Chance Encounter With a Friend

by Allan

Copyright© 2019 by Allan

True Sex Story: When looking for same sex fun I came upon a completely unexpected contact, will I be exposed!!

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Ma   BiSexual   True Story   Anal Sex   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Voyeurism   .

I discovered during adolescence a very definite liking for other guys, as well as females, the changing rooms for sports and swimming were always a place of entertainment, albeit at a discreet distance. Back in the 70’s being outwardly enlightened towards same sex was not what it is today and any such approach would have been met with a violent response. I knew of no one else who shared these feelings, but the law of average would suggest that there were a few others who had leanings towards their own sex. I loved to see guys nude, sometimes semi hard and I used to fantasise about being with them. I had similar attraction to girls so even at that early stage I suppose I was bi sexual although that term did not exist back then to any great extent. Even now I dot really like the term as I don’t really like putting labels on people that categorises their sexuality.

Like a lot of people back then I married young, a couple of kids came along and we all carried on with the usual family life, all very busy with career and the demands of a young family and all that that entails. I had always had my same sex feelings but I managed to suppress them quite successfully, it was not until I was about 40 that I decided to explore thee feelings and decided to act on them. This all in spite of being a married guy with a reasonable sex life with my wife.

My first forays into the world of same sex sex was to visit gay saunas, mainly when away on business, a practice I still enjoy. Going to such places I always found to be really great fun. Everybody there for the same reason to get sexual experiences with like minded people. There is only one left reasonably close to where I live and I occasionally visit still these days.

The other method of contact I used was gay/bi dating on line and by phone, these are also quite good as you can make contact with guys in the local area. And this is where this current story comes from. I regularly used a phone contact line for gay and bisexual people attempting to get contacts and arrange meetings, which was on occasion successful but not very often, many time wasters just out for a cheap thrill and scared of making a real contact and following through with it.

This event happened about 10 years ago now and I often recall it with fondness, although at the time I thought I had blundered very badly. I had a run of several good contacts, I can recall meeting a guy locally at his house. We were instantly attracted to one another and quickly got naked, apart from him wearing a pair of red knickers, his wife’s I think. Anyway we explored each other did a great 69, sucking each other’s hard cocks until we both climaxed almost simultaneously. I do recall him giving me a really nice prostate massage to help things along.

On another occasion I hooked up with a guy who shared my liking for wrestling, we met at his flat, he loaned me a wrestling singlet to match his, I had brought a pair of speedos which I love to wear but the feel of the Lycra singlet was amazing. We wrestled on mats for a while both getting hard and thoroughly enjoying the body contact, we both bared our chests and wrestled on before him giving me an exquisite cock sucking, after which I masturbated him to a climax.

These are only two events that spring to mind around that time and provide me these days with good memories. The event in question occurred about this time when I was very sexually active with other guys, either making contact by phone or through the practice of visiting gay saunas.

I was home alone for a few days so I was looking to arrange a meet locally if at all possible. I was on a particular phone line catting to local guys, leaving messages without actually talking live, without much success at all. I then managed to contact this guy and we communicated for a while by message, it all seemed quite promising, we seemed to be on the same wavelength, both married bisexual men looking to meet likeminded guys. After a while of this messaging back and forth this guy left a message suggesting that he knew me, in fact he left some detail that made it very clear that he did in fact know me quite well. Instantly I panicked, who was this person who knew me and who now knew my secret sex life with other men, I was mortified my cover was blown and I was to be exposed. In this realisation that he knew my identity I was in the dark and had no idea who he was at all. Would he expose me, would he let it be known to others my sexual leanings.

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