Call to the Principal's Office

by RonBo

Copyright© 2019 by RonBo

Incest Sex Story: Young Taylor is called to the Principal's Office for discipline. Thanks for the edit Don.

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Father   Daughter   Spanking   First   Oral Sex   .

The speaker on the classroom wall beeped, followed by the Principal’s secretary’s harsh voice. “Miss Taylor Jones report to the Principal’s office ... Immediately.” The message was repeated a second time as young Taylor stared at the speaker. The boys in the class all snickered assuming she was going to see Principal Argus for discipline. The girls looked anywhere except at Taylor. Some had heard rumors of the kind of discipline Argus administered and a few had been to the Principal’s office and knew first hand what happened after he closed his office door and sent his secretary home early. Being that Dixon Regional High School was a privately run school corporal punishment was permitted with parent approval.

“Better get moving girl.” Pronounced Miss Greyson from her desk at the front of the class.

Taylor stood, smoothing her blue flowered summer dress before walking towards the door. The boys followed her with their eyes admiring the way her buns moved under the thin material. Taylor wondered why she was being summoned. She hadn’t done anything wrong. When she went through the office’s outer door the secretary hit a button on the intercom and announced.”Miss Jones has arrived sir.”

“Send her in.” Came the stern voice from the tinny speaker. “And Mrs ... Walker you may take the rest of the day off. And please lock the outer door when you leave. I don’t want to be disturbed.” Mrs. Walker didn’t know what happened inside the Principal’s inner office, and she didn’t want to know. She was just happy to get to leave work a couple of hours early.

Taylor knocked timidly on the inner door and received a curt “Come.” She opened the door and stepped into Argus’ office. Surprise showed on her face as she saw her father sitting in a side chair alongside the Principal’s large oak desk. Both Argus and her father had smirks as Argus ordered Taylor. “Come and stand in front of my desk young lady.”

Taylor did as she was told. She stood perfectly still with her hands folded in front of her. “Sir, I did nothing wrong. Why am I here?”

“Well young lady I have received reports from three of your teachers that you are sarcastic and belligerent during class. That’s not to be tolerated in this school. When I realized that your mother never signed the corporal punishment permission slip I called your father last night. I was sorry to hear that your mother left you and your father. Your father came in this morning to sign the permission slip. He has told me you act the same at home and have become a handful. He agrees with me that you should be punished for your behavior. He has also asked to be present for your punishment. Although this is unusual I have agreed to his request.”

Taylor looked into her father’s eyes and saw no evidence of a reprieve. She wrenched her hands her nervousness apparent to the two adult men. Corporal punishment! Did that mean a spanking? Taylor had never ever been spanked. Her mother did not believe in hitting a child. Presumably her father didn’t agree.

Argus stood from behind his desk motioning for her father to join him. Jack Taylor rose and joined Argus standing next to his cute fourteen year old daughter. Argus directed Taylor to. “Step closer to the desk Taylor and lean over it, putting your elbows on the desk top. You will get a warm up spanking with my hand on your pantied bottom ... and that is only the beginning of your much deserved punishment. Do. It. Now.”

Argus’ tone breached no resistance. Taylor did as she was told feeling self conscience about her situation. She felt her dress raise a few inches as she complied. Then she felt a hand raising her dress up far enough to expose her baby blue briefs. Argus used a safety pin from his pants pocket to fasten the dress so it wouldn’t fall down. She knew she was exposed to the two men who unbeknown to her were rapidly growing erect. The Principal always got hard during these punishment sessions and as he looked to his right he saw the girl’s father was also enjoying his daughter’s scantily clad bottom.

Principal Argus spanked the young girl on her blue pantied bottom ten times before stopping. Taylor’s bottom was burning from the hand spanking her Principal had administered. Taylor’s father was beginning to breathe through his open mouth. He had been turned on watching Argus spank his daughter. His cock was fully erect in his pants. He noticed the bulge in Argus’ pants, obviously excited also.

“Time to escalate the punishment.” Argus told the father. He gently rolled down Taylor’s panties slowly exposing her now reddened bottom. Argus rolled her panties to her ankles. “Step out of your underwear young lady.” He glanced at Taylor’s father half expecting him to object. But he didn’t object. He was too busy admiring his daughter’s naked bottom.

Taylor was more than a little embarrassed as she stepped out of her panties, aware that both adults had a good view of her exposed assets. Principal Argus explained to Joe Jones that they would both spank the errant young girl. Argus swatted the girl’s left cheek, waiting until Joe spanked the other one. They alternated spanks, first Argus, then Joe until each had struck the now whimpering Taylor ten times each. Taylor’s poor naked bottom was a dark shade of crimson at that point.

Both men stood back to admire their handwork... and the poor girl’s naked backside. Taylor was mortified. She was shamed and became aware that her almost hairless pussy was a bit moist. She hoped that it wasn’t noticeable to the two men.

Her father wasn’t aware that she was starting to get wet but Principal Argus had seen the reaction before in some of the young girls he had disciplined previously.He smiled and said. “Next step is the strap. Prepare for it Taylor.”

Joe was about to object but he faltered as Argus retrieved a short three foot long, four inch wide strap from his desk drawer. Maybe that’s what she needs. He thought.

Taylor cried softly as Argus wielded the leather strap, striking her across both cheeks ten times. It hurt but Taylor’s body responded like it had never done before. She could feel the juices trickle on to her smooth thighs. Argus was thrilled by the effects of his punishment on the young student. Her father had finally noticed also. He adjusted his hard cock in his pants while watching his daughter’s young pussy dribbling her juices.

Argus smiling asked Joe. “Think she has had enough or should we escalate her punishment?”

Joe staring at his half naked daughter replied. “Go ahead. I don’t think she has learned her lesson yet.” He was grinning also.

Argus having received the answer he was counting on told Taylor to stand up straight and remove her blouse and bra. She complied, her face as red as her bottom. She unbuttoned her blouse, removed it and unsnapped her bra letting it fall to Argus’ desk. Both men stared at the young girls firm little tits with the erect nipples. “Back over the desk Taylor.” Argus commanded.

The Principal pointed between Taylor’s legs where they formed a vee and asked her father. “Do you see how wet she has become?”

“Oh yes,” was the reply. “I believe that she is a little slut.”

Taylor couldn’t believe her father had called her a slut.

“Joe do you think she is still a virgin?”

“Maybe we need to check.” With that Joe inserted two fingers into his daughter’s wet slit, pushing them as deep as he could.” Yes I can feel her hymen. At least she hasn’t been giving it away to her classmates.”

“Joe, you should get her on the pill to be on the safe side.”

“No worries. Her mother put her on birth control two years ago to help regulate her cycle.” With a small laugh he added.” She’s as safe as can be.” Joe still had his two fingers inside his daughter’s twat. He wiggled then the proceeded to fuck his fingers in and out of her noticing that she was becoming wetter and wetter. Taylor was moving against her father’s fingers enjoying the interaction. She is a slut. He happily discovered.

Taylor’s bottom hurt but her father’s fingers deep inside of her felt good, so very good. Argus grabbed her hair to pull her just high enough off his desk to get his other hand on one of her young firm breasts. He groaned as he felt up the young girl hoping he wouldn’t cum in his pants. Joe watched Argus manhandle his daughter’s tits while he increased the thrusting of his fingers, coating them with his daughter’s hot cream.

Argus continued to caress the girl’s young firm breasts as he told Joe. “I would be a shame if some young stupid boy was to be the first to fuck her sweet hole. I think her father should be the one to take her virginity.”

Taylor couldn’t believe that her Principal was condoning her father to rape her young snatch. But would it be rape? Taylor was wet and horny and the thought of her father fucking her virgin hole made her pussy flow with her juices. She heard her father’s zipper being pulled down, then felt the bulbous head of his cock rubbing against her wet opening. “You want Daddy to fuck you good Taylor?”

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