Roughneck Riana

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: An older foreign-born female construction worker surprises the hell out of a young guy on a summer job.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Sharing   Polygamy/Polyamory   .

Johnny wanted a summer job to make some money for college in the fall. He wanted to stay in good physical shape for sports so none of the indoor jobs available would help that at all. He felt lucky to get some work as a gopher for a home construction company. That meant that he would just do everything necessary to keep the skilled workers as productive as they could be. It sure wouldn’t be boring because he might be helping electrician for a while, then a carpenter, then going out to get lunch, or running to the building supply store.

He was a bit surprised when he arrived his first day on the job to find out that the job foreman was a woman. There aren’t too many in construction but Riana sure looked the part. Half a foot shorter than him but a lot stockier, her face and arms had that tan leathery look which being outdoors a lot gives a person. She kept her red hair cut short and close to her head and didn’t look like she wore any makeup either. She certainly wasn’t young but he couldn’t guess at her actual age.

Since he worked under her direction, sending him to do various tasks, he got to know her a bit better than some of the other men did. They started eating lunch together and he was fascinated by her accent which he did not recognize. It was enough to be interesting but not to impair communication. She was clearly a bright woman and really kept track of what was happening at the jobsite.

It was quitting time on Friday and he helped put all the equipment away for safekeeping and was about to get in his car when she asked him if he’d like to go have a beer. He had just come of age and so of course he was interested. She led him to a roughneck bar that he probably wouldn’t have gone to on his own.

Riana was known at this place and exchanged greetings with a number of people including the bartender. She treated him to a draft to celebrate his first week on the job. She asked him, “So what you think of the work? And how do you think things are going at the job?”

He was impressed that she would want his feedback, being the newbie. “I’m sure getting lots of exercise and that’s one of the things I wanted. It’s really interesting to find out how stuff gets done and I think I’ll learn a lot this summer. As far as the second question goes, I don’t know enough to really give you a good answer but you seem to keep a good handle on an awful lot of stuff so I’m impressed.”

She raised her mug to clink with his, “Thanks for your input and here’s to things going well all summer.”

The jukebox got fed and some line dancing music started. She pulled him to his feet even though he protested he’d never done that before so she showed him. It wasn’t too complicated and he was impressed with how gracefully her bulky body moved. He was also impressed with how strong she was, not that he didn’t have a clue from how she was able to move stuff around with little help on the jobsite.

After a bit of dancing he treated to in the next round. He was curious about her accent so he asked. She explained it was Polish, having come to this country when she was about 12 years old. In spite of having to learn English, she graduated pretty well up in her high school class but lacked the resources to attend college. Her life early life was on a farm, one that did not have much mechanization, which had built her body and taught her how to be very handy at getting things done. The construction field paid the best and had the most opportunity for her. She’d been in it for a long time and worked her way up to the supervisory position although she’d get down with tools if something needed to be done.

She said she had to leave and she’d see him Monday morning early. He thought about her a lot over the weekend. She was among the most interesting women he’d met. She wasn’t pretty; the word handsome might fit better, and she seemed to have an ample bosom under the work clothes that she wore. He still didn’t have a clue about her age but figured she had to be at least in her mid-40s.

The next week went well and they visited off and on at lunchtime. He discovered that she’d been married and had three children before she split with an alcoholic husband. That had been a while back. No mention of boyfriend either. He had a few friendly dates but no one serious.

Friday was back to the bar. Guess it is a custom of hers. He remembered how to dance even. They had three rounds before needing dinner. The bar food didn’t appeal so she suggested a Thai restaurant a nice walk away. As they went down the street together he got the impression she liked his company even though he was maybe her kids’ age. So what? It was nice to have companionship.

Near the end of the filling dinner she looked across the table at him and casually asked, “You been laid lately?” Struggling to compose himself from the first time a female had ever asked him that, he just shook his head. She smiled and just as casually announced, “I haven’t been since Tuesday. My boyfriend got engaged and it was goodbye time. I’m horny and wondered if you might be interested?”

That almost caused a choking incident but Johnny got the food down safely and considered the offer. She was no beauty and a lot older and he was damn horny so it was a challenge to he was willing to take. His response to the awaiting woman was the classic, “Your place or mine?”

She brightened up and said she lived close by. The dinner remnants were packed up and they set out toward the “new horizon”. Johnny’s mind was racing as she led the way to her domicile. Fears and questions; horny and scared thoughts.

Her little apartment wasn’t much but it would do. She got out some Polish vodka, commenting that the Poles, not the Russians, invented it. He passed, feeling the beers and not wanting to have any more interference with getting an erection. This was an ego thing too! How many men had she fucked in all her years? How would he compare? Shit, he was worrying too much!

Riana was a smart one in the worldly sense. She sat next to him on the couch and started giving him some affection to relax him. “I know you not make love to a woman my age. Don’t worry, it will be fine. It will be good for both of us. Just touch me. My body wants your fingers and lips.”

After turning off all the lights except the one in the bathroom where she left the door just a bit ajar, she peeled off her blouse and her full and soft mammaries got his full attention. They were even larger than he had guessed and she pulled his face to them. The big nipples were already hard and he sucked and bit them gently, making her squeal softly and say some things in Polish that probably needed no translation.

Riana groped his crotch and unzipped him. He unbuttoned and lifted up so his pants could slip off. Her mouth landed on his shaft and it sure felt good! He cupped and squeezed her hanging breasts as best he could reach them.

After a few minutes of these preliminaries, she stood up and stripped the rest of the way, anxious to get a lot closer. He could small her lusty odor when her pants came off. This wasn’t a coy, teasing woman; she knew what she wanted and went for it. His erection hardened even more in anticipation. He got clear of all his clothes and they faced each other naked and primal, ready to engage in the species’ oldest cooperative interaction.

She turned and let her moving ass lure him to the scene of their copulation. On her back with legs spread and knees up in the classic invitation, he went for the pink and wet target visible in the abundant black hair that was half way to her bellybutton. Maybe oral sex later but right now his cock was homing in on her female portal.

She grunted and clenched him with her thighs as their pubes got acquainted on his second thrust. He was a nice comfortable size and reached all the way to her cervix. Having a young hard shaft was sooo nice! Her just departed boyfriend wasn’t this good! She let her new lover know he was doing all the right thigs and did her best, which was pretty damned good, to maximize his pleasure. His forceful spurt deep inside triggered her orgasm and she thrashed so hard that he had to hold on tight.

In the calm after the storm, Raina told Johnny how much she liked what he just did. He was so relieved to hear that!

She offered him a dish of ice cream for dessert and in the bright light from the refrigerator he got a better look at her body. It was tanned on her head, neck and arms but pale everywhere else. Her belly was a bit rounded but her muscle tone kept it from being as big as most older women. Not a young hottie, but not bad.

She kept looking at him as she ate her treat and smiling. When she was nearly finished she dripped a bit of the melt on Johnny’s cock and bent over to clean it off. It responded and she commented that’s what she’d hoped for. He did the same on her breasts and she giggled like a little girl.

They kept up the play and it wasn’t too long before she was on top and her breasts were swaying as she rode. He was thoroughly hooked on older women now! She insisted he stay and he slept close to her. How wonderful it was to have a morning repeat of what helped you get to sleep so well the night before. All of his previous copulations had been with dates and he was sent home.

Riana insisted that he be in her bed with no more than three days absence and hopefully even more often. He was amazed at her libido, previously thinking that women gave up on sex when they got a little bit older. As he got more familiar with her the sex got even better. She was willing to try any ideas he had and, with her experience had plenty of her own to share.

One Friday, when he was expecting to go out for beer and pussy after work, she told him that she had other plans but he could come over for lunch on Saturday. No explanation given.

He was there as requested, and she fixed a nice lunch. As they ate, she explained that she had a date with a longtime friend who was only in town once a month. Johnny’s first question was, “Did you have sex with him?”

She smiled, “He is a special friend like you and I usually have sex with my special friends. Does that concern you? I can understand that it might since you are so young.”

A little bit stunned by that last remark, Johnny thought a bit before he answered, “I guess it shouldn’t because we are, as you said, just friends. It is just a little new to me because I have never ‘shared’, is that how you put it, a woman with anyone else before.”

Nothing more was said until as they finished their lunch. Also wordlessly, Riana took him to her bedroom and took a robe off. “Do I look any different?” Johnny shook his head. “Kiss me and see if I taste any different.” He did and said there was no change. Then she undressed him and pulled him to the bed and between her thighs. He slid fully inside in one push instead of the usual two. “Does that feel different?”

“Other than you are very slippery, it is as good as usual.”

“In his slippery feeling any different than when you have already had me and we are going for seconds?”

Johnny smiled at her logic. “My cock can’t tell any difference but my head knows that it was another man that made you feel this way. I guess it makes you sexier to have another’s cream and sperms already there when I am taking you.” She kissed him and hugged him and her hips began their well practiced rhythm.

He lay soaking in her after he’d added his gift to her pussy. She whispered in his ear, “This does not happen for me very often anymore. I always feel so womanly when more than one man sexes me close together.”

He whispered back, “Have you done more than two?”

She giggled like a little girl, “Way back before I was married there were four boys and we had a whole afternoon to play. I was very sore but very thrilled too.”

That got him to thinking about how many men and how much sperm had been put in the place it was holding him right now and his cock began to refill at that erotic thought. She felt it and squeezed with her pussy. “I shall have to tell you more about my adventures if this is what it does to you.” He told her he’d like that and began stroking once again.

At work they were careful not to let on about their relationship. But she was still full of surprises. One afternoon someone he didn’t know came to talk to her on the job site and the two of them went into the small trailer that was used as an office. They were in there about 20 minutes and then the man left. Johnny had a question for his supervisor and entered the trailer quickly. She was just putting her clothes back together and looked a bit disheveled. He asked what he needed to and left quickly.

That night was one of their fuck nights and he arrived as usual. She was sitting at the table and said, “I’m sure you’re wondering about this afternoon. Yes, I fucked him. It was payback for a favor I did him quite a while ago and he finally collected. That’s all it was, just kind of business like a whore would do. What do you think of that?”

Johnny replied, “You do keep on surprising me but I guess I’ve learned from your boyfriend visit that I can’t let it make any difference. Am I right that if I fucked another girl you would be okay with it?”

She grinned, “Of course I would. I do my best to be fair but I would like to know about it.”

Her out of town boyfriend visit was marked on the calendar. The day before, she told Johnny that her daughter was coming to visit and she would appreciate it if he would entertain her while she was busy. Just be here at the usual time and she would go to her boyfriend’s hotel.

When Johnny arrived, he was greeted by a younger version of Riana, but still clearly older than himself. She offered him some wine and they visited little bit and then he offered dinner out. The biggest difference seemed to be that she was not as weather tanned as her mother. The rest of her was a bit less stocky as well since she had an indoor job that didn’t require muscles.

He found out that she was married with two children and several times a year liked to visit her mother and get away from that responsibility for a bit. She’d be staying a week. Another glass of wine during dinner warmed them up.

Back at the apartment, she said that her mother was quite complimentary about him. So much so that, as a matter of fact, she wanted to find out if all she heard was true. She stood up and peeled off her blouse and bra and her breasts were firmer versions of her mother’s. “Don’t just stand there, show me the goodies I’ve been hearing about.”

She wasn’t as wild a fuck as her mother but damn good with technique and enthusiasm. As he lay in the bed where he done this so many times with this woman’s mother, he had questions, “I’m not complaining, but why did you do this since you’re married?”

“That’s exactly why I did it. When you’ve been sleeping with the same man for twenty years, you need some variety to keep sex interesting. I don’t do this very often but you seemed like the right one for me to sow some wild oats. I hope we can do this pretty often while I’m here and I hope you’re not done yet tonight.”

Johnny was a bit incredulous, “You’ve been married twenty years? How old are you, or isn’t that something you’re supposed to ask women?”

“It’s okay. I’m not ashamed to be thirty-nine years old.”

“I thought that was your mother’s age. Shit!”

Alanna looked at him with an odd expression on her face, “She’s nearly sixty. Didn’t you know?”

He was stunned. “I’ve been fucking a grandmother! I’ll be damned!”

The woman whose pussy he was still in asked, “Does her age make your enjoyment of her any less? Or me? Neither of us minds that you’re just eighteen.”

This was a bit for him to absorb but Alanna worked on distracting him with kisses and pussy clinches and hip thrusts. “Come on young man, give mom a good fuck. That’s what she came here for!” He rose to the occasion and plowed her with a new vengeance. She squealed and orgasmed and let him know how much she enjoyed the occasion.

He stayed the night and she instigated two more romps before her mother returned. Riana found them naked in bed and stripped and joined them. “Don’t worry Johnny, I know you’re well-drained and I’ve been well fucked so let’s just cuddle for a while. Daughter of mine, has this young stud met your expectations?”

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