Marie a Young Love First Time Story

by Mydarkside

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Coming of Age Sex Story: Marie is 15 years old, but wants her older tennis partner. Will their passion be consumated. Is nick a true gentleman or will he fall for marie's young charms.

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Consensual   Reluctant   Romantic   Heterosexual   Fiction   True Story   First   Oral Sex   .

Marie is a little cutie. A bundle of fun and energy wrapped up in a five foot three-inch hot little body. She has long blonde hair which she wears in a ponytail, hazel eyes, a cute little button nose and a firm compact body with nice sized boobs if I were to guess a “B” cup size and cute firm and pert little bum. And although her legs aren’t long they are perfectly proportioned and shaped, all in all to my eyes, the perfect package.

So what was the problem? Fifteen? That was how old she is, still under the legal age for sex in England. Now I’m only eighteen myself but three years at that age is a lifetime, there was no way I had any interest in Marie apart from tennis.

I had just found out that we had been paired together for this season’s junior tournaments, so would be seeing lots of each other. The idea is that the three local tennis clubs have a junior tournament both internally and between each club where partners are drawn together, the idea is to get the younger players to play and mix together. It’s a fun idea and handicaps should see some idea of equality.

I was quite happy to get Marie as a partner as although she isn’t the best player in the world, she is a fighter, fast around the court and has a habit of chasing every ball. I’ve known her to win matches last year against older and better players due to that attitude. So with that, the fact I’m pretty good and the handicap points I will be getting due to Marie should make for a good fun summer.


I couldn’t believe my luck as I saw the draw for partners in the tennis club junior tournament, I had been paired with Nick, not only is he one of the best junior players in the club, county standard actually, but he is a hunk of a young guy, and as I am only fifteen someone I never expected to get to play with as he is eighteen. We may have a chance of going a long way as the handicap system could work in our favour.

As I said he is a hunk, just over six foot tall, and according to my older brother last season was involved with the local rugby clubs first team, which as they are semi-pro level is pretty good. Apparently he travelled to some away games with the squad as part of introducing the younger players who they think have a chance, to the team and when a couple of players clashed heads in the warm-up and couldn’t play due to injury, they drafted him onto the replacements bench, and he actually got some game time. He is expected to make to the squad for next season, pretty good as he is still able to play colts rugby.

Not that I had any interest in him in any other way, certainly not as a boyfriend, God no, he’s way out of my league. I’ve only just got interested in boys, I’ve had a couple of boyfriends just recently, nothing serious and both of them older than me, I’ve kissed them and done some heavy petting, but always outside of the clothing. I’m not easy, but not a prude just a normal inquisitive teenager. But Nick would be way out of my experience and league. I fancied him, obviously, any girl of my age would, but he was way too old and experienced for me. I would be nice to learn a few things from him though I thought and I wasn’t thinking purely about tennis when I thought that.

I was with few of my friends and then realised they had all stopped talking and were looking over my shoulder, I looked around and saw he was walking over to me, oh God, what would I say, I knew I was going red as he approached, “Hi Marie, seen the draw, looks like we are paired together, could be fun.” All I could do was nod and go even redder.

“Want to get together sometime and have a practice?”

“Err ... err, yes that would be ... good, ok yeah,” was all I could manage to stammer. My friends ripped into me after he had gone saying he was sexy, I was lucky to be able to play with him, he fancied me, things like that, and I felt so small and young and stupid, embarrassed at not being able to speak.

Fortunately, Nick was cool and we had a couple of practices together and he was nice and kind and helped me out with my game. One thing that was weak was my backhand so Nick arranged that we had a special session on trying to improve that. I expected Nick to be on the other side of the net for the session but he came and stood beside me as I hit a few balls, then came over and put his arms around me and took me through what I should be doing. God he was touching me, holding me, I could feel his hard body pressing into mine. But this was only tennis practise nothing more, don’t make anything of it Marie.

Nick and I found out that we got on well as the summer progressed, he took an interest in what I wanted to do, asked how school was going, things like that and my parents seemed to like him, especially Mum, just being nice and friendly. We advanced through the rounds of both tournaments eventually through to the semi-finals. People were saying we looked as though we could win both competitions, that would be great. And that we made a good pair, could have a future together as partners.

Nick had run me home in his car a couple of times after matches and even after generally messing about at the tennis club, he is such a cool guy, but never looked at me and never tried anything on with me. Not that I would have said no, in fact I’d have been more than happy to say yes, but nothing like that was even dreamt about. Unfortunately Nick was the perfect gent.

It’s now September and I’d just started the new year at school, my last thank God before I would leave and go to sixth form college for A-Levels and then Uni. I’d just got out of the school gates surrounded by some of my friends, giggling and fooling around, when I head a car horn beep, looking around I saw Nick, waiting there.

“Hi, thought we could get to the club early and work on your backhand again before the games tonight, that’s if you’ve got time.”

I went red with pleasure and embarrassment, here was one hunky guy picking me up from school in front of all my friends, I wasted no time in running over to him and jumping into his car. The look on my friends’ faces was brilliant, I would have some explaining to do on Monday! Especially as I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek.

After Nick had tutored me in my backhand which is still a bit weak, we joined in the Friday night open games and did ok, our partnership had really improved over the summer as we played more and more together. We stuck around and had a drink in the clubhouse afterwards, both none alcoholic, me due to age Nick as he was driving.

I felt a bit out of place as I had changed back into my school uniform as I didn’t have any other clothes with me, so made the best of it by tying the yellow blouse under my boobs, leaving my midriff bare and pulling the brown skirt really high, I’d also taken the risk of not putting my bra back on after having a shower. Well, I’m young and my boobs don’t really need any support. I knew I looked good but also still young and you could tell I had my school uniform on.

Nick could sense I was feeling out-of-place so offered to run me home, which I accepted. When we pulled up outside my house he shut the car off and we arranged to meet on Sunday to have a practice as we had the semi-finals to play the following week, and hopefully the final not long after. As I leant over to give Nick a quick thank you kiss on the cheek he turned his face and instead of his cheek my kiss landed right on his mouth. I felt so embarrassed as we looked at each other for a second, how had I made such a mistake, what would Nick think?

I needn’t have worried as after a brief pause his face moved closer to mine and he kissed me back, as I responded things changed, his hands were all over my young body, touching everywhere, running over my back and sides then moving to my front and onto my boobs, holding them, gently squeezing them. As I said I had no bra on and my nipples hardened instantly, I was young and inexperienced but this felt great and instead of wrong due to our ages, it felt right.

My hand wrapped around Nicks’ neck pulling his face towards mine as I began to kiss him back, thinking I hope he likes this, I hope I’m a good enough kisser for him, as he continued to caress me. I moaned softly into his open mouth, as I pushed my tongue deep into his mouth.

Nick’s hand had slipped under my top and was now feeling my naked boobs pulling and holding the nipples, this was the first time I had let anyone feel my body like this, my other experiences had always been outside my clothes, but with Nick I wanted to let him feel my body, and his hands were creating feelings in me I had never felt before. Then things went up in passion and intensity. Nicks had been running his hands up my legs, caressing my thighs, going higher and higher, eventually riding under my skirt. I wasn’t going to stop him, he could do what he wanted, within reason of course! I shifted position slightly and eased my legs open just a little, letting him know I wasn’t objecting or going to stop him.

He didn’t waste any time or the opportunity and rubbed my sex with his hand outside my panties, pushing hard against the thin cotton, I could feel his finger as he tried to slip it into my sex, rubbing along it, gently touching me causing a feeling of pleasure to run through my young body.

I had Nicks’ head pulled tightly into mine as I continued to kiss him as hard as I could. His finger was just probing into my sex, pushing inside the lips, but not going very deep, he seemed to be happy just stroking me like that, running his finger up and down my slit, which by now was getting wetter and wetter all the time.

Knowing I had to do something more and wanting to take things further and also to let Nick know I wasn’t going to stop him, I braced myself and dropped my hand to his groin, rubbing his crotch, I could feel he was hard inside his jeans. I tried to get his fly open so I could get hold of a man’s dick for the first time in my young life.

Nick grabbed my wrist firmly and stopped me going any further, pulling away from me breaking our kisses. “No Marie, no more, you’re too young for me, I’m sorry I shouldn’t have kissed you in the first instance. Marie, please stop, don’t put pressure on me.”


“You know why,” he replied.

He was right, but I wasn’t happy, I wanted to take things further, I know things had happened by chance and out of the blue, Nick had never given me any hint that he was interested in me in that way, but he had kissed me and obviously wanted to play with my body. Reluctantly I had to agree with him and got my clothes back in order and went into my house, mind in a whirl and body excited but unfulfilled and frustrated, this was the first time I had felt anything like this.

I had wanted to go so much further with Nick, much further than I had wanted to do with any other boy, I would have done anything he wanted right then, and I do mean anything.

A week later and everything seemed fine between us, we had played and won our match at one of the other clubs who joined in the junior tournaments and again Nick had run me home, nothing was said about what had happened in his car.

This time we had arranged for him to pick me up after school and I had taken both my tennis kit and a change of clothes for after. I had on a tight plain white T-shirt that clung to my body, showing off the fact that again I had no bra on, was I pushing things? Yes. A deep blue skirt, very short even for me, and I wear my skirts as short as I can as they show my legs off and a pair of white trainers. I knew I looked good. Young but sexy, I was getting admiring glances from quite a few males, both my age and even some full grown men.[1]

Nick again turned towards me as we sat on the driveway of my house and leant towards me to give me a goodnight kiss, again he obviously had no other intention than that, but again I pushed things, grabbing his neck and pulling him to me, opening my mouth as I kissed him, tongue forcing its way into his mouth. Nick hesitated at first but eventually responded to me, kissing me back at last and holding me tightly. Then to my delight, his hands were again all over my body, caressing it, hands on my boobs tormenting them with his touch, one hand had already made its way up my skirt and inside my panties, rubbing and fingering me as before. But this time his hands and finger were in direct contact with my body, not outside my panties, the feel of this first ever touch by a man’s hand on my body was oh so good, I wanted more of it especially as it was Nick

Suddenly I felt my top being pushed up my body and my boobs were exposed and free for him to play with even more, the cooler air as it brushed them making my nipples stand out hard and firm, breaking our kiss Nick dropped his head onto my left boob slurping and kissing it, sucking the nipple deep into his mouth, driving me wild with the sensation, that and the fact his finger had slipped deeply into my sex. God, I had never experienced a feeling like that. I didn’t know what feeling I liked the most. His mouth on my nipples or his finger in my pussy.

Then Nick stopped, broke away from me and in an instant broke my heart.

“Marie, I’m sorry we can’t go on like this, we have to stop, you’re too young. Look I need a girlfriend, and you’re too young to do what I want to do.”

“I can, I’m ready, I’m nearly sixteen, I’m ready, I’ll do anything that you want, anything, anything and I mean it.” Tears were starting to form in my eyes and were beginning to run slowly down my cheeks.

“Marie, I don’t mean that, if I was talking about sex I could wait until your sixteen, seventeen, eighteen until you’re ready and want to, that bit would be easy, I would wait for you, it’s just you can’t do what I want to do. I want to go to nightclubs and to the pub, go to festivals and concerts and there is no way you can do that, both because of your age, but you have got homework and exams and things like that. I’m sorry it just won’t work between us.

“Marie, I could easily fall in love with you. I am falling in love with you, and that’s the problem. I know you’ll eventually break my heart and I couldn’t stand that, so it’s better if we don’t start anything”

My body was shaking in denial, I didn’t want to hear this, and then he shattered the broken pieces of my broken heart into tiny fragments with his next words, simply because they were even truer than what he had just said.

“Marie, you’re going to go to Uni soon and even if we were together then I know we wouldn’t survive that as a couple, It’s not fair on me and even more unfair on you. You should enjoy all aspects of Uni, social as well as living alone and things like that. Marie, I couldn’t stand that, so it’s better we don’t start anything at all. You would only end up breaking my heart. You know what I’m saying is true.”

I just sat there, T-shirt pushed up, boobs exposed, and eventually agreed with him. It was true I was going to go to Uni I had my mind set on being a Doctor and had done since I was about nine.

“What about ... what about the tennis, are we still a pair?”

“Yes, if you can still put up with me. We’ve not got many matches now anyway. Marie, I’m so, so sorry, I never should have kissed you and started this, but at least we haven’t gone too far yet.”

“Nick, will you just take me for a drive, not far, I need to get myself sorted out before I go in, Mum will know somethings wrong if I go in as I am.”

Nick backed off the drive and we just wandered around the village for a bit, then I asked him to pull over as I needed to ask him something.

“Nick, will you make love to me,” I stopped him as he tried to interrupt me, “no Nick let me finish, please. I’m a virgin but I don’t want to be, I want you to be my first, the first time should be special and with you, for me, it would be. Look I’m not going to put any pressure on you after that, will you be my first, I’m going to do it sooner or later anyway.”

Nick looked at me for a few seconds then said, “I don’t know, I want to but I know I shouldn’t.”

“Nick no pressure, please teach me, be my first, Look Mum and Dad are away next weekend taking John to look at University places and little sis is going to, but because it’s the tennis finals weekend I’m not going and have the house to myself from Friday night. We can play the final and then you come back and stay the night. Please, Nick, please, please do this for me, I’m begging you, please. Please be my first lover.” As I was saying this tears had again filled my eyes, then gradually begun to run down my cheeks.

Nick didn’t say anything just sat there thinking.

“You know I’m going to do it sooner or later and if you won’t then there are plenty of guys who would be happy to. I’ve had lots of offers you know.

“Oh God Nick, I didn’t mean it like that, I’m not going to go with just anyone, but I want you to be my first.”

After a few seconds silence as Nick took in what I had said, what I had proposed, what I had asked him to do, he laughed gently then nodded his head and said, “I know you didn’t mean what you said, and yes, I will be our first, but Marie this has to be a one-off time, just for you as I don’t want you to get hurt. But I am not staying the night, I can’t do that.”

“Oh Nick, thanks.” Even then I knew he would stay the night and I would have the joy of sleeping with him and waking up in his arms, even if it was for one time only. I don’t know where or when I had realised I wanted him, when we started out playing tennis it was just that, sure he is a hunk and dishy, but I never had any thoughts that we could even kiss never mind that he would make love to me.

Finals day and my mind is anywhere but on the match I am playing, all I can think about is soon Nick will be in bed with me, holding me, making love to me and I will be a virgin no more. I’m making error after error and soon we are down 4-1 in the first set. At the change of ends, Nick calls an injury timeout and pulls me to one side and has a right go at me.

“Marie, what the hell is going on, we should be hammering this pair, but you, you’re all over the place. I know what it is, you’re thinking about tonight aren’t you. Well, let me tell you if you don’t buck up tonight is off. I’m not making love to you. Now get yourself sorted out.”

I’m fuming at him, mad as hell mainly because he is right, but how can he be so mean to me, doesn’t he know how much tonight means to me how can he say what he has just said. Then I realise it’s his competitive instinct, it’s what makes him what he is, he’s picked the one thing to fire me up and shake me back to reality, of course, he knows how much tonight means to me.

Back in the game and John, the other guy is serving, Nick hits a good return back to John and as he returns the ball I shoot across intercepting the ball from Nick and smashing a volley into Johns’ feet. Doing so I cannon into Nick, bouncing off him, God his body is hard and strong.

Next point, John serves at my weak backhand, but I rip a return past his partner. Next point Nick wins with a great service return, I’m on return again and hit a good return and follow it up with a volley right at Johns partner, pity I didn’t hit her, she’s a bitch and made no disguise she wants Nick.

We’re back in the set, just, Nick comes over to give me a high five as we have always done, but I just turn to him and snarl, “Just serve, and make it good.” We continue on in this manner and take the set 6-4. Nick comes over to me and says, “Steady tiger, keep things in perspective and we can easily beat these two now. If we do, I promise I’ll stay the night with you, sleep with you,” as he says this he give my bum a little pat, that only he and I know about.

“Only if I want you to, if I let you,” I shot back at him, not really meaning it, we were back as a partnership.

We went on to win the set 6-1 and so were CHAMPIONS. I let out a squeal of delight as Nick hit the winning shot threw my racket up in the air, flung myself at Nick, jumping on him wrapping my legs around him and showering him with kisses. Everyone watching burst-out laughing at my show of youthful exuberance. Of course all the kisses with slobbery nothing passionate in them that anyone could see, but I was kissing Nick in public.

As we were stood waiting for the trophy presentation John leans over and says, “I don’t know what Nick said to you earlier but you certainly changed and found your game.”

I laughed at him and replied, “John, you’d never believe me if I told you and I’m not going to tell you. Nicks motivational secrets are between him and me, he just got my mind onto the match.”

After the tournament there was a buffet and disco so I had a shower and got changed into a new dress Mum had bought me for the night, it was quite grown up and sexy, saffron yellow in colour, with blue red, and white flashes on it, mid-thigh length, which was long for me, fitted but not to tight on top but surprisingly low cut, giving a nice hint of my boobs.

Nick was stunned when I walked into the room and started the first dance with him. All the clubs champions had the first dance together, singles with each other and doubles partners, things like that, me and Nick and the pair who had won the senior championships. I couldn’t wait for the night to finish and to get down to the prize I wanted, Nick.

Eventually, we managed to get away as Nick said he had promised to get me home safe and early as I was on my own. Nick drove me home and pulled his car into the garage, he was going to stay the night.

We went straight to my bedroom and as Nick closed the door and turned to me I had already stripped my dress off which was left in a pile on the floor at my feet and was stood before him in bra and panties. A groan and sigh escaped Nicks lips at the sight. He quickly pulled me to him and bent to kiss me, which was not easy as I only just came up to his shoulders.

His hands had quickly undone my bra and as it slipped from my shoulders and my boobs came into view Nick slipped one hand into the back of my panties feeling my bum, then without waiting moved it around to the front and slid a finger into my outer lips, rubbing me as he had done just once before.

I dropped a hand to his groin and this time he didn’t stop me instead easing himself away from me slightly as I undid his jeans and eagerly pushed my hand inside and for the first time in my life held a mans cock in my hand. It was thick and I could feel it throbbing in my tentative grip, then getting bolder I began to move my hand up and down it, gripping him softly in gentle fingers.

I broke away from him and managed to mutter “Bed, lie on bed, too short.”

Nick picked me up and carried me to my bed and gently placed me on it. At the same time pulling my panties off so I was totally naked before him, I lay still legs and arms spread wide allowing him to look at me, even though I was feeling slightly self-conscious and embarrassed by his inquiring gaze. Nick quickly stripped of his clothes and I got a good view of his dick as he lay down next to me. “God, I thought, I’m never going to get that inside me am I?”

I was shaking in anticipation and apprehension at what was soon to happen as Nick started to kiss me again. If I thought his hands had been all over my body earlier that was nothing to what was happening to me now, his hands were flying everywhere, all over my body, caressing and teasing, feeling my boobs, grabbing my bum, almost but not touching my sex. He was pinching and pulling on my nipples, increasing the hardness as they stiffened under his touch.

He began kissing and nuzzling my neck, driving my excitement higher, then ever so slowly moved down until he was feasting on my boobs, covering first one then the other with hot kisses, sucking a nipple into his mouth and nibbling it with his teeth. My hands were equally flying over his body, squeezing his firm bum. Nick continued to kiss his way down my body until his mouth was opposite my sex. He couldn’t intend to kiss me down there could he?

The girls at school had talked about this sort of thing, but I hadn’t expected that to happen to me, I was fifteen and not only a virgin but virginal as well, that was about to change. Nick didn’t hesitate but pushed his mouth firmly but gently onto my sex, kissing me there, then pushed his tongue partway inside me, I screamed in shock and delight as a wave of pleasure shot through me.

I wanted him to stop, this wasn’t right this wasn’t what I wanted, this was dirty, but my body acted in a totally different way to the way my brain was thinking, my legs clamped around his head, firm young thighs crushing him, holding him in place on me as he licked, and licked, and licked, and licked at me, taking his time, long, slow gentle movements of his tongue from the bottom of my sex to the top.

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