white lacy tops were becoming in view as Mary swayed to the music. He wondered if she knew her dress was riding up her tanned thighs. But a quick glance at her sexy smile gave it away. She loved teasing her man, and could see the fruits of her labors very noticeable between his legs. The wall surrounding the dance floor was actually wall to ceiling mirrors. This also gave Joe a great look at Mary’s ass as the black skirt showed the back of her stockings. The lace became more and more into view as she moved sexily around the dance floor. Joe knew that as short as the dress was, whatever she wore underneath would also be visible before too long. His excitement grew as the crotch of her white sheer panties just barely came into view. He did not know if others could see what he was staring at, but at this point, both of them were in their own world. Suddenly even her cleavage seemed to bare more of her soft breasts. He could see the tan lines between her tits that once were covered by her skimpy suit. Mary was pulling the tight waist of the dress lower, causing the black material to slide down on her tanned breasts. With the same wicked grin, Mary teased Joe as she swayed to the music.

Suddenly, the song ended, to Joe’s dismay. But he was also glad as Mary pulled her skirt back into place as they walked off the dance floor.

Back at the bar, Joe gave her a tight loving hug. She knew he really enjoyed her little show, knowing that later tonight it would pay off once back in the hotel room. But she was not done teasing him, not just yet! Sitting on the higher stool, Mary faced him spreading her things apart slightly. Joe always loved her “Sharron Stone” move. And she did not disappointment him. Joe looked between her spreading thighs to see the silky sheer white panties she worn beneath the short dress. The thin cut crotch almost disappeared between her pouting pussy lips, the lace tops of the stockings framing her tanned thighs in one of the most sexy shows he’s ever seem from her!

His cock moved forward with a vengeance at the sight causing his slacks to bulge towards her.

“Happy to see me honey?”, Mary purred at his excited reaction.

There were no need for words, all the proof she needed was the stiff cock pointing at her between his legs! She loved the power she had. Men were so easy to get aroused with just a little peek of flesh and sexy clothing.

Joe had to excuse himself to ‘adjust’ things. Before he left her, another round of drinks were ordered from the bartender. “I’ll be right back babe”, he said with a grin before turning towards the restroom.

Mary sat there looking over the crowd. It seemed to get busier than when they first came in. And people were really dressed up with flair. The crowd was very mixed. White, black, and even some Latino’s filled the bar. She glanced towards the restrooms, but Joe had quickly disappeared in the sea of people.

She then noticed the black basketball players to the side of the bar. She was glad her and Joe had chosen the right bar from the black man’s suggestion earlier. The one she had spoken to saw her looking his way, and gave her a quick nod ‘hello’. Mary returned the gesture with smile and a raised glass towards the tall man. He began to wade through the tight crowd towards her.

“All alone miss?”, he asked.

“No, Joe just went to the restroom, and will be back shortly”, she replied.

Darn, she thought. Again her strict upbringing closed her space off to any kind of suggested advances. Quickly thinking she added, “Did you enjoy the pool today?”

“Oh, yes indeed. That was one very nice suit you were wearing, I have to admit”, he replied back.

Oh my God, she thought blushing a little. She was sure they all got an eye’s full of her when she fell asleep. But hey. Who cares? It’s not like they did anything wrong. With a grin she admitted they could not help it. It was the power of the pussy! All men were under the spell around women. So, why not take advantage of it? Joe was surely a victim of the pussy now. Trying to calm down his pardon in the bathroom with just a hint of her ‘assets’.

“We should dance later”, the black man said pulling Mary from her thoughts.

“Umm, ok”, she replied without thinking. The tall man walked away with a slight bow towards her as he disappeared into the crowd. She watched him leave, seeing that he was dressed from head to toe in a pure white suit, obviously of expensive cloth. He seemed to be a very classy gentleman.

So what if she said she would dance with him. Like Joe would ever let her do such a thing anyway. Besides, he was probably way too busy with other ladies to even remember her.

Soon Joe was back at her side. But not quick enough to stop her from showing her “Sharron Stone” move again. As her thighs parted, even wider than they had before, the look on Joe’s face was priceless! And his ‘tent’ was back in the front of his slacks.

But it was not just Joe now who had a great look at Mary’s sheer panties and tanned thighs! Even though she was half way through her fifth drink of the night, Mary still realized the effect she was having on the other men around her. They all loved her pussy too, just like Joe, and strained to get a cheap look between her sexy legs. It was sort of comical, she thought. All these men trying to hide the erections she caused. But she was not guilty in the least. She had always been so trim and proper in the past. She liked how she had the upper hand now for sure! Let them stare. All they will have is a lonely night jacking off to what was unattainable.

“Lets dance baby”, Joe said as he lifted her off the barstool. Yes, she was almost done with her fifth drink. But these at the bar were very weak ones. Even Joe said they just passed the bottle over the lasses, and charged plenty for them. Well, at least she would not be sick tomorrow from too much alcohol. The light buzz she had was just perfect. Her inhibitions were down, and the music sounded even better. She loved letting loose!

Out on the dance floor they went, hand in hand. The song was a fairly slow one, and the dance floor became very crowed with people swaying into each other in the mix.

Joe pulled her in tight to his body. She could feel his hard cock against her flat tummy as he ground into her. Mary returned the favor, and pushed her slim hips back into him. She felt his hands on her ass as usual, pulling softly on the bottom hem of her short skirt. She knew it was being raised, and felt sexy as he pulled it even higher.

In the mirrors around them, Joe caught glimpses of her lovely body as she swayed with him. Her skirt was well above her lacy white thigh highs now, and a hint of her see-through white sheer panties began to show between her tanned legs. Joe could just imagine her pussy starting to get wet from all the attention she brought. He was happy she was having a great time.

A quick fleeting glance from his fingertips confirmed the wetness between her legs. Mary was one of the few women who could really get wet from arousal. And she was certainly showing it tonight!

He pulled the hem of her skirt even higher, not sure if Mary was aware just how high the black skirt was getting. But she did not stop him, so he continued to glide his hands over her body as they ground together. Looking to the side, he could see almost all of her ass as the skirt now was just below her waistline. Turning her around in his arms, Mary’s back came to rest against his chest. From the front, the view was even better! Joe could see all of her see-through panties and how they almost disappeared between the folds of her tight pussy lips. From the mirrors, it was very obvious Mary was dripping wet! Joe was not sure just who could see her, the dance floor was so crowded with swaying bodies. Joe became even more daring, pulling Mary’s arms up so she could hold onto his neck. In this position, she was totally vulnerable to his wandering hands as they caressed her body. He began to squeeze her breasts through her low cut dress until an erect nipple finally appeared from under the black fabric. Joe pinched the diamond hard nipple between his fingers making her wince in pleasure. Mary ground her hips back into Joe’s crotch as her excitement grew. Catching glimpses through the crowd in the mirrors, Joe could not believe how sexy and beautiful she was. Mary spread her legs wider as Joe pressed his fingers into her damp crotch and sheer panties. She was close to having an orgasm right there on the dance floor!

Suddenly, the music stopped, the song ending just as Mary arched her ass into Joe’s crotch. He pulled her dress back into shape as he led her off the dance floor. He was awed by the change in her demeanor tonight. And he loved it!

He thought if there was a time for his next fantasy, this was it! He had brought the wireless vibrating egg with him into the club. He was not sure if Mary would go that far, but he just had to try. He pulled the egg from his pocket so that only Mary could see it under the bar. With a look into his pleading eyes, she could not disappoint him. She grabbed the egg from his trembling hands and headed to the restroom.

It gave Joe a chance to collect himself from the excitement. This night was turning out better than he had ever imagined possible! He did not think anyone else was aware of the actions going on between the two lovers. The rest of the crowd were in their own worlds, groping and grinding into each other as though they did not even exist. And that was just fine with him!

In a few minutes, Mary returned with a wicked look on her face. “Ready baby”, she hummed to him. Joe grasped the remote within his pocket and hit the first level with his fingertip.

Mary’s eyes lit up, and she moved her hips forward as the egg started to vibrate between her pussy lips. She had pushed the small egg deep into her vagina so that it rested on her inner button just past her pouting lips. It was easy to get the egg in since she was almost dripping wet from the nights excitement. And now the little egg had her squirming with delight as it hummed against her G-spot.

Joe turned the egg off. He did not want her to get too wild on him, just yet. The night was still young, and the batteries new.

As they hugged each other, a tall black man came up to this side. “Hello, I’m Drake”, he said as he held his huge hand out to Joe. Joe shook it, telling the stranger his name in return.

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