by Tony Tiger

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Erotica Sex Story: Hot woman likes two to play with and she loves her main man for supporting her complete satisfaction.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BiSexual   Sharing   Gang Bang   Group Sex   Polygamy/Polyamory   Cream Pie   .

Even though I’d watched it many times before, I always marveled at how naturally and gracefully she re-positioned herself to connect with her next male partner. It was my turn and it took only seconds for me to embed myself in her, thus meeting her need to keep the copulation a continuous connection between her partners rather than discrete events. Her arousal level was maintained and it became one prolonged coitus.

This was an approximately monthly occurrence, having two men for the celebration of her femaleness. She developed a liking for multiple men in her sophomore year at college and had even, during her junior year, made it the pretty much exclusive way of satisfying her substantial itch at the Y. College dorms and off-campus apartments were often populated by roommates so dating one made it very easy to include the other in the sex play. With class schedules and such, only one pair was usually not enough and she might have two or three of them going at any given time.

That’s how I met Vera, on old-time name for a young woman, when she came to my bed after noisily banging my roommate one night during my junior year at college, wanting more cock. When I finished with her, thinking I had satisfied her need, she went into the bathroom to wipe off the white froth I’d made of his semen before I added mine, then went back to his bed and showed me she wasn’t done yet. I also got a second go and from then on I always looked forward to it, usually several times a week.

I never dated her and lost track over that summer but between Thanksgiving and Christmas I saw her at an event and introduced myself. She seemed to have only vague memories of me but that was understandable, however she did accept the offering of a date. We had a casual meal and caught up on things and I found out that she was a senior also and from a town not far from my own. We seemed to click and another date was set. This time I said I wanted to show off my cooking skills which, even as a bachelor student, had gotten reasonably good reviews.

That night she was all mine and I demonstrated I could cook breakfast as well. The sex was even better than I remembered because there was foreplay and afterglow involved, not just pumping and pulsing. Alas, I found out quite quickly that she was dating others and I assumed they were getting the same goodies I just had. However I didn’t let that deter me. Our common interests included, but went well beyond, the bed activities.

Feelings developed as we dated throughout that school year and after graduation I took her on a week’s vacation to celebrate. That was the first time I’d had her all to myself for an extended period and we got along very well, with her seeming to be satisfied with my efforts in the sack. On the flight back I told her that I’d like to be exclusive. She looked at me sweetly and said she needed to get her career started so could we revisit this in six months. What else could I do but agree?

The time dragged slowly. I was interested in no one else but she kept to her pattern, obviously dating, and no doubt bedding, others. Neither of us mentioned it and her lovemaking seemed always focused on me when we were naked together. I noticed a few little signs like love-bites or changes in her style, but nothing serious in our joinings several times each week. I got most, but not all of the weekends. Occasionally, though, she did a weekend thing with somebody, returning to tell about where she went but no mention of her companion.

The thing that most kept me hanging in there wasn’t her lovely face, her lush body, nor the skill with which she used it for our mutual pleasures. It was the deeper bonding of two people meant to be together. Encouragingly, there seemed to be a gradual lessening of her other affairs, maybe sort of a weaning process.

The six-month waiting period was up. On the specified day I took her to a good restaurant and then a walk by the river. She initiated the crucial conversation, “My job is going well. I’ve been considering your offer of six months ago and know the time has brought us much closer together. That is something I wish to continue. I believe I am in love with you but, having never been there before, but am not certain of it. Being sexually exclusive is also something I’ve had little experience with long term. Our week after graduation was possibly the longest and I’d developed an ‘itch’ halfway through it. My thoughts have brought me to a compromise offer that I hope meets both of our desires. Take me back to your place now.”

With me cradled between her comfortable thighs, she was ready for a serious discussion. “You have been such a gentleman all the time we’ve known each other. Maybe too much so. Never a mention of my sexual activity or any questions about my history. My feeling is that we cannot be completely close without going there so you understand all of me. Can you handle that?”

I told her that I thought I could but had never done that with a previous partner. “Be gentle with me!” I said only half in jest. This was a bit scary. How would I react to hearing for a fact what I had only abstractly thought about?

Vera started gently with her history, giving brief highlights as a preteen, adolescence, and her more mature years. She brought things up to the present. That’s when I learned about her predilection for threesomes. Some foursomes had been OK and one with even more men was not a very satisfying experience. Currently she had two “sex-buddies”, one who was a weekly partner and the other one twice a week.

I just listened, moving gently inside her as I absorbed the facts about the estimated several thousand times a penis had occupied and spurted semen and sperm where mine was right then. But that was the past. As she succinctly and rather objectively put it, “Those were just cocks in a pussy that was made to enjoy them. They’re history. No one has ever been in my heart as much as you and you will get more of my pussy than anyone else from now on.”

“Here is my proposition: I give up the twice-weekly guy. He is getting kind of boring anyway, which happens when there is only a physical connection. The other man is a very different story. He was one of my first lovers in high school. We have connected off and on since then and he is currently divorced. To reassure you, we are great together in bed but learned long ago that is as far as it went. I’d like to keep doing him as long as it works. By the way, Cory has been in some of my better threesomes in case you are interested in trying that.”

That thought and imagery got me pushing harder and faster, bumping her clit. She kissed me and murmured, “I’d like to share that with you, sweetheart.” We got engaged but no date was set.

And so it came to pass that I was looking at my fiance riding me with a very slippery snatch. I saw her hand with the ring on the left third finger wrap around a penis that wasn’t attached to me and then she bent over and covered as much as she could with the lips I kissed so often. The one-eyed tube was only partially firm after injecting the lubrication that had just made where my cock was sliding so wet and sexy.

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