Essence of Cunt

by Eric Boss

Copyright© 2019 by Eric Boss

Erotica Sex Story: A big titted young whore seeks her own appalling immolation... told with graphic descriptions and dialogue, a very nasty, violent little epic... you've been warned!

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   Ma/ft   Ma/mt   Mult   Teenagers   Coercion   Slavery   Gay   Heterosexual   Fiction   BDSM   Rough   Sadistic   Torture   Violent   .

(I wrote this sometime ago, but i still think it’s worth the space it occupies. It is so unreal, so over the top, so grotesquely horrible it can appear comic, so I’m told. Wasn’t my intention, but each to his or her own.)

Synopsis: A huge-titted young cunt seeks its own appalling immolation.

DISCLAIMER: the following story is to be taken seriously only by wanking readers, further more only by wanking readers during the act of wanking, anybody who believes a word of it otherwise is a dangerous madman or madwoman.

That said, dear gentle, intelligent reader, I assume you have perused the codes otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Now I’m sure you wouldn’t quarrel with the idea that imagination is free. A young, fresh, hot, big-titted, moronic cunt fervently seeking its own, appallingly painful, debauched and degraded immolation appeals to you? Please join me in wallowing in this disgusting filth – and certainly I hope it is disgusting filth. Additionally I want to repeat what should be obvious to intelligent readers - this story is only remotely comprehensible when read one handed; it’s delicious qualities and bon-mots should be viewed through the prism of a hard cock or a sopping cunt. If you are not stroking or rubbing, or thinking of stroking or rubbing, all that follows represent nothing less than complete and utter nonsense.

Warning- the following few sentences may seriously shrivel your cock. The writer speaks as the close relative of a few brilliant, strong women, both young and old, for whom I harbour the highest admiration, plus the pious hope that females could take over the world (excepting that gorgon, M. Thatcher – curses upon her supercilious soul- and a few like her.) They couldn’t make a worse job of it than us men. I wouldn’t mention such boring matters other than to say there may be a LUNATIC OR TWO out there who might take this extreme wank material seriously. Sane, balanced readers who like me enjoy imagining these filthy horrors, and perhaps take part in some consensual, much, much milder versions of the same, I’m sure you understand and forgive the previous comments. Best wishes, E.B.

PS, if you have actually read the above, men - and to honest who on this site bothers? I certainly don’t – it’s like a fucking bucket of cold water, isn’t it? Sorry! Perhaps you should take a moment or two to get really dirty in your mind before starting on the story –try some meditation on the title, might help. Fuck yeah!

Essence of Cunt

a sperm-piss-shit-and-blood soaked epic

by Eric Boss

“That’s it, mate! Fucking slap the cunt! Fuck yeah! Fucking hard!”

This enthusiastic young man was urging on his friend. It was his friend who was doing the slapping. They were both hot teenage boys. A nasty, angry-looking young man – mmm – was the one doing the slapping - he had seen the fucking cunt first and been immediately furious. His instincts kicked in, and with youthful, superb macho-style, he removed his cigarette from his mouth with his left hand, his upper lip curling in a magnificent, young-man sneer which revealed his white teeth. Then, raising his bare, muscled right arm – he was wearing a tight, sleeveless t-shirt – he slapped the fucking cunt viciously hard right across its face. Fuck yeah! Isn’t that nice, men?

Just so you know, in this story I shall be making several big-titted young cunts suffer to please your fucking hard cock. I’m going to use these young cunts like fucking punch-bags.

The stupid cunt in question was a fucking slight thing, apart from truly massive tits, and the force of this straightforward, open-handed slap from this nasty, mean-looking teenage boy nearly knocked it unconscious – I am so glad to say that. The cunt had gone reeling across the pavement and was only kept upright by the metal railings that prevent pedestrians from crossing the road. The nasty, mean-looking teenage boy’s companion, like him a tough fifteen year-old boy, but bare-chested, with terrific tattoos and silver pendants, and in ripped jeans and lace-up boots, congratulated him.

“Fucking great, mate!”

The boy who had done the slapping smiled with genuine appreciation of the compliment and quickly regained his good humour as they both laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. Both hot teenage boys lit up fresh cigarettes but before passing on, the second lad – bare-chested, tattoos and pendants - took a step or two in the cunt’s direction, took his newly-lit cigarette out of his mouth, hawked up a good mouthful of spit and phlegm and spat in its face. His aim was spot on, he probably got a lot of practice. He, in turn, received the congratulations of his mate.

“Way to go, mate!”

No doubt encouraged by his mate’s compliment the second lad decided to go one step further, and although it was a waste of a newly lit cigarette, he quickly lifted the back of the fucking cunt’s short skirt and stubbed out its glowing end right up the fucking cunt’s shit-hole. This caught the fucking cunt by surprise and it was left hopping about screaming.

The slimy goo had landed in the fucking cunt’s eye, and was dripping down the screaming young whore’s face into its open, drooling and groaning face-hole. It was just as well that the laughing boys continued on down the road because the first lad in particular had a terrific propensity and talent for hating cunts – the second lad who had stubbed out the cigarette up the fucking cunt’s shit-hole had done it more as a prank to amuse his mate than out of pure cunt-hatred – but if the first lad had stayed looking at this moronic, huge-titted, fucking young whore any longer, he would probably have beaten it to a bloody pulp with his fists there and then. Fuck yeah! How I wish he had, men, but then there wouldn’t have been a story to tell, but much as I might wish it, he didn’t and while it was not exactly illegal to beat a young cunt to a pulp in public it wasn’t encouraged - it really shouldn’t be done in the street.

The stupid fucking cunt with the cigarette stubbed out up its shit-hole was eighteen. Rather I should say – the fucking cunt always said it was eighteen, in fact it looked thirteen and probably was.

Let’s talk about its tits. In accordance with the programme the tits had been enhanced, probably about a year ago and just as the ordinance prescribed they were fucking enormous – firm, meaty, sticking a foot in front of the cunt’s otherwise petite, child-like body. Fucking nice! And important from a male satisfaction point of view – is there any other? - despite its slight build, this cunt had sufficient strength in its back and legs to support these fucking great tits, it wasn’t weighed down by the meat as some of the cunts were. It was quite hysterical, men, to see some of these young cunts staggering along the street bent forwards by the weight of the massive tits they were forced to have by the programme. Huge, heavy, meaty tits dragging on the ground almost. It was quite a sight. Really good. It was their own fault; the fucking cunts haven’t been doing their back and leg strengthening exercises – as prescribed by the programme.

There’s nothing quite like a really young fucking cunt with grotesquely huge and firm tits – firm is important, I fucking loathe sagging cunt-udders - I know you agree, men.

This young, fucking cunt - which had just been slapped, spat on and burned up the shit-hole by the teenage boys - was not in either of those classes. It obviously had been exercising diligently. Ah! What a good little fucking cunt! And also in accordance with the programme, it always thrust these fucking huge, firm, meaty young tits out as far as it could, offering them for abuse. Highly satisfactory.

Men, a pause here for a bit of description so you can picture the fucking cunt - although it goes against the grain to waste words describing a loathsome, disgusting young whore, so you won’t mind if I’m brief. This cunt was one of the ones classified as “Parody School Uniform”. Before the beginning of the new, enlightened regime it would undoubtedly have been a real schoolgirl but now it was, of course, an “it”.

Incidentally, it was a criminal offence for a male of any age, and I mean any age, to refer to a fucking cunt – even family – sisters, mothers, cousins, aunts - using personal pronouns: it was punishable by a hefty fine – in the case of a minor the fine was payable by the parents or guardians. If the unthinkable happened and a fucking cunt referred to itself using a personal pronoun – wow! The punishment was medieval in its horror. Such draconian measures were necessary - and enjoyable - to maintain discipline.

So an “it” was simply an object for male entertainment – an official decree in all but name. The decree referred only to the language that must be used, but that had had a stupendously beneficial effect on society as a whole.

The uniform on this fucking cunt looked a bit the worse for wear – ripped tights, obvious spunk stains on the skirt – even a smear or two of shit, the blouse had lost its buttons, etc.

A pause to talk about its cunt now. A fucking cunt’s cunt was likewise kept in the appropriate condition as specified according to the programme – the programme that required – sensibly - that fuck-holes be permanently and revoltingly disfigured.

“The inherent loathsome quality of the fucking cunt’s cunt must be exaggerated as soon as possible after the onset of puberty and in as extreme a manner as can be devised. This is mandatory. Fucking cunts are to report to the modification clinics with their first blood-soaked period rags in their mouths. The fuck-holes of all fucking cunts are to be thoroughly and permanently disfigured choosing one of the officially prescribed methods. Any avoidance, or attempt to avoid, or obtain leniency or any modification in these procedures will be regarded as a serious infringement of the law punishable by severely prolonged public torture and eventual death. These sanctions apply not only to the fucking cunt itself but anyone aiding or abetting it in the avoidance of cunt disfigurement.”

What a sensible law!

I wonder what treatment had been chosen by the authorities to compliment the massive tits and school uniform on this fucking cunt? The officials had a list of revolting disfigurements to choose from and always liked to plump for something that went well with the particular tit classification – “Parody School Uniform” in this case.

So have a think, men. What kind of cunt disfigurement would you like on a huge-titted young schoolgirl? What would make you want to fucking kick it hard and repeatedly up the fucking cunt? What do you want to see when the young fucking whore lifts its short, grey skirt? Read on.

The classification was always assigned at the time of the tit-enhancement – a procedure begun well before puberty. “Budding tits” were not allowed, the parents or guardians of any young fucking cunt with what could be described as “budding tits” were liable to imprisonment and the fucking cunt in question was removed from their control and immediately put on the tit-enhancement programme.

Special financial inducements were offered to parents or guardians who could arrange for the first blood of a fucking cunt to happen publicly. In some cases, with the injection of a specific hormone, it was possible to predict when it would happen. So, a very young fucking cunt with huge tits already in place, having its first period with a large audience of men and boys – the humiliation of a grotesquely massive-titted very young whore in these circumstances was glorious and something not to be missed if at all possible – I recommend it.

Back to our particular fucking cunt in the street. So what was the particular “cunt disfigurement” chosen for this one? You’ll like this. On this fucking cunt’s cunt – no fucking panties of course – were really good, localised, puss-oozing sores. And without needing the fucking cunt to wrench open its sewer we all knew that these virulent, flesh-eating eruptions were growing vigorously up inside the revolting fuck-hole as well as eating away at the flesh of the visible, suppurating cunt-lips.

What was more pleasing was that the diseased spores had been administered to this fucking cunt only in the past week – which was a bit late really – the delay caused because it was a stray, I suppose. But men – you’ll like this - the fucking, huge-titted young whore was thrilled with the result. So pathetically grateful, so proud, it felt that it was taking its rightful place in the world as a fully-fledged loathsome fucking cunt. These bleeding, puss-oozing, revolting sores, this virulent rash and hideous blisters made it feel like a revolting grown-up fucking cunt instead of a revolting fucking child-cunt. Men, I’ll leave you to decide which you think it actually looked like. I know what I think.

I feel further comment on a diseased cunt-hole would be enjoyable, so let’s consider for a moment “cunt sores” as the sewer disfigurement of choice - the nature of the administered disease had been genetically engineered to cause the requisite symptoms alone, these hideous sores did not impact on the fucking cunt’s general health or fitness, which was maintained at an otherwise high level. The programme required healthy fucking cunts able to withstand several years of extreme sadistic abuse. Fuck yeah! And importantly, the disease was not in the least contagious for men. Should any of these diseased-sewer fucking cunts be successful in provoking a male to hate it sufficiently to want to fuck its brains out, the male would always stay healthy. Brilliant! Modern medicine, what would we do without it?

To finish the details, the sores inside the fuck-hole made “sexual intercourse” – to use the pathetic old style words - unbearably and excruciatingly painful for the fucking cunt, as you would expect. And I mean total fucking agony, men. Friction from even a moderately sized cock caused every nerve in its whore body to scream code red! It couldn’t be in more pain if it was electrocuted. I’m pleased to pass on this detail, because as connoisseurs, I know, like me, you appreciate any exquisite torture of fucking cunts – yes, the fucked fucking cunt would feel any cock was setting fire to it up its disgusting hole. Fucking nice!

This particular fucking loathsome, big-titted young fucking cunt which had been slapped, spat on, and burned by a cigarette up its shit-hole was, at the moment, standing still in the middle of the pavement, obediently if somewhat absurdly, sticking its fucking huge tits out.

In a moment, in fact in less time than it takes to think, “fucking kick it hard up its diseased cunt”, it was going to lose all self-control – quite spectacularly. The reason for this was simple - its cunt sores had only really come to full bloom in the last couple of days – it was so touchingly proud of them – but the hormonal effect of these diseases was having a radical effect on its mind – what mind the stupid fucking cunt had, that is.

The big-titted young whore, still grateful from the slapping and burning and now still lovingly licking and sucking the boy’s phlegmy spit into its face-hole, had a blinding moment of revelation, it realised – actually men, in all likelihood it had this deep realisation for the first time - it realised that it was fucking desperate for abuse, and that nothing else fucking mattered, at all! At least I assume that was the reason for what it did. It suddenly tore at the coverings at its cunt – the short skirt and the remains of its tights. It bared the revolting, scabby hole to the world, and stood there thrusting the thing back and forth and grunting like a fucking young pig. A really young huge-titted desperate piece of fuck-meat! It was great, so revolting, so fucking funny.

At the moment it was just rubbing and rubbing frantically and digging into its diseased slit, but more often than not over the past two days its hands and fingers had been picking at the diseased scabs, bursting the boils and carefully spreading the stinking puss to encourage more of these disgusting, slime-oozing and flesh-eating sores to grow all over and up inside its putrid cunt. It loved the fucking endless itching and soreness, and the way it made it scratch at its hole like a fucking animal. More ambitious than its age and status warranted it couldn’t wait for its already rotting cunt to be a fucking stinking, putrefying bloody mess, decomposing like week-old kitchen waste, hopefully crawling with fucking maggots. The same for its shit-hole, of course.

To repeat, in that one moment this fucking cunt now knew beyond all doubt that it really needed men to fucking hate it! All men! Fuck yeah! All men and all boys of whatever age! In every fibre of its loathsome cunt-being it fucking wanted, wanted, wanted every man and boy in the whole world to loathe and despise it with passionate machismo. That was the gnawing essence of its perverted lust – perverted lust that had been dinned into it since it crawled out of its whore mother’s similarly hideous fuck-hole.

So, the essence of cunt was that it wanted men to fucking hate it! As you will see later, men, there is a heavy irony here because it was only a few days after it had had this realisation and deeply absorbed this fundamental need into its body and feeble mind, that it would be driven virtually insane by the affection of a totally confused sexy, young, impossibly handsome, teenage jock-boy. But you will be relieved to know, men, that the fucking young cunt survives this horror to continue its destiny as a disgusting piece of fuck-meat, but it practically looses its mind suffering this impossibly handsome boy’s fucking tenderness and caring.

To return to what was happening in the street now, as a matter of fact, it hadn’t known it was going to do what it was doing, at this time – what early afternoon? It was quite surprised by the sudden, blinding, desperate nature of its own exhibitionism. I suppose it had just been overcome by three things - its basic urges, its training and its recent medical treatment. Sweetly, it felt it should be understood, after all it only wished to be the perfect, loathsome fuck-animal. Ah, so young, so ambitious!

I’m sure, men, even with your high standards, you would have been moved to at least spit on it, or even reward it with a vicious kick to the cunt. It would have been so grateful.

It was sticking those massive tits out – it had ripped them out of its tit-holder, and was panting like fucking a dog. Its tongue sticking far out of its face-hole, drool dribbling down its chin. And it looked thirteen! To do it justice, it really was successful in looking like an unbelievably disgusting young slut!

Its newly acquired puss-oozing and sore-covered fuck-hole had, apparently, taken control of its actions. Yes indeed, men, this tasty piece of young fuck-meat was being driven to new depths - it needed, desperately needed, a level of depravity it had never experienced before. It felt as if it was existing on planet lust - on an ordinary public pavement on a Saturday afternoon in a non-descript suburban town.

Sorry to go on, men, but I wouldn’t want you not to appreciate the details - previously, because of its inherent whore nature and its relentless training, it could never resist thrusting out its tits and drooling in public - but for the last two days!? It had gone mental with lust and desperation – an overwhelming passion that up until now, it hadn’t understood. It would stop in the middle of the pavement and dig into its fuck-pits with both hands, bouncing its huge, fucking tits till they were hitting its chin, grunting like a fucking pig. Several men and boys who saw it had spat on it, or kicked it or punched in the tits, or slapped its face.

For this it was truly thankful. It was in heaven for those brief moments. But just as soon, it was plunged into cunt-frustration-hell because to be honest, most males – inconsiderately - just walked by as if it didn’t exist.

Of course it brought itself off, publicly, it had disgusting orgasm after disgusting orgasm, juddering and screaming, but it knew these were nothing, they only increased its lust and hunger for physical abuse. But now its hamster-like brain clearly understood what was driving it. It had to be hit! It had to be hit over and over, and it had to be despised, reviled and fucking hated – by a human being with a cock! Men, boys - it fucking worshipped cocks and their owners, and felt it couldn’t live if cock-owners didn’t hate it, and show that hate.

But of course, it could live! The programme saw to that. It could live in gorgeous, total fucking frustration! And this was an added bonus of the programme, because, as I don’t need to tell you, men – cunt frustration was so fucking funny. Enjoy this, men, I know you will - a couple of times in the last two days, our young fucking cunt, the subject of our study, was thrown into such despair – the hormonal result of the disgusting sores up and around its sewer - that it grovelled on the ground, writhing and begging and screaming for a man to kick it. It was such good street entertainment.

A crowd of mainly teenagers and young boys had been roaring with laughter – laughter in this context was an expression of contempt of course, which should bring the fucking cunt some satisfaction – but it brought it only tears and grief.

For those of us who could appreciate it - this level of emotional pain the fucking cunt was experiencing was also immensely enjoyable. The adult men – the few of them who witnessed this exhibition in the street - had the experience and sophistication to understand and enjoy the mental torture the young fucking cunt was going through and this was cock hardening in itself. The boys however, just had a good laugh, but as they matured they would learn to enjoy the gut-wrenching, terrible grief, it’s the only word, that the weeping, grovelling, huge-titted young whore was enduring. Fuck yeah! I fucking love it! It felt it was dying for lack of male attention. The pathetic young fucking cunt rolled around on the ground in front of them – begging them to hit it, scrabbling at its fuck-holes and mauling its own massive tits.

These boys would also learn how to increase this grief, tease it out of the fucking cunt, and keep it in ever increasing misery, pain and frustration for all its short life.

Fuck yeah, fuck yeah, fuck yeah!

A severe intensity of sexual frustration was the norm for all fucking cunts, except when they were being physically used and abused – which was, as you would expect, bliss for them. But for ninety per cent of the time a fucking cunt, according to the programme, had to be kept at an agonising level of frustration. Men, adult men, intelligent, experienced men, like you and I, dear reader, had developed a connoisseur appreciation for fucking cunt frustration, it was like appreciating a good wine or some shit like that.

But to give this little, big-titted young fucking cunt its due, it was, in accordance with the programme, unfailing polite and tried always to grunt its appreciation to those few men and boys it did persuade to abuse it.

“Oh thank you, sir, thank you for kicking this fucking cunt! Aaggh! Oh sir, you did it again! Thank you, sir, I’m really grateful.”

This fucking cunt was a mongrel stray, it had no collar, therefore no owner and it wasn’t assigned to any organisation, such as, “Fucking Cunts for Young Male Adolescent Training,” or “Fucking Cunts for the Elderly,” or “Fucking Cunts for Torture Weekend Breaks.” The authorities didn’t hound these fucking cunts, they let them wander the streets, eating scraps. The reason was obvious –we all liked seeing these whores, especially when they were overcome with lust in the street and would rip the coverings from their massive tits and grab anything – a can or old bit of wood, complete with splinters and the occasional nail - and ram it like a fucking express train up one or other of their revolting holes.

“Oh that’s it, yes, right up there! Fuck that nasty fucking hole!” you would hear the fucking cunt grunting to itself.

The revolting quality of the fucking cunt’s cunt, as I have said was always enhanced in some way. (For a detailed list of the methods and effects of cunt disfigurement I refer you to Eric Boss’s story, “The Palaestra of Grossness” which, I immodestly add, has been described as a masterpiece of filth in some quarters.)

It was refreshing to see a big-titted young fucking cunt, half-naked, in the middle of the pavement, jigging frantically up and down, scrabbling in a waste-basket and then shoving empty coke-can after coke-can up it’s grotesquely deformed cunt, and all the while gibbering to itself, “That’s it! Up my disgusting hole! More fucking pain! Yes, yes, I want it to fucking hurt! Harder, fucking harder!” It cheered us all up, so why not let these stray whores wander at will?

So what was our poor little fucking cunt to do? It had finally realised clearly what was the matter with it. It knew what it needed, it knew it had to follow its cunt destiny.

But it had had a terrible day - apart from the slap and spit and lit cigarette up its shit-hole described above, it had been completely ignored by all men and boys. Aah, I hear you cry in sympathy, men. It was now late evening and it was crawling pathetically in an alleyway, moaning and crying for cock and pain. It knew that soon exhaustion would overcome it and it would curl up somewhere and sleep. The travelling soup kitchens had given the big-titted young fucking cunt some food but it needed abuse more than food. It knew that it had to be where men and boys were, in the fog of its despair it decided to take action.

Men, this was a fucking stupid, big-titted young fucking cunt. It was virtually mindless, it had been trained to be a fuck-slut all its short life, it didn’t have ideas, it had needs. but it did have an intelligence level somewhat above that of a fucking pet dog. Basically it had, for the first time that day understood that it wanted to be destroyed – in appalling agony - for the pleasure of a man’s – or boy’s - cock. That’s all, it was very simple really, it wanted to suffer terribly knowing that it was pleasing cock – preferably lots of cocks – but just one would do. It dragged itself under the bridge where it knew the dropouts were, but these drunken winos just threw things at it and cursed it and told it to clear off.

If only their aim had been better, if only some of the cans and stones had actually hit the fucking young cunt, it would have been so happy. But the drunken old farts were too out of it to put any force behind their throwing and were more interested in their bottles than its tits and cunt-hole. So the huge-titted, young whore with the itching, diseased twat went on walking. all the while rubbing incessantly at that hideous, sore-encrusted cunt-sewer. Men – to put it simply the young whore with the obscenely huge tits just wanted to be fucked to death as painfully as possible. A modest enough ambition.

It found itself sitting on the steps of a town house and was carefully and with great concentration picking at the sores right up inside its disgusting cunt – as it had been doing compulsively all week - spreading the green puss with its fingers, pushing it further up its hole. It was really longing to spread this disease all over and up it shit and fuck-holes. The other hand was lovingly massaging the meat of its huge tits. It was drooling at the thought of cocks. It thought it would fall asleep soon. It didn’t hear the door open behind it but it did see the light flood out in front of it. Before it could turn round and, if it was male, beg it to kick its tits, it was pulled up by its long hair and dragged backwards into the house.

Then it was in a room surrounded by men – oh fucking joy! Well, they weren’t men, they were boys – one man and five or six teenage boys. Now maybe you’ll be surprised or if you are one of my fans and familiar with my other work you certainly won’t be, but these fucking hot, sexy boys were the man’s boy-pussy harem. Not that you’d know it to look at them. Aggressive, nasty, brutish, thuggish teenage fuckers who had sold their asses, and were focused on making as much money as they could while it was saleable. Expert and experienced, fucking handsome cocksuckers and fuckee whore-boys! All indentured as boy-prostitutes and living in this luxurious house at the Owner’s expense with their shit-holes permanently oiled for his use and boy-cocks hanging out at all times – why keep them hidden, he’d bought and paid for them after all, he wanted to see them – and the boys all had slits up the back of their jeans for easy access to their hot, greasy boy-holes.

Oops, sorry men, but a couple of them looked very young! I’m sure they weren’t but two of them looked to me younger than the fucking cunt.

The Owner of the house, their employer, a mature, handsome, strong looking man in his forties knowing his boys weren’t exclusively gay, if gay at all, wanted to give his stable some relaxation.

“Look what turned up on the doorstep, boys!”

The fucking mindless cunt had brains enough to know that it had been given an unparalleled opportunity. Scrabbling up from the floor where the man had thrown it, it urgently ripped at its fucking blouse and tit-holder and hauled its massive tits out for the boys’viewing pleasure. Then jiggling these massive mammaries up and down it hauled up its short skirt and proudly pulled the revolting lips of its diseased slit wide apart, thrusting it at the group of boys and grunting like a pig. It had perfect fuck-meat manners. The Owner was impressed, the boys roared with laughter.

Knowing the disease wasn’t contagious; they were on it in a second, mauling the tits and kneeing it up its sore-encrusted sewer.

The Owner watched them approvingly and out of the blue, had a great idea, which sprang, fully-formed into his mind. He could tell that this fucking cunt was different from the usual big-titted young whores he provided occasionally for his boy’s entertainment. He knew it from the moment he saw the fucking cunt’s really quite extraordinary eagerness. He also knew from the absence of a collar that it was an unclaimed stray.

So, to his own surprise he found himself toying with idea of keep it for a few months, say six, and slowly torturing it to death, devising the most exquisite agonies and, along the way, educating his boys in sadism. This was all new to him, and he was actually surprised by the idea himself – he’d never done anything like this before, his usual tastes were nothing more than regular teen-boy orgies with himself as the centre of attention. Ok, he loved to watch his hot thugs suck and fuck each other, with the occasional bit of pissing thrown in, but he was quite vanilla in his usual tastes. Yet here he was deciding to go for a really heavy, and long, long, torture and destruction scene. For an urbane sophisticate, he was quite excited.

There was nothing to stop him, it wasn’t as if it was illegal, he was actually saving the state money, the fucking loathsome young fucking cunt was a drain on the social services.

He was mulling over the idea while the boys were arguing over what to do with the whore, they were of course giving it a good slapping while they discussed animatedly amongst themselves – these boys were quite aggressive with each other – not co-operative friends eager to help each other in the maintenance of their self-esteem – in fact the opposite, they took every opportunity to demean and subtly insult each other, a consequence of their employment as boy-whores, or rather their attitude to their employment as boy-whores. Their fucking of each other was very, very rough as they tried to outdo each other in machismo - each boy-whore desperate to prove that he wasn’t a homo – and they did this by causing the other boy as much pain and humiliation as possible. While this was a turn-on in itself because it was so genuine and macho and sprang instinctively from their sense of their own masculinity, but because the boys had no respect for each other it couldn’t be sustained in the long term.

The Owner had been worried about them for some weeks. This small number of fucking hot, nasty young, very, very sexy boy-whores although decent enough and hot enough individually, as a group were increasingly difficult to manage: in fact they were a pain in the ass, and worse, they were becoming boring. A viciously sadistic creative project such as the one that had just presented itself might be just the thing to bond his debauched young boy-cunts into a group of friends - friendly boy-whores who could combine to give their master much more pleasure and no fucking hassle. If they discovered the depths of their latent sadistic feelings towards fucking cunts they would be much more inventive themselves and respect and admire each other’s cruelty.

Being a decisive man, he took action as soon as he had weighed up the benefits of the scheme. It was an excellent plan with no significant side effects as far as he could see, only benefits. If it didn’t work, or last six months, he could just throw the fucking cunt out with the garbage, literally.

“Boys, listen to me for a second.” It took a minute or so to get some order, one of the younger boys kept aiming drop kicks at the fuck-hole. “Stop that, you can do it later. I think we should tie the whore up and be a bit more methodical about this.”

He didn’t have a “dungeon” or any sadism equipment, and as I said, he wasn’t normally in to that with his boys, but a piece of rope was quickly found and the huge-titted young whore was tied by the wrists and strung up to the large chandelier, which was strong enough for the purpose, I’ve told you it was a slight thing.

“Now, I think we should keep this fucking cunt, and let you all have some fun with it.”

“Fuck yeah!”

He wasn’t going to tell his boy-whores the full extent of his plan, he knew it might freak them out. He was going to draw them into it, slowly. He was confident that their instincts would kick in once they got turned on. The fucking cunt was effusive in its gratitude.

“Oh thank you, sirs. Please hurt this young slutty body as much as you like. That’s what this fucking cunt’s for, sirs. D’you like the sores up this cunt, sirs?”

It looked good hanging there in its wrecked school uniform, huge tits sticking out. It had considerately tucked up its skirt in the waistband to give the boys a good view of its stinking sewer.

“Ok, boys, take your belts off, and let’s whip it.”

“Fuck yeah!” The boys cheered and drew their belts out of their loops and started enthusiastically whipping the fucking cunt. It was screaming like a banshee in no time, the boys were roaring with laughter, and telling the cunt what a “fucking whore” it was, “a ripe piece of fuck-meat” etc. They were bonding already but it would take a lot, lot more to achieve what he wanted, however he knew, even from this first exercise in sadism that he had hit on a successful plan. So the Owner was enjoying himself. The cunt did its best to keep its legs apart so the sexy whore-boys could get a good aim at the stinking cunt. And they did, that was really nice. Belts, now buckle end, whipping into that revolting sore-covered fuck-hole! Mmm.

After the fucking cunt had been nicely striped from head to foot, the Owner said they should take a break for their meal – they always had a communal meal. What they should do – the Owner told them – is let the whore down, leave it on the floor, then come back and fuck its brains out. So they untied the lucky cunt and let it collapse on the carpet and went off to eat in an excellent mood.

The Owner stayed behind for a few minutes.

“I’ll join you in a second, boys, start without me.” He wanted to tell the whore what he had planned. So he did. The young, big-titted fucking cunt could hardly believe its luck.

“You mean me, sir? You are going to do that to me?”

“Do you see any other fucking cunt in the room?”

“No, its just that no-one has ever said anything as nice as that to this fucking cunt in its whole life.”

“Well, there you go, little slut, I’m Father Christmas. I want you in agony for months, starting tonight.”

“Oh thank you, sir. This fucking cunt has dreamed of this, sir. It would love to be in fucking agony for you and your boys, sir. It will be a really good pain-slut for you, sir.”

“But it has to be our secret. Don’t tell the boys what’s going to happen. I have to educate them. If they knew too much they might start to feel sorry for you and shit like that.”

“Oh no!” The young whore practically screamed, “This is just a fucking cunt, none of your boys must feel sorry for it.”

“In that case you have to help me teach them. They have to learn the full extent of their innate loathing for a big-titted fucking cunt like you, and then learn how to make you pay. The cunt is always to blame. As yet they have no idea of just how much they will enjoy causing you to experience the tortures of hell. A fucking cunt like you knows instinctively you are made to suffer pain for male enjoyment, but boys have to teach themselves to respond to their deeper urges and allow themselves to inflict pain on fucking cunts for their pleasure. Will you help me teach these hot, sexy whore-boys?”

“This fucking cunt will, sir, you can rely on it, sir. It wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for you, them and itself, sir.”

“If you do forget, slut, or when I’m sticking a red-hot poker up your cunt you happen to yell out something about not being able to take months of it, or anything that gives a hint of what I’ve got planned – I’ll break your legs and chuck you in the garbage skip.”

“Oh, sir, it won’t, it could never be that ungrateful. It’s a good whore, it’s special, it’s always known it was special.”

“I think you are, which is why I’m doing it, and why I’m telling you. Now spread your fucking legs, show me that diseased fucking slit, I want to kick you up there - a lot - before dinner.”

“Oh, please, thank you, sir.” It did open its legs and he did fucking kick it up there a lot before dinner.

Stopping he said, “You know, cunt, I’m really going to enjoy this. I’m going to prolong your fucking death as long as I fucking can, maybe even longer than six months. I really want to see you in agony, day after day after fucking day.”

“Oh, oh, oh, thank you, thank you, sir!” He left it juddering and twitching on the floor in joyous orgasms of gratitude and anticipation.

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