Trust Fund Baby

by Tasty Little Pop Tart

Copyright© 2019 by Tasty Little Pop Tart

Incest Story: A month ago, Nick talked his sister Kaitlyn into a dubious Internet spanking venture. Of course, Kaitlyn gets spanked, while Nick pockets most of the dough. Rightly chagrined, Kaitlyn proposes they make an amateur spanking film, for sale to one (or more) of Nick's small list of clients. She demands 50% this time. Nick floats the idea to a client who's all to happy to finance the film with exclusive both the film, and Kaitlyn. Note this story offers only a minimum of sex.

Caution: This Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Humor   Incest   Brother   Sister   Spanking   First   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

Monday, Oct. 1, 2018

Kaitlyn squirmed on the hard wooden seat. This wasn’t worth it, she thought, not for the crappy $100 her brother paid her. He’d pocketed the rest of the $500 that elfyn3410 paid them last night. But then, he did all the work, he said (that was certainly bullshit), and it was his idea in the first place, right? Sure, but it wasn’t his rear end got spanked last night.

“You made $700 this week. You want to complain about making $700 in a week?”

I made that pittance one spanking at a time, she thought sourly, while you added $2800 to your “college fund”, which we both know you use to support your stupid geek habits. She winced from a particularly sharp pain in her right butt cheek. It just wasn’t fair.

Kaitlyn was 16. She’d done this a month now, since 5 days after her birthday. Nick said marketing spankings was just too dangerous below that age. He hadn’t even broached the subject until she was 16 and 2 days. Last night was her 28th spanking. She’d coincidentally made the same amount in total, that Nick made just last week. It just wasn’t fair.

She checked her calendar. 32 days had elapsed since her 1st spanking on September 7th, a Friday night. She kept a running total on her iPhone in an Excel spreadsheet. Nick had missed spanking her live via webcam only 7 of the last 32 days. She mostly did 1 spanking a night (her bottom must look pristine the following session), although Nick had paddled her 2 times on 3 separate occasions. GSpAnK50 paid extra to see her spanked twice in one night. Nick pocketed the extra cash, of course. She got nothing but a sore backside. It just wasn’t fair.

She wrote that now, in her trig textbook on page 58, at the top: It Just Isn’t Fair!! Grinning wryly, she drew a remarkably good likeness of her brother’s right hand in motion. She resisted the temptation to draw her bare bottom beneath it. A bare bottom with a big imprinted handprint on each cheek.

“It just isn’t fair,” she muttered.

She’d make more if she allowed Nick to remove her panties and film her being spanked from the rear, as well as from the side. Nick had told her the options, and left it up to her. But having a camera trained on her backside meant letting some pervert see her bare privates, and Hell, no! she wasn’t doing that. Bad enough that Nick got that dubious privilege.

“I’m not interested in you naked,” he’d said. “Well, I am...” He grinned wolfishly. “But I will see your bare rear end, and your privates ... that’s sorta unavailable, you know?”

She’d nodded slowly. This was Friday afternoon after school. She hadn’t said yes, but was cautiously considering it. Let her brother spank her bare bottom? Nick was only 14, so we’re talking her little brother, which led down an entirely different avenue of mortification.

“I shave,” she said in embarrassment. Nick watched her turn red. “It means you’ll see...”

Nick grinned. “I’ve seen bare pussy before, Kait.”

“Not mine,” she muttered, incorrectly, as it turned out. “And please don’t use that word.”

“What do you call it?”

“My privates,” she said, blushing deeper. She’d done a lot of blushing the last two days, and her torment had only just begun.

“Privates is fine with me.”

Privates is fine with me, she doodled in the textbook.

Another possibility was to bare her breasts, maybe even be spanked nude over his knee. That would fetch her twice the going rate: naked over his knee. Baring her small breasts would increase her take by half, giving her $150 per episode. That’s how she’d begun to think of her spankings, as episodes in a weekly series. Make that a soap opera, she mentally corrected. She’d display all her privates, then, wouldn’t she? Was $200 an episode worth it to her?

What am I worth? she noted in the text. She refrained from jotting down $100.

How could she be worth so little? The answer, of course, was that she wasn’t. The ignominy was how little she valued herself. Nick pocketed 4/5ths of her valuation to some effing pervert, which was ridiculous in and of itself. Face value vs intrinsic. Not what the market would bare, but what she chose to bare, herself.

“It just isn’t fair,” she muttered.

Nick said something last night. This was offhand, based on a question from her concerning the preponderance of filmed spankings on the Internet, vs live ones like hers. “They’ve been around forever. Guys get off on the fantasy of spanking a girl for punishment, or putting her in her place. It’s a power-trip thing. Lots of money, too. Not that live spanking is cheap. Remember, every time you get spanked, you cost some guy $500. That’s not cheap.”

She wondered if GSpAnK50 would pay to see his favorite 16-year-old spanked the old fashioned way, a result of what her brother considered to be bad behavior, or punishment for imagined wrongdoing.

I wonder? she wrote beneath, What am I worth?

Nick gazed at her, thinking. It was 7 o’clock, and Nurse Mom had gone to work. She worked nights for weeks on end sometimes, creating opportunity for her greedy son and hapless daughter.

“I’m surprised you’d want to do that,” he said.

Kaitlyn was red-faced. “I didn’t say I wanted to do it. I asked if your clients would pay extra to see me get punishment spankings? You said guys get off on that kind of thing.”

Nick tapped his lips. “I guess. I’ve never asked. Do you want me to ask?”

Kaitlyn blushed harder and gulped. “Don’t commit to anything without talking to me first?” She hated it sounding like a question.

“Have I ever done that before, Kait?”

Her deepening blush answered yes. “And this is my idea, Nick. I should get paid more if someone says yes.”

He cocked his head contemplatively. Her sentence had unwontedly ended as a question again. “I don’t know about that. A staged video is a lot more work than hauling you over my knee and spanking your bare bottom for a webcam.”

“You don’t haul me over your knee,” she corrected with clenched teeth, “and I know what you do to me afterwards. Don’t be a condescending shit.”

“Ooo,” he said with raised eyebrows and a delighted expression. “Bambi bares her fangs.” He cocked his head again. “You said ‘shit’.”

“I know what I said,” she responded tightly. She mostly didn’t used bad words. “I want more money, Nick. Or I won’t do it.”

Nick continued to grin. “We don’t know if anyone cares.”

“I think they will. I think GSpAnK50 or SpnkWizrd would pay extra to see me put over your knee and spanked real hard.”

“I’d pay extra to see that myself. Oh, wait... !” He laughed. “I’ll try. Just remember that I’ll do all the work. I have to stage it; I have to write the dialogue, film it: who knows how long it will take me to put the video together on iMovie. I’m not a video wizard, you know.”

Kaitlyn fumed. She hated being told her function in this was following directions and having her ass spanked. There’s a word for girls like you, she thought, and for good reason, sweetheart: Submissive. It’s what you are every day of your life. Every time he puts you over his knee--and don’t argue with me, either, because we both know that’s exactly what he does, and then he spanks your bare bottom with his little-brother hand!

“Fine!” she hissed bitterly. “Just see if anyone wants it!” She jumped up and stormed from his room.

That night, she lay in bed, hand down her panties. It always calmed her touching her most private place. She didn’t masturbate, kept her fingers away from her moist slit. She merely caressed what no boy had ever touched.

What does it say about you that no boy has ever seen what Nick has now, 28 times? She’d never gone past 2nd base, had never had her breasts held in a boy’s hand, teased with his fingertips, sucked by a boy’s lips. She found her left nipple and teased it now, making it both tighten and ache, thrust out obscenely against her pajamas top.

She was no bigger than baseballs, barely bigger than a large orange. Boys took no interest in her chest, and no wonder. The one time Nick had seen them bare, however, he’d gone bug-eyed and slack-jawed. In typical Nick fashion, he’d blurted: “Holy shit, Kaitlyn! They’re like the most incredible breasts I’ve ever seen!” Only, he’d called them boobs, staring specifically at her huge pointy nipples, caring nothing for her discomfit and embarrassment. Even girls blinked in surprise, seeing her bare breasts. Would they prove an asset on screen, or a liability, she wondered.

That one instance occurred the night of Friday, September 7, before her first spanking. Nick insisted she undress completely before him in order to get past her incurable (almost insurmountable), shyness. She almost stormed from his bedroom 3 times.

“I’ll be pulling down your pajama bottoms and baring your bare bottom in just a few minutes, Kait. Live in front of a webcam. With a spanking just seconds away. The last thing I need is you running away in a panic attack and locking yourself in your bedroom.”

“Fine!” she’d squawked. “I’ll pull down my behind now and show me your bare pajamas.”

Nick grinned at her anxiety-induced paraphasia. “Being naked is a better idea. Once I’ve seen everything, you don’t have to worry about me seeing it again and being all stressed out. I’ve seen your pictures, anyway.”

Kaitlyn stared at him blank-faced.

“You’re a girl, and girls take selfies of themselves. I download new ones off your phone every week.”

“You do not!” she squealed in horror.

“You take a lot more than I ever expected. You got this thing about your boobs though. You go out of your way to conceal them sometimes, and that makes seeing them intriguing. Then again...” He grinned and shrugged. “Sometimes, you just put them right out there to see. I don’t get why, other than maybe how you happen to be feeling at the time.”

To her complete dismay and continuing horror, he then brought up his secret iPhone photo bank, and revealed every selfie she’d taken since her 14th birthday. Most she had deleted ages ago. The count was a staggering 214. Many showed her obscenely spreadeagled, fingering aside her labia to display her pink insides, grinning excitedly, and red-faced in embarrassment. In some shots, her glistening cervix showed. She might as well fuck him, she thought.

“You never ... you didn’t...” She choked on her words. “Have you... ?” Without awaiting an answer on his friends, and others, she blurted: “Why do you even want to see me nude tonight? You’ve seen me a hundred times, Nick!”

“This is about you, and your fear of showing your bare body. Modesty and embarrassment could ruin this, Kait. I’m not asking you to show me your insides. Your bare exterior is fine.”

Aghast, but insanely relieved, she had quickly undressed and stood before him nude. “Don’t ask me to do this again.”

He stared at her perfectly pointed breasts.

“Holy shit, Kaitlyn! They’re like the most incredible breasts I’ve ever seen! I see why you never turned sideways to the camera with your selfie’s. They’re just ... they’re just...”

Perfectly formed, miniature volcanoes? she thought.

Erupting in hysterical laughter, she did a pirouette for him, posing suggestively as though in Vogue, before grabbing her clothes off the floor, and fleeing to her bedroom. That was 32 days ago.

Nick shook her awake at 2:11 a.m. “Come with me,” he whispered. Disoriented, she looked at her clock.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” Her hauled her out of bed and out to the hallway, stumbling and discombobulated.

“Where are you taking me?” And why, she didn’t ask. Would she stop him from taking her to bed and making her nude, deflowering her? Since September 7th, she thought that was coming.

“Spank Wizard wants to see you.”

She yanked him to a stop. “Why?”

“He agreed to buy your first video. And finance us if we want to make more.”

Kaitlyn shook her head and straightened her twisted pajamas. “Why does he want to see me?”

“Because he’s spending a lot of money watching you get spanked, and wants to see you live, and in person.”

She pushed back her hair, tucked it behind her ears. “I can’t see him like this! I’ve been asleep, Nick! I’m a mess!”

Nick put his hand to her cheek. It shocked her somewhat. “He said right from the bed. You’re not even allowed to stop for the bathroom. He wants to see the real you.”

“I’m not taking off my clothes!” she choked.

“Nobody’s asked you to.”

“If he does, I’m not taking them off! I won’t!”

Nick dropped his hand. “He promised $3000 for the movie, sight unseen. He said you have to get half that: 50%. Would you show him your breasts for $1500 guaranteed?”

Kaitlyn ogled him, dumbfounded. “$3000?”

“He said good amateur spanking videos go for double that amount. Real amateurs, no porn stars. A well made amateur punishment spanking video like ours, made by a brother and sister for collectors could bring as much as $10,000. He says you have to be willing to do anything he wants, though. Including taking off your clothes and being spanked nude. And other things.”

“Other things,” she repeated, dumbfounded.

Nick grinned. “He told me, but I can’t tell you. I’ll explain later. Come on.”

Stumbling into his bedroom, and sat before the webcam on his MacBook Pro, she attempted to compose herself. The man looking back at her was older, but good-looking. “Hello?” she croaked. “I’m...” She looked at Nick.

“He already knows your name.”

“Hi. I’m Kaitlyn.” Spank Wizard looked her up and down.

“You’re even prettier than I thought you were.” He laughed at her gross discomfort. “Hard to come face to face with a man who watches you get spanked, huh?”

Kaitlyn blushed furiously. “I guess.”

“Your brother woke you.”

She nodded.

“He told you my proposition.”

She nodded again.

“Take off your pajama top. I want to see your bare breasts. Your brother tells me they are extraordinarily for their size. I’d like to see for myself, though, before I spend a lot of money on you.”

Before you spend money on me, she thought? How loutish. Do I perform oral on you too?

Seething at her brother, she peeled the pajama top up and over her head, dropping it to her lap with her hands inside. Spank Wizard’s eyes crawled over her breasts, devouring them visually, especially her dark, jutting, extraordinarily long nipples.

“Don’t hunch your shoulders,” he chastened. “You’re no little girl. Well, you are, but not in the age respect.”

This was so more embarrassing than being spanked, she thought. I hate you, Nick.

“Nick tells me you’re a virgin.”

Her face threatened to self-immolate. She nodded stiffly.

“You’ve never had a guy?”

“No, sir,” she attested.

“Ever take your clothes off for one?”

Does my brother count, she wondered. Spank Wizard smirked. He already knew that.

“Turn sideways so I can see you in profile.”

Seething again, Kaitlyn turned.

“Your brother didn’t lie. You do have amazing breasts.”

“Thank you,” she muttered.

“Speak up, dammit! And look at me, Kaitlyn! No, stay turned to the side, just look at the camera.”

Blushing furiously, Kaitlyn did so.

“You were paid a compliment. It wasn’t given lightly. You do understand you have extraordinary breasts.”

“I don’t consider them extraordinary. They make me extremely self conscious.” Like now, she thought disjointedly. “I’m very careful what I wear, even around the house.” She cut her eyes to her brother and back. “I don’t like being topless with anyone, even other girls. That’s hard to manage, though, with gym.” Was her face red as it felt?

“I wear special pads inside my bras to keep them from showing through. My nipples, I mean. They’re very pointy.”

If nick had shown her pictures around, she’d be a lot more popular, she suspected. Even purposely muting her jutt-factor.

“I see.”

I know you do, she thought bitterly. In some ways, though it helped. Get her nipple-issue resolved right away. Maybe he’d lose interest now.

“Raise your arms over your head. I want to see them elevated.”

Or not.

“Extend your arms straight up. Far as they’ll go, girl. Make those nipples really push out there. Holy fucking shit,” he muttered. “That’s incredible. Now turn back to face me.”

Kaitlyn did, and watched Spank Wizard devour her chest. Her shoulders ached, and it was obvious she hadn’t shaved beneath her arms in several days. The humiliation rolled on.

Spank Wizard shook his head. “You can put your arms down.”

Kaitlyn did so, gratefully.

“You’re 16 years old.”

She nodded uncertainly.

“If you were 18, I’d fly you out here and fuck your ass. I’d pay handsomely for the privilege, believe me. As it is...” He shrugged. “I’ll pay to see you spanked and wait until you turn 18. Kaitlyn... ?”

“Yes, sir?”

“I’ll pay you to stay a virgin. I mean it about fucking you when you turn 18. You’re not a kid, anymore, and once you get into this business, even kids grow up extraordinarily fast. Kaitlyn?”

“Yes, sir?” she choked.

“Don’t cross me. I’m rich, and I reward disobedience with pain. If you take my money, I own you. Is that understood?”

Kaitlyn stared at him drop-jawed. She was unaware her arms had crossed defensively over her chest, and that she’d hunched her shoulders.

Spank Wizard laughed. “I don’t mean to come across as a gangster. I’ll leave the details to your brother to work out.” He cocked his head. “I’m okay if you fuck your brother, if you want. Don’t fuck anybody else, though. You can put your pajamas top back on now.”

Nick butted her shoulder with his crooked finger. “Show him the rest of you!” he hissed.

Kaitlyn was insurmountably flustered. “What?”

“Get up and take your clothes off for the man. Let him see what he’s getting!”

“But he just said...”

“Do what I tell you, Kaitlyn. Now!”

Jumping up, Kaitlyn dropped her top and wriggled out of her pajamas bottom. She wore no panties to take off. Onscreen, Spank Wizard laughed.

“That’s my boy. Take care of your brain-dead sister. I’ll talk to you later. Kaitlyn, lower your arms and turn around.”

Kaitlyn immediately complied.

“Now forward me all those selfies your brother has on his computer and make sure I get copies of any more you take. Goodnight.”

The screen went blank. Kaitlyn crossed her arms again, squat trying to conceal her bare privates, screeched her brother’s name and fled the room.

Tuesday, Oct. 2, 2018

Nick set up a tripod in the living room. Atop it sat Dad’s old Sony digital, a leftover from the pre-smart-phone era. Kaitlyn hadn’t seen it since before Dad left. Walking her past it, Nick stood her before the front door.

“Where did you find the fugitive from the electronics museum?” She was still shaken from the night before. She understood how being a hooker might feel: bought and paid for in cash.

“In the attic. I’d seen it up there a while ago. Got two extra SD cards for it. 3 hours of video each, or 1 hour at HD.”

To Kaitlyn, he spoke geek/Greek, but Nick knew a lot about cameras, she thought. “What am I supposed to do?”

“Stand there and pretend not to be the brain-dead bimbo SW spotted you for in 5 minutes last night.”

“Ha-ha,” she responded sulkily. “Brain-dead is so 2017, Nick.”

Nick looked pointedly at her chest. “He took a liking to you, didn’t he?”

“Ha-ha,” she repeated, hunching her shoulders. “What a creep. Saying those things he said to me.” She resisted the urge to turn sideways. The thought of being sideways to anyone made her paranoid. She unconsciously crossed her arms over her chest.

“Name-calling eventually catches up to you, and SW’s a dangerous man, Kait.”

“Not to you,” she muttered. I’m the one he plans to fuck. “What are you doing?”

“Framing and light levels and what-not.”

She fidgeted, and tugged at her bra. “You’re sure this will work, Nick?”

“I’m sure you’re getting spanked,” he answered, turning her bright red. “I guarantee nothing else. I’ve never done this before, and have no fucking idea what I’m doing.”

“That’s so reassuring,” she scoffed. “He paid us in advance, Nick!” To the tune of $10,000, 3 times the original price, she thought.

“Your idea, bimbo. I only floated it to your clients as a courtesy. This is all on you, babe.”

She winced at the knowledge that SW effectively owned her now. Nick was forbidden to sell her spankings to anyone else. “You don’t have a second camera?”

He looked at her quizzically.

“Never mind,” she muttered, cowed.

“No,” he said. “Complete the thought, dummy.”

Kaitlyn shuffled her feet. “For close-ups, you know, when you need them.”

Nick furrowed his brow, uncomprehending. Why had she opened her mouth?

“You want to cut scenes together, right? Wouldn’t it be better to have a second, or maybe even a third camera shooting from different directions? So that later, when you want to edit shots together, the footage agrees?”

He gazed at her, chagrined. “Maybe we should just hire a pro, okay?”

Kaitlyn shuddered convulsively. “Don’t even joke about that!” She unconsciously tightened her arms. “You know what to do. Do it!”

He shook his head, went back to work on the camera. Then he turned back to her. “Give me your ideas.”

Equally chagrined, she suggested: “Say you want a reaction shot of my face being spanked. My eye-popping reaction to having my fanny beaten. The smacks recorded by the reaction-shot camera, have to coincide with what’s being filmed by the main camera.” She pointed at the Sony digital. “The only way to do that is with a second camera filming simultaneously.”

He nodded. “Go on.”

Aren’t you the expert? she thought. “I think we need 3 cameras in all. The digital taking the wide shot, one close-up on my face, and a 3rd--” Her complexion turned stormy. “--filming my backside. That way you have all angles covered.”

Nick smirked.

“Stop that! You make me never want to open my mouth again! And another thing--” She shook herself in a minor snit. “You don’t spank me twice in one night for good reason. The longer you spank me--” She ground her teeth. “If you use just one camera for all three shots, you have to spank me again and again. My bottom gets redder the more you do, and ruins the continuity. Whatever view you film last, except for my face, my bottom is bright red. Get it?”

Nick laughed. “I get this has you all in a tither, dimwit. God, I’m gonna enjoy blistering your ass!”

Kaitlyn went rigid. “This isn’t about getting your rocks off, Nick! We’re doing this for the money. And it’s our only source of income now, if you remember!”

“Whose fault is that!” he shot back.

She stamped her foot. “Stop blaming me for everything! I’m not the one who sold him exclusive rights! You sold me, Nick! I’m his property now! And yours, evidently, for the next 2 years. Sure you don’t want to make a porno flick instead? I’m evidently a good fuck for somebody! And I have great tits!” she yelled, ripping open her shirt. She surprised them both breaking her center bra snap, baring her breasts.

“Take it easy, sis.”

“Fuck you, taking it easy!” she yelled. Defiantly, she stood with her fists clenched and teeth clamped, making no effort to conceal her bare breasts. She bounced in anger on the balls of her feet.

“Jesus, so touchy today.”

“Fuck touchy, and stop staring at my breasts!”

“I’m not!” he lied, forcing his eyes away. “Would you please cover up?”

“No!” she said in a huff. A moment later, she yanked her shirt closed. Of course, it was ruined. “I have to go change. Please finish what you’re doing so we can get started.” She stomped past him toward the living room. “Asshole.”

Nick snickered. “I love when you get angry, bimbo.”

Incensed, she whirled about and flashed her breasts again. “I have every right to be mad!” she spat. She closed her shirt, but then opened it again. “Take a good look! It’ll be the last time you’ll ever see them, little brother!”

He winced, as she stormed off. “Fucking bimbo,” he muttered.

Upstairs, Kaitlyn tore off the shirt and whipped it across the room. Her ruined bra went in the opposite direction. It had pink nipple covers applied to the cups inside. She had little success getting nipple covers to stick to her. Fuming, she yanked a replacement bra from her drawer, and headed to the closet for a new shirt. Attendees of St. Matthew Catholic High School, she and Nick wore uniforms every day. Hers consisted of a striped blazer, atop a button down white blouse, kerchief, and a pleated skirt, with knee socks. Unlike a porno star, she looked like a student.

Calmed, she silently offered three Hail Mary’s against her filthy mouth. “Fuck,” she muttered, donning her new blouse. She’d forgotten her blazer anyway, and grabbed it off her chair. She considered adhering nipple covers inside her cups, and said fuck that. Let asshole stare at her when the blazer came off. SW would certainly like it.

She stutter-stopped aside her desk, remembering that SW expected her nude for her spanking, or mostly nude. Could she get away with leaving on her bra? No, she thought, glowering; that wouldn’t fly with a guy intent on fucking her ass in two years. She wondered if he meant what he said last night literally. Fucking men. Boys. Whatever.

Two days after her birthday, Wednesday afternoon after school, Nick had first proposed the idea. She had just taken off her blazer and tossed it across the chair back. Nick tapped at the door.

“What do you want? I’m busy.” She had to text Maddie, after all. And Nick knew better than open her bedroom door. Until now, anyway.

“Are you decent?”

“No!” she said, hurriedly re-buttoning her blouse. “Why?”

“I gotta talk to you, that’s why. It’s important.” To her chagrin, he opened her door, stuck in his hand, and waved it. “Get dressed. I need to talk to you, K.”

“Go away, Nick!”

“You bitch about never having money. I’m offering a solution to that.”

“What?” she asked, startled. Of course, she had no idea what he meant.

“It’s not something I’m gonna talk about through your door. Can I come in?”

“No!” she repeated. She looked around the room, specifically for visible underwear. Her room was never mess, but she didn’t need that. “OK. Come in. What do you want?”

He eyed her bedroom floor. Suppressing a grin, he said: “How would you like to make $700 a week?”

Her eyes instantly narrowed. “I’m gonna automatically say no to that.”

He laughed, a little red-faced. He looked equally excited, uncertain, and scared. “You will say no, when you here what I have to offer. I expect that, completely.”

Her eyes narrowed further. She cocked her head suspiciously. “Then why even bring it up, Nick?”

“Because I can’t do this on my own. It requires two people, and I don’t know anyone else to ask.”

She liked this less and less. “You mean, a girl-somebody else to ask.”

He nodded anxiously. She pointed at the door.

“Leave, and close it behind you, jerk.”

“You don’t know what it is!”

“I don’t want to know what it is!” She pointed more forcefully. “Out!”

“Do you know how much $700.00 a week is? It works out to $36,400 a year, K.”

Despite being stunned, she scoffed: “And I’m gonna make that, how Nick?”

“One night at a time,” he said softly. “$100 a night.”

She stared at him.

“You won’t like it.”

“I don’t like it now!” she growled. “And I haven’t even heard what it is yet!”

Nick vacillated a moment. “Can I tell you without you screaming at me?”

She eyed him, heart beating erratically and breathing labored. What did he want her to do for $700 a week? Instinct told her that whatever it was, Nick would make it work, and that she’d be horrified. She nodded tightly.

“Are you coming?” Nick yelled from downstairs.

Startled, Kaitlyn shrugged on the blazer and flew out her bedroom door.

Her face was red as her rear end would be. “Actually, the reaction shots aren’t as important as the shots from my rear and the side. The reactions could be edited in with the spanking views with no real problem. I think. But my rear end getting redder as you spank me really is a huge continuity issue, Nick. We need coordinated footage from those two positions for this to work. Otherwise...” She shrugged.

“A real botch job.” He glowered at her, as though she were responsible.

“Nick ... please. This will work. If we do it right.”

“Where do we get the 2nd and 3rd cameras?”

She laughed angrily. “You made $11,200 in the last month! SW deposited $10,000 in your PayPal account. You can afford more cameras.”

He glowered at her.

“I’m not paying for them myself. No way.”

“This was your idea.”

“Nick! We’re talking $21,200 for you, against my $2800! Even you know that’s not fair!”

“I’m not touching the $10,000,” he growled. “If this goes south, I have to pay it back. Probably with interest, Kaitlyn.”

“And that’s my fault?” She made an outraged teenage gesture. “I suppose the interest would be my responsibility too!”

“You’re damned right!” he grunted.

Huffing, she planted hands on her hips. “You are so unfair! Maybe I should just take my spankings for free from now on! Oh, wait! I am!” she yelled. “He has exclusive rights, and he doesn’t pay anymore!” She stamped her foot in furious outrage and made to rip open her shirt.

“Wait, wait, wait! OK!” He waved his hands appeasingly. “We’ll split the cost.”

“I will not! We’re going to Best Buy right now and you’re buying two more fucking cameras! Three, to be on the safe side. And however many of those doohickey things you need to record on.” She pointed at him furiously. “You touch my money, Nick...” Nick controlled her PayPal account. “And I will tell Mom what we’re doing!”

He scoffed, laughing. “Right. You go ahead and do that. It’s not my ass that will get blistered, believe me.”

Kaitlyn furiously crossed her arms. “Mom wouldn’t spank me in any case.”

“I’m not talking about Mom.”

Her outraged expression faltered. Who, she almost asked. But she knew who. And it wouldn’t be the $500 spankings he previously paid for, either. “Fuck,” she muttered.

“Yeah, fuck. Let’s go get those cameras.”

With the day’s recording session shot, Nick removed the camera and tripod to his bedroom closet, while Kaitlyn changed into street clothes. On the way to Best Buy, she asked: “Are we under a time constraint? I mean, this is at our pleasure, right? We don’t have a set schedule to keep?”

Nick grinned at her angst. “I think he’s more interested in a quality product than seeing your bare butt right away. He gets that, regardless.”

“Don’t remind me,” she grumped. “I want a renegotiation.”

Nick tapped his lips. “$50 a night?”

“You know what I mean!” She hesitated, asking anxiously: “Will he ever let us-you-go back to offering our sessions to other clients?”

“I wouldn’t hold my breath. But once the video’s done, he’ll most likely start paying us again.”

Kaitlyn gasped at him. “Most likely! Nick!”

“We’ll be making money hand over fist, don’t worry about it.”

Peeved, she whacked his arm. “I never should have let you talk me into this!”

At the recommendation of a knowledgeable salesperson (whose interest in Kaitlyn was non-existent, as normal), Nick bought 3 new Panasonic HC-V770 digital cameras. Including tripods for each, and various accessories, the total came to $2705.85. The price left Kaitlyn flabbergasted.

“What did you think these things cost?” Nick asked as they left the store.

Kaitlyn laughed, bewildered. “I though a couple hundred dollars each. $2700! I’m so sorry, Nick!”

“It’s OK. I will literally take your half out of your hide.”

She fumed in embarrassment. She imagined talking him out of paying her share was pointless. It was so unfair.

Mom worked the morning shift today and the next, so spanking was off the table until Thursday night. SW already knew that, but insisted on video sessions both nights. What Kaitlyn didn’t expect (well, she did... ), was being ordered out of her pajama top the very first moment.

“It’s only 10 o’clock!” she fretted. “My Mom’s still up.” She handed Nick her pajama top. She had shaved this morning, just in case.

“Lock the bedroom door,” SW ordered.

“We already did that. What do I call you, anyway? SW?”

Nick cautioned her quietly, though SW only laughed. “It’s better you don’t know my identity. Either one of you. The less you know about me, the better.”

Intimidated, Kaitlyn was nonetheless intrigued. “Nick thinks you’re a gangster.”


“That may be true. I could also be a stockbroker, or a trauma surgeon. You can call me Phillip.”

She nodded. “How much do you actually know about me, Phillip?”

Nick cautioned her again with a hiss.

“I know more about you than you know yourself. I mean that literally, Kaitlyn. Involvement in risky scenarios without complete control is a fool’s endeavor. I’m no fool. I know that you are B-positive blood type, and your brother is B-negative. I know you wear a size 34A bra, and that you bought 2 boxes of nipple petals last week, when you visited Walmart. You attend St. Matthew Catholic High School, and your mom is a charge nurse at Commonwealth Hospital, and she is 38 years old. You’ve never had sex. Your mom hasn’t had sex since your father moved out 2 years ago. Nick, for whatever reason, decided to abstain about 6 months ago. He was a wildcat prior to that, scoring 6 girls in one month. I suspect a reason for his abstinence, Kaitlyn.”

Kaitlyn had a good idea, as well, and it set her face afire.

“So, what did you do today?”

“Bought cameras?” she answered.

“You think that you bought cameras?”

Kaitlyn blushed harder. “I’m nervous, sorry. We bought cameras.”

“3 of them,” he noted. “High quality Panasonic HC-V770’s. They’ll make a nice movie. If you know how to use them, Kaitlyn.”

Kaitlyn squirmed under his intense glare. “Please don’t blame Nick! He had nothing to do with the movie, at all. It was strictly my blunder. I’m sorry! Can we give your money back? I’ll pay you interest, Phillip! Just don’t be mad at us!”

Phillip cracked a grin and laughed. “I know exactly what I’ll get for my $10,000. The movie is a bonus. I do expect you to send me a quality product, though. Learn your craft, kids. Take whatever time you need. Please me.”

“Yes, sir.” Her nipples had exploded, sticking out like pointed fingers. Phillip’s intense gaze warned off any attempt to hide them. It seemed impossible he wouldn’t make her turn sideways again.

“I believe the common name for your condition is ‘puffies’, as in plural,” Phillip said.

Kaitlyn groaned. The word made her feel like chattel.

“Mega-puffies, in your case. Tell me, Kaitlyn, does it bother you to hear the truth?”

Kaitlyn thought it impossible to blush so hard.

“Never mind. Let me ask this: If I sent a jet for you tomorrow, would you willingly come to me with the knowledge that I’d fuck you the instant you walked through the door?”

Kaitlyn’s gulp was loud and painful-sounding. Another shiver rolled down her spine. “Can I safely answer no?”

Phillip chuckled. “I can’t afford to fuck a 16-year-old, with her permission or not. I’ll ask you that question again on your 18th birthday. Nick?”

Nick started and croaked: “Yes, sir?”

“I expect Kaitlyn over your knee promptly at 10 p.m., Thursday night. I want her spanked twice as hard, and twice as long as normal. I want her bottom the color her face is right now, understood?”

Kaitlyn thought she would die. “No!” she squealed. “We can’t! The film!” Her eyes exploded to silver-dollar size as she realized what she’d done. “No ... I mean, we can...” She blushed furiously as Phillip laughed.

“I can’t wait to put my dick in your mouth when you get here. Nick?”

“Yes, sir?”

“No spanking until the movie is done.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And, Nick? Your mother knows about Kaitlyn’s selfies. You were stupid to let them back up to iCloud. I thought you were smarter than that, Nick. Anyway, I’ll speak with you both tomorrow night. Good luck tomorrow with your new cameras. Good night, Kaitlyn.”

Furiously red all over again, she croaked in response: “Good night, Phillip.” She immediately fled the room with a strangled cry the instant Phillip signed off.

Wednesday., October 3, 2018

“Do we set up all 3 cameras, today?” she asked.

“You’re the expert, you tell me.”

She crossed her arms in frustration. “Phillip’s right! You’re not as smart as you think you are, Nick.”

He smirked and mounted the Panasonic camera to the tripod. The 128 Gig SD card inside recorded an hour of HD video. He’d bought 10 cards in total.

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