Senior Trip

by tjasslover

Copyright© 2019 by tjasslover

Fantasy Sex Story: As Jim and his sexy girlfriend Pam prepare for and then go on the high school senior trip to Cancun, things get out of hand, leading to the high school stud finding he loves a cock as much as his girlfriend loves fucking any boy that wants her.

Caution: This Fantasy Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft   mt/mt   Teenagers   Blackmail   Drunk/Drugged   Gay   Heterosexual   Fiction   FemaleDom   Gang Bang   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Male   Hispanic Female   Anal Sex   Analingus   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Masturbation   Oral Sex   Spitting   Voyeurism   Water Sports   Big Breasts   Body Modification   Public Sex   .

Jim was the typical high school stud. He was the star running back for the football team, held the record for home runs on the baseball team, carried a 4.0 grade point and dated the sexiest girl in school and head cheerleader. He also had scholarship offers in both academics and sports from over a dozen highly rated universities.

He was a stud in every way, including having a nice 8 inch cock which was the envy of every guy that shared a locker room with him. And though he had been with 6 different girls through high school, he never told anyone about their exploits even though the entire school assumed that he was fucking Pam, like they assumed he had the other girls he dated. But Jim was an honorable lover, something you never find in a high school boy these days, or maybe in any day. Pam gladly gave herself to Jim the very first time they went on a date. She was beautiful with long tanned legs, a plump ass and nice perk tits which she love to have sucked on. But mostly, she loved sucking on Jim’s big cock and watching his reaction as she eagerly swallowed every drop of his cum. He was a passionate lover and took his time when his big cock was in Pam’s shaved pussy to make sure she came, at least once, before he deposited his cum in her willing cunt.

Pam did believe she loved him and felt that the feeling was mutual, and she was right. They had discussed going to the same school after graduation and were both looking forward to the senior trip to Cancun. However, unlike most of the graduates that went on the trip, they weren’t looking for an opportunity to get drunk and have sex like the majority of their peers.

“Jim, will you go with me after school to find some clothes and a bikini that will keep you turned on while we are in Cancun?”

“Of course Love, but you will probably need more than one as that is all I assume you will be in during the day.”

“Not if we share a room. I won’t need one at all.”

I laughed, “Well, there will definitely be time for some of that.”

After school, Pam found me in the parking lot sitting in my new black GMC pickup, talking out the window to Selena, who was also a cheerleader and a former girlfriend of mine. Selena was probably the sexiest girl in school. She was Hispanic with that perfect olive skin, 5’6” about 120 pounds, a perfect bubble butt, wide hips, a waist that caved in to a flat belly and nice large tits. Although Pam had nice 34c tits, Selena’s were probably 36d that stuck out almost unnaturally with no hint of sagging. At the end were large brown areolas and nipples that often showed though her think bra and tops. As Pam approached the truck, she heard Selena say; “why buy a bikini, I don’t plan to have them on when I’m on the beach.”

“Hey Selena.”

“Hey Pam. Jim and I were just talking about the trip to Cancun. Te quiero ir mucho.”

Pam thought how nice it would be to be fluent in Spanish, like Selena, when they went to Mexico. But she had been assured that most everyone spoke English at the resorts. “Yes, I can’t wait to leave. In fact, we were just going to get some clothes for the trip. You want to go?”

“No thanks. I have an appointment to get a Brazilian wax. Bet they can work in another if you want to go with me?”

“No thanks. I will just shave.”

Selena pats me on the arm: “Poor boy having to deal with stubble. You would never have that if we were still together.” She leans in and kisses me on the cheek.

“Pam. I bet my bikinis will be much smaller than yours. See you guys later.”

“OK Bye Selena”.

As Pam enters the truck: “What did you ever see in that Slut?”

I look at Pam with a smile. “OK, she is the sexiest girl I have ever seen and actually really sweet. She was definitely the best cheerleader on the squad. I think she was disappointed when I was elected head cheerleader, but that’s all water under the bridge. I will tell you one thing. Her bikinis won’t be more revealing than mine.”

On the way to the mall, Pam spotted an adult novelty store, Cindy’s and insisted that they go in and look for a bikini there. Neither of us had ever been in such a store and were amazed by all the sex toys, DVDs and weird clothes that were hanging on mannequins and racks around the store. Pam was almost running around the area, grabbing things off the racks that only belonged on a stripper stage. She took them all into the changing room which was a small booth covered by a curtain. She came out in about 5 minutes with the first outfit. It was a pair of jean shorts. Or at least, I guess you could call them shorts. They were only a few inches of material just covering her pussy and leaving much of her ass on display. The top was a crop top with covered everything except it was made of a fabric that you could see through showing all of her tits.

“Hell yes. But would you really wear that?”

“Sure. Why not? Don’t you think I can be as much fun as Selena?”

“What does that mean? I have never said anything to you, or anyone for that matter, what she and I have done. I don’t want her. I want you.”

“Well, I’m getting this and hope all the guys enjoy the show.”

“I’m sure they will. But how do you expect me to keep ... well, this (pointing to the already large bulge in my pants) under control in a bathing suit?”

“Ha. You better not keep in under control. I want everyone to see what I do to you.”

“You mean see us fuck?”

“No Silly. Just see you stay on hard when I’m wearing this or something else.”

Pam returned to the dressing room, coming back out a few minutes later wearing the smallest excuse for a bikini that I had ever seen. It was a few strings with 3 triangular patches covering her nipples and her pussy. You could see her pubic hair above the material. “Guess you should have gone with Selena if you plan to wear that.”

As she turned around to show me her beautiful ass on full display, an older man, likely in his 40s, standing behind me said: “Damn, that is one fine ass.” We both spun around to see him standing there. I was shocked when Pam said: “So you think I should get it.”

“Young lady. With a body like yours, you should enjoy showing it off. You work in a topless club? I would love to see you there.”

“No we are just in here getting a few special things for our senior trip to Cancun.”

“Damn! I certainly remember those days with all you young girls running around on the beach, just waiting to get drunk enough to not be able to say no to being fucked.”

“Well, I assure you that Jim doesn’t need to get me drunk to have anything he wants from me. Now do you Jim?”

I couldn’t believe this conversation and didn’t want it to continue: “Sir, we need to get our stuff and leave, if you don’t mind?”

“Well, actually, as long as your sexy girl is going to be showing her body in this public place, I’m going to be standing here watching and taking a few more pictures. I especially liked that first outfit with your tits on display. Try on some more for us.”

I looked over at him not knowing what to do but feeling completely outmatched by his confidence, or maybe the way his shirt was plastered to his huge muscles.

“I do have one more outfit that I think you will like.”

I stood there in considerable discomfort while Pam got out of her three triangles and put on something else. When she came out, I couldn’t believe what she had on. I guess it was a blue silk looking dress of sorts. It was very short, ending a few inches under her pussy. The front was split all the way past her navel, exposing about half of her tits, the sides were split up past her waist and as she turned around, the back, or actually the backless dress showed the top of the crack of her fine ass.

“This will be perfect for a night on the town in Cancun. Don’t you think Jim?”

“I really don’t know what to say. Of course you look incredible in that, but you know you won’t wear something like that out.”

“Jim. Let me tell you something about young women. I own several topless clubs and I have learned a thing or two about young women. When given a chance and when they think no one will judge them, they are all sluts just waiting on letting all those animal urges out. That’s one of the reasons they like a place like Cancun where they can get drunk, naked and then blame it on the alcohol. And then after they get back, well, everyone has already seen them nude and maybe each has fucked a dozen random guys and girls, so what does it matter now? I know she will wear this unless you try and control her. And as for you honey, here is my card. Call me when you get back and you will have a great opportunity to make thousands of dollars every night at one of my clubs. Or if you like, come in tomorrow night and you can start work now.”

Pam took the card, looked at it and thanked the man, then spread the front of her dress exposing her tits completely, as he took a few more pictures with his phone.

“So I guess that’s a yes that I will be seeing you soon?”


As he walked away, Pam threw her arms around me. “I can’t believe that just happened. We need to pay then find a place to fuck. I simply can’t wait.”

Pam changed back into her school clothes, but without her bra and we were checking out when she saw the sign “Arcade”. “What is the arcade?”

The guy at the counter who looked like he was a homeless man with a huge belly; “You pay $5 a person and there are private booths and one open theater where you can watch adult movies. You both over 18?”

“Yes, you want to see our IDs?”

“No that’s fine. Just pay the $10 and go on in. I will keep your bag here until you finish in there.”

I looked at her like she was crazy, but gave the man the $10 and he buzzed us in. As we walked in it was very hard to adjust to the dark hallway and stood there a minute while several men walked by obviously staring at Pam. Finally our eyes adjusted enough to be able to start walking around and saw rows of booths, some with doors closed, others opened. A few with men sitting there watching porn with their cocks in their hands. I confess that my 8 inches was about to poke through my jeans. We walked into the open theater and there were 6 guys in there, 2 of which were on their knees between some man’s legs. I heard a sound like someone was getting pounded, then walked passed this open door with a white man completely nude pushed up against a wall, being fucked by a black man. I had seen porn of such things but never in person. Of course, I had sucked my neighbor a few times when we were very young but that was the extent of my male experimentation.

“Do you think his wife knows he likes to get fucked?”

“What do you mean?”

“You didn’t see the wedding ring on his left hand? I bet she would kick him out if she ever saw him being fucked like that. I know I would. So, do you want to get a booth or do you want to fuck right here?”

“Let’s get a booth.”

“Ok, but we are going to leave the door open.”

So we grabbed a nasty booth with fresh wet cum on the floor that had several holes in the wall, and I understood what they were for. Pam pushed the door completely opened, then stripped off her jeans, panties and top, grabbed the wall just like the man we saw and stuck her ass out for me. I unzipped and put my extremely hard cock deep inside of her soaking wet pussy. She let out a moan as I entered her.

“That’s it bitch. Take that cock like the whore you are.” I turned to see 4 faces crowded around the open door staring in, which only caused me to pound her ass harder. I was so turned on that I didn’t think I could hold out much longer.

“Fuck. Look Jim, there is a cock sticking out that hole. What should I do?”

I was rather out of control, “Suck it if you want.” Then I filled her cunt with my cum while we both let out low screams. When I pulled out, I couldn’t believe that Pam immediately fell to her knees and took this strangers cock in her mouth and started sucking away. As I put my dripping cock back in my jeans, two of the men grabbed my arms and gently pulled me out of the booth and the two others crowded in. I didn’t try to resist as I watched man after man fuck my girlfriend right In front of me and she, not only didn’t put up any resistance, it was clearly obvious that she wanted the “attention” and her pussy filled with their cum. After the fifth guy finished in her pussy, she sat down and began to get dressed. As we left one of the men that had fucked Pam said: “Hey Hun, you should come back after 10:00. That’s when the place is packed and you could fuck all night. They never close here.”

“Thanks, I just might take you up on that.”

I looked at her and wondered what had happened to her. She was always forward, but this was something different. We picked up her bag while the cashier grinned and stared at the huge wet spot on her jeans. One of the men had taken her panties as a souvenir and their cum had poured out of her.

Nothing more was said of the adventure at the arcade and we prepared to complete graduation then head off with most of our classmates to Cancun.

Chapter 2:

On the AeroMexico flight, I was shocked that once we crossed into Mexican air space, the stewardess broke out the alcohol and the first round was free. So it had started. We arrived, got our room assignments and about mid-afternoon began to appear on the beach. As I waited for Pam to meet me, Selena came walking up and put her arms around me and kissed me.

“Before this week is over, I am going to own you Jim.” She took off her cover up and she was topless and her big beautiful tits were staring at me with small nipple rings in each. Her white bottoms were little more than a G-string and the front was plastered between the folds of her obviously soaking wet pussy so she might as well have been completely nude. She saw me staring, “Want to drop to your knees and submit to my pussy right now, or you going to play hard to get? But know I will get you.” She turned and walked away while I stared at the most perfect ass in the world on complete display. Pam showed up a few minutes later and noticed my hard cock through my trunks.

“Hope that’s for me”, as she removed her cover up exposing her tiny excuse of a bikini.

“I didn’t believe you would actually wear that.”

“Don’t you like other guys seeing me nude? You certainly didn’t mind those nasty old men all seeing and fucking me. Wait till I’m on a stage in that topless club. Oh wait. You won’t be old enough to come see me. Sad.”

“Pam, just drop that. You would never work in such a place and we both know it.”

“hummm, do we now? Let’s go to the beach.”

The rest of the afternoon was spent at the beach with way too much alcohol, previously prim girls nearly nude and sneaking off to some boy’s room. As often as I could, I watched for Selena who had found the company of 3 apparently Mexican men, likely in their early 20s. She was all over them or they were all over her and before long, that small excuse for a bikini bottom was nowhere to be seen. The next time I looked, the four of them were all gone. I kept checking back and finally they all returned and made their way over to where Pam and I were sitting chatting with a small group of our friends. Selena felt it necessary to introduce the men to us. “This is Carlos, Miguel and Tony and this is Jim and his new girlfriend Pam. Jim and I fucked all the time last year and now Pam is his new slut.”

One of the men in rather broken English spoke out; “Hey man, thank you for teaching this fine puta how to fuck. She is incredible.” And with that the three men all gave each other high 5s.”I don’t think I have ever seen an American with such a fine ass. She says you never fucked her in the ass. Is that right?”

I really didn’t know what to say, so just said; “whatever”.

“I bet your cute puta Pam likes it in her ass. Does he fuck your ass puta?”

“No he never has.”

I couldn’t believe that Pam even answered them and stared at her is complete disbelief.

“Them come with us and I will introduce you to my friend,” and then he pulled down his trunks and a huge semi-hard uncut cock was sticking out at us. “It might still taste like Selena’s ass but I’m sure you won’t mind the taste of that, now will you?” He held out his hand with his big cock still hanging out, and surprisingly Pam accepted his hand and he pulled her up.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m going to let Carlos fuck my ass with his huge cock.”

I started to stand up, “No you are not.” And one of the other guys put his hand up to prevent me from getting up.

“Be cool man. It’s her choice,”

I sat back down as the 4 of them headed off down the beach with Selena sitting down beside me. I couldn’t believe what was happening to Pam and realized that she must have already had too much to drink. Within a few minute, Selena was all over me and before I knew what was happening, my swimming trunks were down around my thighs and she was sitting on my cock. I don’t know whether I didn’t want to stop, was mad at Pam or just wanted to fuck the sexiest women in the world. Regardless, she bounced up and down on my hard cock, with those beautiful tits swinging up and down. I grabbed the nipple rings and pulled her down on me while she continued to fuck me. Her tongue was deep into my mouth and I couldn’t hold out any longer and filled her cunt with my cum.

“I told you that you would be mine again. And I promise you that you will never go back to that puta. By the way, puta means whore. Let’s go get cleaned up. I feel nasty.”

We went back to the motel and went to our separate rooms. About an hour later, I was walking toward Senor Frog where everyone was supposed to meet up. The three Mexican guys were sitting outside as I walked up.

“Hey man. Thanks for loaning us your puta. She is a great fuck and loved my big cock up her ass. So I guess you owe me one for breaking it in.”

I started to walk on past when one said: “hey man, no hard feelings. It’s all just fun. I think your little lady is fixing to be next on stage.”

After exchanging some conversation, we all went in to the overcrowded bar and watched as three of my classmates, plus Pam were all on stage with a Senor Frog tops on and their bikini bottoms. This older man on stage was pouring water over their shirts and their tits were all visible. Chants of “take it off, take it off” were deafening and had the desired effect, as one after another took off their tops and were dancing around hugging each other. One of the girls, Cindy, pulled Pam’s bottoms off, which lead to all 4 being completely nude on the stage and hundreds of cameras capturing every second and every inch of their bodies. Cindy was a rather attractive girl who I hadn’t ever been with and thought her to be rather conservative, but when she grabbed Pam by the shoulders and pushed her to her knees and spread her legs, I wondered whether she just preferred the “other team”. I am not sure why anything would surprise me about Pam after the last several weeks, but couldn’t believer when she opened her mouth and began to lick Cindy’s pussy, then asshole. Chants of “Eat that Cunt, Eat that Cunt” were drowning out the music.

Pam looked incredible nude and eating Cindy and the thought hit me that she would be a great topless dancer. Just then she stood up and dove into the crowd of guys their hands touching every part of her, grabbing her tits and ass and likely fingers in her cunt. Finally disappeared into a crowd and the chant of “suck that cock” started. I had decided that I had seen enough and pushed my way out of the bar, accompanied by my three new friends.

“Hey man. Let us take you to a private club that only the locals go to and we will have some fun. We will grab a drink at this next bar and then go. OK?”

“Sure, why not?”

The next bar was not nearly as crowded and we all got a drink and sat their enjoying the relative quiet, but confess that this drink hit me harder than most I had had. I was told to “drink up and let’s go” which I did and ended up after a 15 minute drive at what appeared to be a warehouse. One of the guys knocked on the door and after talking to the “doorman” we were let in. As we walked toward a table, I was feeling the need to sit down being afraid I might fall. Drinks were ordered and I sipped at mine, then Carlos said, “Jim this is your lucky night. You are going to get to fuck two girls on stage.”

“No man. I don’t think I can do that.”

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