Twins Share Everything

by Dexter Xavier

Copyright© 2019 by Dexter Xavier

Incest Sex Story: Prequel to Slumber Orgy. Mercedes introduces her twin sister Stacey to the world of sex.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   ft/ft   Mult   Consensual   Lesbian   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Sharing   Incest   Sister   Group Sex   First   Oral Sex   Petting   .


On a school bus headed home, a fifteen-year-old girl sat slumped against the window. Her brunette hair curled around a pretty, girl-next-door face which sat in an uncharacteristically glum pout. Brown eyes stared out the window, but didn’t pay attention to what she saw outside, not with how her brooding thoughts occupied her. Her slim, fit body sat slouched in on itself, the stance seeming to leech the colour from her cheer uniform.

Her friend, a Goldilocks-calibre blue-eyed blonde, put a hand on her back. “Stacey? You okay?”

The touch jolted Stacey out of her trance. She touched the blonde’s hand and attempted a smile. “I’m fine. Just thinking about Mercedes. She skipped practice again today.” She looked back out the window, wistful. “Since September, she’s missed more practices than she’s caught.”

Erica put her arm around Stacey’s shoulders, hugging close and supportive. “ you think she’ll lose her place on the squad?”

“No, no, it’s not that,” Stacey said. “She always catches up, always makes up for it. It’s just...” She bit her lip. “It’s kinda dumb.”

Erica gave her a sharp look. “If it’s taking the smile off your face, it’s not dumb, girl.”

Stacey laughed. “That’s so corny.” But it did make her feel better, at least enough to actually voice her thoughts. “We used to do everything together, you know? People couldn’t even tell us apart, we were just ‘the twins’. But now, ever since September ... it’s not just the squad practices. She’s been going out on her own, she hasn’t come out to the movies with me like she used to. She’s...” She slumped. “She’s drifting away.”

Erica ran her fingers along Stacey’s back, slow and comforting. “That really sucks.”

“Mm.” Stacey leaned into the touch. “Mom and Dad are away tonight and for the whole weekend. I’ll talk to her, if I can even catch her.”

Erica smiled. “Well, if the house ends up quiet and lonely, give me a call. Me and the girls’ll come over, Lydia will try to get us into some nerdy new show...”

Stacey giggled. It was so true.

But Erica saw her street approaching. “This is my stop. You take care, okay, Stace?” She grabbed her little brother and they got off the bus, leaving Stacey to think on her own.


As Stacey approached home, she found the car gone; her parents had already left for their getaway. The driveway looked empty, and the simple, two-storey house and neat lawn seemed bigger without that big Jeep taking up space. Yet, the house wasn’t empty, and as Stacey came inside, it wasn’t quiet. She heard noises from her and Mercedes’ shared room – rhythmic thumping, along with grunts of effort and pain.

Was she moving furniture? Was she in trouble? Just to be safe, Stacey rushed through the door.

No, Mercedes wasn’t in trouble, and she wasn’t moving furniture. She stretched out naked on her bed with a gangly, pale boy on top of her. That thumping had been the headboard striking the wall on every thrust.

At first, they didn’t notice her. They continued, moving with passionate energy, Mercedes’ body rolling every time the boy slammed into her. Mercedes was Stacey’s twin, identical down to the last pore. Stacey couldn’t help but imagine herself reflected there. Would her curled hair get that dishevelled, tossed by the force of lovemaking? Would her skin flush the same, heated by exertion and passion? Would she arch like that, jutting her handful-sized breasts into the air? Would she look that beautiful with pleasure etched into her face?

Then the boy noticed her. “Oh, fuck,” he said. Moving in a blur, he grabbed his clothes from the floor and scrambled away, out the window. Stacey never even got a good look at him.

That left the sisters alone. Mercedes sat up and scooted back, her face now flushed with embarrassment more than pleasure, but she didn’t think to cover up. She didn’t even close her knees, still allowing a peek at her glistening pussy, blooming open from arousal and sex combined.

Stacey sat down on the bed’s edge. “So that’s what you’ve been doing, huh? Or whom?”

Mercedes blushed hotter. She shoved Stacey, just for revenge, and finally grabbed the sheets to cover herself. “Stacey! You have to knock first!”

“I never had to before!” Stacey shouted back, with more heat than she’d meant to.

And it hit home harder than either of them thought. Mercedes flinched, both hands gripping the sheet. The silence lingered, tense between them.

Stacey broke it first. “I miss you.”

“I miss you too!” Mercedes’ tone was like a breaking dam. “It feels so weird to do this stuff without you. The second I got his letter, the first thing I wanted to do was show it to you. When he first kissed me, I wanted to gush about it with you. But...” She slumped, leaning against the wall like Stacey had leaned on the bus window. “Simon’s so self-conscious. He made me promise to keep things quiet, at least for now.”

“Well.” Stacey dipped her eyes downward for a significant moment, at the messy bed and Mercedes’ barely-covered body. “Cat’s pretty far out of the bag now. So, spill it: what letter?”

A blushing smile spread over Mercedes’ face. “First week of school, he slipped me a letter. Said he’d been working up the courage all summer, and ... he wrote a poem asking me out. I just had to after that.” She held up a hand to forestall her. “No you can’t see the poem, he made me pinky-promise that.”

“Come oooon,” Stacey said. “Can you at least give me some of it? A line or two?”

Mercedes blew a raspberry. “Okay, okay. Part of it, um... ‘Hair like chestnut, you look so good. Eyes like mahogany, you give me wood.’”

Stacey broke into giggles. “Oh my god. That is so bad.”

Mercedes scowled like Stacey insulted her writing. “Yes, but he wrote it himself! That’s what makes it sweet.”

Stacey fought to get her giggles under control. Even afterwards, she kept breathing heavily, her heart still running a little faster than normal. Because she still had another question on her mind. “Kissing. What ... what’s that like?”

Mercedes’ face turned serious. She slid along the bed, sitting closer to her sister. “You never have? A hottie like you, someone must have at least asked you out.”

Stacey shook her head. “I turned them down. The guys in our year ... I dunno, they’re just not my type. There’s something missing. Best I can think of is Lucas, and he’s taken.”

Mercedes smirked. “What about the girls in our year?”

“I’d totally make out with Alison, I’d hate-fuck Sophie, and I’d do all sorts of naked things with Vegas and Erica if I could be sure it wouldn’t make things weird.” Stacey stuck out her tongue. “You’re not going to shock me by suggesting girls.”

Mercedes’ jaw dropped. “ ... you’ve really thought about this.”

“I’m a fifteen-year-old girl,” Stacey said. “What else am I going to think about? Algebra?” She prodded Mercedes. “Now, kissing. Spill.”

Mercedes sucked her lower lip into her mouth while she thought about how to word it. “It’s ... sweet, but not like the flavour, more like it feels sweet. And it’s warming, really warms through your whole body. Oh, but sometimes it’s more hot instead, really hot all at once. It...” She wrinkled her nose. “I can’t really describe it. I...” Then she stopped, her face bright red.

“What?” Stacey asked.

Mercedes locked eyes with her. When she spoke, she did it with clear, careful enunciation. She didn’t want to have to repeat a single word. “I could show you.”

Stacey’s heart stopped. She held her breath. The whole world seemed to freeze, and then she realised it was just Mercedes, waiting for her.

Kissing Mercedes. Her sister, her twin sister. She knew it was supposed to sound wrong, supposed to feel weird; knew she was supposed to have some kind of aversion to it. But it just sounded good. She wanted to kiss, wanted to have that experience. Yes, a few boys had asked her out, and she could kiss any one of them. She could, but wouldn’t. Something like that shouldn’t be given to someone random, but someone she trusted and loved. And who could she trust better than Mercedes? Who else did she love like Mercedes?

Mute, she nodded.

Mercedes was on her in the next split-second. Her description was wrong about one thing: the kiss did taste sweet, the watermelon flavour of Mercedes’ gloss humming against her lips. This was definitely one of the hotter kisses she’d mentioned, Mercedes’ eagerness sending thrills all along Stacey’s spine. Interrupting sex left her pent-up and wanting more. Who’d have thought?

Stacey tried to kiss back, but she’d never done it before. Her nose clashed with Mercedes’, and finding her way by pure touch, it took a few tries to get her lips to properly align.

But when she did ... oh, it was so worth it. Mercedes let out a groaning sigh of pleasure, both buzzing through the kiss and rushing from her nose to tickle Stacey’s upper lip. Mercedes’ hand curved about Stacey’s cheek, keeping her close.

When the kiss finally broke, they had to just stare at each other for a minute or two. Stacey drank in the wide-eyed look on her sister’s face; she marvelled at how the stimulation had flushed her lips, leaving them swollen. It, and fresh experience, made them look even more kissable. Did hers look like that to Mercedes?

This time, Mercedes broke the silence. “Is it weird I think that felt really right? I mean, obviously it felt good, but I mean it felt like we should.”

Stacey nodded, fingers resting on her heated-up lips. “Felt natural.”

“That’s the word,” Mercedes said. “It’s like ... why haven’t we done this already?”

“And...” Stacey barely heard her own voice, with her heart thundering in her ears to drown it out. “ ... why don’t we do it more?”

“Okay.” Mercedes’ voice quivered; it sounded like she felt the same butterflies Stacey did. “I’m going to do something new this time. You’ll love it – it’s really fun when Simon does it.” Her hand moved to Stacey’s shoulder. “Just relax and open your mouth.”

Stacey opened her mouth, though to ask a question. Mercedes still took it as an invitation, and a new kiss locked in. Open-mouthed, soft lips crushed together, warm breath shared between them.

That alone could have overwhelmed her, and then Mercedes’ tongue came forwards. It took up every gram of attention Stacey had, until she even forgot to breathe. Mercedes wasn’t used to leading a kiss, but she knew well enough how to make her tongue dance with Stacey and send thrills right to the core of her being. Stacey joined in that dance as best she could, though she always felt a few steps behind. Mercedes didn’t seem to mind, not with how she sank into it. Her arms looped around Stacey’s neck, pulling her in for a tighter, more intimate hug than any they’d shared before. Stacey returned the favour, coming in low around her waist ... and the touch reminded her that Mercedes was still naked under the sheet. Her hands encountered only bare skin at the small of her back.

Stacey needed to breathe, though she hated the interruption. She broke the kiss and panted heavily. The rush of blood felt tight in her cheeks, like they could burst ... but that wasn’t the only place she felt blood rushing. Her hands felt warm all the way to their fingertips, the better to feel Mercedes’ skin; her breasts swelled and nipples grew taut under her clothes, exacerbated by her heaving breaths; and she felt like she could cook inside her underwear.

“Okay,” Stacey said, her tone still breathless even after her gasping. “Simon has some pretty good ideas. What else you got?”

Mercedes hesitated, chewing her lip. But she was already drawn into the wake of her own desires, and followed them through. “There is another thing I really like when we’re making out. Take off your shirt.” She said it with hotter intensity in her tone than she needed. It wasn’t just a request so she could show Stacey some more moves; she wanted her sister’s shirt off.

Stacey folded her arms over her chest, her blush rising. “That’s a bit sudden!”

Mercedes scoffed. “You just saw mine! And yours are nothing I haven’t seen before. We have the exact same tits.” But most persuasive of all: “I can’t keep going until you do.”

Stopping at those two kisses sounded as appetising as stopping a car by wrapping it around a tree. “Fine.” Her sleeveless top hugged tight, breathable to move around in but hard to pull up and away; it took some gymnastics just to get it off with any good speed. Her face heating more with each move, her sports bra followed.

Nobody had seen her topless since puberty started, and by the hesitant, unfamiliar excitement in her eyes, she could tell that Mercedes hadn’t seen another girl topless. Not like that, not with that erotic charge.

“Okay.” Mercedes breathed on and rubbed her hands to warm them up, buying herself some more time to think, to process. “I ... I like it when he starts like this.”

Stacey knew it was born of trepidation, but the slow way Mercedes reached out still heightened her anticipation, all her nerves standing at ready attention. Mercedes’ first touch made her gasp: fingers curved loosely about her breasts and finding them a perfect handful, fitting in her twin’s grasp. Stacey had explored her own breasts as thoroughly as any teenaged girl, but having someone else’s hands on them was a completely different experience. Just like she couldn’t tickle her own stomach, she couldn’t send such delightful thrills through herself with such a simple caress.

Mercedes stared at the work of her own hands, transfixed by the first breasts she’d ever touched aside from her own. Uncertainty made her first touches light, but she already knew how she liked to receive a touch. That gave her a head start in learning how to give them in return, starting with a series of lightly massaging squeezes. The more Mercedes touched her, the more Stacey squirmed and gasped with pleasure, heat pulsing through her – and swelling the points of her nipples.

That caught Mercedes’ attention next. She licked three fingertips on each hand, and rubbed them in circles on Stacey’s peaks. Licking them made the strokes smoother and easier on her sensitive skin, while using three fingers on each flanked her nipples and kept them from slipping away, kept Stacey subject to the barrage of stimulation. Nothing she’d ever done to herself could match what Mercedes did to her. Delight tingled and glowed all through her body, the heat and light radiating from her core until she couldn’t see or feel anything else. Yet, that overwhelming sensation wasn’t enough; it just made her crave more.

So it came as torture when Mercedes slid her hands down. She rested them on Stacey’s abdomen, getting them out of her way so she could take a good, long look at her topless sister. “So pretty.” Slowly, she tugged her gaze back upwards to look bashfully into Stacey’s face. “Stace ... I-I think I like girls.”

“You think, huh?” Stacey couldn’t keep the breathy tone out of her voice, and hearing it made Mercedes squirm. She drew closer, arms resting on Mercedes’ shoulders. “Then we’d better do more experimenting. Like, now.”

“H-Hold on a second!” Mercedes squealed. She put a hand to Stacey’s chest to hold her back ... but instinct put it onto Stacey’s chest, fingers sinking into her breast. She wanted to touch her, both consciously and subconsciously. Yet... “I sh-should call Simon first. Kissing is one thing, but we...” She squeezed, eyes dipping to Stacey’s half-naked body again. “I should talk to my boyfriend before we make out any harder.”

Hard makeouts. Just the words sent flashes of desire through Stacey’s body, heightening the pain of denial. “Fine. But be quick. And...” She slid around behind Mercedes. Close behind, with her breasts squished against her sister’s bare back. Her lips ran along the shell of her ear. “ ... I’ll be right here.”

Mercedes whined. She fumbled as she took her phone off the dresser, and almost dropped it when Stacey nibbled on her ear. She shot a glare over her shoulder, but while she could have asked Stacey to stop ... she didn’t really want her to. Not enough to ask.

Good thing for Stacey, because she didn’t want to stop, either; as good as it had felt to have Mercedes playing with her, it was just as fun to make her squirm and tremble in return. And the skin of her ear and neck tasted good. Not sweet, she wouldn’t call it sweet; and not exactly salty, though there was a hint of that. More than anything else, it tasted like skin – Mercedes’ skin – and Stacey found she liked it. She kept her lips nuzzling along the side of Mercedes’ neck and down to her shoulder.

After a few deep breaths, Mercedes got control over herself; she still shifted to lean into Stacey, but her hands stopped shaking. She called a contact saved only as a heart emoji. Stacey crowded close, not just to tease her, but to hear.

A boy’s voice answered, out of breath. “Babe! You okay?”

Mercedes got an immediate, almost goofy smile on her face the moment she heard his voice. “I’m fine. I’m more worried about you. Are you okay?”

“Yeah,” Simon said. “I got home safe.”

Mercedes blinked. “Wait. You ran all the way home? Already?”

“I was, um.” Simon coughed. “Motivated.”

“About that.” Mercedes leaned back, one hand lowering to run along Stacey’s thigh. “Turns out it was just Stacey.”

Just me?” Stacey whispered back. It didn’t really upset her – better caught by her than their parents – but she still took the excuse to retaliate, by pinching both of Mercedes’ nipples. The taut flesh compressed under her touch; Mercedes arched towards it and barely kept herself from crying out.

Ooh. That was fun. Stacey tweaked those nipples under her pinching nipples, twisting them opposite each other. She knew it wouldn’t actually hurt. She’d done it before – and doing it while cuddled behind Mercedes only really meant reaching a little farther forward than usual. Yet, the resulting feeling was so much different. For once, she didn’t receive the stimulation she dished out. Instead, that all went to Mercedes – twisting, arching, gasping Mercedes. And Stacey could focus on the tight, bumpy feeling of those nipples, rather than the feelings radiating from them. She experimented with that novel feeling. Thoroughly.

Simon somehow didn’t notice any of the delightful noises Mercedes was making. “Oh, good,” he said. “Did she, uh, take it well?”

“You could say that,” Mercedes said through clenched, groan-controlling teeth. “We sort of ... kissed.”

“Stacey?” he asked. “Your sister? Your twin sister? You kissed?”

Stacey stopped teasing for a little while, her hands stationary on Mercedes’ chest. She even held her breath, craning her ears to hear Simon’s ultimate verdict.

“That’s hot,” he said.

Mercedes breathed a sigh of relief, which became a quivering whimper when Stacey got right back into rubbing her nipples. “S-So, you don’t mind?”

“Hell no,” he said. “I just mind I didn’t get to see i—” Some noise rumbled in the background. “Oh shit, dad’s home. I’ll call you in a couple hours, okay, babe?”

“Don’t keep me waiting.” Mercedes hung up and set aside her phone, then slowly twisted to look at Stacey. A look of warning glinted in her eyes.

The next instant, she had Stacey on her back, pinned down by her wrists. After the initial flash of surprise, Stacey felt a different kind of fluttering through her chest. She found she liked that aggression, in much the same way she liked Mercedes avenging herself by nibbling over her chest. This afternoon was full of all kinds of new discoveries. For both of them, at that; after the initial rush of vengeance, Mercedes’ nibbling grew more tentative. She wasn’t used to having a girl underneath her.

Stacey wanted to touch her, to encourage her with a stroke along her cheek or through her hair. Yet, Mercedes still held her hands in place. So instead, Stacey wiggled, trying to use the movements of her body, of her chest stroking Mercedes’ face, to give that same encouragement.

That was enough. Mercedes looked up, locking eyes with her. Somehow, seeing her – seeing it was Stacey, not just some other girl – helped steel her resolve. She nodded, mostly to herself. “There’s one more thing I really like Simon doing. But I’ve never done it before, so be patient, okay?” She started kissing again, taking her time on the way down Stacey’s abdomen. Her hands moved faster, running to and then up Stacey’s legs, slipping underneath her skirt.

Stacey quivered – though as she examined herself, she found it was more with excitement than trepidation. She obliged, lifting her hips to make it easier for those panties to come away. They’d been a tight fit even before she’d grown hot and bothered, and it took a little extra peeling to draw them away from her. Since Mercedes let go of her hands, she propped herself up on the bed, sitting up to get a good view of her twin stripping her. Even with the panties off, her skirt still fell into place; it kept her visually modest, but that kiss of cool air still felt like nudity. “S-So what is it he usually—”

Mercedes answered with action: a kiss right on Stacey’s nether lips. It sent an instant thrill through Stacey’s lower half and, completely out of her own control, her hips rocked up to meet her twin. The motion carried enough force to flick her skirt upwards, its fluttery hem resting at her navel. In response, Mercedes’ hands came down onto her thighs, pressing down to keep Stacey still for her explorations.

Next, a lick traced just between Stacey’s folds. She’d never felt something so wet, so warm, and even the tentative approach brought a groan from her mouth. Mercedes made a face; the taste would take some getting used to. She didn’t let that stop her: the more she licked, the more reaction she got from Stacey, and that drove her onwards. Slowly, she eased that tongue inwards and upwards, spreading the stimulation farther inside. Even those first, darting licks were enough to make Stacey’s toes curl; after that came the fluttering swirl, stroking in circles, assaulting new nerves on each movement. She could see why Mercedes liked this so much.

Her hands freed, Stacey slid her fingers through Mercedes’ hair, encouraging her with spasms of response. Heat glowed deep within her, like a furnace hidden behind her navel, and each lick added another ember. Steady, but slow. She knew the old saying, but that didn’t stop her from craving more, craving something to get her farther along.

Stacey knew her body. She’d done enough research, and more than enough exploration. The problem was how to communicate it with Mercedes. She’d never had someone to tell what to do before ... and she found she had other problems, as soon as she started to try.

“U-Up,” Stacey groaned, struggling to get words out between her moans. “T-Try licking more ... more up. Like th-the top wall.” She held Mercedes’ head, trying to keep her steady while she angled her hips.

That angle hadn’t occurred to Mercedes before, but she listened. It took her a few moments of trying, especially since she didn’t really know what she was looking for.

But she found it. Stacey knew the moment Mercedes’ tongue graced that special spot. Forget embers; each lick poured a gallon of gasoline onto Stacey’s inner fire. Within seconds, Stacey was thrashing on the bed, screaming herself hoarse. The intense display stunned Mercedes into stopping, but Stacey’s own movement kept rubbing her against that tongue, kept her wild and out of control for ... she didn’t even know how long.

When her senses cleared, she looked down along herself to see Mercedes staring at her, a stunned look in her eyes.

Mercedes wiped a hand across her nectar-glossy face. “Was ... was that...”

“G-spot, y-yeah,” Stacey said. She was still panting. “Took a damn long time to find it the first time, but I, um. Know where it is now.”

Mercedes laughed helplessly. “I’m supposed to be showing you things.” She chewed her lip. “Um ... could you...” She squirmed, unsure how to actually ask what she wanted to ask.

Luckily for her, Stacey already knew. She sat up and leaned into Mercedes, a hand pushing her shoulder to urge her into taking her place, lying on her back. She marvelled at how pliably Mercedes moved. It wasn’t like posing a doll, like she would have imagined; she was far too eager to get into position. The thought of how much her sister wanted it sent new thrills through her, matching her desire to do it.

Yet, inexperience trumped passion. She took her time, familiarising herself with touching another. Her left hand stayed on Mercedes’ shoulder while her right headed south and explored between her legs. Her swollen petals felt plump and soft under Stacey’s fingertips. Though she groaned and trembled, she tried to hold still to aid in Stacey’s exploration. Even if she wanted some selfish enjoyment of her own, Stacey’s chance at new experiences remained at least part of her goal.

Soon, confidence built enough that she could try more. Two fingertips teased between those outer lips, and Mercedes whined with anticipation. Stacey turned her hand just like she’d always imagined, with her palm towards the ceiling. That put the tips of her fingers towards Mercedes’ upper wall as she pushed them in. Mercedes’ immediate gasp felt gratifying, but Stacey couldn’t let it distract her. Mercedes had sort-of-asked for something much better than just fingers pumping in and out. So, Stacey probed, searching with curving fingers, working purely by texture. It was harder than she’d expected: she’d never approached from that angle before. Even if it were in exactly the same place as hers, she couldn’t get to it with the same approach.

Still, Mercedes didn’t seem to mind the hunt. All that probing meant a lot of rubbing around, and each gasp drew deeper than the last. Her face flushed, full of rising heat and anticipation; her chest rose and fell with her needy breaths. Then those breaths halted all at once, as Stacey found what she’d been after.

Each stroke against Mercedes’ G-spot caused another jolt through her hips, humping back against it. Stacey huffed, her left hand running to push down on her hip. “Hold still, it’s hard enough to find already!” She kept at it, fingers hooked upwards to drag again and again over that vulnerable spot. Mercedes’ moans turned into desperate squeals, tension tight as a wire. Then Stacey noticed something, an opportunity at the apex of each push. She stretched up her thumb and it pressed, almost perfectly, onto Mercedes’ clit.

Her sister’s pleasured face had been pretty before. The instant that pincer struck, a look of orgasm spread over her face and made her look even more beautiful than a breaking dawn. Awe filled her eyes as she stared up at Stacey, her mouth wide open – both in astonishment, and to let out her screams of ecstasy. Those screams sounded like music to Stacey’s ears, and the look on Mercedes’ face captivated her. Her hand kept working, almost on auto-pilot, to get Mercedes to keep providing that beauty.

It had to come to an end eventually. When Mercedes’ voice grew hoarse and exhausted, Stacey eased off and let her stop. She flopped back, limp and almost liquid with relaxation, but her eyes still shone. Mercedes reached up with quivering hands to pull Stacey down for a quick yet breathless kiss. As they parted, their eyes locked. “I love you,” Mercedes said. The words somehow sounded like more than they ever had before.

“I love you too.” The words came from Stacey’s lips as easily as breath, but at the same time, they felt like more. She slumped on top of her sister, hugging close. Nudity didn’t matter then; only closeness. “Um. W-What now?”

“Now?” Mercedes rasped. “Water. Definitely water. Sex is thirsty work.”

Stacey jolted upright, worry immediately flashing just from hearing the quality of Mercedes’ voice. “Water! Okay! One sec!”

Fortunately, Mercedes kept a bottle on her dresser, in arm’s reach from the bed. Stacey handed it straight to Mercedes. After a few gulps, she offered it back. An old reflex made her hesitate. Sharing a water bottle was almost like kissing! She shook her head at her own silliness, and gave Mercedes a quick, direct smooch before taking the bottle. The water refreshed her in ways beyond what she’d realised she needed.

Afterwards, they curled up together again. Mercedes’ fingers ran idly along Stacey’s back, making her shiver. It stoked her fire again, and she pressed herself tight to Mercedes. “What’s next?” She wasn’t done learning yet.

Mercedes laughed, overwhelmed. “You know more about fucking a girl than I do! Everything I’ve done has been with Simon...” She chewed her lip, a shrewd look on her face. “I have an idea.”


A couple of hours passed. Soon after dinner, there came a tapping at their bedroom window. Mercedes grinned as she opened it up. She’d gotten dressed, just in a tank top and shorts. “You don’t need to sneak in this time. My parents aren’t back until Monday.” She reached out the window.

Simon took her hand and pulled himself in. “It’s more comfy this way.” Once he was inside, he kissed her, hotly enough to make up for lost time.

They both lost themselves in it. Simon still felt every blistering degree of their sudden interruption, and even with what she and Stacey had shared, Mercedes needed and wanted her boyfriend. Her arms twined around his neck while his wrapped her waist, pulling her in close to balance out the difference in their heights. They still had clothes on, but that wouldn’t last long.

Stacey, back in her cheer uniform and sitting on a corner of Mercedes’ bed, watched in breathless silence. She may as well have been invisible. That made her feel even naughtier for watching, but in a good way. They were equally aggressive, fiery desire set to consume both of them. Habit carried them towards the bed.

And the kiss broke when Simon bumped into her. She was effectively invisible, not intangible. “Wh-What the,” he stammered, as he turned to stare at Stacey.

As she came back to reality, Mercedes laughed. It had a breathy, husky quality that sent shivers down Stacey’s spine. “This is Stacey,” she said. “Stacey, this is my boyfriend Simon. You two, uh, met. But yay for introductions?”

Simon laughed, his tone much more nervous. “I’ve heard a lot about you.” His eyes lingered on her; his buzzing, background lust drove his inspection, his interest.

Stacey just barely kept herself from squirming. Yes, guys had checked her out before, but she’d never had a boy look at her so intensely. She returned the favour, never having really taken a good look at him before. They’d passed in the halls sometimes, and she got a brief glimpse of him in bed before he’d run away, but that was it.

Simon was a tall, lanky young man; he must have been a few months older than them to have had such a full growth spurt. His skin was the natural, pale white of an indoorsman, emphasised by the darkness of her hair. To judge from his eyebrows, it would naturally be a lighter brown, but he’d dyed it jet-black. He was handsome, in a still-growing kind of way, and had soulful, iron-grey eyes. Those eyes stayed mostly on her lips.

Mercedes could see it, and could tell what was on his mind. She sat down at Stacey’s other side. “Now, you didn’t get to see it the first time...” Her nearer arm slid around her twin’s shoulders.

Stacey perked up. One of the first steps of Mercedes’ idea. She turned to meet her.

Their kiss locked in, as smoothly as if they’d rehearsed. It felt natural, it felt right; Stacey struggled to believe she’d first done this just a few hours before. This time felt a little different. Mercedes’ grin played against her lips, and she sometimes turned to take a glance at Simon. When she could spare half a thought, Stacey could hear his deeper, hotter breathing; she could feel him shifting about on the bed beside her, shifting about to get a better look. That added a sense of exhibition and excitement to the kiss, even beyond how much she enjoyed Mercedes’ mouth. Her heart raced, giddy with the fun of what they were doing.

By the time they came up for air, Simon was slack-jawed and staring. All the blood had raced out of his brain. Stacey could see where it went – he was skinny, but he had quite a lump on his lap. He even drooled a little.

“There, you’ve watched me kiss Stacey.” She loved the breathy tone in Mercedes’ voice, and even more loved knowing that she’d caused it. “Now it’s your turn.”

Simon blinked. “Wh-What?”

Mercedes smiled, her expression prim and proper in a way that utterly clashed with the situation. “She’s never kissed a boy before, and she wants to.” She ran her fingers through Stacey’s hair; the touch made her lean in, like a cat into being petted. “And you’d like kissing her, wouldn’t you?”

Stacey batted her lashes at him and gave him her biggest, sweetest doe eyes. “Please? Mercedes has told me how good a kisser you are. And it wouldn’t be fair if she kissed me and you didn’t, right?”

The seating arrangements were lucky for Simon. He looked overwhelmed enough even without being literally trapped between the girls. After a moment of hyperventilating, he got control and took a few deep, steadying breaths. He looked at them intensely. “Are you sure?”

That look caught Stacey. Her heart leapt up into her throat and she felt a flush come to her cheeks. Mercedes took her hand. In unison, they nodded.

Simon didn’t pounce her all at once. Trepidation still heated his face and made his heart race so loudly, she swore she could hear it. But he did make his move: he pushed into her personal space, bit by bit, until the distance closed and their mouths met.

Stacey had thought she knew what to expect from a kiss, but Simon’s was different. His lips were smaller, firmer, more savoury. Once he overcame his hesitation, his pressure was more aggressive – more masculine, she wanted to say. Yet, he didn’t just push her down and force his tongue into her mouth. She could feel the burning intensity of his desire, but he kept to just the crush of lips and a hand on her shoulder.

That is, until she invited more. When her mouth opened and she flicked her tongue underneath his, he drove it forwards to enjoy her mouth. As she leaned back, he moved with her, until she was flat on her back with her sister’s boyfriend on top of her. Mercedes just slid out of the way.

Stacey steadied herself with hands on his chest, and found it narrow and thin – flat, totally unlike Mercedes’. She had a boy’s tongue in her mouth, a boy’s chest under her hands, a boy’s hands on her waist. It felt good – just as good as making out with Mercedes, just in different ways. It made her wonder, made her try to imagine what it’d be like to do the rest with a boy.

Right as those thoughts filled her mind, Simon broke out of the kiss. They both needed to catch their breath, and Stacey needed to process her wonderment. And where she’d ended up; as she’d laid back, Mercedes had caught her, holding her on her lap.

Mercedes grinned, her eyes bright and wide. “How was it?” she asked her boyfriend. “My sister’s super-hot, isn’t she?”

Simon went tense like a deer in headlights. “I ... what ... uh...” His girlfriend had just asked him if another girl was hot. Stereotypes didn’t allow that to be anything but a trap. If he agreed, surely it’d turn into drama about whether Stacey was ‘hotter than’ Mercedes—

Then the thought clicked. Given how little blood was actually going to his brain, he could be allowed some delays. He huffed and leaned over to kiss Mercedes. “She’s your twin sister. She’s every bit as hot as you are ... which means she’s very, very hot.”

Mercedes blushed, but let off a giddy, love-drunk giggle. “Best possible answer.” She kissed him again, and again, melting into it.

They almost forgot about Stacey again, consumed by their makeout session. But she was more than a spectator this time. They pinned her between them, warm bodies both behind and in front, propping her into sitting up. Mercedes’ breasts made a pair of soft pillows for her head; at the same time, Simon crushed in close between her legs. Only the thin layers of her skirt and his pants separated her from his throbbing, needy shaft.

Awe froze her for a split-second, but there was no question in her mind: she wanted it, wanted to feel more of it. Though inexperience made her clumsy, she put her leg about his hips and pulled herself up closer, grinding on his hard-on while he kissed her sister. She didn’t feel his moans, but she could still hear them, muffled by Mercedes’ mouth, and know the part she played in them.

They grew deeper, grew louder, as Simon got friskier. He kissed Mercedes more intensely, almost like he was trying to bruise her lips. He humped Stacey through her clothes, sending jolts of muted pleasure through her. His hands joined the play. He probably meant to reach for Mercedes, but his hands landed on Stacey’s chest. Even in such a berserker frenzy of passion, he controlled himself: that touch came not as harsh groping, but soft kneading. His hands were bigger than Mercedes’, her breasts not even making a complete handful for him, but they felt wonderfully warm. Stacey cried out with pleasure, her voice the only one free and clear.

The sound surprised them, and Simon jolted out of the kiss. That was when he realised it wasn’t his girlfriend he’d been humping and groping, and he blanched.

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