Skinny Dippin

by Tony Tiger

Copyright© 2019 by Tony Tiger

Erotica Sex Story: Divorced woman discovers that life in the Ozarks beats the shit out of the big city in many ways.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Teenagers   Romantic   Sharing   Gang Bang   First   Nudism   .

She couldn’t afford the expensive city apartment with the divorce settlement she got. As a stay-at-home wife whose husband made big bucks and she mostly volunteered for things, there wasn’t anything to really keep her in the city. Mel had shortened her hillbilly name “Melba Sue” a long time ago when she made up her mind to get out of the Ozark hollow and get an education which was not typical for her family. She’d inherited the family homestead but had just paid the rather modest property taxes for years.

When she checked out the old cabin it was basically sound but pretty dirty from disuse. A nearby neighbor was happy to earn some money cleaning it up and her two boys worked on the yard. It felt good to be doing something constructive and she finally settled in to her quiet home back in the woods.

She was only in her mid-30s and was what you would call “skinny” because of the stress. She’d inherited some pretty big tits but they were rather flabby and sagging after all the divorce crap. She loved the privacy, so different than the city and with the warm weather began wearing less and less around the place. Then she rediscovered the beaver pond in the woods and took a bottle of wine and a blanket and reveled in skinny-dipping for the first time since she was a kid.

One day she was lounging in the water and the two neighbor boys showed up. “Hi Mel! We swim here a lot and we know it’s on your property but we hope you don’t mind.” They’d been very helpful; Billy 16 and Joel 15.

“Jump in boys. The water feels really good.” Her neglected pussy tingled as she saw these sturdy young men stripping off their clothes even though their hoses were still soft and dangling. They visited as they swam around and she got really good feelings about them. After her experiences in the city, it was good to know that there were males who were nice.

Eventually they needed to get out so she led the way and they got a really good look at her skinny ass and dangling tits. “Hey guys, would you dry me off?” They leapt to the opportunity and four hands with two towels were all over her. Then she took a towel and dried each of the boys. By this time the peckers were filling and even though they were teenagers they were hung at least as well as her ex-husband.

“You guys like beer?” She’d brought a cooler. They nodded so she popped the top for each of them and they all enjoyed some refreshment, lounging on their towels. Mourning as she was, she felt the urge to fuck them then and there but decided she would be a bit more discreet about it. Flashing her pussy at them as often as she could, she said that she would be out here again tomorrow about the same time. Their faces lit up and they said they would be also.

She rubbed herself silly that night, eager for the next day, and was at the pond a bit early. She was at her sexual prime and eager to enjoy the gifts that nature had built into her body.

She brought more beer this time and after a couple for each following the swimming she asked them if they were virgins. Billy said he’d had sex two times and Joe said he didn’t know how to do it. “Billy, how about we show Joe what it’s all about. I haven’t been laid in quite a while so I hope you will help me out.” Both peckers showed their interest quite quickly.

Mel was eager as hell but she still took the time to give each of the boys an investigation with her mouth and they just stared as she did that. Lying back, she guided Billy into her hair trimmed fuck hole. As she expected, it only took a half-dozen strokes before he squealed with the pleasure radiating from his cock throughout his body and she felt his ejaculation shooting hard deep inside her. Joe had watched carefully and as soon as Billy rolled off he was right there and buried himself in that slippery hole. It was even more lubricated so he lasted a little bit longer.

“That was good for starters,” she crowed, “but I know that young men can be ready again quickly so I bet Billy can fill me up soon and take his time while I show him what makes me feel the best.”

She had that right as she guided him with her hands on his hips and her words until she scared him with the vigorous orgasm he’d produced. Of course Joe was ready again and he gave her another very satisfying fuck. Rather proud young men, now both officially that, hugged her goodbye and asked if they could come the next day. It was her menses so she told them she would have to let them know when would be a good time. She got her ass into town to get some birth control.

They had a lot to learn about things like oral sex but were eager students and she was having the most sexually delightful time of her life. Her depression about being divorced was literally blown away. So what if together they were about her age. They had the parts and the interest which was all the really mattered.

With her emotional issues settled, she began to fill back out again to the voluptuous woman she had once been. Although her tits still hung down, that was not a problem because the boys absolutely loved it when she was riding them and she slapped their face when they got swinging.

She was a churchgoing woman and met a man somewhat older than herself who began asking her out for dates, first after church for dinner and later to some more traditional dating activities. She liked him and after a proper time, invited him in to her cabin and offered him a drink. He was such a gentleman that she wondered if he would make the kind of pass at her that she wanted. He knew she’d been married so initiating sex shouldn’t be any big deal, but he didn’t.

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